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on December 5, 2010
I was looking for a small pocket radio for pocket change. This is that radio. For the change I paid, I am happy it did not have any bells and whistles (it doesnt even come with an earphone, flimsy cover or crappy demo batteries). Every penny seems to have gone into the core components and it does an excellent job of catching am and fm waves and converting them to audio. Recommended if you are looking for a small, cheap, utilitarian am/fm radio.
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on June 14, 2017
Solid as a rock feel in the hand but the smallest radio I have ever seen with a speaker and retractable antenna for $12.99. Does nearly as well drawing in stations as my Sony SRF-M37W at one third the price of the Sony which has no speaker. The newer model 210 for $20 has the weather band which I have on enough other radios and I have always found the immediate shock of weather bands annoying when I accidentally turn them on or if you have to cycle through them when changing regular bands; also the 210 is an inch taller and and inch wider, and weighs 25% more.
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on August 12, 2015
Recieved the KA200 radio bought from Electronnix a day earlier than expected. I popped some cheap AAA batteries in it and went down the dial on both bands and was quite surprised at at the reception on slide dial a little longer than 1 inch. The tuning dial is nice and firm most likely to prevent drift. The volume dial is a little less firm, and may be OK that way since it is located on top of the radio. The telescopic antenna is only about 7 inches long but seems adequate to pull in local FM stations. The ferrite antenna for AM seems quite good to pull in stations. Even though it states it in the description, this radio does not include the extended AM; mine won't tune past 1610 kHz. The tuning light is a bonus and works well on both bands.

The sound from the small speaker sounds good at a relatively close distance; tested in a 15x15 room at medium volume and it was more than adequate. Plugged in some headphones and receive sound from both left and right, albeit mono. Reception via headphone cord seemed as good or better than using the antenna extended and sound coming from the radio's speaker.

Please note my test was at approximately 1pm indoors and received all local stations on both bands. I expect night reception to be better especially on the AM band, but it may not be what you would call a good distance listening radio. I will update at a later time.

The radio seems to be built well and should last years. The only quibble I have is the telescopic antenna has a small divot which may prove to be a failure point in the future (bending). Also, as reviewed previously the base of the radio will permit the radio to stand upright, but any little wobble of the surface it's sitting on or the slightest breeze will make it fall.

I chose this instead of the newer KA210 because I needed a tiny AM/FM to use at work to catch evening ballgames. I have other radios with Weather Band (two of which are Kaito) and it wasn't needed for my intended use. From reading reviews on the KA210, I believe the KA210 is bigger and through Amazon it is more expensive.

All said I think this a great purchase, and the price was right.
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on December 19, 2016
This kitty likes it. The signals the radio gets are strong and clear and it lasts lots and lots of hours on its AAA batteries. It's super tiny and easy to carry. The LED light helps this kitty find a radio station and the speaker gets pretty loud with pretty good sound quality for its size. It would make a great emergency radio, but this kitty carries it around in its lunch box to listen to music while at work. Its SUPER tiny for a radio too, smaller (except thickness) than lots of smartphones so a kitty can tuck it in a purse or pocket easily.
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on November 16, 2016
This is an awesome little radio! It's smaller than most cell phones, tunes well, good tone. It's what you'd expect of a modern transistor radio, in spite of the reality that few are available these days.
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on August 7, 2014
Very impressed with this radio. I was looking for a compact radio to put in my pocket for taking walks. I have a Sony Pocket AM/FM Radio - ICF-S10MK2, but it is a little bulky for the pocket and it only gives audio in one ear with headphones. It is a very good radio, with good reception and nice sound, but I wanted something smaller. So I purchased the Kaito. It is much much small (you can see the two compared in a user photo that is currently on the amazon page). It disappears in your pocket and is practically weightless. The audio through the headphones is excellent--much richer and clearer than the Sony--and it is both ears (although one side is louder than the other, still this is better than mono). The tuner knob has a lot of friction and is unlikely to get jostled in your pocket (an improvement over the Sony). The volume knob is on top of the unit so less likely to rub against the side of a pocket. The radio is somewhat cheap looking but the black case actually looks a little cooler in person than it does in photos, so not a total loss aesthetically. Still, it does look like a prize you would trade in your skee-ball tickets for. The Sony has better sound when you are listening to the built in speaker, so if that is your primary use, I would go with the Sony. However, Kaito actually has quite good sound for its size. I was quite impressed. It is loud and clear, just less bassy.

So despite the no-name brand (who's ever heard of Kaito?) and its cheap appearance, this turns out to be an excellent portable radio.
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on November 12, 2016
When I took this little radio out of the box I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the tiniest thing I'd ever seen! I immediately started regretting my purchase. BUT! When I turned it on and really started using it I couldn't believe how much awesome was packed into such a tiny frame!

The sound, the channels etc. everything is great!
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on November 29, 2015
YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE FOR A TRUE budget priced AM/FM "pocket" radio. I listen to talk radio for 2 hours, 5 days a week... still have my original alkaline batteries I put in them over two months ago... so battery consumption is efficient and thrifty to say the least.

Speaker quality is average, yet sufficient at this price point. Uses Include talk radio, baseball & football commentary, B.O.B. backup or just a simple AM FM radio to keep you in touch with the outside world. Small with rounded corners (designed even more ergonomically than most) make it a truly convenient pocket radio. The company also sells a version with NOAA weather for a couple of dollars more, if you're looking for that additional future. CONCLUSIONS: Great bang for the buck at this price point, for a decent AM FM pocket radio (that is easy on your batteries)!!!
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on April 13, 2017
When I travel, particularly abroad, I like to have a 3 X 5 inch rectangular Sony AM/FM radio to play in the bathroom when I shave in the morning, and, traditionally, a smaller AM/FM Sony Walkman radio to carry and use with earphones, if I am standing in the street outside of a store while my wife shops, or on a lengthy bus ride. (This isn't to imply that I myself do not shop, but we sometimes spend time in different stores.) The Sony Walkman now retails for about $50. It is a very old model. I have been using them for more than 15 years and they always seem to break after a while, so I was looking for something cheaper but reliable when the last one died (on a trip to Australia). After reading a detailed review which is probably one of the first ones that comes up on this web site, I took a chance and ordered this. I am happy to say that it is impressive, at first use. I tuned it in to the NYC classical music station and listened with a cheap pair of earphones that I had to buy if I wanted to use Virgin American's entertainment system on a flight from LAX. The sound was acceptable. So I would recommend this device to anyone looking for something small but solid, in terms of quality and sound output.
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on July 29, 2017
I typically ride in the car with my wife for coffee in the morning and then walk back over our hill in San Francisco. I listen to financial news and had used my iPhone with ear buds but the signal would drop-out once or twice on the walk back causing long buffering or complete loss of the stream. So much for 4G changing the world. Also, if you haven't noticed, listening to a radio application on your smart phone can pretty quickly exhaust your battery.

This little radio is simple, easy to use, and has good reception. It provides stereo audio which is not always true for these pocket radios. The Kaito takes two AAA batteries that will last many, many hours before needing replacement. I also listen to it when doing home improvement projects around the house. A bit more reliable and less risky that listening to your smart phone while standing on a ladder or crawling under the sink.

Perhaps the only negative is that it uses a rigid extendable antenna that is fairly easy to snap off if, like me, you have the fine motor skills of a Golden Retriever. With that disclaimer, it's a great, low-tech solution.
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