Customer Reviews: Keurig K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature Brewers, Single-Cup Brewing System, 60 Ounce, Brown
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on November 10, 2013
I have owned this model now for about 2 years with nothing but joy to report. My unit stays stationary in my kitchen and is moved only to add distilled water about every few days. We brew roughly 2-3 cups a day out of the machine every day. It still functions as it did the day we bought it. After much trial and error we have selected our favorite brands of K-cups and order them in bulk to save on costs. They are even available at some local salvage stores for half the price or more in some cases, which is a win win for us as they really don't go bad, they are all sealed and purged.

The only 3 issues most people have with any of these systems are slow brew and or half cup brew issues, and watery blends. These are very easy to repair by the user and not an alarm to return the product. I spent about 2 minutes fixing both issues after a quick search online where you can find everything up to video to assist you in the process.

First of all, Please run distilled water in your machine. If you choose to run normal tap or filtered water suit yourself but know that you will have to descale the machine on a regular basis to prevent clogging and slower brew or long heating periods. Distilled water comes in gallons and sells for about a buck a jug around here. A jug will usually last us 2 weeks if we brew 2 cups a day. Not a huge investment there.

As for the slow brew, or light brew.. Normally water flows from 3 holes in the top needle that punctures the K-cup itself. Over time coffee grounds will sometimes remain behind in a hole and build up until they dry and seal the hole, diverting water to the other holes. If you remove the black K-cup holder gently and take a toothpick broken in about half or less and locate these holes *careful as the needle is sharp* and just slip the toothpick into each hole you will probably notice that some debris is removed. Once your sure you have it clean simply run a cup or two of water with no coffee in place to finish the clean and you should notice an increase in flow and alike flavor. The way to avoid having this at all is to remove all K-cups just after use and do not forget them in the brewer.

If your having half cup issues, this is almost always air in the system, which can be removed so simply. Just take off the water tank, drain and rinse it if necessary. Check that the screen filter doesn't contain alot of contaminant. Unplug your unit and move it over to the sink. Turn the unit upside down over the sink and give it a few light taps, 5 or 10 good taps while shaking it gently back and forth to remove the air. Then, refill your tank and set it in place, plug the unit back in and brew a couple of cups with no coffee in place, you should see full cups now. The way to avoid this problem is never to fill the tank while brewing is occurring, thus sending the occasional bubble down through the supply line.

As for those who say their blend is watered down or not strong enough, you simply need to try different blends. It's hard to compare a store bought portion to something you make yourself in an automatic drip machine. Your home brew might contain 30% more coffee the way you make it then the K-cup portion due to your personal strength level. I assure you there are plenty of very strong brews on the market if that's your preference. Shop around or buy trial packs to make your decisions! You can even buy single portions of any brew online at various places.

We have loved this system and given them as gifts with this exact set of instructions. No one we have given one to has had any reason to return one yet. I have also NEVER descaled my system, and see no reason to using distilled water. It's as good as the day we bought it 2 years later.

Hope this helps someone who's having issues or not sure about the product. I wouldn't make it very long without my system, now that I have spoiled myself!

********* 4 Year + update:

Unit still performing flawlessly. We have been running the unit with about 50% distilled water and 50% filtered tap water for the last couple of years, as the chore of remembering the distilled gallons sometimes slips our mind. We are also utilizing one of the "My K-Cup" style filter baskets as well on a regular basis without issue. This unit continues to provide at least 2 cups a day reliably. The hinges, fittings, baskets, buttons, display screen, drip tray, and handle continue to remain in great condition.

I have gotten on somewhat of a latte fix lately, and have been successfully able to produce decent 2x strength coffee utilizing my own fine ground espresso blend coffee and the personal cup filters and an 8oz cup setting. Don't be looking for any crema, but the flavor is there. It will brew very slowly if trying this however, be aware.

To highlight something mentioned in the comments below by sojumonkey, Distilled water may result in a less flavorful cup as the result of no mineral content. Because the directions indicate that filtered water is ok, and since I haven't had any issues using filtered water, I would recommend trying filtered water. Perhaps running distilled water every now and again to help clean the unit. Thanks for the added info!

