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on February 5, 2010
Wanted to protect my new Macbook from scratches and dings, so went directly to Amazon to see what was available. Ordered this cover in pink (great shade - not too girly), and was impressed that it arrived in two days. It snapped onto my Macbook without any hassle, and all of the ports, plugs, etc. are easily accessible. The cover has a textured finish which makes it slip resistant, which for some of us is a very good feature. The rubber feet keep the Mac from sliding around on the desk, and the retractable legs raise the screen and keyboard to a comfortable angle. Highly recommend this product for quality, ease of installation, shipping speed and lastly, but not least, the price. These covers can cost more than twice this price in the stores! Thinking of getting another one so that I can change colors (small bit of happiness during the cold, dark winter months). Protect your investment and get a little color in your life with this product!
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on July 10, 2012
I bought my first mCover a couple of years ago for my white teacher laptop. It was a great cover and took all the abuse I gave it.

I'm going to run down the ways that it finally failed just so you know. Keep in mind that I liked the cover so much that I ordered another one.

The cover has great rubber feet on the front and on the "legs" in the back. This is great if you, like me, tend to put your laptop down in a casual fashion. It will also keep it from sliding on the front seat. Just sayin'.... These feet came off eventually. It took over a year and a half though.

The cover also has "legs" on the back to raise it. I love them because they keep the bottom cooler. At some point (again at least a year and a half later) they started to break. I think they just finally got stressed from repeated use.

The final thing to break was the tabs that hold the cover on. They only broke because one of the school techs wasn't careful when she serviced my laptop.

So, this is a great product. It looks great. It works well. And, at the price, it's a steal and so much better than trying to keep a white laptop clean. Not only would I buy another one, I did buy another.
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on November 20, 2016
Considerable research is taken when I make purchases. As a potential buyer of this product you can be assured that the seller has not influenced my 5-star recommendation, as it was purchased at full price. Obviously, I purchased this hard shell cover to protect my laptop. The additional keyboard skin works great for keeping out little particles that can slip under the keys. However, I do not use it because it slows my typing speed, which is more important when I'm taking notes in school. Laptops tend to be rather expensive and I believe it wise to protect your investment. I highly recommend this product.
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on March 24, 2013
I purchased this cover after looking online and reading the reviews. I believe it does provide excellent protection from scratches and other marks/damage to the finish. The included silicone key cover is a nice addition and functions well. I wasn't sure how it would affect my typing but I adapted quickly to it.

For folks who keep their laptop stationary it is probably a very good way to preserve/protect the exterior finish of the laptop. For that reason I gave it 3 stars.

Here are the downsides as I see them:
1-The silicone cover is a half cover, ie it protects the keys but leaves the track-pad totally exposed to spills, dust, etc.: I already replaced it with a full cover.
2-The hard shell cover gives the laptop a very slick feel and for the short period of time that I used it, I lived in constant fear of it slipping out of my hand when moving it around or putting it in & out of its protective satchel. My hands tend to be dry and that simply exacerbated the danger of it slipping out of my grasp.

I wish someone had mentioned this in the product description because I would have passed on the purchase. I have now returned it and am ordering one of the rubberized covers in hopes that it will allow for a greater sense of security when moving my laptop around.

**BTW, if you ever try to remove this shell case you will most likely run into difficulty, especially if you try to preserve the tabs that hold the case in place. I found a few videos on YouTube that gave excellent audio & visual instructions on how to best accomplish removal without destroying the shell case cover, or worse: your laptop!
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VINE VOICEon September 7, 2013
The color is very deep. It is actually a little harder to see the apple logo compared to some other colors I have seen.


Case shows oil from your fingers easily, not your fingerprints but, oil smudges are everywhere.

I don't care for the 4 raised bumps on the top cover where the injection molds were positioned, the newer cases don't have these bumps.

I don't care for the uneven finish on the top portion of the case. There is a distinct difference in the finish around the edges of the top of the case and in the very center, where the apple logo is, compared to the rest of the top of the case. There is a rectangular border that is very dense compared with the material between the outer border and the center of the case. This dense looking material is in the center where the apple logo is located, and it dims / obscures the logo when it is lit and makes it almost impossible to see when it isn't lit. The new cases for mbp's withe the retina display don't have this issue.

