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VINE VOICEon September 26, 2011
Format: CD-ROM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Installation & First Impression:
Installation of KIS 2012 was quite speedy. At the beginning of the installation process the program looked for any conflicting security programs that were already installed and to my surprise, it actually found remnants of Microsoft Security Essentials that I had previously uninstalled. After this was cleared up, it was a simple case of activating the product online and viola!, I was up and running. Albeit needing a definition update.

Once KIS was up and running I downloaded the latest update, which took quite a while, and then gave it a quick scan. As this is the first 2012 malware product I've looked at thus far, it is difficult to be objective as to how Kaspersky's latest will compare with others that are released in the latter part of the year, but my initial impression is quite positive. KIS 2012 is jam-packed full of all the features that you would expect to see in such a program and definitely offers quite a significant level of extra protection when compared to standalone Anti-Virus programs. The interface is nice and simple to understand, with all the typical items you'll need easily accessible.

To say that Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is feature packed would be quite an understatement. This program has everything up to and including someone to fold your laundry. (Ok, I made that last part up.). Personification aside, it's quite packed.
Here's a quick list of the more important features KIS offers:

* Anti-Virus protection (of course)
* Spam protection (everybody knows this one)
* Application control (Allows you to setup rules stating which programs can run and which can't)
* Firewall (Much more thorough than the built-in Windows application)
* Network monitoring (monitors all traffic on your internal network)
* Network defense (provides protection of internal network mentioned above)
* Parental controls (Keep kids from visiting unwanted sites)
* Ad blocking (No more relentless male enhancement ad's!)
* Gaming profile (Keeps your system responsive while playing resource heavy games)
* Quick response to new threats via cloud (stored on the internet) protection
* Virtual keyboard (Defends against keyloggers)

I tested KIS 2012 by visiting a list of malware-infested sites (The list can be found online, but due to the nature of said list, I won't be posting it in this review. I will say, however that the words "malware" and "domain" in Google return interesting results. But I don't recommend visiting unless you absolutely know what you're doing). KIS was tested by visiting 18 infected URLs from this list and all were successfully identified as a threat and stopped before any damage could be done. This is obviously a quite small test sample compared to the thousands of threats that are out in the wild everyday but it does showcase program effectiveness and gives me a nice warm and fuzzy.

Resource Performance
I noticed no huge memory drains, nor any hit in performance while the program was running in the background and only a small hit while actively scanning. Kaspersky has long been known to be "resource friendly" and tradition continues on this years product. As long as you're running a machine made within the past 5 or 6 years, you shouldn't have any issues.

I'm being absolutely honest when I say there aren't many. My only real annoyance was the speed of the first update of the database and the program. It took quite a while. Somewhere upwards of 10 minutes. The first update was around 100mb. But after that, updates were much, MUCH quicker.

As stated previously, the program has a metric TON of features and various settings. Something a novice really shouldn't delve into, with the exception of one setting. The program is set by default NOT TO SCAN if running on battery power. This is for scheduled scans only, it looks as if realtime protection is not affected. I can understand why they include this option, but this could potentially be an issue, so I reccomend turning this feature off in the program settings.

As a veteran of just about every known malware software known to man, I can happily say KIS 2012 really impressed me. It installs quickly, does it's job well and doesn't get in the way and is packed with features. The non techie crowd should have no problems getting Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 up and running fairly quickly and keeping their systems safe.

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Format: CD-ROM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I received Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 from the Amazon Vine Reviewer Program. Because I received the 3-license version I installed it on two PC's: desktop running Vista 32-bit and a desktop running Windows 7 64-bit.

I had planned on also installing it on an XP desktop as this software gives you one code to license 3 machines for 1 year, however that is being old and fussy upon this writing and may need to die a natural death, thus I may have to install Kaspersky on yet another Win 7 machine instead. I will update this review after the third install.

**Note that this software works with 32 and 64-bit Windows OS's Vista, XP and 7, but doesn't support Mac.**

The Positives:
Installation on both machines was easy, but much quicker on the Windows 7 machine. Probably more about the OS than this software. On both the Vista and Win 7 PC's the system moved quicker than with other antivirus' used before - Trend Micro on one and Kaspersky Pure on the other were both removed and PCs rebooted prior to fresh install of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.

The interface is simple, yet full-featured. I liked how uncluttered it is and how easy it is to find what you want to tweak to your liking. The defaults seem to be set correctly for both web browsing and email, and the only real issue right away was spam filtering needed to be set-up.

The software makes recommendations which were helpful, but realize they are not must-dos. In this way, the security is helpful. Parental controls are there, as are 'Tools'. In Tools I created a Rescue Disc - burned it to a CD, although you can put it to a USB too. This is to be used in the event of a virus taking over your system - this would help you get it back.

Also in Tools is a Browser Configuration - but it's only good for Internet Explorer - which I don't use. Privacy Cleaner - something that can be found in many good free programs - is also in Tools. Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting is there as well. I think that may be helpful, but I've yet to use it.

