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on February 7, 2014
I tried to buy three morphibians for my children and two of them interfered. The descriptions aren't clear as to their frequencies so I contacted the company and beware they only make two frequencies! This is what they told me.
We manufacture two frequencies (27 MHz and 49 MHz) for all of our radio controlled vehicles.. In order to operate them independently you must have one Morphibian in 27 MHz and one in 49 MHz You are only able to operate two at a time without interference.

Below are the Morphibians styles and frequencies.


10125 Gator

10162 Rover

10168 Killer Whale


10163 Explorer

10192 Viper

10126 Shark

We love the product but with the ease of making more than two frequencies we were very disappointed that they only make two.
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on September 3, 2016
This looked like a pretty good option for my 3 year old on his birthday. It worked okay when it was new, but it chewed up batteries really fast and had a range of only 8 feet or so. It has no automatic off, so if the switch on the back isn't turned off, the batteries drain overnight. 6 months later and it's in the trash. Every 5 seconds or so, the car stops responding to the controller, even when they're only 2 feet apart. It has mostly been played with indoors. I realize it's a very inexpensive toy, but it's still disappointing to find out it's built so poorly and is essentially disposable.
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on July 10, 2015
This is a great product! We took it to the beach with us and even though the instructons state that it isn't recommended for salt water, we decided to risk it and try it on the beach during low tide. My son drove it in and out of the water. It drives great into the water and through the sand. We just made sure to rinse it with fresh water, and then dry the outside and let the excess water drain out as the directions say to do. Has worked fine since going in the salt water multiple times.
Try to keep sand and water off the control though. It would be nice if the controller were waterproof as my son accidently got it wet (since he was playing near water) and we had to unscrew it and drain the water out and let it dry. I wasn't sure that it work again but it did!
And batteries seem to last awhile. I typically stick with remote control cars that have rechargable batteries, but I've been happy with how long the regular batteries last.
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on January 6, 2015
I purchase this car for my son. It disappointed me when I opened the box.
The BAD:
The car is cheap made. The plastic is rough. It doesn't have headlight to turn on or off(THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION GIVES WRONG INFO!)
The remote controller have two sticks, one control the front left wheel and the other controls the front right one, which makes it not very easy to go in straight line and not intuitive to control directions. The other cars I've played usually have one button that controls forward and backward and the other turning direction. This two-wheel controller lowers the design and production cost but not easy to use. I don't like it.
The color is dull black, not a little navy and not shinny as shown in the picture.
Signal is weak. Sometimes The response becomes discontinuous once the car is ~12 feet away.
I haven't tried to play the car in water, because so many reviews say their car became dead after played in water for a while.

Looks tough. Bumped into wall for several times and still works so far.
Goes over carpet easily. So it won't be blocked when you play it indoor. Haven't tried outdoor yet.

I keep it totally because returning products makes me feel bad for amazon - this is not their fault. Otherwise, I'll return this low quality toy for sure.
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on January 14, 2017
Poorly put together, but once everything was re-soldered it was ace! Worked like a charm! On water and land once we added a bit more waterproofing! The little thing boogies! Kids absolutely love it!
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on April 1, 2018
Had this for 2 weeks and already broken in multiple ways. First it’s NOT waterproof. Water had gotten into the battery compartment and rusted out the batteries. Second, the on/off switch is such a flimsy piece of plastic that it’s broken off already. Third, the left wheels don’t turn. Took it apart and nothing obviously wrong and the wires are superglued in place so I can’t fix them without replacing the whole wiring system. Cheap and will not buy again. Lasted maybe 5-6 total hours of play with my 5-year-old.
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on July 30, 2015
We got the killer whale and the shark so our 2 1/2 year old twins could run them at the same time. So far, so good. They are both capable of driving them immediately, usually just in circles, but it stays close to them that way. My only complaint is the antenna that just sits in the hole, they tend to want to pack it around by that. However, since the box says ages 5+, that's more my fault.
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on February 21, 2018
I bought two of these for my nephews for Christmas - the shark and the orca. I had to check with many sources to make sure the frequencies they used were different so they wouldn't be competing with each other, which was kind of a pain, but the cars are a lot of fun! The kids love driving them through puddles, especially.
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on June 11, 2017
They're the only decent RC car suitable for small children which I've found. But we're on our third set, the kids keep breaking them. Eventually they just stop working, presumably because something got disconnect with the electrical connections inside, because mechanically they still look great. Could have something to do with the smallest one picking up the cars via the antenna.
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on December 26, 2014
We haven't had good experiences with remote control toys in the past but this one's a keeper! My daughter put it on her Christmas list and I was skeptical but the price on amazon was good so I took a chance. It runs on batteries which made my daughter happy because there was no wait time to play. It runs over carpet, grass, and through puddles very well. We were lucky to have rain on Christmas Eve so she could test it out with daddy in Christmas day. :)

I just ordered two more, one for our other daughter or a friend to play with her because it's such a fun toy and the price is right. Might be buying these as gifts this upcoming year for birthdays... :)
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