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on April 20, 2015
I don't believe these filters are made by Keurig. I own 3 OEM My K-Cup filter assembly sets. I bought these because they were advertised as made by Keurig. Here's what I found:

1) These filters are taller than the OEM filter - I placed them side by side on a level surface and the lip of the OEM filter slides beneath this filter. There is not a lot of difference, but clearly they are not manufactured where the OEM filters were.
2) The lip of this filter is not flat - look at it on-edge and you will see that the lip is wavy - not a hallmark of an OEM Keurig filter. The plastic is also thinner at the lip.
I purchased 3 sets of these replacement filters from this seller and they all have these characteristics. I have tested them and found that the wavy lip does not promote a tight seal when brewing.
I would not have purchased these filters had they not been branded as manufactured by Keurig. It really does make a difference.

They do work, just not as well, I believe because the lip doesn't make a good seal when in use..
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on June 8, 2016
Works like it should
There isn't a K-Cup coffee pod out there that can beat grinding your own freshest coffee beans and the average cup of making your own coffee is at a fraction of the costs.

There was a person here who posted the perfect permanent method and that is to buy the replacement metal mesh filters from which are $9.99 for a pair.

We bought two pair for a total of 5; one came with the coffee maker. We trimmed the edge of a few of the K-Cups we got with our coffee maker for safe keeping. Trimming the edge will allow the metal mesh filter to fit perfect in the "pod" holster and screw the gray lid snugly.

We use a Food Saver and Mason Jars to store our coffee. We prepare the filters just prior to loading them each and every day and each and every evening, Cleanup is incredibly easy and reloading them equally easy.

The average cost of Paul Newman's brand at Wal-Mart is $9.88 or $10.77 counting 9 percent tax. That's 60 cents per cup which is simply ridiculous. I don't deny you can find it cheaper elsewhere; my problem is I've yet to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee via these little devils.

We bought 6 K-Caps and they have their place too but we found the coffee weaker due to having to use less coffee than the metal mesh but come in handy in a pinch.

We've done our fair share of experimenting and both K-Caps and the reusable filters and give the nod to the metal filters.

For those of you who grind your own beans; we found fine-medium is the same as what are in the pre-made K-cups.

To those of you who had some really wonderful tips; thank you very, very much!
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on June 7, 2013
I haven't read all 200 plus reviews, but many of the complaints that I've read are because people don't realize this one of three parts. You need the other two parts of the assembly, see this product number B009VIUI04. This assembly has the extra space and the hole in the bottom that the coffee is forced out.

The black piece of your Keurig (the part with the needle) twists completely out and this assembly goes in its place. You put coffee in the filter (we use Foldgers no special fine ground) you drop it in the bottom part and twist the top on, and then drop the whole thing in the slot in your Keurig. It works just the way it is supposed to. If you fill the filter completely full you may find a tiny bit of sludge in the bottom of your cup, but not grinds.

We got two of these when we got our Keurig 3 years ago, so my wife and I could make two cups at a time without dumping out the filter. The filter part can start to wear out after 3 years, but the other two parts don't so all you need to replace is the filter piece.

That is what this is. Two replacement filters, not the entire assembly. I bought these in January and it is now June, and they're working. In fact, I might go make another cup.
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on October 31, 2012
Pros: Can't tell the difference between Starbucks K-Cup and my Starbucks ground coffee; Ecofriendly; easy to use (must remove the K-Cup holder); replaceable filters (so you don't have to replace he;unit if the screen is damaged, screen is very fine filter

Cons: Have to remove the K-Cup holder (no biggie), cost is a bit higher than some competitive units.

