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on February 16, 2013
Just received my new Keurig B130 DeskPro Brewing System today.... And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I have already made both coffee and tea with it. Beverage comes out at the perfect temperature each time. Simple to use. Takes up little space, which is perfect if you don't have a lot of counter space like me. I ordered this brewer over the many other choices of Keurig systems because it doesn't have the water reservoir tank (I like the idea of using fresh water every time rather than water that has been sitting). Perfect for home use and my needs.

I did run about 8 cycles through the system before making my first cup of coffee to avoid the "burnt plastic" taste I have read about in other reviews. I ran one of the cycles with distilled white vinegar instead of water.... This will help if you get the plastic taste.

Now as far as the complaints about not being able to use a reusuable filter like the "my k-cup".... I have read the only filter that will work with this system is the newest version of the SoloFill cup. It can be found here on Amazon. I ordered one and I should receive it next week. I will let you know if it does in fact work. I would love to be able to use my own coffee with this system.

Bottom line- If you are looking for a smaller cheaper alternative to the larger Keurig brewers, this will be perfect for you. Keep in mind it is a single serve brewer though and only makes 8oz cups where the other brewers have multiple cup size options.


Still loving this Keurig brewer.

Received the Solofill reusuable kcup today and it DOES work just fine with this machine. So if your looking for a reusuable cup instead of the one time use kcups, the Solofill works just fine!
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on February 24, 2015
Keurig WILL NOT honor the warranty on this product, and they will be extremely rude about it. Mine started to rust (in the metal cup that you pour water into) 6 months after use. I tried to process a warranty claim with Keurig Commercial Division, and they hung up on me twice and kept telling me why don't i try to get the warranty work done with Kitchenista (Amazon's Fulfillment), then i was accused of stealing it from a hotel, or buying a stolen product from Amazon. Keurig Commercial Products division is unprofessional, and they will not budge, nor will they back up their warranty. Since then i have escalated the issue with the corporate office. I received a phone call back, but the issue still remains unresolved. Which poses the question, "Why are we buying an expensive product, if the manufacturer won't stand behind it??" Why not just buy one of the many other, cheaper machines, and who cares about a warranty right?

I sent 2 emails, and i posted a picture of the rust on Keurig's Facebook wall. The corporate office got back with me today, and they will be sending me out a Mini Plus Personal brewer instead of the commercial one (k130). The problem appears to be resolved. I even got an order confirmation for the new brewer sent to my email. (I think its also important that if you buy this brewer, that you register it on their website.) Good luck if you get any problems with this brewer; it will take some work to get it replaced.
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on March 21, 2015
Awesome!!!!!!! Best Keurig I've owned. People who are Wah Wah about it don't know what they are talking about. Mine has been chugging strong. It is simple to use and makes great tasting coffee. And the PRICE!..WHAT?!. You can't beat it. I had the other Keurig single serve one that is like over $100 and it sucks. This one has a sensor to tell you if your cup is in and will stop brewing if you pull the cup out too soon. My other one would have peed coffee all over the counter and ultimately the floor. It does smell like a new car when you taken out of the box, but who doesn't love that new car smell?? :D. Just run 10 cycles with regular water and BAM! the 11th cup taste like sweet music. You can't go wrong for $60. Also, yes this is the commercial model, but why wouldn't you want the one that is made to be used and abused, that's what commercial products are made for. Come on people..DRINK UP!
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on March 4, 2017
I love this little pot!!! I'm not an everyday coffee drinker but enjoy the occasional cup. We recently stayed in a hotel room that had this exact same model in it. I fell in love with it because I didn't have to measure water and it was so fast and easy! I came home and after researching similar models, ordered the same one from the hotel! I love that it's very small, doesn't take much space and that it doesn't hold more water than needed for one cup. I've always been a little grossed out by water sitting for days in a reservoir, not being used. Yuck. Since I'm not a daily coffee drinker, that wouldn't work for me. Also, I barely drink the whole 8 ounces, so I didn't want anything that made a larger cup or whole pot. I do, however, think my occasional coffee drinking might turn into more of a regular habit with this adorable coffee maker!
UPDATE:My coffee habits haven't changed, but I use this pot daily for my morning Earl Grey tea. I drink various types of herbal tea daily, and also use it to get quick, hot water at just the right temp! Sometimes I buy the tea k-cups, sometimes I just drop in a tea bag as the water drips in. Still love it!
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VINE VOICEon March 9, 2017
It was only in the last 30 days that I finally tried a cup of coffee brewed by a Keurig machine. But it only took the one time for me to know this is a product I'd enjoy having.

