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on November 26, 2010
This is a video of my cat Perseus playing with this toy. He LOVES it. He throws it around, chases it, and wrestles it. I am amazed at how much he loves it. It also helped me get him back home when he ran away a few days ago. I stood outside and shook it, and he heard the rattle and meowed. Helped me find where he was.
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on August 14, 2008
My girls, 4 indoor cats, ALL love this toy! I bought several of them so there would be no fighting, but as is their way, they all want the one that their sister is playing with!! They attack it and throw it in the air and chase it and just love it! I'm so glad I bought plenty of them. My girls love them, I'd buy them again in a heartbeat!!
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on December 11, 2016
The beast seen in the photos is 1 Señor Furrrnando Caballo & he is a BIG fan of Kong's Wubba toys! He's a Snowshoe & like many others of that breed, he loves toys he can carry. Thing is; Furrrny is a trendsetter in our happy home & that means if he has a Wubba, 2 others will insist on having 1, too. I like that they are very well made, come in different fabric textures & while they aren't made by Kong in Colorado, they are tested in US laboratories & have strict quality control so that they are among the safest toys out in the market.
Not all cats love Wubbas, but those that do will often hoard them & have them throughout their lives. Señor Furrrnandino here has 3 Wubbas he's had since he was adopted & he gets new ones every once in a while. He really loves when I stash them in a container that I keep loose Yeowww! Catnip in & will play with those for hours on end. He keeps his "stash" on our bed & on or under the other beds in the house & 1 tucked on HIS platform on his favorite cat tower. Heaven help the silly fool kitty sibling that is caught with his purple velveteen Wubba as he is dead serious as to his claimed toys. This pink "fuzzy" Wubba was supposed to be a Catmas toy but he "helped" open the Amazon boxes & decided he wanted it & as he can be similar to an ill-tempered chainsaw with fur when he's denied, I let him have it ahead of time. Since he LOVES our white German Shepherd (I swear they are downright corny for one another), she has taken a liking to the dog sized Wubbas & it's cute to see them playing with their Wubbas together & just as he doesn't like to share, he learned this lesson the hard way when he tried to walk off with her "floppy ear" Wubba when she basically gnawed on his head until he let it go! I truly cannot say enough good about Kong's Wubba toys for both cats & dogs. If you have a cat that enjoys carrying stuffed animals or other toys, it's worth trying a Wubba.
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on February 11, 2014
I'm only reviewing this because so many people give it bad reviews because THEIR cat doesn't LIKE it, which has NOTHING to do with its quality or potential interest to other cats. Some cats don't like things to grab and kick. Fine, but maybe your cat should get 1 star and not the toy. Dang.

Anyway, my cat is a kicker. If she hunted things, she'd be the type who enjoyed the hugging and gouging action. They're all different, just like people. Some cats favor the stalking, some the pouncing, some the gouging. Know your cat, or at least don't blame the toy for not suiting her/him. This is a well-made thing, whatever it's supposed to be. I see they started making them in the shape of animals, with some kind of microfleece, must be to please humans. My cat doesn't actually hunt, she just indulges the instinctive action, so she really doesn't give a rip what it looks like. I got her the bunny, too, just to see, but she doesn't dig the microfleece. This one is fleece, but not brushed, more like what the inside of sweatshirts felt like 30 years ago, almost carpety. It's soft, but very tactile (also suits my cat very well - she likes to touch stuff). However they have the little bell/rattle thing encased, it's nearly indestructible. This is our second one. The first got stepped on more times than I can count and still made its noise. Had it for a couple years, then lost it when we moved. :( The "legs" have some kind of crackly stuff inside them, which just stimulates another sense and I'm sure makes it more fun to kick and pretend to gouge. This is her favorite thing; little fur mice a close second.

Bottom line - well-made toy with diverse stimuli that cats who LIKE this kind of thing will probably love.

(If your cat likes it initially but gets bored, take it up for awhile. They're really not so different from people - they just can't verbalize "I'm tired of this; I want to do something different today." Just like a little kid with a room full of toys and nothing to do - there are so many he doesn't even see them anymore. Rotate some out. But don't blame the toy. Tastes vary, thank goodness.)
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on February 29, 2012
My boy cat (2 1/2 years old) is psychotic for this toy. He's torn apart about 3 of them already (over a 2 year period) and constantly plays with it, gutting it, eventually removing the "body ball" (hard ball with bell inside)out of it, then the "brain ball" (one had a hard ball with bell, one was a soft ball, and the last one torn about was just stuffing) till all is left are the legs.

Then, over time, he will separate the legs.

He always stores the "wubby", whole or in parts, in his dry food plate. I've never had a cat be so possessive of a toy before.

We collect the legs and sew them together to a bit of string and make a new toy out of it. He loves chasing nad jumping for it and will drag it (trailing the string and handle behind him) and/or the whole toy everywhere in the house. loves playing with it. He always returns it to his food plate when he's done playing.

I gave him a new Hugga Wubba last night and he's been playing with it nonstop when not sleeping or eating.

He's too funny and so cute carrying it around in his mouth.

When he is sleeping, my older girl (13 years) will take some time to play with it, mostly by rolling around on it. She will sometimes dart out to play with the legs when we play with it dandling from the string.

Best cat toy I've ever bought. We have a basket of toys but this is the only toy that is played with constantly.
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Enthusiast: Petson April 28, 2016
It's an alright toy but our cats have no interest in the KONG Cat Hugga Wubba toy and they never turned down a cat nip toy ever. They just don't care for it all that much, not even our youngest who loves to bite on and wrestle with everything!

The KONG Cat Hugga Wubba is several inches long, it rattles, crackles and you would think the sounds it makes would make it appealing to their instinct but all of our cats pretty much gave it the "what the heck is this thing?" look and simply ignored it.

They prefer other interactive toys that squeak and the Bergen Scratcher toy, which they go nuts over! Lol. I guess we'll be donating the KONG Hugga Wubba to the shelter cats, I am sure the shelter cats will find some enjoyment in it. Best to donate it to them, bring some enjoyment to their lives, instead of letting it sit in a basket collecting dust.
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on March 6, 2017
My cats love these - enough where I had to buy a second one.
The bell at the top gets to be annoying to listen to, but it's worth it for hours of entertainment for my cat.

The colors are indeed random - the first one I received was baby blue, and the second one was pink (as pictured in this product listing).
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One of my two cats loves this toy. Is territorial with this toy. Plays, sleeps and snuggles with this toy. He loves it so much, we have an Upstairs Hugga Wubba and a Downstairs Hugga Wubba. Sometimes they are both found on the stairs. Have not figured that one out yet. But I'll turn in an update if I do. By the way, this is a well made soft terry-cloth toy. The head of the Hugga Wubba has a hard ball inside that makes a rattle sound, to further entice play, not that this particular cat needs the enticement.
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on April 20, 2017
This cat toy is so cute and super affordable. All three of my cats like to play with him differently and at different times. One will jump on it, one will carry it in its mouth and the other will just sit it between it's legs and bat at it with his paws. It was a cheap add on item and my cats needed something new so I gave it a try. Glad I did. They love it !
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on March 14, 2017
My cat did not care for this toy. She likes soft stuff things with a little bit of catnip, but she just was not interested in this. She is older and this might be a better hit with a kitten.
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