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on December 16, 2015
I waited over a year to finally select a Keurig, and I am so glad I went with this one. Absolutely love it so far. Perfect for 2 adults to brew a couple morning cups of coffee, and perfect for when the kids want hot cocoa. I also enjoy having the choice of being able to fire it up in 2 minutes, throw a glass with ice underneath, and brew a pleasant iced coffee as an afternoon pick-me-up, or, my personal favorite- southern-style sweet tea on-demand.

Fantastic product from my experience!

P.S.- I would also highly recommend the Amazon spinning k-cups holder. Looks great on display next to it IMO ;)
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VINE VOICEon May 13, 2013
This is the fourth Keurig I've purchased and with each purchase the quality of the machine has deteriorated. I first bought one in 2007 for my small NYC office. About 15 people used it several times a day and it worked beautifully! We loved the ability for each of us to have the kind of coffee or tea, or even hot chocolate, that we preferred. When that machine wore out after about 4 years I felt that I had gotten more than my money's worth from it.

In 2008 I bought a similar machine for my home. It was as great as the one I had in my office. That one was used by the family, also several times a day, for about three years. When it broke I bought another just like the one we had. At that point, around 2010, I noticed that this third machine was not as well made as the first two. It had more plastic parts and splashed a lot of coffee outside of the cup as it filled. And it actually had a note in the box that said something like, "There will be splashing as your cup fills and that's normal." In other words, this is a design flaw and customers should just deal with it. (This problem did not happen with the previous machine.)

That pot broke and I just tossed it and started to use my old, reliable Melitta Grind and Brew, which I've had forever and it works great. But I have to brew a whole pot of coffee when I often just want one cup. So a few weeks ago I ordered another Keurig, more or less the same model I always had, from Amazon. Well, the product is even more cheaply made -- and for no reduction in price. This one broke yesterday after just a couple of weeks of use. And I should say that there are only two of us in the household now, so it didn't get heavy use and it was properly cared for.

Of course, I had just thrown out the box that it came in a couple of days previous, so now I have to come up with a box, pack the thing and return it. It's still under warranty, but the hassle of dealing with the return is just not worth all the trouble.

I suspect that Keurig got popular, then got greedy, and started making its coffee machines more cheaply in order to increase profits. So sad, because it really was an incredibly great coffee system. But I will not be buying another.
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on December 9, 2015
We finally made the leap and bought a Keurig for our downstairs studio. Have set up a kind of coffee bar in our mini-kitchenette so we can have an afternoon cup of coffee without making a whole pot in our regular coffeemaker upstairs. Especially nice for a hot chocolate or spiced cider. We set up baskets with various drink types. Since our guest bedroom is downstairs too it's handy if we have overnight company so they can help themselves to whatever they fancy.
Really like the blue color. It's somewhere between a sapphire and navy. I like the pull out tray feature so my travel mug fits nicely if I want to make a coffee to go. It has also filled in as a back-up for our upstairs coffeemaker when it quit as we waited for a replacement.
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on July 8, 2015
I bought this for a friend, who is newly blind. She would drink hot tea every day, heating her kettle on her stove, which made me very nervous, as she typically keeps flammables nearby that she often doesn't realize are there.

She LOVES this. It has given her such freedom, plus it enables her to offer a variety of drinks to visitors and gives her a sense of control.

I paired it with a "Mind Reader Anchor Coffee Pod Storage Drawer." This has three drawers, each with two distinct rows. I put her teas in one drawer, one drawer has her cocoas on the left and her ciders on the right, and the third has her coffee on the left and her cappuccinos on the right. This makes it super-easy for her to find what she wants and helps eliminate surprise drinks.

She also uses this to make instant oatmeal by just omitting the tea/coffee pod and letting plain hot water come out.

This product has raised, distinct buttons, so she can operate it by feel and relative position. I think there is a newer version out that is all flat and would not work.
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on November 29, 2016
bought this model to replace another version which is about 6 years old. It was beginning to be unreliable...not unusual for any electronics after 5 years of daily use. This version is flexible enough for my use. I can use my off-brand K-Cup type coffees with no problems. (I don't buy Keurig brand cups at all any more. There are other better and cheaper choices.)
The noise level is very low compared to my old, dying brewer. The temperature is hotter. I can't set it up to turn on automatically at a certain time as I was able to do with my old brewer, but that is not an issue at all. I love the white color- and get lots of compliments from guests!
As I said, so far, so good.
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on February 27, 2017
I purchased two brewers. One for the office and one for home. The brewer at the office is used daily to make at least four cups of coffee a day and it works perfectly fine. The brewer I use at home stopped working and is useless. I am single, live alone and don't use the Keurig K45 on a daily basis. On average, I may make 2-3 cups of coffee a week/12 cups of coffee a month. I bought this in early November. IN FOUR SHORT MONTHS IT STOPPED BREWING COFFEE. I noticed a few reviews from buyers who had the exact same experience as me. I tried "troubleshooting" as recommended by the manufacturer: making sure lines weren't clogged with coffee or air bubbles; making sure all parts were securely in place and etc... NOTHING WORKED. (I'll add video of the malfunction as a follow-up to this rating later today or tomorrow 2/27/17). Amazon is contacting the seller to "try" to get the seller to make an exception and either return my money or replace the product. THE CAVEAT....they money-back guarantee has expired and I may have just thrown away almost $100 without having anything to show for it. I'm crossing fingers that the seller will be willing to work with me. I buy tons of merchandise through Amazon and this has been the only experience in which a reputable brand name product malfunctioned. Maybe I just received a "dud." So as far as this specific product it looks like you have a 50/50 chance of getting one that doesn't stop working completely.
Now I guess it comes down to the seller and what they are willing to do to help me.
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on June 17, 2015
A replacement for the Keurig that went bad in less than a year.

