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Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark
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on August 16, 2016
I bought this for a four year old boy who liked it pretty well. However, he clearly became jealous of the other rc car I bought for his brother. While the Holy Stone's rc car had incredibly easy controls and lots of sound, the Kid Galaxy's rc car was a little tougher to use in that one toggle stick controlled the front wheels and the other toggle controlled the back wheels. As a result, the car doesn't go straight forward or straight back when only one toggle is used. Both toggles need to be used to get the car going straight, otherwise, it only goes in a circle. For this four year old, those kind of mechanics were frustrating, especially when his brother had only to press one button to have his car careening forward. So this car might be a better buy for an older kid.

Despite that, the car itself is very study and firm; not necessarily fast but it drives with a steady weight that allows it to drive over pretty much every terrain: be it carpet, wood, tile, dirt, grass, and even through puddles. It controls well and responds satisfyingly. An older child would absolutely love this.

Please NOTE: do not get multiples of these cars for children in the same household, as they will all have the same frequency and thus will not respond to each individual child but to only one. Be sure to check the frequency of rc cars when getting more than one. I bought a different car from a different seller for the kid's brother so that the frequencies wouldn't clash.
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on July 21, 2013
I was actually looking for some replacement RC boats for my twin 3.5yr old boys and came across these Morphibians. I purchased the Shark and Gator since they work on different frequencies (thanks to a previous reviewer for pointing out which models operate on each frequency). They are tough to control but they turn on a dime and are fun to drive even in confined spaces. They are relative compact vehicles that work great on flat surfaces although I felt they were a little under powered for other types of terrain. I tried them on sand and thick grass and each of them became stuck almost instantly. Next we tried the water with the Shark and it performed ok. It is not fast and a bit tough to maneuver but it worked. There was no way it was going to make it out of the small creek and onto the rocky shore without assistance though. So a little more power and some deeper treads to push thru the water would have been nice, but overall I am happy with the purchase for my young boys.

I also like the flexible antenna on the remote, I don't have to worry about my boys poking their eyes out.
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on April 3, 2014
I bought this for my grandson's third birthday because he was always begging to use the older boys' RC cars. He has a couple of toys that have wired remotes and those just aren't as much fun. The body of the Morphibian is nice and sturdy, and best of all it has a wireless remote. At the birthday party, we held this present back until last and it was a good thing we did. He wasn't interested in any of his other presents once he opened this one. He plays with it every day and the older boys are relieved that he doesn't want to play with their more delicate RC cars now. The only improvement I can see is that the antenna could be attached a little better. My grandson started out picking it up by the antenna and we had to reattach the plastic sleeve on the antenna once. We had to tell him once not to pick it up that way, and he hasn't done it since and the antenna wasn't damaged. My grandson loves this toy and is so proud to have his own RC car that works just like the big boys' cars.
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on August 29, 2013
My son looooooves his Morphibian Shark! He has tried it in shallow water, on sand, on pavement and all over the house. It's easy to control, zips around well and (my favorite) doesn't dent up the walls and furniture. It's well made, the batteries last a decent amount of time, and it's fun. The fact that they offer two different frequencies is also a plus because he can play with a friend who also has a morphibian (just make sure they are on different frequencies). However, every time his Shark takes any kind of fall (even a short drop) or hits something, the batteries are knocked loose and lose contact so that it won't run! He then has to get the screw driver, open the compartment, push the batteries back into place, and close it back up. That's clearly a design flaw. Ugh! The good news is that we bought an Explorer (which is one of the newer models), and it does NOT have that problem. The battery compartment is comprised of two pieces that close tightly. So, five stars for a great toy, but four overall because of a fairly problematic battery compartment design flaw.
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on February 10, 2016
I ordered two of these cars on different frequencies, as recommended. I gave the Gator a five star rating, but can't do the same for the Shark. The first one I ordered keeps having a problem with losing contact with the remote. I've changed batteries, operated it inside as well as outside with no interference, and it's still the same problem. It will sporadically stop in the middle of controlling it. You have to walk closer and point the remote directly at the car for it to pick back up. Annoying to me, but my 6 year old seems okay with it. I ordered a replacement hoping I'd get better results, but I couldn't even open the battery pack to install the batteries and give it a try. Due to the mixed reviews already, I decided to stick with the first car. When it works, it is peppy and responsive. It can drive through the rain and puddles, since it can get wet, but doesn't handle grass as well as I hoped. Not bad for the price, though.
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on March 29, 2018
Very disappointing... I purchased the 'shark' and the 'alligator' cars for my son, but both stopped working within about 15 minutes. The 'alligator' was significantly heavier (not sure why) and when it went in the water, not only was the seam between the bottom white plastic and the upper green plastic underwater (which is not sealed to any extent), even the on/off switch on the back was submerged. Needless to say it flooded and stopped working quickly. The 'shark' version lasted a bit longer as it was lighter and floated a bit higher (enough to keep the switch out of the water), but the gap between the upper and lower housings was no better and it wasn't long before it too had flooded. Maybe these things are ok on the land, but they are advertised as amphibious and that's why we bought them, and they clearly are ill suited for that application. Poor purchase, and you are well advised to avoid...
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on April 13, 2013
Durable, water resistant, great on batteries, what can I say?