So I started looking at the various models available. What I wanted was one without a water resevoir and something with a small footprint. When I found this one I was immediately attracted to it since it ticks my two biggest checkboxes.

It is 700 watts which translates to a little longer time from pushing the button to enjoying your coffee but that doesn't matter to me and I really like the lower wattage that will help keep me from tripping circuit breakers around here with the crappy wiring in my home.

I really, really like not having a water resevoir. I never have liked coffee pots that held water for the next pot. I much prefer to put fresh water in *and* not deal with whatever contamination might happen while the tank's water sits there for 20ish hours (I'm a germophobe).

I also like the fact that this particular model is made for the hospitality industry. I don't know if that translates to better workmanship but it seems reasonable.

It brews excellent coffee just like you'd expect from Keurig.

And it is the least expensive, I think, system they make.

If what I've described fits your situation I don't see how you could go wrong getting this unit. I got one for my Mom too and she loves hers. She likes pathetically weak coffee so she just runs water through a second time to dilute the coffee. Works perfect for her.
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The Keurig B130 worked for two months and then simply would not power on. I phoned Keurig's customer service line and was told that my brewer was a commercial brewer and never should not have been sold via Amazon. It made no difference that the brewer was still well within the 12 month warranty period. I told the Keurig customer service representative that the B130 was actually sold by Wholesale Kitchen Inc., doing business as Kitchenista via Amazon. When given the serial number of the B130, the customer service representative said it only tracked to a distributor in Las Vegas, Nevada, and that I would have to "handle any customer service problems with Wholesale Kitchen Inc." I am sending the brewer to Amazon returns and if necessary will handle the problem via my credit card company.
If you are considering the purchase of this unit, B130 DeskPro, NO NOT purchase it via Amazon unless you are prepared to spend considerable time and frustration attempting to resolve any issues, should the brewer fail within its warranty period.

Added 9:05 pm CDT, June 21, 2012: I just received the following message via Amazon's messaging system from the seller, Kitchenista:
We are sorry to hear about this but since it was shipped to you by you would have to deal with them directly.
Unfortunately we can't do anything from our end.

Take care,

And there you have my unsatisfactory experience with Keurig and Wholesale Kitchen Inc. dba Kitchenista.
I will purchase another Keurig brewer, but locally, from a chain retailer who stands behind the products it sells. If I get another lemon, it'll go right back to the person.
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on April 22, 2016
UPDATE: I've had this for 4 months now, there are still no issues and I still love it!

This is a great small Keurig for traveling. Be aware that it does not have a water reservoir. Instead, you fill the back of the keurig each time you make a cup of coffee. It only brews an 8oz cup, but that is the size I like from my K-cups. I find that a 10oz brew tastes watered down, but I digress. The machine does take a few minutes to brew, as other reviewers have said. I am usually not in a big hurry so this did not bother me. I bought this Keurig because of its small size and I take it with me when I go on retreats or otherwise travel somewhere that doesn't have a coffee maker. This little guy brews fantastic coffee. My work has a gigantic Keurig (not sure of the model) that has all the bells and whistles, and I found that the Keurig K130 brews a better tasting cup of coffee. I did not experience any strange/plastic flavor, as other reviewers had complained about. Mine brewed great starting with the first cup.

