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on June 12, 2013
This was kinda a frivolous/splurge of a purchase to replace our old Keurig Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System which had become ridiculously loud--it sounded like a rocket ship taking off every time a cup was made. I'm SOO glad I bought it because it is so much quieter and has other fab features as well.

First off, if you've never tried a Keurig before, I must say that it makes a surprisingly good cup of coffee. I'm somewhat of a coffee snob and once upon a time would never have conceived of using any type of automatic coffeemaker, let alone a Keurig (I used a French Press on beans I ground myself using my ridiculously expensive grinder), but I am now a convert. It is just so easy, quick, and clean, I can't imagine going back. It's also just so nice to make a single cup of coffee if that's all you're in the mood for instead of a whole pot. I promise, you'll be able to find coffee you like, as there are all sorts available for the Keurig now. Personally, my favorite is Coffee People Black Tiger Dark Roast, 24-Count K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers. My only big caveat is that if you are a coffee drinker who likes REALLY hot coffee (like pre-suit McDonald's hot), this doesn't do that. I think the coffee comes out at a perfectly drinkable temperature at the highest setting, but I know it's not the hot that some people like.

As a tea drinker as well, there are much fewer options out there, and it's harder to find stuff that will make a strong cup (I think it's just the nature of tea). However, I still use it all the time for tea, my favorites being Twinings K-Cup Tea, Christmas, 12 Count (which you can get year-round from Amazon) and Twinings K-Cup Chai Tea , 24 Count.

Finally, it kinda sucks in the hot chocolate department. I'm not sure why, but all of the hot chocolates I have tried use fake sugar, even if it isn't labeled diet. It tends to come out very weak with that overly sweet diet sugar taste that I really don't like. If you're going to use it for hot chocolate, however, the best I've found is Grove Square Hot Cocoa, Milk Chocolate, 24 Count Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, which I do drink from time to time.

If you're already familiar with Keurig, here's a comparison of features that actually matter to me as opposed to the previous model:
- Quieter
- Bigger reservoir--nice if you use it a lot.
- Comes with filtering products
- temperature control
- 5 cup sizes (as opposed to 3)-- increasing the size of the largest cup, which is nice
- Easier to get the reservoir in/out--sleeker design.

Overall, I love this machine. My three big caveats are that using K-cups every day gets expensive, there aren't that many good options for tea drinkers, and the temperature doesn't get super-hot.
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on June 23, 2016
I bought this Keurig over four years ago and just decided to write a review on it- Four years is a long time to have a product and I feel I can offer a decent review.
I bought my Keurig K75 online- I want to say I bought it from QVC if I am not mistaken. It came with three or four boxes of variety coffees and hot teas. It also came with three months worth of water filters and two reusable coffee filters. This has been my first and only Keurig- so when I purchased it, I literally had no idea how they worked. The instructions were very informative and within 5 minutes I was plugging it up in the kitchen.
The instructions said to use only filtered water, but I must admit that I over the years I haven't necessarily stayed true to this. In fact, at one point I was shamelessly using Well Water. I probably haven't changed my water filter in over a year- but I have stayed true to my monthly vinegar cleanings.
When the new Keurig 2.0 k500 series came out, I told my husband that I wanted it! He replied, "Whenever your old keurig dies, we will buy it." This was almost a year ago. My keurig started to loose it's stream and started producing smaller brew cups. I thought, YES! This is it! It's going to die and I can order a k500 series. Nope- my husband did a vinegar cleaning along with the paper clip trick and BOOM, back to 100% function.

This particular Keurig gives you a great selection of options for your brewing needs. I currently have my brew temp set to the max which is 192 degrees. I permanently have the brew size set to the largest, with my auto on and auto brew- my coffee is waiting on me in the morning- literally.

Now that I reflect over the last four years and the misuse I have given- this is a great Keurig! Despite the fact that I haven't changed the filter in over a year, use this thing probably six-eight times a day, and it's still going like day one. I can't complain- it has been a great coffee system for me.
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on June 15, 2014
I didn't have the usual failure of the air-pump motor rusting out - instead, one morning I hit brew and heard the usual buzzing of the water pump... and then shortly noticed water pouring out on to the counter, and the tank draining (didn't stop until I hit the power switch.) Turns out if the water isn't making it to the heater tank, it doesn't bother to turn off the pump, ever...

The tubes from the pump go up the middle of the unit, through a pair of what look like backflow preventers; the tube from one of those (plastic and wire-ties) popped off, so water just flows right through it. (One of those great examples of when "redundancy" can really mean "multiple single points of failure".) Still working on how to reconnect the tubes... and debating which alternate brewer will replace it.
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on February 13, 2016
KEURIG K-75 Single-Cup Home-Brewing System with Water Filter Kit.

