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on February 15, 2013
Note: I purchased this ASIN: B000GTR2F6. I received this unit in its place though.


Item was purchased from Amazon directly; Arrived triple boxed and in perfect condition. I was presently surprised to find a little note from Keurig stating I was amung the first to receive the new K-75 this seems to be a silent upgrade as the UPC, and printed box specs are for the current model B-70.

The unit was packaged securly with an instructional/promotional packet above the top piece of styrofoam that was 1/2 of a steady shell that surround the fully assembled unit. Packet contained a "Buy two get two free offer" for K-Cup packs if purchased from Keurig directly, the owners manual, and the surprise note mentioned above along with specials directions on how to install the included water filter.


Setup was easy, and took less than ten minutes complete. (This includes the brewing of the first cup) I found the most difficult part of the process was installing the water filter into the unit, as it must be lowered into the units tank, and seated on an inlet hole towards the rear of the tank. I would say most people would not have an issue with this however, and fully blame my ape hands for the difficulty I encountered.


The unit was ready for its first brew about 4 minutes after turning it on. Prep is simple and consists of raising the front lever, dropping a K-cup into the hole, closing the lid, and hitting brew. Not much more to say about the possess, it just works. The one thing that did stand out is how quite this unit is from start to finish. It is not much louder that the Bunn pour over machine it replaced!


This unit looks great with the blue LED lit tank, and matching buttons. The larger 75oz tank slightly reduces the drip try area as it extends past the base as a result of the larger size. This in no way hinders use of the unit.

The directions for the water filter say each filter pod should be changed every 60 tank fills or every two months; which seems more than reasonable as a three pod replacement pack is about $12.

Brews coffee as well as any of Keurig units I have tried, and water temp is accurate to within 1 degree of its set point measured at the very top of the stream coming out of the unit.

All in all I am very happy with this product, and as a result I just purchased another for my office.
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on June 15, 2014
I didn't have the usual failure of the air-pump motor rusting out - instead, one morning I hit brew and heard the usual buzzing of the water pump... and then shortly noticed water pouring out on to the counter, and the tank draining (didn't stop until I hit the power switch.) Turns out if the water isn't making it to the heater tank, it doesn't bother to turn off the pump, ever...

The tubes from the pump go up the middle of the unit, through a pair of what look like backflow preventers; the tube from one of those (plastic and wire-ties) popped off, so water just flows right through it. (One of those great examples of when "redundancy" can really mean "multiple single points of failure".) Still working on how to reconnect the tubes... and debating which alternate brewer will replace it.
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on June 6, 2014
This coffee brewing system is wonderful. However, I wanted to make sure that people make the right choice as to where to purchase it from.

The product arrived, packaged only in the product box with an address sticker stuck on. The box was crunched on all four corners, and on the top. The inside styrofoam packaging was broken in several places, and even the user manual was bent and crinkled. A small plastic piece (nice of a finger nail) was broken off of the water tank, and the machine itself had a few scratches. We didn't send it back because we thought it would get beaten up even more.... The product is functional, but I have never seen such a careless and horrible packing job. These people should be ashamed. The price was also higher... I should have bought it at BB&B with my 25% coupon...
Be careful...!

But as mentioned in the beginning, the product itself is great and I highly recommend it, just buy it somewhere else...
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on June 23, 2013
I purchased my Keurig K75 two months ago (to replace a short-lived Keurig B130). I love this brewer, especially the water reservoir, temperature adjustment and the cup size selection (i.e., from espresso to large travel mug) features. It's very convenient and it makes a good cup of coffee. Definitely recommended!

This brewer uses disposable, charcoal filter cartridges (good for about 2 months each) in the water reservoir which you purchase separately. Keurig also recommends filling the reservoir with filtered water.

Besides making regular K-cup coffee, I also like to use K-cup espresso for an ultra-quick version of café au lait and/ or single-shot latte. That is, I warm skim milk (in a travel mug) in my microwave and, then, brew an espresso-sized cup right into the mug. If you don't miss the foam, it's a quick and inexpensive alternative to the local coffee shop.

Although everything is fine so far with the Keurig K75, after my experience with my previous Keurig brewer (and other reviewers' comments on Keurig brewers), I purchased an inexpensive 3-year warranty from Square Trade on this Keurig (just in case).

