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on May 11, 2017
I am very disappointed with the black finish quality. I love black blades and black frames. I bought my SOG Flash II in black and the blade after years remains black. except for scratches - expected. And the polymer frame of course will be black until the sun burns out. But the Kershaw is wearing off after just a week of carry and light use. That includes the blade, which so far I have used to cut open a box and slice those little foil bubble packs my meds come in. Something the SOG never even noticed after many years of use. So the finish quality of this thing frankly sucks. But the blade is razor sharp and the opening is like lightning. I glued back the safety because seriously? I want to open this when I need it right now. I don't want to mess with groping for a safety. I did the same to my Flash. Frikkin lawyers. Anyway like I said - the blade is terrifyingly sharp. You will need to be careful of the tip. It's quite long and thin - it would be easy to snap off. So use your head. If you want a jamming into wood and prying tip, get a heavier blade with a tanto form or at least a drop point. The frame is extremely well made and the knife works like a swiss watch - not that THAT term means much to anyone under 40 anymore :) It feels like a finely crafted tool. So yeah, buy it. Be aware of it's limitations and have a use in mind for that blade form. It's needle sharp at the tip. Just reconsider buying the black blade if you are sensitive to the finish coming off really fast.
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on April 11, 2017
Oooh Boy this is a neat little flipper. It is *very* compact with an overall length of 7" (4" handle, 3" blade) when opened and has an extremely thin profile. Barely even notice it when I'm carrying. I have about 7 different knives now, most with different types of steel and brand, and I gotta say, this blade came the sharpest right out of the box out of all my stuff. Sandvik 14C28N steel is American made, so that's always a nice little plus (if you're American).

The SpeedSafe technology is quick and snappy when used with the flipper. DON'T USE THE THUMB STUDS TO OPEN! They are not there to open it with, they are used to catch the blade on the handle when deployed. I tried to use the studs as the opener and very nearly sliced my thumb open. If you want a thumb stud assisted opener get the Blur. The handle is too small on the Leek to get a good purchase on when using your thumb to open it. I have average sized hands and lost my grip on the handle when the spring kicked in, and my thumb was forced into a position right below the blade.

Another big thing about this knife ----- it comes out of the box in the TIP DOWN position. I don't like tip-down carry, so obviously that was a problem for me. It doesn't tell you what screwdriver bit to use so I had a bit of trial and error testing, but it worked using the T6 star bit if you want to switch it from tip-down to tip-up. Right hand carry only.

The frame lock is sturdy, no blade play, blade is razor sharp right out of the box, and if you like sleek and sexy knives, do yourself a favor and buy the Leek.
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on June 5, 2017
This knife has everything going for it (to me): All black, very slim, very quick assisted opening, good steel, VERY slim in the pocket with nothing to tear your hands up when fishing in pocket, a lock (which is handy because this thing is very pointy!) frame lock, light(ish). All good except for one thing: the clip. If it had a deep carry clip it would be the PERFECT slim edc knife. The knife sticks out of the pocket way too far. It is way too easy push the knife down over the pocket and flip it out of my pocket. Sounds a bit crazy but it just does not feel right in my pocket with the supplied clip.

So, I took the clip off another Kershaw and put it on the leek. The screw holes did not line up (of course) but I managed to get one in there and used some Gorilla super glue in the other. In my opinion, this clip size looks much better considering the size of this knife. And it's not as deep carry as I would like (like the Kershaw fatback or Kalashinikov), but it's much deeper than the stock clip. Just hope the super glue holds up.

Pictures below with the mods.
review image review image review image
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on May 3, 2017
This very same knife was gifted to me about 5 or 6 years ago. It had been my EDC and was used and abused on a daily basis. Opening beer bottles with the handle, turning flathead screws with the tip, opening Avocados while camping, and typical zip-tie cutting and package opening. My favorite feature of this knife is it's slim profile, it can fit easily into any pocket and you will not even know its there. I was so sad to have lost it that I bought the very same knife again and was not disappointed! My new Ken Onion Leek came very sharp, and the speed assist open was flawless. Let me help to dispel a few things that I have read in other reviews.

The blade lock is weak: I read that some people are nervous about the blade lock not engaging entirely. I did notice that on the first day of use, the blade lock could be pushed further under the blade for a tighter lock. However, after about a month of regular use, the blade lock has begun to seat itself squarely under the blade edge and cannot be forced closed with any amount of pressure I can manually apply. I have never had this knife fold back on me during use and it only seems to get better with age.

Safety Lock engages by itself: While this may not be the best design, it serves its purpose well for me. If you have found that the safety lock engages by itself the screw on the lock may be too loose. However, adjusting this screw will not fix the problem entirely. I believe the screw is secured with lock-tight, so if you adjust it, you will need to remove it entirely and re-apply some blue lock-tight.

Knife opening in your pocket: Read the manual, simply make sure the the blade opening direction faces the edge of your pocket and you do not have to worry. I would not suggest carrying any knife without clipping it to a pocket so if you carry it in the bottom of your pocket with your loose change and receipts, easy retrieval and fast open is obviously not one of your concerns so use the Safety lock. For everyone else, I have never had an accidental open with this knife over my 6+ years with it, so no need to be paranoid.

