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on December 23, 2014
I got this to replace a used Keurig K40 that I had been given, our large family used constantly, and finally quit after several years. This one is the same, except for having 3 cup sizes, rather than the 2 on my old machine. Makes great coffee, and doesn't have all the "smart technology" of some of the other Keurig models, which to me only serve as additional points of failure, or prevent you from using "unauthorized" K-cups. Nope, this one is simple, takes any K-cup, and brews a great cup of coffee. Price was better than the local Costco and Great-Wal-of-China-Mart too.
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on August 22, 2016
This listing was for the model K40, which per reviews, lasted longer without breaking down than the new model K45. The K40 model IS NO LONGER MADE! I ordered from this particular listing, thinking I was getting a leftover older model K40. If you buy from this listing, YOU WILL RECEIVE A K45, NOT the K40. The K45 that ships WILL take K-cups other than Keurig brand and does not require the pods to have the Kuerig microchip. The three cup size settings allow you to adjust the volume of your coffee to the size cup your prefer. I like a large dollop of milk (probably 3 to 5 tablespoons) in each cup. I use the small, then the medium settings and that fills a 20 oz. mug nicely without overflowing, unless I get heavy handed with the milk.

Pros and cons:
The advantage of this model over the earlier one is three cup size choices instead of two, the K45 is far quieter and heats a great deal faster. With the K40, we had to wait something like a full minute (or at least seemed that long) between brewing cups, while the water was heated up again. Not so with the K45. It seems the wait now is only about 5 to 7 seconds! My only complaint so far is that ever so often, a small amount of very hot coffee comes dripping from the front edge of the K-cup enclosure during brewing. We use the same pods every day, and did not do anything different (as far as we could tell) when the dripping/spitting occurred once so far in a week's use. I had to move the coffee cup further forward me than I liked to catch the drips which fell outside the drip tray area in front of the coffee maker.
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on March 10, 2016
This product is a perfect example of "If it 'ain't broke, don't fix it"

If you look at the picture of the product, you will see it has TWO buttons. The picture is the OLD version of the Keurig product. I ordered this specifically (and paid a premium) because Keurig has redesigned the product and the NEW three button version is ABSOLUTE junk!
This vendor is actually shipping the Three button version, NOT the two button version as is pictured. Here is my experience over three of these!

Older version - TWO button
Consistently makes a mediocre cup of coffee very quickly. Press the button, starts brewing right away, product lasts over two years.

New version - THREE button (Buyer beware!)
Begins misbehaving almost immediately:
- When you press the button, nothing happens for 30 seconds! Then it MAY fill the cup with coffee (often 3/4 cup)
- After about 1 - 2 months, begins filling the cup 1/2 to 1/3
- Shortly after that off to the landfill

Amazon: Fix the picture. What's shown is the older version (two buttons) what ships is the new version
Vendor: Same as above. I bought from you expecting the 2 button version, I know the 3 button version is junk
Keurig: Wow! You have to be kidding! You had a good product, you now produce a slow, unreliable product that lasts less than 6 months before beginning to fail. Bring back the old model! Junk the new model, fire the engineers who "improved" it.
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on July 7, 2013
We bought the Elite B40 Keurig less than two years ago. Worked fine the first year then we began to experience inconsistent brew amounts. We've followed the maintenance schedule to a tee by descaling, cleaning the needle, etc. but it still gave us inconsistent amounts. Until, that is, it quit working all together. The power won't come on so I assume it's kaput.

Then, we found out my daughter bought one about a year ago and it quit working within a just a couple of months. She returned it for a full refund because it was still under warranty. And just today, found out from my brother-in-law that they are on the second one.

With three machines that quit working (just the folks we know who have them) I don't think it's a rare coincidence. When one pays a $100 or so dollars for a coffee maker, I'd expect it to brew a great cup of coffee, operate consistently (with due maintenance of course) and last 5-10 years.