First, the cons, the remote. Now, the steering is a bit strange. Push both joysticks up and it goes forward, push both of them down and it goes backwards... push the left side up and both left wheels on the RC car start spinning, causing it to spin right. Push the left stick down and the left wheels spin backwards, causing it to turn left.

Soooo... the left joystick controls the left wheels and the right stick, the right wheels. The way of turning the vehicle isn't by the front wheels turning left or right, it's by both left wheels spinning at the same time. This causes the vehicle to spin out quickly if trying to turn and learning the controls is definitely going to take a bit of time.

But, my son loves it. Can he drive it properly..? No. Does he love it anyways? Mostly. He does get frustrated. I wish... and this is a long shot, I wish it had both options. A regular remote and a control system for when you're in the water. I understand why the RC car is the way it is, but that doesn't mean I like it.

I would definitely buy it again though. It's speedy, my son enjoys chasing it around while I control it and he's able to play with it alone for a bit before getting frustrated that he can't control where it goes.

I bought it as a beginner RC car for my toddler that can go through a puddle if necessary, as he's a toddler. I really wish the driving was better, but what can you do?
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on July 25, 2013
I was looking for something cheap for use at a pool party we were hosting. Initially I looked at RC boats, these looked like a bit much, especially if anyone was in the pool, because they all seemed fast and pointy.

This inexpensive RC amphibious vehicle works pretty well. It has a simple "tank" style left/right track controller. And drives off the deck into the pool and then continues along in the water. The edge is too tall to drive out, but I wasn't expecting that. Speed in water is not much (1mph?), but it gets the job done and is still maneuverable. My wife controlled it easily and she's not very RC savvy, so usable by all.

I like that this uses AA (3 in body) and AAA (2 in remote) batteries vs. some weird rechargeable Lithium battery. Because it will be used infrequently, I don't want to wait 5 hours while the battery charges.

Two minor dislikes, why I didn't give it 5 stars:
a. packaging - this thing is tied into its package with plastic coated wire which is a bit of a hassle to unwind and unwrap off the vehicle.
b. screw on battery cover - well I guess this is intended for small children, but I'd prefer not to have to fish around for a Phillips with a narrow bit.
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on April 12, 2016
I got the Whale and the Shark for my grandson's (11 and 6 years old), and they love them. They have a small creek behind their house and to get there they have to travel over some rocky and hilly terrain and both of these vehicles can make the trip without crashing or getting stuck. And they think it is so cool that they can "morph" and become a water vehicle and travel up and down the creek. Their Dad and Grandpa enjoy playing with them too! This is one of the best remote control vehicle purchases I have made for them.
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on February 21, 2014
We bought 2 Morphibians for my 2 kids and had to choose one on each frequency. We originally purchased the Gator and the Explorer. We noticed immediately that the Explorer did not turn very well or move as quickly as the Gator. We thought maybe we had just gotten a defective one, so we returned the Explorer for a new one of the same model. When we got the new one, it had the exact same problems again. I figured it must be a problem with the model itself so this time we returned it for the Shark instead (another model on the same Mhz as the Explorer). The Shark worked perfectly, exactly like the Gator, and is very similar in style and build to the Gator. It seems to me that the ones built on that same "platform" (Gator, Shark, Frog) seem to work better than some of the bulkier ones like the Explorer. We've been extremely happy with our Gator and Shark Morphibians, the Explorer just didn't compare.
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