UPDATE as of June, 2014. My Keurig brewers (i.e., one in the house and one in the RV) are still working perfectly with no problems.

UPDATE as of January, 2015. Both brewers are still working perfectly, and we still love them!

UPDATE as of January, 2016. Both brewers are still going strong!
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on December 10, 2015
This expensive machine is the 2nd one of its kind that I've bought. Each one lasted about a year before delivering the message "prime" in the menu window, after which it could not be made to work in any way. Prime seems to be an instruction of some kind, but nothing works to correct the problem. The menu buttons become completely unresponsive. While it's working, it makes quite a good cup of coffee or tea and is easy to use, but for the price, it should last a lot more than a year. I will probably buy another, cheaper model because I like the system of one-cup brewing and because I still have a lot of K-cups and cleaning paraphernalia which would otherwise go to waste, but I have now become leery of Keurig products and will probably try to phase them out in favor of another, more reliable and long-lasting system. I have not contacted Keurig, either through Amazon or directly, to see if they would make good on this purchase, but my experience has been that repairing this kind of machine is usually more trouble than it's worth - if you can get it done at all. Caveat emptor.
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 Owned a Keurig K75 for two years, always worked perfectly and made decent enough coffee. I had a friend talk me into trying herTassimo, and it definitely made a better tasting "black" coffee, even trying several different brands. So, I bought a Tassimo and gave my Keurig to a friend who'd wanted a good single-cup machine but couldn't really afford one on her budget.

So, fast forward about two weeks... nothing but problems with the Tassimo. Clogged water lines, ridiculously loud, even after descaling.

I also found the price per cup of coffee to be far higher with the Tassimo.

I though I'd try my first video review here...
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I honestly think I'd save this brewer in a fire........ I love it that much. Easy to use, easy to clean, has five different size cup options, has a blue backlight and is programmable to turn on and off automatically. It also came with a coupon for the Keurig website to purchase 2 boxes of coffee and get 2 free, along with free shipping - all I had to do was register my brewer on their website. I use the smallest size cup when I'm making iced coffee drinks or any of the wonderful iced tea flavors that are out there since it's watered down with ice cubes. It's quiet, makes a cup of coffee in about a minute and in my opinion, it's a "dream machine" - I will never go back to the old coffee brewers that make an entire pot again - - - a fresh cup, every time, is the way to go - beside the fact that everyone can make what they want (Tea, Cocoa, hundreds of kinds of coffee) --- I DO run a cup of plain water after I make cocoa or any of the lemonade drinks, just to keep the needle clean and everything running smoothly.
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on May 18, 2016
I bought the Keurig K75 back in July of 2014 and have absolutely loved it since I bought it. I have always used bottled water never tap water. I have never had any problems with it until now. After 19 months my machine is making loud popping sounds when heating water. I thought the pump would be the first thing to go out but not on mine. I'm guessing the heating element has worn out. I'm not getting any smell of burnt plastic yet. It still pumps the water well just not heating it the way it did. Since this things seem to be disposable after their warranty is up there is no point in buying the top model.
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on June 27, 2016
Worst product ever. It is unbelievable to me how many people write that their machine broke soon after purchase (and not just on this but on other Keurig's, it's what they are known for) and yet this still has an overall high rating?? The current price on this is not what I paid but I did pay over $200 and it first broke about a month into owning it. My handy husband managed to fix it and it happened a few more times. This last month it broke for good, less than two years after purchase. Needless to say, we will never waste another dime on any Keurig. We purchased a Cuisinart that is 100 times better for less money. If you don't want to be hugely disappointed, do not buy this product. At over $490, this is a crime.
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on January 29, 2015
Worked great at first.... then... the dreaded prime error. I figured out how to resolve it and get the machine working. As it turns out, the filter built into the base of the water reservoir develolped water bubbles inside of it. Because of the surface tension of water in the size of the mesh, there was no way to break these bubbles up aside from completely draining the water out including pressing the valve on the bottom to remove all the water from that filter. Then you could fill the reservoir up with water and it would work again.... for a cup... maybe two if we were lucky. This got old real quick.... Thank you Amazon for having a reasonable return policy but it only worked out because ours went bust within the first 30 days. Lesson learned on Keurig is to buy it from Costco because they have a stand by the members return policy allowing you to take it back after the first 30 days.
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