What else can I say? I friggin' love this knife. Treat it well, and it will last for years to come, treat it poorly, and it will still last for years. For 40 bucks, you cannot find a better deal. It makes a great gift for anyone with an active lifestyle. It will be my Every Day Carry forever.
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on July 17, 2017
I bought one of these in green around 2002. It was always a solid knife that kept its edge very well in all of my camping, canyoneering and day to day use. I bought this one to replace the last one. The shape of the knife is perfect for my grip, the knife is not too bulky or heavy. It has a good hand weight and the texture of the knife is comfortable in my hand. It's sleek and fits inside my waistband when I need it to, and the belt clip is not too wide. The lock works well as well as the opening and closing action. I like that you can change the placement of the belt clip, but I haven't needed to because of how I carry the knife. I've bought this knife twice and I'll buy it again.
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on May 27, 2014
I have owned a few knives now, including a couple made by Benchmade, which most would regard as superior to Kershaw in terms of fit and finish. However, both of these knives suffered from chronic problems that despite my best efforts I could not fix on my own. The first, a Model 340 'Aphid', had its spring-assist mechanism break within the first month. The second, a Model 707 'Sequel', was plagued by terrible side-to-side blade play almost from the start, even though it was never subjected to heavy usage. I am pleased to report that after seven months, the Kershaw Leek has not once failed to deploy, and remains just as solidly constructed as the day it arrived.

Other reviewers have commented on the quick wearing of the finish. Despite being worn almost every day for the entire time I have owned it, and subjected to a number of adverse conditions—submerged in water laced with corrosive substances, knocked against various hard metal objects and rough surfaces, and so forth—the only finish wear is on the belt clip, and nowhere else. Except for a couple points at the base of the grip, the anodizing is entirely uniform and unmarked. Lockup is still firm, side-to-side blade play is nonexistent, and the clip continues to hold it securely in my pocket. Until I decide to purchase something in a much higher price range or end up damaging the knife beyond repair, the Leek will remain in the same place it has been for the past few months: clipped to the inside of my pocket.
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on April 29, 2016
This knife has been my edc for over a year. The finish looks great and the knife holds a great edge. I sharpen every 2-3 months based on need and am always happy with the edge. This knife isn't babied, but it's not abused either and it treats me very well. I love the low profile of the knife in my pocket too.

First photo was taken today, after 17 months of carrying it.
Second photo was taken after 25 months of carrying it.
review image
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on November 1, 2015
This is a really great knife and especially if you don't feel like dumping upwards of hundreds of dollars for essentially the same thing. The speed safe opening is very natural to use and works as intended every single time it's flipped open. The knife arrived razor sharp and doesn't seem to be dulling very fast under normal use. It's the perfect size for an every day carry knife.

The only very minor considerations about purchasing this knife are that:

#1. When clipped inside your pocket, the end still sticks out about a quarter of an inch, so you may want to consider other options for a knife that rests entirely below the pocket line (if that's what you desire).

#2. The slide lock almost immediately became loose on mine after only a few uses. I suspect it can be tightened but requires a Torx style screwdriver or bit. It's of little importance to me though, because I carried (and pocketed) it everyday regardless of the slide lock and haven't had any inadvertent blade openings.
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on April 11, 2015
Ordered the Black Leek to replace a Kershaw Black Scallion I had for years but lost recently. It was a great knife and smaller that the Leek. After owning it I knew I wanted to stay with Kershaw with maybe a slightly larger knife this time. Ordered the Black Leek from the Blade Shoppe. They had a great price so I contacted them directly with a few questions as to whether this was a frame lock or liner lock, as I had seen a black one locally that was a liner lock with stainless liners. I much preferred the totally black look and frame lock on this model. The Blade Shoppe was incredibly fast to respond to my questions and even offered to inspect the knife prior to shipping to make sure the tip lock operated smoothly, as I have a bad finger and told them I needed to make sure it was smooth so I could disengage it easily if needed. Very impressed with their customer service so placed my order and received it two days later! Made my day. The knife is just what I expected from Kershaw. USA made, excellent fit and finish, razor sharp. Looking forward to many years of light to moderate use. Very slim, easy to carry and use. Very happy with my purchasing experience from price to service to product!
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on December 29, 2014
I was looking for a light, assisted-open knife that's made in the US for daily carry and decided to give this Kershaw a try.

I've been carrying this knife for nearly two years and have been wholly won over by this tuff little blade. I carry every day and am somewhat abusive to my EDC knives. Before ordering the Leek I was worried about the very pointy tip breaking off, but it's held up like a champ (use common sense for prying functions). It holds an edge remarkably well and the durability of the finish has far exceeded my expectations.

This is the first knife I've had that enables me to carry "tip up", and I'm never going back. I've carried folding knives in the "tip down" position since the early 90's and tip up carry is a million times better in speed and convenience. The assisted-open mechanism is fantastic as well, I'm never going back to a "flicker".

My only issue is the "safety" lever intended to keep the blade from accidently opening. I took it off about 48 hours after I started carrying the knife and it's never been an issue since. In the 2 years I've been carrying this knife without the "safety" it's only accidently opened once -and that was when I was trying to jam a bunch of crap into my pocket. It's a non-issue in my opinion.

If you're looking for a light assisted open knife that's made in the US, give this a shot. I love mine and I've daily carried about 10 different folding blades in the last 25 years.
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