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on December 8, 2012
I read a lot of reviews. This item was available at a lower price and as far as I could tell, it differed from the other Keurig K-Cup Replacement in that it was grey and not in the box.

I ordered it based on a review that said it was Keurig stamped on the lid. When it arrived, I discovered that this was indeed the case.

I imagine that this is sold at a discounted price because, like perfumes and colognes, it's an "open box" item... meaning no box and no instructions. Fragrances sold that way have a generic box for shipping but no fancy packaging and sometimes no cap.

The bad reviews I've seen on the replacement filters for the Keurig simply do not apply to this Keurig product... probably because it was made by Keurig, for Keurig and meant to be quality that would instill loyalty.

1) Reviews saying the lid pops off --- NOT on this one... it twists a partial turn and locks in place... there is no "popping" off while brewing.

2) Reviews saying the filter is too porous and even coarse coffee grinds come through --- NOT with this filter... you can see for yourself that the filter is extremely tight... not only in the picture, but also in the package when you see it for yourself. It is obvious by looking that a fine grind will work in this filter, and it has for me. The tightness of the filter allows the water to truly be forced through, as it should be.

3) Reviews saying that the filter is ineffective because the sides are mesh instead of just the bottom --- NOT an issue... and anyone who has used a conventional coffee maker and a permanent filter knows that the filters are mesh on the sides with a plastic bottom to hold the mesh in place and keep its shape. You have to have a frame for the mesh in order to use the mesh as a filter. Common sense. Certainly not an issue here.

4) Reviews saying the filter doesn't seat properly --- READ all the reviews from people answering back on that one telling people to remove the insert in the Keurig that is there to hold the K-Cups in place. They also tell you that the insert holds firmly in place, so while it acts like it is not meant to be removed, that it is made to be removed and you can read that in your Keurig manual or contact the company for that same How-To information. It only makes sense that if the filter takes the place of the K-Cup and it is inserted in the grey filter holder, that you would have to remove the Keurig holder in order to properly seat this 3-piece replacement.

When in doubt, and when without, head to the Keurg website for information and support... but TO REMOVE THE KEURIG K-CUP HOLDER INSERT, the manual tells you to grasp the top while pushing the bottom up from underneath. It's a simple as using one finger to push up. Trying to pull it out will make this far harder than it really is; it pushes out easily. Once the holder is out, you will remark, "Wow! This looks just like the replacement filter holder!" Amazingly simple. Works like a charm.

I waited on a Keurig until there was a KEURIG K-Cup Replacement Coffee Filter available... because I knew that if Keurig made one, that it would not be the cheaply made junk that so many people have complained about in their reviews.

5-star real deal.... and mine came from WildWin at a great price and shipped IMMEDIATELY! So now I ordered another for the family.

Enjoy with confidence! I am.

Updated 11DEC2012 in response to questions about the filter:
1) To reseat the original K-Cup holder, take notice of the white triangles/arrows that need to be aligned; then, slip that side's clip in first... it's easier to get it to lock in place due to simple physics... when you try to push down on that side last, then you discover that your force is also trying to close the whole holder/basket.
2) Some people say the coffee basket in this replacement is smaller than the K-cups and holds less coffee -- NO, it does not hold less coffee, even though it is smaller than the K-cups... the reason is easily apparent if you take a K-cup apart. Inside of a K-cup is a small paper filter that is "glued" to the top; once removed, you'll realize that it does NOT extend to the bottom... and in fact, holds the same amount of coffee as the replacement filter cup.
3) People comment that the filter should only have a mesh bottom like the K-cups -- this is incorrect because, again, upon opening a K-cup, you'll find a full paper filter, so the coffee only drains from the bottom of the plastic cup... and the plastic cup is there to keep the coffee fresh -- how else could you mimic a paper filter with coffee in a traditional pot, in a single serving, AND keep it fresh??
4) People comment that the coffee grinds spill over -- impossible with the Keurig replacement because the rim of the coffee filter sit ON TOP of the rim of the lower holder AND the top cap locks over top of both rims. Once the replacement holder is in the Keurig, you lower the handle and the water "needle" inserts into the opening and seals against the holder, in the very same manner as it does with K-cups.

Again, for those with comments that differ... make sure 1) you're using it properly and 2) that you're using a Keurig. This product matches up PERFECTLY for the Keurig because it's made and been tested by Keurig... and it's worked perfectly for me.
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on January 3, 2013
I really like coffee but I don't think I'm a coffee snob. I prefer Dunkin Donuts to Starbucks.