Bottom line is that I did two brews, one with K-Cup and one with my ground coffee and while the K-cup produced a "clearer" coffee, and while more sensitive palates might, I could not tell the difference taste wise between the two.
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on April 2, 2014
So glad that I purchased these...My husband and I are "tightwads" and though I have my Keurig, which btw I Love, buying k-cups can get expensive. My husband, children and grandchildren purchased the keurig for me for my birthday, along with a refillable filter basket and housing unit thing. It's great because my husband can get up at his usual 4:30a.m. have his one cup of coffee and then I use it for my coffee when I get up at 5:30, but I ain't gonna lie, cleaning wet coffee grounds out of these baskets are a bit of a pain, not bad, just a little annoying, (actually it's not bad at all if you use a teaspoon to get the grounds out, just being lazy I guess)
anyway, my solution, buy a few more filter baskets, that way I have a fresh one to use when I make my cup(s) of coffee. When I get home from work the grounds are pretty dry and you can almost just shake them into the compost bin, give the baskets a rinse and you're ready for the alarm to ring at 4:30a.m! I <3 Coffee!!!
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on December 15, 2014
Since my wife likes different coffee than I do, and I'm always looking for convenient ways to do things, this works great for us doing our own thing. I only use K cups, and she likes to make her own brew using coffee beans not available in the K cup product line. She will grind the beans and fill these little filter cups and place it into the special holder that comes with most K cup machines. You Cannot use these without the special holder, and if you do, you will have a mess. Using the special holder with these filter baskets makes it a breeze and the benefit will be coffee your unable to find in the Keurig K cup design. These are relatively cheap, easy to clean (Rinse under water after tapping out the used grounds in the kitchen waste bag) and worth every penny.
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on March 16, 2014
Works really well for when you want to use your own coffee, or if you're like me - when you run out of k-cups :) Let's face it - k-cups get pricey. These are also a nice way to save money every now and again. A bag of coffee costs about the same or less as one of the boxes you find in the supermarket. A bag of coffee also stretches further than the 10/12 cups the little boxes provide. Also, it's nice that these were a pack of 2. I don't need to empty and refill immediately when I want another cup right now, I can just use a clean one.

They are slightly different than the one I purchased directly from, so I'm thinking maybe they are a generic instead of actual Keurig. No matter, they work just the same. And at the price paid, they were quite a steal.

Also - for anyone looking at these and thinking you can just pop them in the machine, you can't. You need the actual 'My K-cup' holder which these fit into.
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VINE VOICEon January 7, 2013
If you have a Keurig Coffee Maker, these are the filter baskets to purchase. They are the Keurig brand and very well made. I recently received a Keurig coffee maker but the "pods" are costly and the coffee, although very good, is a bit strong for my taste. I like my coffee "black" (nothing added) and have become addicted to Maxwell House. I usually prepare three cups of weak coffee in my conventional coffee maker daily. Well, I made a single cup in my Keurig using one of the Reusable K-Cup Baskets. I couldn't believe the results! The coffee is much better than I experience in my "regular" coffee maker. I doubt that the superior flavor is my imagination but what I had expected to be more effort was making the coffee a cup at a time. It was much easier than using my conventional coffee maker. I have both coffee makers on my kitchen counter. I'll probably "retire" my multi-cup regular coffee maker now. And what is most important is that I won't need to "invest" in expensive prepackaged "pods". I can continue to enjoy my regular coffee. I'm very happy! I did look at some other refillable coffee filters on Amazon and I selected these Keurig filters. I'm glad I did. They are well constructed and should last a long time. Be sure you seat the refillable filter properly. The first time I use it, I didn't have it seated properly and it would not start the brewing process. Scared me for a moment and then I reseated it and all was fine.
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on August 1, 2014
Not Keurig unless repackaged in a generic clear plastic bag, no box. No matter really 'cause they are the exact match to replace our basket that my sister accidentally tossed. They work perfectly. We had bought one of the kind with the lid attached and it did not work well at all so I'd avoid those and stick to what Keurig actually uses.
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on June 6, 2013
The product works as well or better than the original supplied with the filter unit. It does not come packaged in a box and is sent bubbled wrap in a mailer. I ordered (2) 2 packs of which two were slightly damaged probably during shipping. The vendor took care of this quickly and to my satisfaction. There are some very minor differences from the original strainer, but they work well and are available at a great price. I would purchase from this vendor again even with the minor inconvenience.

Advantage: By having more strainers available, it makes it much more convenient to serve multiple cups of coffee at one time by not have to clean the one and only strainer for each cup of coffee. When I'm ready, I rinse them out and put them in a dishwasher cage to wash with a normal load. For the coffee lover; You get a greater choice of coffees that are available in bags that are not available in Keurig packaged cups. And it cost a lot less as well.
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