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VINE VOICEon January 30, 2014
Chances are that you are here, like I was, to replace the Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System that you bought years ago (my B40 lasted 4 ½ years before it died). This looks just like the B40, but it is the B44...or you might call it B40 2.0. If you search Amazon for the "Keurig B40" this is what comes up 1st in the search, and it seems the B40 has been replaced by the B44...and it is different in a very disappointing way.

The big difference is that the B40 gave you two cup size buttons to press: 7.25 oz and a 9.25 oz; the B44 also gives two cup size choices, but Keurig has revised the output size of the cups to 5.25 oz and a 7.25 oz. So in other words that largest cup that this new B44 version makes is the size of the smallest cup on the old B40 version. A TERRIBLE redesign. The 7.25 oz button fills a normal cup about ¾ full; the 5.25 oz button fills a normal cup only ½ way. Wake up and smell the coffee, Keurig people! Who want's just a half cup of coffee?!

The little picture on the 5.25 oz button is actually a tea-cup, so I'm guessing that the change is to accommodate tea-drinkers. If you like a large cup of coffee to fill your oversize mug, this B44 won't do it (anymore). You'll need to upgrade to the Keurig B145, and for me that would have been totally worth the extra 15 bucks. (You can still find the B40 here on Amazon; it seems to be only available from 3rd party sellers and comes up deep into the search results).

The "new & improved" B44 is still the simplest of the Keurig Brewing Systems. Super easy, one-time set-up. Fill it with water and you're ready to brew. It has an auto-off button that I'd highly recommend that you use. At minimum turn it off manually after use for the sake of safety, energy saving and to preserve the life of the system. The brewer has a power button for a reason; it's meant to be turned off when not in use...just like your old coffee maker. No, there is no heating plate like on your old coffee maker. The water is heated inside the system and dispenses one-at-a-time cups. When you turn the system back on the "heating" light will come on and the machine will take about ½ minute to heat the water before it's ready to brew.

The water reservoir holds enough water for about 4 or 5 "normal size" cups and easily detaches for a refill. Or you can just remove the top of the reservoir and just fill it with it still attached to the system. You can easily see when the water is running low, but an indicator light will come on to warn you if you don't notice.

Keep the system clean. Wash the removable parts regularly. Yeah, it's a simple coffee maker, but do at least take a look at the cleaning part of the manual to make sure that you're cleaning everything that should be cleaned and cleaning it the right way. As I mentioned earlier my last Keurig lasted 4 ½ years. I did everything to preserve it (such as the recommended descaling process by running white vinegar through the machine every now and then), but I think that the water pumps just wore out.

The B44 is a decent brewing machine, but for the money you pay you should get a lot more than 4 ½ years out of it. And that cup size revision is a real bummer...for me at least.

Side note: For what it's worth, if you like a bold cup of coffee like I do, nothing beats Emeril's Big Easy Bold.
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on September 18, 2014
Love this machine! Actually I'm commenting on the machine I got for Christmas 2012. I got this model for my daughter for Christmas 2013. They are practically the same model and she has mentioned that she has had the exact same experience with her machine. I'm the only coffee drinker in my house so it's perfect for me! I drink two small cups of coffee in the morning and I like it very strong so I use the smaller Irish cream mugs and the small cup setting. One tank of water will last about 4 days before I have to refill it. Now for the downside: I think the coffee isn't strong enough using the medium or large cup settings even if you use a very dark, extra bold coffee. This wouldn't be practical for you if you drink large amounts of strong coffee. The k-cups are very expensive. I buy Green Mountain, Dark Magic or Sumatran Reserve K-cups at Walmart and I can get 18 K-cups for $9.98. I think Folgers is a little cheaper but not by much. That works out to about 50 cents a cup or for me, a dollar a day. I've tried buying bags of coffee to save a little money using two different brands of "permanent filters" instead of the k-cups and to me the coffee just doesn't taste right. It's like the water runs through too fast and the coffee doesn't have enough time to brew. Also, no matter how much coffee I use or which brand, a few of the grounds manage to escape into the cup. And if you use the "filters" you have to clean them out after each use so what's the point? I would be easier and cheaper to just use a mini standard coffee maker. In conclusion, under the right circumstances, this is a great little machine.
Pros: Fast and easy to use. Very convenient. If you don't have much time in the morning and don't mind paying more for coffee then this is a great option for you!
Cons: Expensive. K-cups cost a small fortune. If you're on a budget and drink a lot of coffee this is probably not the best option for you. The filter accessories are inconvenient and make a terrible cup of coffee.
In conclusion, now that I've got the machine, I'm glad to have it. I hate having to spend so much on coffee though so if it breaks down in the future I'll probably replace it with a small standard coffee pot.
I hope this helps!
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on October 8, 2012
These machines are prone to not pumping water and "short-cupping" (delivering too little water into the cup). Keurig likes to tell people they need to descale because that means its a user problem and not a design problem. But using distilled water won't prevent the problem. If it did, a lot of us would be happier--not thrilled but happier. You need to read through all the comments to understand the prob. Keurig has changed the pumps in their design (or changed their pump source and materials) at last 3 times in the last two years but the problem isn't the pumps either; it's the valves.

The most reliable way to unstick the valves is to remove the water tank, unplug the device, hold it upside down over the sink and give it a good whack on the bottom. Really, this works. If you think that's an ok way to operate a device that costs this much, then this machine is for you.