I am concerned about the longevity of this product, as others have stated theirs broke after a period of time. I will update my review if that happens. For now, there is no reason to rate this below 5 stars.
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on February 4, 2015
Let me focus on one thing here. This machine changed coffee for everyone I think. The drip brewer is just so watered down. Those days are definately over and it took me a long time to jump the K-Train but now that I'm on it, I'm on it.

Drip brewer coffee was a daily, morning necessity and like bad Heroin you just get used to it and keep going to the same dealer but one day you discover either another dealer or a different drug and that's what Keurig is to all drip brewers. The first cup I tried after a lifetime of drip brewers and this "I just need one cup in the morning" cofee drinker turned into that dude from that Dangerous Grounds TV show, wherein he risks his life going into the army guarded jungles of wherever just to get a bag of prime coffee beans.

Angels didn't sing but my old drip brewer felt my disappointed stares when I walked by it and it knew, its number was up. And out. Out to the recycle bin, working or not, the boot, the curb, see ya forever! Coffee has taken on a whole new place in my life and now I drink on my days off a few cups a day and I live for looking for K-Cup assortment packs here on Amazon, looking to try new brands and flavors.

And I also use this for heating up Ramen noodle cups and oatmeal cups and a bunch of other cooking with hot water in the kitchen, it's so great!!! This thing is just fantastic!!! And the price is just out of this world. Buy it now, don't wait and enjoy coffee for the first time. I don't know all the specifics of this machine like other reviewers do, where they get into the cup size, the brew rate and all this technical stuff because it's not what went through my mind when I tried the coffee and it's not how I describe Keurig to friends and family. I describe it to them as I did when I got my first IPOD or IPAD or Smartphone, I said, try this and you'll never think the same again!!! So try it. And keep it clean, that I will tell you, run vinegar through it every 3 months and let it rinse out 3 times with water to get the taste out and keep it hard water free and tasting great.

I've been addicted to a lot of things in my life but Keurig is finally one thing I won't go to jail for. So what's your excuse? And what are you waiting for?
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on May 21, 2014
Very disappointed with this B130 model. Just shy of two years, my cups of coffee started to contain significant grounds. The k-cup foil looked like it had exploded each time I brewed a cup. Even with no pod present, the machine would drip significant water through the nozzle while it was heating the water. I read that this indicated that the check valve had failed in the open position. Whatever... I have moved on to another brand and let's hope that it lasts longer than two years!!!

UPDATE 5/30: I replaced my B130 with a Mr. Coffee which was about $10 more than the B130 on Amazon. The Mr. Coffee is so much more convenient. After the first brew, it sucks in more water from its 40oz reservoir and keeps it pre-heated so each subsequent cup of coffee takes about 30 seconds. Even if this Mr. Coffee only lasts 2 years (like my previous B130), it would be so much more worth it due to the speed of the brew. Big time savings!!! Serving up three cups of coffee to guests is no longer a 10+ minute affair.
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on October 10, 2014
I first saw this machine while on vacation. Our hotel suite had this in the kitchen, and I thought this would be perfect for me, no measuring, no clean up, and since I'm the only one who drinks coffee in our home, this little baby would be just what I needed (plus it made a really good cup of coffee). So after returning home I set out to find this very machine. At the time, I didn't realize it was a "hospitality" model and not available in your local Bed Bath and Beyond or similar type store, and ended up buying the Keurig mini plus. To me (after using this machine) it felt cheap and plasticky, so I returned it and purchased this one on Amazon. So far so good, there is no "plastic" taste like other reviewers have experienced, but then again I cleaned it thouroghly and rinsed it several times before using it, one cycle with vinegar and water. I only use bottled water and k-cups with the Keurig logo (no generics) to make my coffee, so maybe that's the difference between my experience and theirs. I also run plain water through it every few cups to keep coffee grounds from accumulating or plugging up the needle, and as I said, so far so good. I love my Keurig!
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