I got a red case for my gf's new macbook pro with retina display, and that case is beautiful. Uniform color and finish over the entire top of the case.


I love the little feet on the back for propping up the macbook.

All the cutouts for both cases are good, every port is accessible with the case on.

Case snaps into position on top and bottom for a nice, snug fit. Included keyboard cover is clear and it fits very well; very good quality.


If the top had been a uniform finish, it would have gotten 4 stars. The four bumps on the top of the case detract from the looks, and they cost the case a 1/2 star here as well. The color is too deep, making it hard to see the really nice macbook underneath.

When the computer is on, you can see the apple logo, no problem. When the computer is off, it looks like any other laptop in a blue case.
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on June 6, 2011
I ordered this case instead of the more known products because of the price, the free keyboard skin (matching color!!) and kick stand feet at the bottoms of the case, which is unique in my research.
I love the translucent green that does not hide the apple logo as I am a proud mac user and also the ventilation cut-outs on the bottom case that helps to keep it cool in addition to the pop out feet at the bottom helps with providing airflow at the bottom of the computer.
The packaging was satisfactory, came in a plastic reusable sleeve that I found was a notch above the other known brands such as incase and speck. I also like the variety of colors that the ipearl offers and already I have attracted quite a number of potential customer who wants to order some as well (of course I directed them to Amazon)
I am please and I am looking forward to more affordable, cool designs from iPearl.
By the way, my brother would like to get one of these for his Macbook Pro non-unibody 17" 2008 edition laptop, does it exist?
Please let me know. Thanks!
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on October 24, 2015
I purchased this case back in September of 2012. I bought it in purple for a white unibody 13.3 inch mid-2010 Macbook (model A1342, I think). It fit perfectly and I was quite happy to see that it wasn't as pink-toned looking as it looked in the listing pictures. The silicone keyboard cover it came with was nice, but it didn't fit my keyboard as perfectly as the case fit; it was a little too large for the keyboard. I liked how it quieted my typing and it did well to keep debris out from under the keys, easily cleaned with water. But I ended up using it for about 2 weeks before leaving it off entirely due to the ill fit. No hard feelings because what I really cared about was the case and this one has lasted me 3 years, almost to the day. I've dropped my macbook a couple times since having it in this case, one time was pretty bad. I'm not sure this case did too terribly much for my laptop during that bad drop, but it certainly was better than no protection at all. I never bought this with the intention of having it protect my laptop from serious falls, more for small drops and general wear and tear, which I think it's done well at. It's kept the white color of my macbook pretty clean and crisp and has protected the bottom rubberized case from getting all scratched upped and dirty like mine was before I had it replaced. The legs also worked very well for me for all 3 years. It was only within the last couple weeks that one of the legs broke off, and that's pretty spectacular for how much I've used and abused this case.
I'm gonna shop around for more heavy duty cases for my laptop because now I'm more concerned with protecting it from bad drops, but in the end if I don't find anything I like within my price range I'll definitely be repurchasing another one of these cases because as I said before, it's better than having no case at all. I would however recommend looking elsewhere if you're wanting a case to protect your macbook from serious drops.
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on September 25, 2010
I ordered the Black mCover® Hard Shell Cover Case for A1342 White Unibody MacBook 13-inch, for my new Apple MacBook model: MC516LL/A, and it arrived before my MacBook.
Besides the 2 Polycarbonate Cover Snap-on Skins, (Top & Bottom), it also came with a Silicone Keyboard Skin, which I've not used.
I spent quite a bit of time searching for a Shell Cover Case, and mCover seems to be the company that carries multiple Color schemes for the MacBook.

