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on April 18, 2017
Wow, there is so much I could say about this book and it still wouldn't be enough! KEEPER OF THE DREAM is an epic medieval romance that was originally released in 1992 and was the very first book I'd read (but not the last) by Ms. Williamson. This was my second time reading it and even a decade later, it still lived up to every single one of my expectations. I'm honestly shocked there are those who did not love this story, though I know I shouldn't be. It's a tale of destiny and really made me believe in true, everlasting love. Raine and Arianna were destined to be together and ultimately nothing and nobody could keep them apart. I adored them both, though admittedly Raine ticked me off a couple of times. The passion and love between these two was undeniable and absolutely beautiful. Just a magical adventure and one of the most captivating love stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. At a little over 500 pages and 8277 locations on the kindle version its pretty long, but definitely worth the time it takes to follow these folks on their journey. A must read for any lover of historical romance and so worthy of this five star review =)
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on October 1, 2016
Following a siege, Arianna's Welsh castle is overtaken and her brother is slain by the Black Dragon. Arianna is claimed as the Norman conqueror's bride, against which she fights mightily, to no avail.

Raine, the Black Dragon, is a hard and cruel man who has suffered much from the time of his birth. He is determined to bring his Welsh wife to heel while she continues to resist.

But there is magic in their story because Arianna is a seer, and Raine's squire seems to have magical powers of his own.

If I had proofread this book, I would have made 34 corrections.
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on November 13, 2014
One of the most powerful books I've ever read. Just finished reading Keeper of the Dream a few minutes ago for the second time and enjoyed it just as much as the first time. I laughed out loud, cried, laughed some more, cried again and sobbed (even though I knew what was coming) tore my heart apart again. I feel like I will need a few days to recover. An author who can make you actually feel all the emotions of his/her characters as if it's happening to you is a rare treasure. Penelope Williamson is one of those authors. Throughout my second reading I imagined this story as a mini-series and I believe it would far surpass the Outlander series (and many others). I simply cannot recommend this book more strongly. At over 500 pages you are getting more than your money's worth. Would love to see another book to continue the story of the next Arianna....the new generation. Taliesin.....please make it happen!
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on February 8, 2016
What a roller coaster of emotions. This story is insanely touching. I want to cry, but it's, 0400 in the morning, and I guess I should sleep at some point. It is tht good. I want to see the movie version now. Wow, I'm so emotional right now. Now tht it's ended, I feel a loss, cause I won't ever get to know about these two ever again. It's like we broke up...,so sad......I love Raine and Arianna. What a love between these two. It's truly the stuff of fairytales, and what every girl dreams of. Man, We all yearn for tht feeling. If you've ever known a love tht made your insides hurt so bad, you thought you'd die, this book will do tht. And it can be painful at times. Yet, it's everything you want to feel....when you read love stories. Thts the only way it feels real, or is worthy. Loved, loved, loved it. Kind of sad it ended, but so relieved, it ended well.
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on November 4, 2015
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The last few historical romances I have read were poorly written to say the least. This book was really an incredible read!
This is the story of Raine & Arianna set in the early 12th century. This was a time of almost constant warfare between England and Wales. Raine, the bastard son of a earl who would not recognize Raine as his son and relegated him to the stables beating and flogging him repeatedly. In the end, the earl gave him up to their enemy. Only his drive and ambition kept him alive and earned him his knighthood. When he saved King Henry's life, he was awarded land and a keep of his own. King Henry's demand is that he marry the daughter of a Welch prince to secure his dream and a truce between the two countries.
Alainna is that princess. She is a "seer", beautiful and head strong not easily subdued by anyone let alone a Norman, her sworn enemy who has killed countless numbers of her people. She does not want to marry the Black Dragon as Raine has become known. But her dreams and visions show her a man who was treated brutally and comes to understand why he is known as the Black Dragon.
I would highly recommend this book if you love historical romances. I thought it was well written and so were the characters. They were brought to life very well.
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on March 18, 2015
Raine is the bastard son of the late Earl of Chester he also has a half brother is the current Earl of Cheater. The setting of this book starts in the year 1157 King Henry the second is giving Raine the castle Rhudden and also has to marry the daughter of the keep .he wants to strengthen the ties between England and Wales. Arianna hates the English and marrying one is the last thing she wants to do. Raine has to play against Hugh his half brother in a tournament before the wedding . Hugh is married to Raine's first love Sybil. She still loves him even though he has not seen her in six years since she married Hugh.she will make attempts during the book to get him back. The only thing I did not like about the book that the arguments between them and the rough treatments of her went on so long. Arianna was a seer she had seen him in her dreams before she even met him. He even got mad about that not wanting her to see his life before he met her. The book not only covers the marriage but Raine also has to go to battle whenever the King summons.A incident occurs near the end of the book I thought might be the end their marriage . She would prove her her love for him no matter what it would take to save his life. I had never read this author before but liked her work.
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on September 21, 2015
Boy, did I love this book. I actually felt sick at the end from my nerves and fear of the outcome. So many romance novels are poorly imagined. Very superficial and less about the history or excitement of adventure. Although this is a story of a man and a woman and a bit of the same politics as Romeo and Juliet, it remained fascinating, and tense and thoroughly absorbing throughout. I was even tempted to give it five stars and did not do so because I do feel other genre deserve that higher rating. Classics for instance stimulate me more intellectually than this book did. However, I am going to re-read this several more times in coming years and recommend it to my reader friends.
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on June 28, 2013
This author has become one of my all-time favorites. She writes unique stories with unexpected plot twists and creates full bodied relationships between the hero and heroine. Interestingly for me, I don't like the heroes at all in the beginning because of their poor treatment of the heroine. But along the way, things change and a really solid, emotionally fulfilling relationship develops between the hero and heroine. The heroes are usually carrying around painful childhood memories which have contributed to their insensitive and brutish behavior in the initial stages of their relationships. The love of the heroine brings about the hero's healing and he becomes the man that he needs to be. In this story, one of the most poignant parts of the book occurs near the end and pertains to the damaged hero's response to fatherhood and his children. His joy was so touching. I highly recommend this book.
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on September 25, 2015
This was such an exceptional story that I literally couldn't put the book down. The characters were exceptionally well written and I enjoyed how the author developed the storyline and romance between the two main characters. The secondary characters were also exceptionally written with lots of emotion.
This will be one of the most memorable books I will be reading again and I highly recommend it to anyone who loved the past stories by author's such as Johanna Lindsey and Kathleen Woodiwise.
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on September 12, 2016
All of the necessary elements of a good romance are present in this story. The redemption of a man by a woman's love is the overriding theme, set in the historical time of King Henry's reign. However from all accounts I have read of this King Henry he would probably have tried to bed the beautiful Arianna himself. He indeed have a temper and was quite narcissistic. I am glad Penelope Williamson gave Hugh a conscience and would like to read a story where Sophi turns to him.
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