I've sent Keurig an email with my concern and complaint. I'm interested to see how they'll respond. If they do, I'll post their response here.

Need to add here...I called Keurig and since it was beyond warranty, they offered me a replacement for half price. Told them I was disappointed with the offer and would go back to using my Mr. Coffee. I sent them an email later that day expressing my disappointment and received a phone call the next day offering to ship me a replacement free. Told them I thought that was great. Supposed to arrive in 5-7 business days.

So, it seems they made things right for me so, if I could, I'd change the rating of the company's response to a four star.
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on November 6, 2014
I have been hesitant on purchasing a Keurig only because of having to use the prepackaged coffee. But, I purchased a reusable filter and am able to use the K-cups or my own coffee. I like that I can have a quick cup of coffee or tea any time of the day without having to waste more than what I drink. Looking forward to soups and other drinks that I am able to make with my new Keurig. The system itself has worked according to description and have not had any issues with it. I was told by friends that once you have a Keurig you'll never own another, and so far, they are right.
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on October 23, 2013
I LOVE my Keurig coffee maker. Once you find your perfect K cup blend, it makes a perfect cup of coffee in about 20 seconds - every time! It is totally worth the price, and I'll never be without a Keurig again.
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on January 24, 2016
I got this for my parents as a Christmas present and they really like it. They use this to drink tea or coffee daily. I like how this Keurig has three different settings. It heats up really fast and I like how it will let me know when it is ready to use. I like how it is very easy to make coffee with this product. The water is easy to fill and it tells you where the max amount of water you can put in it. I like how there is an off button. One thing I didn't like was how it didn't use up all of the Kcup up. What I mean is that when I open up the Kcup and look inside, you can see where it didn't use some of the Kcup stuff. So, the drink may be not strong enough for some people like my parents. So, we use this product when we want to make tea or add instant coffee. I like how it has an Auto off, heating, and add water section. This is very handy for my family. It let use know when it is done heating so we can make our tea or coffee. If you like your coffee or tea not very strong, then I would recommend this product, but if you like a strong cup of coffee or tea, then I would say to stick with the traditional way. When you buy the product, it comes with a couple sample Kcup for you to try which was very nice of them.
My parents didn't really like the product, but my sister loves it. She use it every single day. So, it really depends on the person.

Overall, this product did do what it said, but it could improve a little.
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on March 18, 2014
This is my second Keurig...upgraded from the plain one size version...a definite addition for any coffee drinker who's tired of measuring, cleaning up grinds and messing with filters..
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on March 14, 2015
I was a skeptic of this system until now. The success of this coffee maker finally got to me to try it. I knew it was not to save money, because you are making a substantial investment, and the ongoing costs are much higher. I received this K40 a few days ago, and I can only say I am impressed with both the brewer and the quality of coffee and tea it produces. There have been numerous reviews on the Keurig machines and others, most of which are positive with a few lemons thrown in to balance the truthful reviews. Like all manufactured mass produced products there are those few faulty ones that escape QC and wind up in the consumer hands. A truly bad product will not be on the market very long, and that is why I chose a Keurig. The K40 as with the other more expensive models gives me greater utility for other things such as hot cereals, chocolate and hot water for other uses much faster than the tea pot or even the microwave. The auto off feature also frees me of the responsibility of remembering/forgetting to turn it off.
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on May 10, 2016
I love love love!! I got this as a gift from my girlfriend and she is the best ever for bying me this! The reason she got it was because its not required to use only specific k-cups and you can even use your own coffee. I just bought one of those k-cup refillable containers and it works great. I've never bought coffee since because the process is pretty fast. My girlfriend did some research and found out they last longer if you never use tap water. She also bought me a brita jug and we just filter the water using that before we place it in the Keurig. I've never had to clean it and works perfectly. This was the best present I've ever gotten. I also like that the k-cups have so many flavors to choose from if I want to have fun with that and I'm not limited to patents.
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