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on March 1, 2014
I purchased the Red Viper Kid Galaxy Morphibian RC vehicle for my 3 year old. He can not destroy it with his regular play. Bear in mind that I control the car, and he chases it throughout the house, on carpet to hardwood and even ceramic tile. The Viper races through all those surfaces with no problem. The four-wheel drive takes it over obstacles especially his crushing feet. He has learned to not bite it and flips it back over on its wheels when he has been too rough with it. But like the little engine who could, the red Viper Morphibian continues on racing through the house with my 3 year old chasing after it. The control takes AAA batteries and the car takes AA batteries. The car goes a very long time between battery replacements. I finally made one modification to the wire antenna and placed it in the battery compartment and the controls are just as good. I can not say enough about how well built these cars are, and the abuse they can take. If you have a 3 to 5 year old kid, he will not be able to destroy it. My 3 year old is a 167 pound male Rottweiler and he loves his toy. He gets so much exercise from this car, that I have to end the sessions so he can catch his breath. I have some great video of him playing with his car... best investment I have made in a toy for him.
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on May 10, 2014
I was skeptical of using this product in the water, and it seems that my skepticism was warranted. We used this once along a lake shore and had some fun with it, manuevering it in and out of the water (No, we didn't flip it or submerge it). Within a day of this excursion, it never worked again. I opened the car up, and there were traces of water and dirt from the lake. Once open, I couldn't see much of a seal that would have kept water out? I would've been happy with a regular RC vehicle as a birthday gift for or my son and would've kept it on land. Don't market this product for water if it isn't durable enough for the water!
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on January 21, 2014
I searched and read several reviews in order to find a suitable product for my daughter who loves these kinds of toys. I didn't want something that had rechargeable batteries because they tend to die faster than alkaline batteries and I could easily replace the alkaline kind versus lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Well when we got the R/C car, my daughters couldn't wait to play with it. It is as handsome in person as it is in the pictures and does exactly what is described by the seller. Is pretty fast for a child's R/C car and it works in the tub! What more can you ask for!!! I rides well on almost all surfaces and does perfect donuts and figure 8's. If your looking for a durable and worthy R/C vehicle for your children 8 and under, this might just be the one. It might be to childish for kids 9 and up.
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on April 30, 2017
This thing looked awesome and sounded awesome, but the wheels on the thing are so dang small and the belly of it hangs so low, that it high centers on everything from small rocks to my garden hose. After the 5th time of having to rescue it from the middle of my water-logged backyard, my 4 year old and I both just gave up trying.
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on July 23, 2014
Good little car, kids love it. It seems pretty rugged and has already survived several tumbles and crashes. It does well on a variety of terrain including water. I was worried about the unique controls but the kids seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. I have to point out that even though it is designed to go in the water it is not water-proof. The design allows for water to enter the housing but vital components (such as the motors and battery compartment) are sealed off. All electrical connections are coated with a sealer. The insturctions tell you to let it dry completely after water play but we have found this very hard to do. Water seemed to still be trapped inside for days afterward. This did not stop it from working but I question how long it will last if it cannot dry completely.
You may also want to tell your kids that even though the car can go in water the controller can not :-) I neglected to do this and found myself taking apart the remote to dry it out. Thankfully, after a day of drying the remote worked again.
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on May 10, 2016
Instantly ruined if you put it in water. The problem is that the on/off switch itself is not water resistant. So if you put the toy in the water, there's a 100% chance water will get in the on/off switch and damage it. The next time you use it, no current will flow through the switch to the control board. I verified this in 2 of these "amphibious" toys by cutting the wires to the switch and connecting them directly. The toy works fine that way, but then you have to remove the batteries every time you're done playing with it, or install your own switch.
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on March 9, 2014
This is a tough remote control, and most importantly you don't have to shut it down when you are done playing, just simply leave it.
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on June 27, 2016
Extremely disappointed with this product. Bought as a birthday gift on May 27...opened it up, tried it out and it worked fine. Gave to child as a gift last weekend and she loves it....this weekend after VERY sporadic and light use, it just abruptly stopped working. We changed all the batteries and nothing. Dead. And of course we missed the return window by 1 day. Now I have a heartbroken kid with a sibling who has a working one (at least for now) and have to decide if I'm going to blow another $35 on this thing. NOT HAPPY
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on June 15, 2014
I bought this for my grandson. The remote was easy to use and the car has a lot of get up and go. This little car races over hardwood flooring and carpet as well as grass and sand. I haven't tried it in the water yet. It is very sturdy with the acceptation of the antennae on the car. It isn't secured well enough and the temptation to pick the car up by it resulted in the straw like sheath that covers the wire pulling free from it. I glued it with super glue and it pulled out again. I am going to try a dot of Gorilla glue. It still operates with the sheath off but I know picking it up by the wire alone is going to do it in.
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on December 22, 2013
Easy to operate! I would definitely recommend. Our grandchildren all got one and loved them ! The youngest child is almost 3.
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