More recently we've heard that Keurig support is telling folks that they cannot get a refund or replacement under warranty anymore because too many machines have been returned. Not honoring warranty? I don't see how that's legal. I can believe they are overwhelmed with returns, but that's the cost of business when you sell a bad design, keep selling it, keep insisting it's just scale build-up, keep refusing to support customers and continue selling the product. I believe they should have had full recall or refund for its customers. I know it sounds like I'm just another ranting reviewer but it really is a awful situation.
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on June 15, 2013
I've had a Keurig brewer for years and love it. My father loved it, so I bought him this model for his birthday. It looked exactly like mine. The product description listed 2 cup sizes, with no specifics. I take full responsibility for not doing my homework, but am disappointed with Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee for even making this model. The larger cup size fills a standard cup only half way. My parents are running a single K-cup twice or using two K-cups for each mug. Great for Keurig because they buy more K-cups, but a poor user experience.

Before you purchase this model, or any other Keurig model.......MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR CUP SIZE!
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on May 7, 2012
Decided to buy one after using at my uncle's house. Absolutely love it except for the cup size. The larger mug option doesn't fill up a travel cup. I have to brew one cup of the larger and then one cup of the smaller for the travel cup to fill up. I use the same k cup and the coffee to water ratio is perfect for me. I also bought the reusable cups for the machine but find that they don't work very well and tend to waste coffee. It doesn't brew a strong enough cup. Maybe I have not perfected the grinds. I'll stick to my press for the weekend and k cups for the weekday. I love how quickly it brews and the temperature is perfect. I do wish the resevoir was larger though. It is a pain in the butt having to refill constantly. You do have to run it a few times when first using as the other reviews say. There is a strong plastic smell that took about 5 brews to get rid of.
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on September 10, 2013
I bought this model to replace a previous model that died. This is virtually the same thing but without the display that the previous model had.

When I ordered it I just assumed that it would work just like my old one would, but that is not the case. When I push the button to brew a cup there is a slight delay before it actually starts brewing. But what is most annoying is that this unit is much louder than the previous one that I haven't. It is loud enough that I would have sent it back had I not already chunked the box that it came in.

Functionally the thing is fine and it brings great coffee but I really wish that it were quieter.
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on October 18, 2013
Although I do not personally own a Keurig brewer, I frequently advocate for them because I've used them many times and been quite impressed. I've bought a few for family members and friends and they all love the coffee they produce, the consistency of the brew, and the ease of use.

The ease of use is a huge part of the equation, and you'd expect something so cheap and convenient to produce garbage, but the coffee that comes out of these things is no joke. I'd say only some of my best coffees prepared in my french press or fancy drip brewer (laborious processes by comparison) can top what these things can pump out in under 30 seconds. It tasted like getting a cup from a freshly sealed bag every time (because it literally is), and for those who aren't used to drinking fresh coffee, it's a real surprise.

OK, so now on to the bad: The only bad part about this system is the price. The price on these has really gone through the roof in recent years and this brewer already costs $30 more than I paid for it a few months ago. And then there's the price on the cups themselves. Obviously, this is an expensive way to package a very small amount of coffee, and those costs are passed on to the consumer. Normally I would knock off a star for this kind of thing but I am convinced that you are paying for the convenience and you do indeed get what you pay for.

If you've been debating about whether to bite the bullet on a Keurig machine, I would highly recommend going with the standard model you're currently viewing. It might be a little more money than some of the cheaper models, but this is a workhorse model capable of pumping out thousands of cups of coffee with no cleaning or fuss. There's no annoying "fill it every time" water tank that can easily be overfilled like on the smaller models, which adds to the convenience and ease of use tremendously. The water tank is removable and self-containing, so you can take it right over to the sink or fridge to fill it up. There are two buttons, I believe 6 and 8 ounces respectively, for a stronger and weaker cup respectively.
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on August 22, 2014
I have to say I am not impressed with this particular model of Keurig brewer. Yes, it makes life easier being able to make one cup at a time. However, it brews (puts the water through the K-cup) too quickly, resulting in a cup of coffee with less flavor than it should have. I know Keurig can do better because there are two Keurigs I use at work and one of them brews wonderfully, one not so much. The one that works well brews at a good pace, not to slow and not too fast. The other brews waaay too slowly and the coffee tastes burned. Both these Keurigs are are different model than the one being reviewed (they are the model with the digital screen and 3 size selection buttons), but this definitely raises a quality control issue for the Keurig machines. The brew speed should not vary so much between almost identical models. I wish this Keurig brewed at a slower speed, so that I could enjoy my coffee at home the same way I do at work using other Keurig machines!
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on November 12, 2012
We have had our Keurig well over a year! Everyone loves it! It is so easy to make just one cup of our favorite drinks. There is a large variety of k-cups available and have found something for everyone, as only one of four people in our home is a coffee drinker (we like the fruity brew-over-ice k-cups). I would highly recommend a Keurig home brewer to anyone. There are several models available, and we have found this one to be great for our family of four, and find our selves using it several times every day.
UPDATE: July 2017 and still using this item. Five stars for durability--six years for a small appliance.
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on April 14, 2014
They should give these things away with the purchase of a box of K-cups. I bought this unit in December 2013. Here it is mid April 2014, and this piece of junk wont brew a full cup, on either setting!

I have de-scaled this unit multiple times and it still short brews every time! If i wanted an espresso maker I would have bought one Keurig...If you think you "need" a Keurig, buy one that has a "gallon" size brew button. That way it might brew a 10-12 ounce cup of coffee!

Buyer beware. Once you go Keurig they got ya' man! The K-cups are spendy and you begin to feel like an addict worrying about your damn k-cup stock. I'm going to attempt to unload this piece of junk on Craigslist. If that doesnt work it is going in the dumpster and I'm buying a coffee maker. I miss my $20 coffee maker that did what it was designed to do, brew coffee...
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