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on July 1, 2013
Did plenty of research prior to my purchase and even searched YouTube for user feedback. Given that this is my first purchase of the kind and had nothing to compare it to, I took the leap and feel very satisfied with the machine's performance. The only issue I encountered was a sputtering engine, but that had to do more with the pressure coming from the spigot, not the engine itself.

I carefully selected this product based on its reputation (Karcher is known for this type of product) as well as for the number of times I plan to use this combined with what I was comfortable spending. I see many folks buying more power than they need and end up complaining when they pull their machines out after a cold winter and not having done the proper maintennance. For the price, I received a powerful machine with all the bells and whistles I think I will ever need. It's easy to assemble and even easier to use. I does wonders on stains on the concrete driveway (the box I purchased came with soap samples) and gets rid of bird droppings on the house, staining from leaves on the roof and patio, as well as a great job on washing away dust, dirt, and grim from the garage doors and family cars.

The only other drawback as noted by another user is the extreme heat of the muffler and the potential damage it can cause to you or your hose, etc.

Overall, very satisfied!!
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on June 4, 2013
The unit quit about every 20 minutes, until I discovered that the fuel tank cap Is not properly vented. I had to run the unit with the cap loose, and, of course, it fell off and lodged between the fuel tank and the hot muffler, which melted the plastic on the cap.

Worse, the most prominent feature on the front of the unit is the muffler. It is located only 7 inches from the high-pressure hose connection, and is not properly shielded. The chintzy heatshield gets hot enough to burn fingers and melt plastic. After about three hours of use, the high-pressure hose got against the muffler or the heatshield, melted, and burst. So now I have an unusable pressure washer, until I can get another high-pressure hose.

Not only that, but there is nothing to stop the same thing from happening again, Unless I can install some type of proper guard over that hot muffler.

Larry Cruzen
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on July 22, 2014
I was happy with it for the first 11 months when it worked like a champ and did everything I needed a pressure washer to do. Then one day a pull of a cord, a clunk and a pressure washer that won't start. In looking at the authorized service centers for a warranty repair, there are only three in my entire city metro area. I just picked it up from the first one who sat on it for six weeks with no communication, so I'm losing confidence in their service partners. I'm dropping it off at #2 this afternoon.

I guess a key consideration for this is the number of different engines on the karcher washers, as it depends on model and year from what I can tell. If they came with a Briggs or Honda engine I'd be happier because this engine just doesn't want to start and I've never heard of it (i.e. can't find parts). Hoping for a good repair experience with shop number two.
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on January 29, 2014
The thing still runs which is a good thing. Considering the other reviews. Researching online would lead you to believe Karcher is the staple in pressure washers. Although this unit has the pulsing issues with the pump, also I can't keep this thing in one place not sure if the rubber stoppers are defective. I tried wedging bricks, rocks you name it but this thing goes everywhere. The damn pressure washer rammed into my car while washing it. The high pressure hose is on it's last leg, caught it against the exposed exhaust which is a common problem.

Considering contacting Karcher but seems like people don't get to far with that.

To sum it up keep looking. Not sure if the other Karcher models are any better.
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on June 27, 2013
Prior to purchasing the Karcher G2800XC Gas-Powered Pressure Washer, I reviewed trade and consumer sources and found that Karcher pressure washers ranked in the top three so I felt confident that I would be completely satisfied with its performance. I purchased the pressure washer in mid-December 2012 and have attempted to use it on three occasions. On all three occasions the motor stalled and stopped running. In subsequent attempts to restart the washer, it repeatedly stalled and stopped running. Prior to the third use I took the washer to a local authorized service provider and received a clean bill of health (NOTE: I paid for the service) Again, the third attempted use was after having the washer serviced and the same symptoms prevailed. I am more than a little bit perturbed because I paid a hefty price for the washer and a wide-area surface cleaning attachment. I will send writings to Karcher management expressing my concerns and a request for some form of suitable customer satisfaction. Perhaps they will replace it with one that works properly.

I did receive an inquiry through Amazon from another customer who wanted to know the name and model number of the gas engine on the washer. Apparently this individual also had problems with the engine on his G2800XC washer.
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on March 26, 2013
Went with this because it seemed much more substantial than other models with same power and similar price. Would have preferred a better manual (engine) that showed accurate descriptions.

Update 1/28/14 - Used this one time prior to second used in October 2013. Ran well for about 20 minutes then ran roughly and quit. Seemed to be a choke problem. Took to authorized dealer and was told that Karcher would be sending a new unit. Three months later I have still not received a replacement after numerous followup calls by myself and the repair center. So if you can keep it running yourself it's great, but if you have to rely on Karcher - forget about it...literally.
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on August 7, 2013
This is a piece of crap! I used it ounce it ran great for about 2 hours. The second time I went to start it it ran for about 5 seconds and blew white smoke out of the exhaust. I contacted an authorized Karcher service rep and took it in. I was told that the carborator stuck open and filled the crank with gas. I was also told that Karcher does not warrenty this defect. I had to replace the carborator for a $80 bill. I have been trying to contact Karcher on this claim and they will not respond. Go buy a craftsman at least you know if something happens to it you can get good customer service. The only reason it got a star is because you have to enter one.

Also the service center told me these engines are prone to carborator issues. He said he would see me in the spring. What kind of crap is that.
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on April 28, 2014
The engine is great and the pressure is good but the design of the detergent tank is HORRIBLE!!!! The tube that goes into the tank continues to fall off and once in the detergent tank - forget getting it out. Even their local service guy could not get it out and got very frustrated. The company's customer service dept is just as bad if not worse than the design described above. They refuse to correct any issues and push their customers off to the local service department. If I had to make this purchase over I WOULD NOT select KARCHER. Go to your local Home Depot and buy one off the floor - at least they take care of their customers!!
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on October 4, 2016
Easy starting engine, lots of power. Large tires make moving across grass or dirt very easy. Convenient storage for wand and tips. I like it a lot!
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on June 24, 2014
What a tough unit. Works day in and day out. I had a generac unit before this one .that was a so-called commercial unit well let me tell you this Kracher runs rings around the generac. Don't be fooled the came brand new in the box never used. The power is unreal. Literally will lift you of the ground.
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