Applications activity is good info, but overwhelming for novices I'm sure. Network monitor is helpful too, although most people running with a wireless router would have that information already and not need to look in Kaspersky for it.

Run Safe for Websites is a neat idea, and I've been using it. Essentially you are able to block out unwanted sites this way, and great if you have kids in the house, but may inadvertently block things you want too. Time will tell if consistent use of this feature yields positive results.

Virtual Keyboard...I'm never sure how I'd use this, other than if my mouse worked and my keyboard was locked. A good feature in that case for sure, but I'm betting I forget I have it the next time that happens.

Reports, quarantine... all the standard features of a good security suite are here. But you have some extras too like an IM (Instant Messenger) Antivirus as well as Proactive Defense, which is getting to the bugs before they hit your system.

Overall I like this software, but I have to admit - in all honesty, I'd rather have a Kaspersky product on my PC than any other on the market to date. I've tried BitDefender, Trend Micro, Panda, McAfee, Norton, AVG and others, but none comes close to the Kaspersky products for ease of use and speedy protection.

I also like the cloud technology. Takes a bit of getting used to, but really lightens the load on your machine and works well.

The Negative:
The reason for a 3 vs.5 star review is that the full scan of the entire system took 8 hours on a 500GB hard drive. To complete a scan that took Kaspersky Pure 3-User 90 minutes to do, on the same PC. That's WAYYYYYY to long and quite frankly, unexpected! The indicator of how long it would take to complete continued to jump around and was never accurate either. My PC is connected via a high-speed connection, but truly, this scan was like it was connected to dial-up. Very bad're better than this one!

My guess is that the 'hybrid technology' being tied to the 'cloud', is the core of the lack of speed for a scan. Don't allow your PC to go into sleep mode either, as that stops the scan all together!

This negative was a disappointment for me. I think the security suite is excellent otherwise, but this lack of scanning speed, is something that Kaspersky should work on improving in 2013 and beyond.

I would only recommend this software to those users who don't mind a slow scan. Yes, it can and does scan in the background while you do other things, but that slowed the process even further!

Conclusion & Recommendation:
Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is a feature-rich program which offers protection for online banking, social networking and all the usual suspects: malware, virus', bots - known and unknown. The software is essentially excellent, with one problem: extremely slow scanning of your computer for virus' and other bugs.

If you're looking for a security suite for Windows-based PCs... this is a good choice, but not if you're in a hurry to do a full scan of your system!
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on January 28, 2012
This is one of the top internet security products currently on the market and yet I am very disappointed by Kaspersky.
The installation was without problems and the protection is very good. The real problem is with Kaspersky support. I had purchased KIS 2011 with 3 users and upgraded it free to KIS 2012. The product was installed on 2 computers. After couple of months of using KIS 2012, I had to do a clean install of one computer. I was not able to activate KIS 2012 again. Somehow Kaspersky has decided that the "Number of activations using this activation code has been exceeded". I opened a support case and tried to contact somebody from Kaspersky support to help me. No answer in 3 weeks even after multiple contact attempts and an escalation to a manager. Contacting Kaspersky live chat is like talking with a computer. You get only useless answers.
I have seen similar complains here on Amazon too. It seems that this company is just ignoring his customers. So, what is the point of producing a product if your customers cannot use it?
With so many similar great product on the market, I will never use a Kaspersky product again.

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VINE VOICEon September 22, 2011
Format: CD-ROM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2012 has a long list of features previously detailed so there's no need to rehash them all.

The best part, though, is the size of this program. It is not a memory hog.

Since I generally work with many programs open at once --- and often several tabs or documents on each, I use lots of memory. Hang ups are bad enough from the work itself. I don't need or want extra electronic trauma from software that eats an entire gigabyte to operate in the background.

This program runs efficiently, without bugs, and without slowing my work ---- exactly the way I want --- making me a bigger Kaspersky fan than ever.

I too like the program's "memory" of files that remain unchanged, since I have an extraordinarily large number of files. Scans have a way of taking all night with other programs, and I'd just as soon not have to leave the machine running while I sleep.

As for the parental files, I can't really comment. They're no longer needed in this household, and I did not give them a spin, although perhaps they're useful for other purposes, and I will give a look.

In all, from where I sit, you cannot go wrong with this software threat barrier.

[Update, 1/29/2012: I tried several times to install this on my laptop as well, after my previous virus software expired. Alas, although Avasti had long since been been removed, Kasperksy would not install. I tried all the removal tools Kaspersky provided, and nothing worked. So, I ended up installing Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 on the laptop instead. I wasn't too happy about that. Would have preferred Kaspersky, but...]

