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on April 8, 2005
I LOVED this book!! Thank you, Susan Moss, for having the guts to believe in yourself and go up against conventional wisdom, and to write about it with such verve. I had a brush with the Breast Cancer Machine when my mammogram showed suspicious microcalcifications and my needle biopsy showed atypical ductal hyperplasia. My health care professionals insisted that I get a surgical biopsy to the tune of three thousand dollars to rule out cancer. Instead, I chose to see this as a wake-up call and to inform myself about how to strengthen my immune system and love of life. I probably wouldn't follow Moss's example if I had a lump diagnosed as cancer, but in such a circumstance I would at the minimum refuse chemotherapy. As Moss points out, and as I heard Candace Pert point out in her recording "Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind," there is no clinical evidence that chemo helps women with breast cancer.

I'd like to see a lot more thinking outside the box of cut, poison, burn in response to cancer. Moss is a pioneer.
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on November 20, 2013
I met this lady and wanted to get her books Very holistic and diet and mediation are so critical to any health issue
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on September 7, 2010
I went to the Cancer Control Society Conference this Labor Day weekend in L.A. Susan Moss was quietly sitting at her booth in the Ballroom. She told me that she is a cancer survivor that healed herself with a comprehensive 20 step plan she designed called MOTEP-the "Marathon Olympic Tumor Eradication Program". I bought this book and am glad I did. Susan is an artist, not a MD or Nutritionist. "Keep Your Breasts" is about her personal experience with Breast and Uterine cancer. Susan rejected surgery, chemo and radiation in favor of a natural holistic approach and healed herself.

Susan's plan includes sound nutrition, exercise, emotional & spiritual healing and what I call energetics. She actively engages the power of the mind, emotions and the connection with her Higher Self (athough that isn't her term for whatever you want to call God,the Universe, All That Is etc.) She uses Guided Imagery, the power of intent, the sound vibration of chanting, and creative visualization. Her story is written in a very matter-of-fact practical way. She doesn't label what she did the way I have. But those of you who understand transpersonal psychology,hypnosis, metaphysics and energetics will appreciate her approach.

She researched all the Cancer Diets and developed her own version of a cancer fighting diet low in fat, low salt,devoid of sugar with raw foods,juices and fruits & veggies. She incorporates carrots (Vit A), barley (Vit B17-laetril), Citrus (Vit C)along with other cancer fighting foods into her diet.

Bucking the advice of the medical system when you are in a state of fear takes courage. It also takes discipline, determination and a strong belief in the bodies ability to heal itself. If you have cancer you owe it to yourself to listen to what she has to say. Even if you decide to go the traditional route of surgery, chemo & radiation you can still compliment your treatment with her MOTEP plan. I hope you find her story as uplifting and empowering as I did.
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on May 20, 2010
I for one am open to alternative medicine, although I see that several of the other reviewers here are not, since they fall back on an appeal to the authority of "professionals" and their cut-drug-and-burn "official" treatments, which they claim are "proven treatments." I have always wondered: Just what are these "proven treatments" proven to do for the cancer sufferer?

Well, I have always known that there is a lot of cancer in my family tree. When I was a teenager, my mother and I lived with an aunt and uncle. The uncle got laryngeal cancer (no surprise, after having smoked for 60 years). He underwent surgery and radiation. I was horrified. I made up my mind that there had to be something different out there, something better, something that did not leave a cancer victim horribly mutilated, with his immune system shot.

When I finally moved out on my own, I started reading literature about alternative cancer treatments. I thought then, and still think, that it is criminal that the medical "profession" can shut down the competition the way it has. But the cancer underground is quite alive.

As I recall, when I read this book, I liked a lot of what the author had to say. My biggest complaint, however, as with nearly all self-published books I've seen, is the appallingly bad job of proofreading that was done--at least on the first edition. I hope that she found competent proofreaders for the second and later editions.

The author, in the first edition, made mention of the fact that she "dusted off" her writing skills, and that she had friends proofread the book for her, including someone who was supposedly a professor of English somewhere.

Well, to me it looked as if her writing skills needed more dusting off, and it looked like she needed someone who actually knew how to spell proofread the book. She misspelled Dr. Privitera's name at least once or twice, and there were way too many other typos there. In short, while the cover looked nice, the inside looked unprofessional.