The return policy for keurig is less than optimal. The issue with my Keurig was that water was stuck in the interior reservoir and cannot be removed (per Keurig's troubleshooting expert) so sending it back was an issue to the post office as there was liquid in the machine. You cannot shake the water out, hold it upside down -- nothing!! There is a gasket that completely seals until the machine is powered on. My machine would not power on and Keurig will not replace a machine unless it is returned to them. Bah!!

I thought about going up a few models and spending more money but thought I would give this basic model one more time, I'm rather curious if these machines sold here on Amazon are leftovers from the basic models made -- and perhaps are factory "seconds" Who knows?

This model has issues already -- the k-cups do not seat properly at times and brewed coffee and water spray out randomly. It just happens when it feels like it, despite carefully positioning. I'm disappointed but will see this machine out as long as possible -- I have more than 400 K cups to use up!
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on January 7, 2016
Keurigs are the kitchen equivalent of ink jet printers: the real cost of the system is the ink/coffee. Assuming you decide that's OK, then the K45 offers solid features for a decent price, the most important of which -- IMHO -- is the water reserve, which means you don't have to add water every time you want a cup. Capacity depends on your choice of mugs, but I've found it holds about 4 mugs per fill.

This model gives you a choice of 3 cup sizes for brewing, though it is not clear to me how a large cup selection would yield anything other than weak coffee. Your satisfaction with a Keurig is likely to be a function of finding a coffee blend that -- mild or strong -- is right for you. I like a medium/strong coffee, which means that anything other than "bold/strong" doesn't work for me. The good news, of course, is that each coffee drinker in your household can find the right coffee for themselves.

Among the positive features are the following:

* System seems well-made and trouble-free
* Reservoir means fewer trips to the sink for water
* 3 strength settings (large probably not really useful)
* System won't brew if water is too low for a cup; refill indicator light tells you to add water
* HUGE variety of coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. available
* Your coffee will always be freshly brewed and hot
* Less waste -- you won't throw away half a pot of stewed coffee every day


* Refills are quite pricey unless you shop on Amazon or at big box stores and buy in bulk
* If you like strong coffee, you may not be fully satisfied

Overall, this is a very solid system with helpful features. If you want a Keurig-type system, this one has all you need.
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on August 11, 2015
I have been using this a couple weeks now. I read many review and people complained about the noise it makes. What the didn't say is the first noise is nothing more that a minute of the water boiling before dispensing it thru the pod and into the cup. Yes, it is a boiling noise and is not annoying. The second sound heard is when all the water is finished processing and a small burst of air is shot to clear it passageway. If some of these people would read what is send along with the product they just might understand. Also, the boiling water sound is very short in duration and I am glad I can hear it. It confirms that everything is working as it should. The burst of air isn't loud at all and I am happy to hear that too. It is letting me know my brew is ready to be enjoyed. Complainers: touchy, touchy, touchy ! Find something else to do other than complain about everything and have a happy day! - I don't mean to be critical but so many of us are tired on complaints about nonsense - Bobby Blue
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on February 10, 2017
It took years for our old Keurig to die and i KNEW i wanted an older model that would easily take the re-usable K-cups. I like the K-cup coffee but that waste and cost is just too high. When the old K died, I went back to regular brewed pot-o-coffee, old school style for about a month, but wow, did I miss the convenience. I always say I need a cup of coffee just to make a cup of coffee and the old brewed stuff just seemed to take forever after being spoiled for YEARS with the ease and speed of my old Keurig. Although this one is configured a little different than the original Keurig, the upgrades are good. Easier to pick the cup size etc. But most importantly, it takes my reusable k-cups so I feel like I'm doing the planet a little bit of a favor every morning. And that cup of coffee I need? it's mine in under two minutes from grind, to K-start up to brew. Ahhhhhhh.
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