My previuosl Keurig was a very brief affair with a model that was given to me by a friend who upgraded because the cup selection option was giving out and didn't fill the cups completely. It lasted about 2 weeks before it died (whidh I knew was coming). However, I believe they had owned it for about 5 years. My daugher also has Keurig, so I'm pretty familiar with them. This purchase was to replace the previous deceased one because I got hooked.

First Impression is that it's cheaply made for the price the're marketing them at, however I bought this as a "used" new item at a good deal around $180. I would never sink $300 = $500+ into a coffee maker unless it makes and serves me breakfast in bed.

Set up is quick and easy and I had the first cup within 10 minutes.

That having been said, it has a sleek design and looks nice sitting on the counter. It holds plenty of water, a generous 72oz., for consecutive cups and the one I purchased came with a filter kit and a box of sample beverages. A little noisy, but since it's not my bedside companion, it's no concern, I think that's just the nature of the beast. I love the selection of cup quantities, though the "Go Cup" size doesn't fill my tall insulated cup. I just finish the fill by resetting and selecting the smallest cup to top it off.

A plus is that it takes resuable K-Cups (this one came with a My K-Cup) but, my stainless steel K-cup fits nicely in the holder and makes great coffee. Had resuable K-Cups not been an option, I never would have purchased a Keurig. Another plus is that the blue lighted selection window is nice and bright, clear and very easy to read. At my age though, the small print needs a closer view or stronger glasses.

In shopping for a Keurig, take note that the 2.0 models will not use any other brand of K-cups than Keurig, nor will they use a reusable K-Cup. There is a work around to that but, I'm not inclined to buy a model knowing up front that I have to deal with a hassel just to use my own brand of coffee.

My first impression is very good and for my two days of use, I'm very satisfied. I'll update this review later when me and my Keurig have had more time to settle in and we see if we're still getting along.
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on February 16, 2016
Bought the K75 in 2013 for my wife for Christmas, needless to say she loves it. Also to my surprise it still functions perfectly. I'm not a huge coffee guy myself, but spending this much money, I was going to make sure it did everything it says it does.

First thing I did like I'm sure everyone else does is test the water temperature with a thermometer. It wouldn't quite reach the 192 degrees that it says, but, it did come pretty close. Which I guess is understandable, so people don't burn themselves, but don't say you can reach that temp if you cant. My wife just throws her coffee in the microwave if she wants for a few seconds, if she isn't going to drink it for a while, before she puts it in her thermos.

Next, we really don't use the water filtering kit after we threw away our first filter after the 2 months, we have a reverse osmosis filtering system in our house, but if you have unfiltered water in your house it might be nice. However, I would recommend just buying a separate filtering pitcher for your refrigerator if you don't have filtered water, then at least you can use the water in the pitcher for other things like cooking and drinking.

Lastly, I guess my wife does love the system, though, and she's the coffee drinker in the house so I have to take her word for it. I know she likes to make the tea, coffee and we both drink the hot chocolate. She loves the versatility of all the different flavors and things to make, and especially the fact that it's a relatively quiet machine. The timer is also a big thing for her and really helps if your forgetful in the morning, and cleaning the machine is not difficult. It does take up a little more room than other models but if you have the room it isn't too bad, and it looks really nice.

So, overall, I give this four stars. The rating would be a 5 if it was up to my wife, but I don't like the fact it wont get as hot as it says it can.
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on June 6, 2014
This coffee brewing system is wonderful. However, I wanted to make sure that people make the right choice as to where to purchase it from.

The product arrived, packaged only in the product box with an address sticker stuck on. The box was crunched on all four corners, and on the top. The inside styrofoam packaging was broken in several places, and even the user manual was bent and crinkled. A small plastic piece (nice of a finger nail) was broken off of the water tank, and the machine itself had a few scratches. We didn't send it back because we thought it would get beaten up even more.... The product is functional, but I have never seen such a careless and horrible packing job. These people should be ashamed. The price was also higher... I should have bought it at BB&B with my 25% coupon...
Be careful...!