Cheers coffee lovers!
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on April 2, 2013
Just bought this item last week at Sam's club for $129 and it came with a variety of 30 teas/coffees for the Keurig. I cannot tell you how pleased my wife and I are of this convenient machine that delivers the perfect cup of coffee each time at the right temperature. You simply pour in 32 oz of water (water filter included), turn on machine to allow it to warm up, then place in K-cup, select temperature, and push button on front corresponding to the size of cup you wish. Once that cup button is pushed your coffee brews in under one minute. Clean up is so easy-just remove the K-cup and discard. If you prefer your own coffe and don't mind cleaning a reusable filter (ours came with one from Keurig), then simply add coffee to the filter, remove plastic insert well (where usual k-cup sits) and place reusable filter into the Keurig, select your cup size and brew. I would highly recommend this Keurig since you can change cup size, temperature, and change K-cup or use reusable filter.
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on August 24, 2013
We bought keurig 1 year ago at a hefty price of $150.00 and to be honest that is the most expensive coffee machine I have ever purchased. It was for my wife so the price was fine, until yesterday when she texted her keurig died. The pretty blue screen just went out and now does NOTHING, it just lost power. So I started checking online and as it turns out this is a VERY common problem, everything I read said the same thing "lost power" the company was pretty sure that the hundreds of people this happened to had it plugged in wrong. Our 1 year warranty just passed by days and nothing we can do, plus now we have $50.00 worth of coffee we cant use. I still have my Mr. Coffee coffee maker from 10 years ago and it works great so needless to say this product is very disappointing. I would look at all the reviews and shop around before buying this machine unless you have money to spare.
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on June 28, 2013
Our old Keurig died within two months of regular use. My Keurig at work died within a few months of sporadic use. All of my friends with Keurigs were on their fourth or fifth model because they all break quickly. One of them recommended I replace my dead Keurig with this one because this was the only one that didn't die on him. The gentleman at the store said the same thing.

I listened and bought this one over a year ago and I'm amazed to say it hasn't broken yet despite almost daily use. The only issue is that it sometimes fills only a quarter cup or half cup and then stops, in which case you just need to run it again. I'm not sure what causes this, but it's not a big deal. I'm just glad the thing hasn't died yet.

All removable parts are dishwasher safe. It does not need regular cleaning, so I just throw it in when I have extra room in the dishwasher, which is not often.

It has three sizes you can choose from. The big size is not enough to fill a 15 oz mug, so I just run two small cycles instead. I also use it for just hot water and add a tea bag. However, if doing this, you need to run it empty (no k-cup) for at least one cycle first in order to clear out any coffee grounds that might be left in the machine.

Convenient, reliable, and not bad for the environment either if you use an eco-brew or similar reusable k-cup. It does take about 3-4 minutes to initially heat up when you turn it on, but after that it will brew a cup within a minute. Subsequent cups take probably 1-2 minutes to heat up and brew.
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on September 11, 2013
I have had this product for exactly two months and today it does not work. It indicates that it is "brewing" but nothing happens. It is now too late to exchange it through Amazon, so I am "stuck".
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on January 24, 2014
I bought my first Keurig a few years ago (this model) and I too, like the first time new users, loved that it could go from making coffee to hot chocolate to tea, etc. and the convenience of it.

Now, I am NOT a big coffee drinker--I maybe used this a few times a month. Within a year it broke. Lukewarm water would just keep running through the Keurig until the well was empty. I cleaned it the best I could and still same problem. I called Keurig and they happily replaced it. That was also a little less than a year ago. Now, this morning I went to brew my tea in it and it just stopped brewing in the middle of a brew. The display read "brewing" and after a few seconds it went back to "Ready to Brew." WTH? I tried it again and absolutely NO water would come out (and the well was full) but it still read "brewing" on the display. I didn't have much time this morning to mess with it/clean it but for the money that you pay this thing IS NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE.

PS: A friend of mine also owned the same one and she had to have hers replaced THREE times within 2 years and she's an everyday coffee drinker.
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on December 27, 2013
Read through the longer term reviews. I didn't do that and wish I had. I purchased this with a gift card and if I hadn't the review would be much much lower. After about a littler over a year the machine started struggling with making coffee, it would take several minutes to brew a cup with the water just dribbling out. When making cocoa or one of the powdered drinks it was fine. This would lead me to believe the pump wears out and can't provide the pressure needed to force the water through the coffee filters in the k-cup. Looking online (lots of entries in the video web pages) there are numerous solutions people have come up with to revitalize it briefly but they are all temporary. Also chatted with a person who supplies these to small businesses (which means much higher usage of course) and he acknowledged he replaces every 6-8 months which would be roughly equivalent to 1 to 1.5 years family usage.

If you are okay with that timeline versus the cost then you will be happy, and I may potentially purchase another one. However I will make sure the buy the absolute cheapest next time under assumption its disposable.
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on July 15, 2013
I love the keurig concept but I have been through 4 of these in the last 2 years. Even the ones I bought for gifts have all stopped working. It is too bad really, I really liked them while they worked. I will never ever buy another one.
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on July 21, 2013
Purchased as a replacement for older model which is still working great, just noisy (took it to the office!!). Very pleased that this one is so quiet and has the 3 size options.
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on April 27, 2015
I had the same Keurig problems as everyone else, but still had $100 worth of K-cups left when my Keurig gave out completely at fifteen months.
(I had purchased the most expensive model)
Planned to buy at Bed Bath and Beyond because they will exchange anything, even after a year as long as you have your receipt. But thankfully I saw the I-coffee, which just came out in December
of 2014. I watched a comparison video on YouTube between I-Coffee and Keurig while standing in the store. Bought the I-Coffee, I have had it for four months and I love it!
Also, it spins the water inside the cup instead of shooting it straight thru, which gives the coffee more flavor. It has a large water reservoir, removable magnetic base for taller cups, a dial that lets you choose any size cup up to 12 ounces and the power button is on the front! Yippee!
Highly recommend!
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