* Installation was so easy and fits perfectly.
* Has 4 rubber feet to keep it from slipping.
* It has 2 retrieving legs that prop-up the MacBook in the back, at an Enhanced Viewing Angle & for Ventilation.
* The Black Cover contrasts well with the White MacBook ... Looks Real Good!
* I did find a Soft Leather Cover case, but I did not want to add any more weight and/or interfere with the ventilation.
* I have search for a Silicone Shell Cover case, but have been unable to find it for this MacBook model, so if anyone has suggestions please send them on.
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on April 27, 2011
This is a good hard case for my macbook. I like the color. It is a true black rather then a purple hue black. This will definitely stay on you macbook. The lid cover is difficult to get off but this difficulty translates into the lid cover staying on well and protecting my macbook lid from scratches. The bottom has many vents, this is good to keep help keep the macbook cool while being in use for long periods of time. There are retractable feet on this case as well. I like my macbook at an angle because I lifts the screen up as well as gives a better angle to type. The bottom of the this hard case snaps on to the sides of the palm rest as well as it has two groves that attach to the slight edge of the bottom of the macbook unibody. The bottom is sturdy, stays on well but can be removed fairy easily (more easily then the lid cover). This case has a regular hard plastic feel to it. It is not rubberized or silicon feeling at all. So if you are like me and you do not like the feel of some rubberized / silicon feeling hard cases then this is the case for you.

This is my second mCover. I purchased a green mCover case. I mainly wanted the black case rather then the green case. One of my favorite colors is black so...once I learned from another review that this black case was more of a "smokey black", I was sold. My previous "black" snap on case had a rubbery feel to the outside. I had people tell me I had a 'purple' case on my macbook because the previous 'black' case was more of a purple hue black then a true black.

I give this 4 stars because...
1) this has rubber non-sliding cushions on the bottom of it. My green mCover came with the non-sliding rubber feet on the retractable legs as well as the front of the bottom of this case. This black case did not include the non-sliding rubber feet on the retractable feet but did have them on the front of the bottom of this case. this is not a deal breaker for me as I use the retractable feet up when I am not at home anyway. The people that do not use the retractable feet could possibly find the lack of non-sliding rubber feet annoying.

2) I hope I do not experience this again, but...with my green case I found that the glue on the non-sliding rubber feet was not the best. I had to re-glue two of them. One of the rubber feet never stayed on after coming off. Now, this may have been due to the fact that my previous notebook cooler had a design feature that could have cause extra wear and tear on the rubber feet (I use a notebook cooler all the time at home) when I moved the macbook on said notebook cooler. The previously mentioned notebook cooler is now broken and I have purchased a new different notebook cooler.

Over all, this is a good case protect against scratches, general bumps, minor drops (but dropping a $1,000 macbook is generally not recommended unless one has another $1,000 sitting around). I would not expect this case to protect against trucks running over it, dropping it from cliffs, I would imagine that dropping your macbook from a table to a tiled floor with or without this case could have a catastrophic ending. This will provide good protection against normal wear and tear of the macbook. It will also keep your white macbook looking white.

I have opted not to use the silicon keyboard cover. I tried one before and I found that my macbook appeared to run warmer and the sound from the macbook sounded different with it on then with it off. I also prefer the feel of typing without the silicon keyboard cover. The keyboard cover does provide the following benefts...
1) very small, very small liquid spills will not go into your keyboard -- this is a good thing
2) it will help keep dust, hair, crumbs, etc out of the keyboard -- it will do this by collecting dust, hair, and anything else that will cling to it. You will find that silicon cover needs a minimum of 1x weekly washing.
NOTE: You will need to acclimate to typing with the silicon keyboard cover if you have never used one.

I would recommend this case to a friend, my mom, my grandma, etc. This is a great buy and with all the color options available you can take your white macbook and make it into your own shade.

4/28/11 addendum: I contacted Amazon about having x2 rubber feet rather then the advertised x4. This was just a random incident apparently. Amazon offered me the opportunity to return this case or to get a credit....Amazon stated that mCover cannot send spare parts out due to their products constantly changing. I have opted to keep this case sans 2 of the 4 rubber feet and will be getting the credit. As I stated in my review above, I do not use this case with the retractable feet down unless I am at home and I have my notebook cooler. So, the lack of rubber feet on the back retactable feet will not interfere with my use of this case. If I do find that I need the rubber feet, then I have the other three that are on my green mCover case.
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on June 21, 2016
Purchased to cover the bottom of my 2009 white unibody MacBook because of the notorious "peeling" of the poorly designed rubber anti-slip bottom. The top snapped right in to place, but the bottom would not fit on completely because one of the tabs would not snap on. I saw on youtube that people who missed the deadline for getting a new bottom plate from apple were just ripping the rubber off, so I took an x-acto to the loose rubber and ripped it away and voila, the new bottom case popped right in and it looks and fits great.
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