But as mentioned in the beginning, the product itself is great and I highly recommend it, just buy it somewhere else...
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on February 16, 2015
Just received my second Keurig 2.0 and am extremely disappointed with it. I had purchased a B75 to replace my older B70 that stopped heating the coffee up, had to put into microwave to heat up my cup of coffee. The B75 was pricey but wanted the same brewer. When I received the new brewer it would not keep a prime. Called Keurig and they said they are not making the B75 anymore and they would replace it with the NEW 2.0 system. First of all you cannot use old k-cups in this machine. You can only use boxes that have a circle with a check on them that says good for all Keurig’s on the outside of the box. Yet another disappointment is that the auto brew setting only works for the carafe and not for individual k-cups. I was really looking forward to waking up to a cup of coffee again. Even if I was willing to brew a whole carafe, there are currently only a couple options for the carafe cup size. If you use the Carafe to brew 4-5 of their cup size you can only get 2 ½ cup from it to fill a mug that is 16 oz. If you use the single packs to brew a cup of coffee you only have 4, 6, 8, and 10 oz. to pick from and again do not fill a 16 oz. mug, looks like you are only getting a partial cup of coffee. Now to my original problem of not HOT coffee. The New 2.0 system only puts out 170 to 180 degree temp coffee, if you add creamer from the frig you will cool down the cup to 160/ 170 degrees. The coffee cools off and you are putting it in the microwave to warm it up before you can finish. Fortunately Keurig has a very good customer service department, Gave them a call to help with my problems, there reply was internal water temp is 192 degrees and I could preheat the creamer and mug before I brew the coffee. On the hot water side of the brewer, you can only get 6oz of hot water at a time, to fill a mug you have to lift lever and do it again to get 12oz of hot water for Tea. So in summary, I was hoping this machine would take the place of my old B75 Keurig. Even though this model seems loaded with features, the restrictions are TERRIBLE! The older models you get much more flexibility, but they are very hard to find and cost more than the 2.0 system. On a positive note, other companies are cracking Keurig's special way of creating their k-cups which mean there will be ways to beat the system. Overall, Great Looking product but EXTREMELY BAD features in my opinion.
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on October 10, 2014
Based on the machine itself, I probably would have given this product five stars. But in comparison to other brewers in Keurig's lineup, I would have given it three.

Why? Well, in comparison to Keurig's other brewers, the K75 seems unnecessarily expensive for the few extras it offers. It has a larger water reservoir. That's nice, but not that much. It has a two part lid for said reservoir - instead of effortlessly taking off the entire lid, you can open a flap on the lid to pour in more water. I have no idea how someone decided that was a good idea. It does have two more brew size options. The smallest option is laughably small, probably close to the volume of a single shot of espresso. I have used the added extra large size on occasion for travel mugs, though.

The only thing that may really set it apart from its little brother, the K60, is the water filter. I can't tell much from Amazon, but I don't see anything on the K60's page that mentions a replaceable filter. I've talked with other Kuerig owners that have said they have to always use filtered water, and at least one who used regular tap water and had theirs break sooner than it should have. This model has a filter that allows you to use tap water without worry. If this is the case, then I suppose that the K75 is worth the price over Keurig's other offerings.

But outside of these complaints, this machine works as you would expect a Keurig to work. Coffee tastes great, although it won't win any awards with coffee snobs (which I am not). Easy to operate, and brews very fast. Just do yourself a favor and buy a third-party refillable K-cup. Cuts your operating expense as well as physical waste down to a fraction of what it would be otherwise.
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on December 10, 2015
This expensive machine is the 2nd one of its kind that I've bought. Each one lasted about a year before delivering the message "prime" in the menu window, after which it could not be made to work in any way. Prime seems to be an instruction of some kind, but nothing works to correct the problem. The menu buttons become completely unresponsive. While it's working, it makes quite a good cup of coffee or tea and is easy to use, but for the price, it should last a lot more than a year. I will probably buy another, cheaper model because I like the system of one-cup brewing and because I still have a lot of K-cups and cleaning paraphernalia which would otherwise go to waste, but I have now become leery of Keurig products and will probably try to phase them out in favor of another, more reliable and long-lasting system. I have not contacted Keurig, either through Amazon or directly, to see if they would make good on this purchase, but my experience has been that repairing this kind of machine is usually more trouble than it's worth - if you can get it done at all. Caveat emptor.
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on November 22, 2014
We have owned several coffee makers made by various manufacturers that use Keurig cups over the years and none of them has lasted more than two or three years. I'm begining to wonder if the Keurig brewing process, which is probably still under patent and leased to the manufacturers, is seriously flawed.

This product, though, took the prize for the fastest death. I Had reservations about buying it because everyone I know who has purchased a machine under the Keurig label has had problems. Based on the Amazon reviews, though, this seemed like a good product. The first morning we used it, it produced exactly three cups of coffee and then stopped working properly. Like all of the other machines we have owned, it would start to brew a cup and then manage to sputter out a few drops of coffee before stopping completely. Water ran freely though it when I removed the coffee pod, but as soon as I tried it with a fresh K-cup the same problem would occur. So I packed it back up and shipped it back to Amazon. Amazing shoddy. I'm just glad the shipping fees were covered by my Prime account.
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