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on December 22, 2011
Maybe, once installed, this might be a decent accessory, though the clip that holds my iPhone 4S is almost too snug, requiring two hands to keep from breaking either the phone clip portion or causing damage to the rest of the mount, or worse the car vent if it's attached to that.

My big complaint is that there are absolutely NO instructions on the box or inside, leaving it up to you to figure it out, especially for use attached to a car vent. There's only a sticker on one piece that gives a website address for a tutorial video that isn't there. Bad link. And a search on the site for the video or manuals leaves you with nothing. (OK, figure how much time I've taken already. There's more.)

In order to send a question about it, you have to register with more information than they should have except to sell you something later, and then the form you fill out is too long an involved to really spend more time on, but I continued.

An e-mail showed up from support (overseas, of course) saying the manual was attached. It was not. Since you couldn't resspond to the e-mail, they gave me a link to my "Incident" that took me to a page called "My Stuff" and there was a list of what looked like FAQs that went on for pages and pages. No "INCIDENT." I called the support number and talked to someone with an accent that I couldn't understand most of the time. He had to put me on hold and then came back to me, asking for an e-mail address, saying that he would send me something. By now, I've spent so much time with this thing that I'm fed up,
and I haven't even put it in my car yet. I'm DONE. It's not even worth sending it back or I would, whether it's a good product or not. I just prefer not to reward companies like this with my purchases.
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on June 16, 2015
I DO NOT RECOMMEND this product. I love the long arm and the suction cup holds great BUT one of my biggest reasons for my purchase was the advertisement of easy one-handed use and it's not true. I like to be able to answer my phone and put it back easily, and my husband only has the use of one hand. Unfortunately, it takes two hands to actually put the phone in because the clips/springs are very tight. It is supposed to work with or without a case. I have a (slim) Lifeproof case, which has rubberized protection around the edges. Upon removing the phone with one hand, a chunk of the rubber was ripped off by the phone holder. I am not happy at all. I ended up using a magnet one I bought and attached it to the end of this one as a "rig" until I find one that suits our needs. The packaging was good and it was delivered on time.
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on February 29, 2016
I really love this phone holder. I've used it for iPhones 4-6s, and it works on all of them, with or without a case. The goose-neck is great for minivans and SUV's where the windshield is a bit far away, and it allows for a lot of flexibility. It's also nice and easy to put a phone in or remove it with one hand, and yet it holds really confidently.
A few small things keep it from being perfect. It does rotate, but unlike a ball joint, it clicks at different angles. This can be annoying if you attach it and it's a littl eoff. You'll never get it straight. Also, in extreme cold, the suction cup sometimes falls off. Lastly, I've had the little wing that holds the phone break a few times. I'v been through 4 of these already. I've saved the broken ones and was able to harvest the parts to fix others, so that got me more life out of them, but that's beyond what an average user will do. Sadly, I haven't found another that I like more than this one.
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on August 13, 2012
I was very excited with the idea of having my I Phone conveniently placed on my front windshield so I can see it without fidgeting around for it in the car on my lap. When I opened the package, on of the small pieces of plastic that holds one of the springs of the arm was bent and broke off. Then I gently pulled the other arm to inspect the spring on that side and the same things happened! It broke off. I never even got to use it. I returned it the same day I got it. I really think this item is cheaply made in China. I really think that even if the plastic piece wouldn't have been broken right off the get go it would have broken sooner rather than later. Not well made. I'm going to Best Buy and check them out in person and inspect production before purchasing.
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on August 8, 2014
I first got this as a gift 8 months ago. I used the suction mount on my windshield, installs in minutes, and have left it there since. No need to wet the suction before installation. It is extremely stable, and its best feature is that it allows very quick, one-handed placement of my iPhone 5 (with case on iPhone) into and out of the mount. I have it mounted in the middle of my windshield which allows use of accessory audio cord and charger cord into the iPhone while mounted. I think middle of the windshield is safest position as I've found that even if a notice or text pops up on the phone drawing my attention (or using GPS), your eyes are directed straight ahead and you really don't miss any action on the road. I have been so impressed that I recently purchased this for my wife's car, and it is working great with her iPhone 4 (with thick iPhone case, because she drops it constantly!). The only knock on the product would be that the AC vent adapter does not seem to work too well, though admittedly I've only tried it with my vehicle. Either way, the suction mount allows your phone to be much closer to you due to the flexible neck.
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on March 19, 2012
I've extremely pleased with this window mount. I originally had a Griffen window mount that I liked, but it was form fit to snap over my older iPhone 3G, and my wife and I soon headed down separate roads when it came to phones, so I wanted a mount that would hold both of our phones. She has an HTC Sensation and I now have the iPhone 4S. This mount works great with both of our phones.

I have a bumper on my phone, so I can't comment to whether or not this would work just as well if my phone were bare, since I see there are conflicting reports in other reviews. My hunch is that it would work well, but I'd check through the other reviews first. It certainly works great with my iPhone when it is in the bumper and would work well with pretty much any other case out there. The clamps catch a little too much on my bumper since it is rubbery, so it is easier to put the phone in two-handed, although it is possible to do one-handed, just a little tricky. The mount rotates a full 90 degrees for landscape or portrait view. It isn't a full 360 degree rotation, just 90 degrees, so sometimes you put it landscape when the mount it rotated one way, then when you rotate it to portrait your phone is upside down. But once you get in the habit of rotating only one way and back, this isn't an issue.

