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on November 2, 2014
I bought this Keurig K65 on January 1. Less than 10 months later it quit working. I got up to make a cup of coffee and it barely dripped through. I descaled it 4 times and it was still telling me to descale and wouldn't put the water through at all. I called Keurig and they told me to clean the needle with a toothbrush while I was on the phone with them. Of course that didn't help. To their credit they told me that it was still under warranty and they would replace it. Only catch was. They no longer made this model. Of course not. It was a piece of junk. My options were upgrade to the new 2.0 at no charge or downgrade to the B145. She informed me that the only coffee that would work in the upgrade were the pods with a colored ring around them. That was misinformation because actually the ones that work have a white border. I had lots of coffee that I had purchased that I thought I couldn't use because I thought it had to have a colored ring. So I declined the upgrade and of course settled for the cheaper replacement. Turns out all my coffee would have worked except my Tim Horton and my Gevalia. Seems like the downgrade was a better choice anyway. All the reviews I have read on the new 2.0 are negative and no one is satisfied with it. I really enjoyed my K65 but I am still disappointed because I paid for a more expensive brewer and am now stuck with a cheap replacement.
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on July 28, 2015
I brought this coffee machine around Christmas time for my Dad in 2014. His old Keurig was on its last leg after 4 years of heavy use and so I brought him this larger unit. He uses it 10-15 times a day. He uses a reusable K-cup with his usual coffee with no problems as the prepackaged stuff is simply to expensive given the amount of coffee he drinks. My sister uses it to make hot chocolate drinks and I've used it a few times for the rare times I want something warm to drink.

The water container is quite large and holds more then enough water such that you're not constantly refilling it. Extracting a used K-Cup and inserting a new one is a very simple and intuitive process. There is multiple brew size settings and room for decent size coffee cups.

It works, he is thrilled and so I am very happy. My younger sister has no trouble using it either.

He uses far less coffee throughout the day when using this device compared to the old fashioned coffee makers and the coffee tastes better too.

One good feature of the K-Cups is you can get variety sample packs which make inexpensive simple gifts for your coffee drinkers to taste test without committing to the expense of buying a large container of.
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on January 12, 2015
When it worked the first week or so it was great. but everything went wrong with it so quickly. i would take out my k cup and instruction manual to get the next fix to that mornings prob.. Even the fix might last thru the day and then i was hitting the 4oz cup brew 3x to get almost 10 oz of bad coffee. Kcups to much $$$ to waste on do overs and coffee needs to be quick in am not a science project.

But if you get one that works, the coffee was good. But i need more coffee to remember those mornings.

BTW if you do the math, you should try to never spend more than 50 cents per K cup. Buy online. on special when free ship and no tax. Sometimes Kuerig.com gave best deals. also Brads deals.
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on June 9, 2014
Reason for 2 stars:

Item arrived on the afternoon of the date promised. Item was very well packaged with the box showing no signs of rough handling or having been dropped.

Opened the box and followed the step-by-step directions in section 1 to set-up the brewer for its first use. This consisted of running one brewing sequence without a K-cup installed to prime and flush the system.

After the water heated I did receive the “ready to brew” light so I opened and closed the K-cup handle. At this point the lights for cup size should have started blinking and I would have selected the Small Mug option to continue the sequence. The lights all remained illuminated and none of them were operational. I opened and closed the K-cup handle several times and started the process from the beginning three times before having someone else accomplish these steps (just in case I was having an episode of not being able to follow explicit directions). All subsequent attempts by me and my adult-aged daughter resulted in failure of the brewer to complete the initial brewing set-up process.

I did not contact the seller, Long Glaciers, and I have nothing negative to say about them. Stuff happens and, this time it happened to me. I did contact Keurig Customer Service and informed them of the problem. When I stated that my purchase was not directly from them but with Amazon I was informed there was little to nothing they could do. The young lady was extremely polite but not very helpful in resolving the issue at hand.

I then contacted Amazon customer service expecting more of the same “not our problem” rhetoric (spoken very politely of course). I was wrong. Amazon was awesome! With a brief explanation of my problem the customer service representative had credited back my credit card and informed me of the procedures to return the item. Great work!

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to share this experience since I have not really had the chance to use this brewer. It sure looks nice and the instructions are so simple you should be enjoying your first cup of brewed coffee within a few minutes after it arrives!

