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on January 29, 2011
Hands down best IPOD bluetooth transmitter ever made. I bought this for using my IPOD (7th generation classic 160GB) at the gym with my Motoroloa SD10-hd's and at work with a comfy set of Samsung bluetooth SBH headphones. There is NO cutout when running (and jostling) the IPOD. I saw several other bluetooth transmitters having this problem.

The best thing about this transmitter is the range. It is simply amazing. 100' easy through doors and walls. I can leave the ipod on one side of the house and walk to the other without getting cutout. It sips power so I haven't noticed a major drain on the battery when in use. I can listen to music via bluetooth for 9 hours at work before the battery goes dead.

Size is great. It seemed to be the smallest on the market. It's solidly built with a firm fit. I plug it in and it pairs to the nearest headset, not much else to it.

I'm not sure there are any cons for this product.
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on November 21, 2010
The first one I got had a problem remembering the devices it was paired to. I requested a return from the company because that was a pain to deal with. But the company told me it wasn't supposed to work that way and the sent me a new one, asking me to return the old one at my convenience. The new one does remember pairings and works great.

I also own the one Sony makes and frankly this one is more convenient since you don't have to turn it on after plugging it in. It's also a bit smaller than the Sony. Sound quality compared with the Sony is about the same and is quite good. This unit will let you change volume at the iPod where the Sony will only output the max, but I don't find that to be a useful feature as you will want it set to max in almost all cases. I have Bluetooth on the car radio and I can stream audio to it from this easily. I can also use it with my Bluetooth Nokia headphones so I don't have to deal with those headphone wires. Works with both my 5th gen and 6th gen Nano perfectly.
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on March 2, 2015
This little thing is amazing. First of all it has a very small footprint. I use this with an iPod nano for listening to music while working out. It's GREAT for that purpose and even allows me to use the pause/play,fast forward and rewind buttons on my LG bluetooth headphones. I couldn't do that with my last bluetooth dongle. It took a couple of tries for the headphones to sync to this transmitter but once sync it has no problems syncing immediately once the headphones are powered on. It is a bit more than I was expecting to pay but it works and works well to allow iPod integration and syncing with many bluetooth headphones.
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on February 4, 2016
A great idea for Classic iPod Fans...because Now you can have bluetooth! VERY easy to use, works like a dream. The price on these has come down, and now that Apple is not making 160 gb iPods, for those of us who love to OWN your music, this is the answer. Classic (7th gen) iPods can now have bluetooth streaming thanks to this handy little device. I have one at my office and one at home. I love it, I bet you will too.
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on January 21, 2013
Like a lot of the other reviewers have already mentioned, this device is compact and if your current Apple music player doesn't have bluetooth, this works perfectly. Range indoors is about 20 feet and outdoors it's good enough if you have it in your pocket while running, and even better if you have it on your arm.

The downside as a lot of folks have mentioned is the battery life. I got about 7 hours of continuous play through my iPod Classic. The mileage on my iPod Nano 3G varies, but it drains pretty quick, though it's more than enough if you run/workout for an hour or so and are not too far from your charger. That's why I took off one star.

Highly recommend though if your Apple music player doesn't have bluetooth when you consider the cost of the newer Apple iPod nano 16GB Slate (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL.
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on October 31, 2016
After a headphone jack got broken off in my iPod Classic I despaired of ever being able to listen to music with it again. I didn't want to send it in to be repaired, and this offered a more affordable solution. This Bluetooth adapter worked perfectly with my iPod Classic 160gb. Simply plug it in, and it will very easily pair with Bluetooth headphones. It doesn't seem to drain the battery power of the iPod very much either. I absolutely love it and am so happy I found it! It was the perfect solution for my dilemma!
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on February 1, 2015
I love this freaking little tiny thing that works so much better than I imagined it would. It's so easy. I would call myself technologically challenged. I bought this along with some wireless headphones because I was sick of wires getting in my way when I was working out. I was a little worried about getting it all to work. I just did what everyone should do. I followed the instructions. I turned on my wireless headphones and kept the on button pressed so it would go into sync mode. I put this freaking little tiny thing in my ipod and got my ipod out of sleep mode. I put my ipod and headphones right next to each other. This freaking little tiny thing started blinking, then blinking quicker, and voila! Music from my ipod classic was blaring out of my wireless headphones. Amazing to me! Also, this connects very solidly to the ipod. I run about a mile to the gym, and there are no problems with this falling out. Whoever made this thing did it right!
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on November 28, 2016
I was so happy to have found this for my 6th generation iPod. Works great and now I can link to all my other Bluetooth devices. Would recommend this for anyone looking to Bluetooth enable their older generation iPod. It is well worth the price, which I thought was reasonable. I am not the most savy person when it comes to things like this but even I was able to follow the easy-cheesy instructions and "make it work!" So older folks, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE BLUETOOTH WORLD!
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on July 8, 2012
I purchased this to use with an iPod Nano 6G and the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth ear buds. Kokkia found the ear buds on the first try and connected. The instructions were reasonably clear and everything worked as advertised...true plug and play.

I've been using it while running and walking for about two weeks. The iPod nano battery is good for about an hour before it needs a charge. To keep it from draining the battery when I'm not using the Jaybirds I disconnect the Kokkia.

The Kokkia seems to like the ipod being on before you plug it in. Occasionally I'll forget, plug it in and then turn on the ipod; resulting in the ipod reporting "device not supported." An unplug and replug solves the problem.

RECEPTION: Excellent
I keep the iPod and Kokkia either in a shirt pocket on my left shoulder or clipped to a belt loop on my right side. The Jaybird's receiver is in the right ear piece. I've had no issues with Bluetooth reception even though the common recommendation is to only use the device on your upper right arm.

My desire was to be able to run without being tethered to ear bud cords. While I can do that now, the limitations with this setup make me question my plan! Removing the Kokkia every time after use to keep the battery from draining will be wearing on the ipod connector...not a good thing. The Kokkia is so small that it is easy to drop or forget. The Jaybird earbuds have good sound quality but they are bigger than normal earbuds and also require charging. So while I'm untethered I have two more things to avoid losing and have to charge more frequently. I'm not sure it is worth the expense!
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on April 25, 2016
I hate having a long set of headphones connecting me to my device so I got some bluetooth headphones a while ago. I love them but I was sad I couldn't wear them with my ipod mini (or...whichever older ipod is square and fits on a watch strap). I don't always like running with my phone, so eventually I bought this bluetooth transmitter and it works perfectly! I love it! I definitely recommend if you have an older generation ipod and bluetooth headphones.
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