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on March 30, 2012
basically long story short my tech level is higher, this is a great amp and is overpowered :P also i've owned this for 7 months, i run 2 crappy 12 kenwood duel voice coils of which you shouldn't buy ...

this was my review on kenwood kfc xw1224D car Sub

- 'Overrated' these Subs are overrated and over-priced, My cousins 2 Dual 12s and them cheapo s have more Thump, more reasons below..or story rather, hah..
- 'inconsistent quality' I had the 2 subs hooked up @ 4 Ohm with x2 Kenwood Kac-9105D 1800-Watt Class D Mono Amplifier: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0037ZRP7G/ref=oh_o02_s01_i00_details with 2 caps, then after i primed my system out with a good safe sub frequency ( how fast it moves, less the safer but less Decibels) Within the threshold of a good 30-50 Hz hit and then another safe nudge less so i do not have a muffling or over frequented sub, and the most Bass boost tuned without muffling the sub with some hard low deep hits all done great! i smelt a new smell Great! smells good!

-34-38 DAYS LATER: (unknowing to me it was just the 1 sub stinking not both of them) Randomly i've noticed when i walked back in the vehicle that i thought it was the new smell but this smell should've gone by now and this new smell is kind've turning more into an electrical short out smell but not hardcore.

-5-7 DAYS LATER THAT WEEKEND: Well i need to find out if i have dials wrong i thought and so i investigate, so i've tweeked it out and moved some dials and tuned it up a bit and what do you know its what i feared i smelt it horribly, so then i re primed the system back to where it was again and then some less..

-5-7 DAYS LATER THAT WEEKEND: I still smelt this 'smell' but more on the line of burnt out speakers or electronics, so then i tweeked with my system beyond the subs, amps, added another cap, thought it was the amps not enough power and it's shorting out because these subs never really did pump out the Db, Tried using 1 amp, tried lots of scenarios, including but not limited to no amplification from the headunit and only the amp, and vise versa, running another 0 guage wire from bat, bought a new cap, no bass boost...Anyhow lets just say i found the problem randomly working on it the next few days and it was a trial n error it was the one sub that was smelling burnt out so then I switched my subs to 8 Ohm. Reprimed my system, obviously i turned the dials up a bit further from prevous, anyhow this seemed to do the trick .. to a point i just cant Pound my subs for more then 3-4 minutes without stinking my car up.. that one sub is and was horrible, oh i didn't add but im not re editing in there, i disconected the other sub for a week with these new settings and no smell..

-November ( 2 months later and then some ) Same output setup, but both subs hooked up, basically same settings as i left it... I've sent a message to these guys on amazon asking for a full refund i wish i had the letter copied i didn't know till this day they would not respond.. well they didn;t respond, all i want is this 1 sub replaced.. i have bought all kenwood products, i don't even want to deal with these ... *** holes because i spent all this money on all kenwood and they don't even respond to tell me a negative response **** them

-TONIGHT 1 HR 20 MIN LATER WRITING MY RESPECTFUL HONEST REVIEW OF THIS PRODUCT: well to this day i am never buying a product off kenwood and to this day i still have the sub but i spitefully turn it up and currently the subwoolfer is still alive and seeming doing well i haven't checked it since Jan, 4 months ago, the smell has gone down alot... in these past 4 months but i'm sure the output of that subwoolfer also has went down dramatically. I can tell from, my Rear view mirror doesnt fall off anymore to my song, but i don't care when they go I'll buy me some cheapo not from wall mart kids, online just some random cheapo 12 for 60 bucks total that's what you do.. this cost me 255 kids..

overall: VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE ON AMAZON 2/10 , SUBS HAVE INCONSISTENT QUALITY I RATE 5/10 , IT HAS HIGHLY UNDERSPECED PERFORMANCE 4/10 ( don't listen when they say this sub a great bang for your buck because it performs with the 400 dollar subs) Lastly, IT HAS AN OVERLY OVER PRICED PRICETAG : 3/10 ( this is an 50 dollar sub, go to walmart instead ) I bought this not even 7 months ago and lol its down to 95$ i paid $255 for 2 kenwoods a joke..

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on August 3, 2014
Turns on then off all the time a big waste of money
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on January 14, 2012
I just installed this hooked to to kenwood 3013 12"'s. I'm running two batteries and 4 ga power cable clear up to the amp. It puts out plenty of power and hits hard as heck. i like that it has a phase switch which is handy and two speaker connections. I'm running mine at two ohms and it sounds great. Just make sure you give it plenty of power and it will do the rest.
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on April 10, 2014
This is a good amp. Don't expect to be getting 1800 watts from it. You will get a true 800 or 900 watts from it so match some subs up to it that would do good on that. I wouldn't run this amp 1 ohm cause im sure it will over heat.
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on May 8, 2014
I was looking for a powerful mono amp to power my 12" Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer. I knew this was going to hit hard, but after listening to the end results, I didn't expect it to hit THAT hard. I was blown away by the results and this is a best purchase I've bought for my system. After looking at some of the bad reviews this amplifier received, I start to question how people are wiring the amplifier itself. The wiring (if done correctly) looks really nice and clean, and you don't really run into an issue where the wires might interfere with each other. I would hire someone with a great deal of knowledge or experience if you don't know how to wire it. Putting that aside, the design is really nice as well. It compliments your Kenwood Head Unit, if that's the route you took. The center red indicator looks really nice at night, and it's just a simple way to tell if you're amp is getting power when you're setting it up.

It has been a year with this amplifier and I couldn't be any happier. The amplifier stays really cool compared to other amps in the marker, thanks to it built in fans. I made a round trip from Sacramento to San Jose (about a 6 hour drive to and from) and it was still kicking. It can def take the abuse. If you're a bass head like I am, this is more than sufficient for a starting setup and can definitely be used for a more intense setup. Gonna order another one soon perhaps.
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on December 1, 2014
best amp ever!stong! stays cool in 100 degrees and pushs 2 alpine type r"s
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on June 13, 2015
I've had this for awhile now, it's still going strong! I love when things actually work like they are supposed too and they actually LAST!
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on August 30, 2015
I have always been a big fan of Kenwood products. I purchased this amp to replace the same style because of issues with the circuit board. When the amp arrived it wasn't the one I ordered it was the 2000watt version. I'm not complaining just wish they would have told me so I could have done some research on it. I haven't noticed the 200 watt difference. With the hot days we have had I have been putting it to the test seeing if it will cut out as it's not fan cooled. It's been doing great I recommend this amp so far I will update if I have any issues.
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on March 19, 2014
This thing made my 12" subwoofer kick butt, this amp is compact enough to fit under my seat, and it has a built in crossover to adjust the frequency, with also a bass boost which made it even more intense.
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on October 23, 2016
Just Do It
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