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Kid Galaxy 27 Mhz Amphibious RC Car
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on October 15, 2009
We have purchased four of the kid galaxy morphibians, two for my son and two as gifts. They are excellent toys for young children who want r/c vehicles. They climb over grass well and we've even had them in the swimming pool! They "swim" as well as they drive. My son accidentally jumped into the pool with the remote, but it worked fine after it dried out. We did recently have a problem with one of them that started to drive backwards only, but these cars have been through so much abuse during the last year, I expected something to break. We've not had any other r/c that lasted this long or that performed so well. I should note that if you want to purchase more than one, make sure you get different frequencies. Kid Galaxy's website provides the frequency of each car.
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on May 9, 2016
First of all, my kids LOVE it. They seemed to learn how to control it pretty quick. Each joystick controls the wheels on one side of the vehicle so both forward for straight ahead, one forward one back to spin, etc.

The batteries last quite a while too. We've had it for a few days and haven't changed the batteries yet.

It works in water like advertised and I haven't had a problem yet with water getting in the vehicle and causing any problems.

The problem I have with it is that in the few days we've had this, the controller has been stuck giving a forward signal to one of the sides. I found that it was due to water in the remote. After drying it out good, it was working again but since it's happened twice now, I've realized how annoying this will be. Since the vehicle is designed to go in water, the controller gets wet easily. I'd really like to see a more water resistant controller.

It all feels like cheap plastic and I doubt this will last through the summer but I suppose you get what you pay for.

Since the kids are having so much fun with it, I would recommend it as a gift for younger kids but don't expect it to be long lasting.
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on November 17, 2014
I was looking for an RC car for my 2 1/2 year old. He's relatively dexterous, but there was no chance he would really be able to drive anything. However, he likes mashing the buttons and the thing 1) holds up very well and 2) doesn't get going to fast. It's full 2 channel, so it's fun for me to drive as well and he mostly crashes it around a bit and then wants me to chase him.

Top speed is a little slower than adult walking speed.

Note that it drives like a tank, not a car. Each toggle drives either the left or right wheels like a tank tank tread. So it's totally different driving than a forward/back, left/right setup. It takes some getting used to and I'd prefer that they'd laid out the controller in standard f/b, l/r setup. (Which you could still use to drive a tread vehicle; it's just the easier setup for humans.)

Also, the controls are not progressive. Each wheel has one speed, two directions and is either on or off. This makes for a bit of jerky driving and it would be worth a little more cost to do some progression. The top speed is so low, I think it would work better, even as a child's toy.

The amphibious feature works really well. Personally, I prefer to drive it around in the pool.

I'm always a little iffy about toys that take disposable batteries, but I have to say that they seem to last quite a long time. We don't subject it to constant use. Maybe 15-30 minutes at a time, every other day for awhile and it seems like it lasted well over a week.

I've been looking for a tough, 2 channel RC car that doesn't go too fast for awhile and I'm really satisfied with this product. It could use a little polish, but overall is a very solid purchase.
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on February 21, 2014
We bought 2 Morphibians for my 2 kids and had to choose one on each frequency. We originally purchased the Gator and the Explorer. We noticed immediately that the Explorer did not turn very well or move as quickly as the Gator. We thought maybe we had just gotten a defective one, so we returned the Explorer for a new one of the same model. When we got the new one, it had the exact same problems again. I figured it must be a problem with the model itself so this time we returned it for the Shark instead (another model on the same Mhz as the Explorer). The Shark worked perfectly, exactly like the Gator, and is very similar in style and build to the Gator. It seems to me that the ones built on that same "platform" (Gator, Shark, Frog) seem to work better than some of the bulkier ones like the Explorer. We've been extremely happy with our Gator and Shark Morphibians, the Explorer just didn't compare.
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on February 16, 2016
Bought this for Grandchild for Christmas. Used for about 15 minutes, then died.The remote does not have an off switch, so it stays on until the batteries die. Very disappointed in this product. Return policy 30 days. Did not try until we started our vacation. Grandchild ran it through a puddle and it quit running. We put it aside to let it dry. Every so often, we would try it to see if it was dry enough to work again. Last chance, put new batteries in both units and nothing. Past time to return, so guess we are out a Christmas gift and purchase price.
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on December 4, 2013
I love this thing, though I think the typical control system is easier for a child to learn. This car is amazingly capable over rocks and other debris given is size and 4-AA batteries. I love playing with it also because the control system allows for some cool moves. I have to give it a 3 because the on/off switch broke within an hour of use (on my son's birthday!) I was able to fix it with some superglue, but no joy for daddy.

Also, it would be nice if the battery compartment had a bit of foam to hold the batteries in place when the vehicle flips. It is a bit prone to doing so if you run it off a curb or step, and reseating the batteries requires a screwdriver (due to the water functionality.) It's inconvienent if you happen to have brought spare batteries and a screw driver, but if you went to the park without being prepared this could lead to a bad day.
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on March 9, 2016
I purchased this for my 4 year old son to play with when we went to the beach. Sadly it was not as good as I had hoped. Now, when I say the beach, I mean a place called "Mothers Beach" Very mild, an inlet, calm shallow water. The car barely went anywhere. Then when my son tried to drive it on low level sand it would barely move. I really wish I could just return this. My son already has a remote control truck he loves and uses all the time. I specifically bought this for our beach outings and it didnt work at all. Complete waste of money.
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on February 9, 2012
We ordered 3 Galaxy Morphibians, of different types. This "Explorer" model was defective, but we didn't realize it in time to return it. I should have trusted my kid, who said it had a problem.

Any time it hits a bump or wall, 1 of the batteries falls out. It takes about 5 minutes to open it up and fix. Then it happens again.

After some inspection, you can see that they mis-installed the metal "bumps" that hold the batteries in place. They are installed lower than the tip of the battery, causing it to easily slide up and out of position. 1 of the 3 batteries has the bump in the proper place, to hold the battery in. The other two fall out with even mild impact. Terrible for kids.

I tried adding a rubber bumper to hold the batteries down, but it's not effective. If you buy it, you may have to return it -- perhaps the whole batch is defective.
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on December 26, 2014
Got it for my nephew for Christmas. He really liked it, and it was fairly easy for him to figure out and he is 3.

It is a little bit hard for a young kid to figure out since it doesnt turn like a normal R/C car, to go forward both stick up, reverse both sticks down, and turn 1 stick up and not touch other.

Build quality seems ok, especially for the price. The only piece that I know will break, and probably from my nephew very soon is the antenna on the car its self. It can be very easily pulled out and broken. If they simply made the car with the same antenna as the remote it would be great.
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on December 29, 2013
Got my little boys (2.5 and 5) these cars for christmas. I wasnt sure they could work them as the age says over 6 but they had no troubles. I got this one and the shark. They work great together with no troubles with crossing signals as they are 2 diffrent freq. They are fun and tough. We havent told them they could get wet and it is likely I wont otherwise my boys might think they can go in the tub. They do love to pile stuff up on the floor and drive over it (this they figured out on their own) and are always letting them tumble down the step we have in our house. I love toys that are made for real kids to play with!
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