The suction stays put like it should. I can't recall it coming off by itself. The flexible arm is a nice circular solid material that feels like a rubber coated large gauge aluminum wire. It is a nice feeling and definitely stiff enough. However, you will get some up and down movement if you don't mount it so the flexible arm rests on the dash. So, I've found the best way for me is to line it up on the lower portion of my windshield so the flexible arm comes down, touches my dash, and then comes out towards me. Then I take the mount off the windshield and unbend the arm a little bit so that when it put it back where it was and suction it to my windshield, the flexible arm is in a hard contact with my dash. That way, when you are driving around it doesn't jiggle side to side or up and down.

This is a great mount. It is built with a universal design so that it really can accommodate a wide range of phones. If you are looking for something that you won't have to upgrade when you get a new phone, or so you can mount both your and your spouses phone depending on who is using the car, I'd recommend this mount. It's sturdy, functional, versatile, and good looking. The only complaint I have is minor. The clip for the charging cord is useless, at least with iPhone chargers. The charging cable does not snap into the recessed area of the mount as intended. But this doesn't bother me.

I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in a comment. Good luck!
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on March 16, 2014
The window suction is fun for taking video while driving (cop cam) but I use the vent mount so my view isn't blocked at all. It's very easy to load my iPhone into it but sometimes the phone will fall out if I hit a large pot hole. I suggest having a phone case with rubber sides to help the clasps hold it securely. The cable holder is a great idea but has terrible execution. The slit is too large so neither a 30 pin or lightening cable stay in. I assume if you're buying this you probably also have or are planning to get a car charger. Make sure you get a 2.1 amp and not a 1 amp charger or else you'll probably get ripped off because they are usually the same price but the 2.1 amp will literally charge twice as fast.

A small piece did break on me once but I was being sort of a klutz. Overall this new one has lasted me about 2 years now.

**VERY IMPORTANT** - if you're going to use the vent mount make sure you can close that particular vent. Otherwise the heat blast will literally overheat your phone and cause it to shut off in safety mode. This happened to me so I closed that particular vent and have never had a problem ever since. It's OK to have the air conditioning blasting on your phone just not heat.
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on March 20, 2012
Edit: January 2013... I've now had this holder for over a year and still love it. I've upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 5 and it securely holds the iPhone 5 just as well. This holder has survived being moved back and forth between two cars regularly. As noted, once you get the vent-clip technique down, the moving it is straightforward.

While I have not had good luck with other Kensington products, the features of this iPhone car mount and positive reviews convinced me to try it.

I've now owned it for 6 months and highly recommend it.

It is used in a Honda Accord and a Honda Odyssey with an iPhone4 connected via the vent mount. The included suction cup mount also works fine and has a nicely stiff flexible arm - I just don't like making my cars a theft-magnet with it stuck to the windshield. (I never leave the phone by itself in the car.)

While getting the vent clips to catch properly (and to release upon removal) can take some practice, once clipped, the mount is secure. Both clips rotate individually as well as slide horizontally to match your vent. A small flap underneath flips down to elevate your phone or up and out of the way if not needed. I only wish I had a second vent-mount base so I could leave the base in both cars. Buying an entire second kit seems like a waste since I only need the second vent-mount.

The rubberized surface of the "gripper" arms allows you to securely slide the phone up or down to enable more ready access to tapping different portions of the edge of the screen.

The phone base also rotates easily and stays put in different positions.

For power I have a very compact Belkin 12 volt adapter (it disappears into the jack) that you plug a USB sync cable into. Also, since our cars do not have built in Bluetooth, we have visor mount Jabra Bluetooth speakers in both cars that work great.

BTW, I completely disagree with the "Not built for the iPhone 4-, December 29, 2010" review... This holder works GREAT with an iPhone4 (and the iPhone4s has exactly the same dimensions/design), including without a case, including with the extra pull on it of a power cord - I don't know what phone this guy was using but it could not have been an iPhone4. Perhaps he was off-roading with it or the edges of his phone were not clean?

The above setup + "Waze" (Navigation networked to other drivers) and "Gas Buddy" apps make for a perfect road trip configuration.
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on December 24, 2015
This works great. I liked my first one enough that I bought a second because I grew tired of moving it between cars. The vent adapter works reasonably well, but I can see it depending heavily on your car. The vent mount probably best for smaller cars. The windshield mount is great and I haven't had any problems with it coming disconnected in about a year of use with iPhone 5 series phones. You can also put the vent mount in one car and the windshield mount in the other and move the actual gripping component between the two. Just make sure the windshield mount it legal in your state, if that's what you wanted to use!
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on February 21, 2012
Just wanted to post to anyone looking to buy this mount w/ for an iPhone 4/4S: It works just fine for me. I've read a few reports that it doesnt. Well for me it works just fine. I liked this mount so much that I bought two for each of my cars. So on to some specifics:

- For suction mount, i would say its somewhere between a cheapy one you would find at a kiosk in the mall and a RAM mount. If you have or seen a RAM mount, those suction cups are HUGE. So this is a good compromise between the cheapy smaller suction mounts and the RAM. The suction has a lever to clamp down the suction mount.

- The articulation on this mount is pretty good. it has a swiveling mount so you can move the mount horizontally or vertically. It clicks into place and it works well for me

- The arm is pretty thick and is just bendable enough to make it easy to bend but still rigid enough to keep it from needlessly bending from gravity or a bump.

- for the mount arms themselves, the two arms (or whatever you call it) work well. The best way to insert your phone is to angle it in about 45 degs and then push the phone into the other side. this i believe causes the least amount of stress on the arm pivots. the width allows it to accept other phones too. my coworker's galaxy s 2 fits just fine as well. she bought one too after testing mine out.
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