I received my single cup Keurig brewer for Christmas and was concerned that I would not be able to use the four pounds of coffee in my cupboard. The Keurig My K-cup had such rave reviews that I had to try it and seeing it was from the manufacturer how could I go wrong? I ordered this and was a little confused because I thought it would be 1) fill with coffee 2) insert in place of K-cup. Okay - so I had to remove the original K-cup holder in order for this to fit. I did so and tried it.
The coffee tastes as good as it did in the drip coffee maker and it saves a lot of money. It won't replace K-cups totally for me because I will open and use one bag of coffee at a time until it's done. K-cups still let me have several kinds of coffee a day.

Why four and not five stars? Because Keurig could have inserted a little instruction sheet reminding morons like me to remove the cup holder first so the replacement will fit in.
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on December 27, 2015
We tried this set once and were disappointed; it makes a weak cup of coffee that is nowhere near as good as if you use the regular K-cups; HOWEVER, thanks to some of the other reviewers' suggestions, we tried this hack (; basically inserting a used and modified K-cup in addition to the filter that comes with this set) and it actually works pretty well (or well enough that we'll keep using this filter set with the hack).

The reason, as explained in the video is that the hole on the bottom of this set is very large which means that the hot water doesn't have a lot of resistance and simply pours through the coffee and filter without much time to "brew"; however, if you stick a used/modified K-cup into the container before you insert the filter, it slows down the water/pouring process and makes a better cup of coffee.
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on January 6, 2014
This is the official Keurig My K-Cup filter, and it allows one to use his or her own coffee instead of spending around 50cents for each K-Cup. It definitely serves its purpose, and the price is much better on Amazon than elsewhere. There are a couple of design flaws with this accessory though. The indention on the top sometimes prevents a good seal from being formed by the Keurig, and this allows some water get on the outside of the K-Cup. It is also a mess to clean up, but dumping it straight into the sink seems to make it a little less messy.

Update: After prolonged use of this product, I can say that there is definitely an issue with coffee grind getting into my cups when using a fine ground. Since this is what we typically use, it is a major drawback, but given how much cheaper it is to use this compared to K-cups, it is an inconvenience I can deal with (but something to keep in mind for any prospective buyers).
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on January 30, 2015
I bought this for my keurig coffee maker because my husband drinks so much coffee through out the day that we were going through so many of the kcup pods and it was getting costly. So we have gotten this once before but my kdis through it away by accident so we needed a new one after using this exact on for years I knew I wanted the same one again. I love this one so much because it fits great in my machine. The filter does not let the coffee grins to go througn. The pieces are very easy to wash and mantain. The plastic is sturdy. This gives u the option to use any coffee and flavor that your personally love. I suggest anyone looking for keurig cup for regular coffee to get this one! I know I love mine.
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on February 13, 2016
I thought these were good until coffee started leaking around the filter. I thought it was because of the paper filters I was using. Then I noticed the crack around the circle on the lid. This happened on all three I bought. My original Keurig K-cup that I have had for 4 + years is not cracked and still works fine. Save your money.
review image
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on June 28, 2013
These aren't exactly the same as the other My K-Cups. We have two of those and two of these. These have a little "slipperier" texture, and the lids aren't swappable with the others. If we make sure to keep the lids together, we have had no issues. There was a bit of a spill when I used the wrong lid, though. We have prevented future issues with a permanent marker. Other than the lid issue, it works perfectly for brewing coffee, which is the key.
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on May 11, 2013
Works well though it is not as convenient to use as just dropping a pre-charged K-cup into the machine. Keep a can of coffee on hand and it is good for if you run out of K-cups and if one has the patients to load and clean this thing it would also save a few bucks. I actually got rid of the Keurig Coffee Maker, though it is convenient to use the coffee does not compare to good old Perk coffee, just my opinion.
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on March 7, 2017
Bought several of these to have on hand ready made up for guests; so great to use your own coffee and monitor the strength - not everyone likes stout coffee, but if u do, you can make it your way!
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I have used a Keurig branded My K-Cup for several years, The screen finally failed due to heavy daily use and repeated washings. It lasted just about 3 years so it more than paid for itself.

When I began shopping for a replacement, I noticed that this one was priced about half of what the Keurig My K-Cup was selling for. Although my "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is" radar was on full alert, I ordered it anyway.

My fears were not unfounded.

It was immediately obvious in many ways that this was a knock-off and definitely not the real deal. The material had a different feel that was noticeable. It felt softer. The cap did not close tightly and the basket was made of a thinner plastic and was actually wavy at the top.

Brewing revealed more weakness in that the thing leaked as it was brewing leaving drops and streaks of coffee down its side.

But in spite of how poorly it was made and operated it did have one single redeeming characteristic... it left no sludge in my coffee cup.

I'll be returning this and purchasing a legitimate Keurig My K-Cup. Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter
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