I am truly happy that Ms. Moss was able to get better using her self-directed program. I am not personally convinced that low-fat is the way to go, because there are many different approaches to alternative healing, some of which do use fat (for instance, the Gerson and Budwig protocols make heavy use of flaxseed oil).

Additionally, at least one other alternative regimen is actually a HIGH-fat diet; it was originated by the Polish doctor Dr. Krasniewski (called the Optimal Diet). It uses a lot of animal fat, even lard and butter. The modified version I am using actually uses a lot of coconut oil.

Further: Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, in Houston, is genuine and reputable. They tried to shut him down; however, he has cured many people of hard-to-cure cancers such as brain tumors.

You can also check with the Cancer Control Society; they can also refer people to different practitioners. You don't have to go the cut-drug-and-burn route if you don't want to.
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on April 23, 2000
Several women I know have read this book and taken its words to use in their battles against various cancers. I wish that one certain person I know had used this book instead of going the straight up chemo and radiation route. Unfortunatly it is too late for her but maybe others will find in this book the information and therefore the strength of knowing that there are other ways to battle this terrible monster, Cancer. If you know someone who is in need of the information contained in this book, be sure to pass on the word - or better yet get it and give it to them. The life you save may be theirs.
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on May 4, 2002
Having lost a sister to breast cancer, and met Susan Moss at a book expo, I got the book and read it. I realize there is tremendous conflict surrounding this dreaded disease. Much of Susan's writing is from her experience and needs to be heard. She urges anyone to look at certain things, and to question their beliefs about cancer. I have always seen that people are either self-motivated and creative -- like an artist -- or receptive to current belief systems. If you cannot figure your way through, as Susan Moss did, the myriad of treatments out there, using her own common sense and experimentation, you are going to become a victim. She faced the foe, learned a lot from her experience and kicked cancer.
If people don't associate emotions with cellular health it is due to ignorance. All the latest research shows a direct correlation with emotional frequencies and physical well-being. Some of those who dislike this book seem to write with a lot of anger, even rage. I hope they lighten up.
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on September 16, 2010
This book is must read for every woman. In a world of "treat your body however you want and then poison it to get better" system, Susan Moss offers a highly desirable alternative for pro-active health seekers. I read this book shortly after surviving cancer and it gave me a lot of peace of mind, making me see that I had an active say in my health. That is wasn't out of my hands, that if I took charge of my own health, instead of relinquishing my power to the "man in the white coat", I could actually grow the muscle of self-healing. Truthfully, I think this book would be inspirational for everyone, because she teaches you the value of trusting yourself and steering your own ship. I am a person who believes in using many different modalities of healing, western and eastern medicines, and I highly recommend this book. It provides valuable information no matter what route you take on your healing journey.
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on August 3, 2010
The best statement made in her book, SURVIVE CANCER, is Ms. Moss' simple expression that "Cancer is a systemic disease". Women hear that they have a cancerous tumor of the breast and immediately want the "foreign object" removed from their bodies. But when you cancer is a systemic disease--it doesn't simply exist within a tumor. And cutting into it only spreads it! Do not fall victim to the fears that the medical community instills in its patients who are diagnosed with the disease. Educate yourself, ask questions, and take time to make a life saving decision relative to your treatment.
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on January 10, 2003
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast in August 2002. Then I went to the Cancer Control Society's annual convention and met Susan Moss and got her book Keep your breasts. It and her motivated me to cancel a scheduled lumpectomy and take the alternative route. Now I am so glad I did, as the tumor is half the size and Dr. Privitera says it can very well only be a fibroid tumor at this point, as it is in the nature of cancer to grow and not shrink. If I had chosen the allopathic route I would be sitting here with a big dent in my chest and no hair or immune system to speak of, and instead I feel better and more alive than ever. If you have cancer, don't you want to do everything to support your body in the fight against it rather than tear it down until it eventually gives up? Please read this book!
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on December 1, 2009
"keep your breasts" and "survive cancer" are both truly very informative and inspirational books.
Being a brain cancer surviver twice, I truly fit into Susan MOss's shoes.
She is a great believer of curing the disease naturally and her MOTEP healing program is just incrediable.
I wish I had read her book earlier and dealt with my illness in a different way, she makes more sense than any of my doctors.
I hope to follow her guidelines and change my life style and beat the odds.
I highly recommend her books
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