[Update, 11/12/2012: When my subscription had only a few days to run, I removed it and replaced it with Mcafee Internet Security 2012, which was already installed on two computers in our home. Removing Kaspersky required a download of a special Kaspersky removal tool, as the "password" lock otherwise blocked the program's removal. After it was gone and McAfee was installed, the latter found five instances of the generic!bg.fdt virus/trojan that had been installed on the computer despite Kaspersky's presence. In other words, Kaspersky missed them, although I ran full scans every day. Nothing is perfect, but this came as a shock to me.]
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on January 25, 2012
I have uninstalled this product and for now have installed Avast (free version), which appears adequate for me. Kapersky slowed down both my husband's laptop and mine, particularly when surfing the internet. I have purchased hundreds of products from Amazon and rarely leave a review as I've generally been satisfied with my purchases. This time it was worth taking the few minutes to post this to warn others.
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VINE VOICEon October 29, 2011
Update Jan 4, 2012. I wrote a glowing report for this Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. Unfortunately, I started having a problem with my desktop computer locking up for ten minutes. The hard drives worked like crazy but I had no control over the computer and no way to find out what was causing the problem. Then it would go back to "normal." This hadn't happened before I got this software.

I started working on the various programs, eliminating, re-loading, etc. When I got to Kaspersky, it wouldn't uninstall. I had to use another program to uninstall it and clean up the junk it left. Then I tried to re-install it. It refused to install, since there was some bit of a program missing. However, since it didn't tell me what was missing, I couldn't fix it. In addition, it had evidently changed some of my settings, so even with administrator permission, I could not get into some folders without "administrator approval." It also changed my screen so that my gadgets didn't show up!

A decent program will uninstall and re-install easily and without leaving a lot of junk. And when it uninstalls itself, it returns the settings to the way they were when it arrived. I know this is possible since I have a lot of programs that do it easily. Kasp is too much like the viruses that I am trying to avoid.

I use this on two other computers (notebooks) and it works fine. However, it is finally off of my desktop and has been replaced.
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on December 14, 2011
A lot of people seem to like this product, I presume because they never had trouble with it and never needed technical support, however my experience was entirely to the contrary. When I upgraded from Internet Security 2010 to 2012 using the online upgrade for my Lenovo T500 laptops running XP Professional, the software TWICE disabled my mouse pointer, crippling my computer, leading to rescue and recovery operations that consumed more than 20 hours restoring the computer to operating condition. I can understand a software glitch, however Kaspersky's knowledge base contained no help for the problem and I finally had to resort to telephone support.

Telephone support is the real problem. The wait time in the queue was incredibly long, causing me to abandon it twice. The queue plays loud, scratchy rock & rap music while waiting, interrupted too often by a repeating message aimed at driving you away from telephone support and back to online help. The queue does not estimate your wait time or indicate what position you have in the queue. It's agonizing to a customer, especially one who is having difficulty with their product. The time on hold combined with the nerve racking music and repeating message is insufferable. If you buy this product, know that this is Kaspersky's idea of customer support. I don't know whether any other company has better support, but Kaspersky's is awful. I wouldn't buy Kaspersky again because I won't buy a product from a company that doesn't have reasonable customer support.

As for the product itself, besides disabling my mouse pointer, it blocked wireless operation of my Brother All-in-One printer on both laptops where it was installed. Neither version 2010 nor it's predecesor did this. I could only print on my Brother by pausing the antivirus protection while printing.

When I finally reached customer support, Internet Security 2012 had to be manually unloaded to free the mouse pointer, because it conflicted with a 2010 version that was not overwritten or automatically deleted. That solution didn't cure the plethora of other problems the conflict produced with my Registry and other programs. I acquired these "other problems" as a result of using Lenovo rescue and recovery software in desperation because I had such difficulty reaching customer support. I was an existing customer with a long license from 2009 and Kaspersky INVITED me to upgrade to 2012. I downloaded the upgrade from their own website. The 2012 version did not automatically unload the 2010 version, so as to avoid the conflict problem, and no upload instructions (that were apparent) advised that 2010 had to be MANUALLY unloaded before upgrading to 2012. The website suggested just the opposite. In my view, the damage done was entirely Kaspersky's fault, and they were not the least apologetic about it.

I asked the support rep how to fix the problem blocking the printer (happening on both computers) and he declined to address it on the phone, saying he'd send me an email with the solution. The email arrived and contained instructions that helped me resolve the printer issue (the network printer port had to be renumbered to 9100) however that did little to mend my attitude about technical support. Why did I have to do this at all? Kaspersky should have fixed these issues before the upgrade was released. As I said, I wouldn't have minded the glitches if customer support was accessible, however it wasn't, and I'm an obviously unhappy customer.
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on November 25, 2011
I have been using Kaspersky for a few years now and I absolutely love. I recommend it for anyone. It beats out McAfee and all the other programs that I have used throughout the years. Great product and great customer service, if you ever need it, but it is so easy to use, that anyone can have it up and running in no time.
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on January 15, 2012
My computer slowed to just a snails pace and I finally had to remove it. My computer is just fine now. Back to it's normal pace! I had norton before and while not perfect a whole lot better than this. I was going to get bitdefender...cuz it is rated highly by "experts" but the customer reviews are awful...darn! What now?
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on November 27, 2011
This is a fantastic product. I've been using Kaspersky for 4 years now with no virus/firewall issues. Easy to install, use and update. I'd highly recommend this product.
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