I’m sending this to hopefully help anyone who receives an inoperative brewer from this seller or any other. Keep calm, verify it is product failure and not operator error then contact Amazon for procedures to follow. I’m sure Keurig is a wonderful company with fine employees however, in cases where an item is purchased from Amazon, they will tell you “not our problem” in a very polite and friendly manner!
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on December 29, 2013
I had read a lot of negative reviews on this coffeemaker, so I was surprised at how much I like it. I was especially surprised at how much my husband likes it, since he is not a coffee addict.

The Keurig makes a good cup of coffee, and I do not like weak, dishwatery coffee. With some blends, I've had to use the smallest cup size, but it's easy to avoid those, once you know what you're looking for. I find that anything labeled dark roast, or especially Sumatra is good. Taste is subjective, but with a little trial and error you will find what suits you.

Our favorite thing is probably the cocoa. The Keurig brand is very good, as is the Swiss Miss. I sometimes put a little bit of milk or cream in the bottom of my cup before brewing, but it's good without any extras too

We also use this for tea. The water gets plenty hot to make tea, either with a K Cup, or with a teabag. In fact, we rather prefer to use the teabags, which are cheaper and produce less waste afterward.

Speaking of waste, we did try the refillable cups, but they don't work for us. They are messy to clean and require a lot of rinsing, and coffee grounds are not something we want to have in our septic system. There are little tiny filters you can buy, but at that point it's getting kind of ridiculous. We stick to the K Cups, which we can put in the trash - still not ideal, of course. People we know, who have had a Keurig for a while, use the refillable cups, dump them, rinse them and put the remnants of grounds through their disposal, but they are on a public sewage system.

I haven't tossed my drip coffeemaker, which I use in the morning when we want a lot of coffee. The Keurig is great for making a cup of something in the afternoon or evening, and we use it a lot more than we thought. It's also very good for when there are people over. I keep a sampler box of K Cups on hand, and everyone can have the blend they prefer. The brewing cycle is pretty fast and no one has to wait long.

I can't comment on the longevity of this machine, which I know has been a problem for some people. If it lasts a year or two, I'll be happy. I don't regret the purchase one bit, and I would buy it again.
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on November 18, 2015
I have owned a Keurig previously and LOVE them. I ordered this one in early October. We have had a little over a month and it constantly does NOT brew. Sounds like it is trying to brew (motor starts) and then just stops and no brew. I can only assume that I was sent a refurbished one - even though I did not order that OR it is just a defective one. It is expensive and now they will not allow me to return. I am a huge amazon customer and am very disappointed with this experience. When you spend this kind of $ on a coffee system you dont expect it to stop working within 6 weeks and have no ability to do anything about it.
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on February 25, 2014
In my household, we never agreed which coffee to make. Mild, Medium, Bold, Flavored, Tea, Hot Chocolate. This coffee maker lets everyone decide for himself what he wants. Everyone gets a fresh cup of coffee, not the last drop or hour long warmed over coffee. We now use the maker for hot cereal. Instead of using it only in the morning, it is used all day long and night. Can offer company a variety of drinks and since it is no trouble, they feel inclined to accept offer. This winter has made me a hot chocolate fan. Place instant cocoa in cup, add hot water, stir and add marshmellows and you are off and running. Why did we suffer so long, when we could have had life's little joy of coffee making anytime of the day or night. Already decided when the time comes for me to go a senior living community the coffee maker will the first item to go with me. LOVE my coffee maker!
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on November 10, 2016
Been using ours for 3 years and it still functions perfectly. Be sure to use the filtration kits to keep the minerals in water from accumulating on the coils and you can expect to get a long service life from yours as well.

Easy to use - and with kits to put regular grounds in a mesh cup, cheap to operate.
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on August 15, 2015
Exactly what I was looking for. I love the programming options, the 3 cup sizes, Built in filter, and the fact that it takes all brands of K-cups. I did not want a 2.0 brewer for that very reason. I had this particular model before and it is one of their more advanced programming ones. Love this one and it is so hard to find, but Amazon had it.
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on February 23, 2014
I LOVE my Keurig. This one is the one I wanted as it has a larger water container so I don't have to refill it as often. It's programmable so that it's up and ready to go when I get up in the morning. I also have it set to shut off at a specific time in the evening, before bed. I've learned that there is a whole lot more to a Keurig than just popping in a k cup...there are tons of recipes out there to try and TONS of different products to try. This particular Keurig is fantastic. I've had it since Christmas, it's Feb 23rd now, and have had no problems at all so far and I use it MULTIPLE times each day. Fantastic product! DEFINITELY recommend!!
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