Customer Reviews: Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car Morphibians Killer Whale. All Terrain Remote Control Toy, 27 MHz
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on October 28, 2010
We are HUGE fans of the Morphibians line of RC toys. They are well made and seem to work on ANY surface!! We have very thick plush carpet with double pad underneath and most RC toys are unable to operate on it, but the Morphibians are fantastic, they drive over it like nothing! AND they are great outdoors too... even in the water! ... puddles, ponds... it's up to you and your child, but the Morphibian will not cease to amaze no matter what the environment.

We are also very happy with the customer service staff at Kid Galaxy. Our older son was trying to retrieve our younger sons Morphibian out of the pond when his remote fell into the water (the remote is NOT waterproof and it is clearly stated in the materials from Kid Galaxy). I contacted customer service and the woman I spoke with was SO helpful and kind, she sent out a replacement remote right away.

We have purchased three Kid Galaxy RC toys. The "Killer Whale" is our second Morphibian (if you are going to have more than one running at a time, contact Kid Galaxy and they will let you know the frequencies the cars use so you can select ones that are able to be operated independent from one another), the other car we purchased is from the "My 1St Rc Go Go" line and we are pleased with all three!

I would (and do) recommend Kid Galaxy toys to our friends.
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on February 7, 2014
I tried to buy three morphibians for my children and two of them interfered. The descriptions aren't clear as to their frequencies so I contacted the company and beware they only make two frequencies! This is what they told me.
We manufacture two frequencies (27 MHz and 49 MHz) for all of our radio controlled vehicles.. In order to operate them independently you must have one Morphibian in 27 MHz and one in 49 MHz You are only able to operate two at a time without interference.

Below are the Morphibians styles and frequencies.


10125 Gator

10162 Rover

10168 Killer Whale


10163 Explorer

10192 Viper

10126 Shark

We love the product but with the ease of making more than two frequencies we were very disappointed that they only make two.
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on August 4, 2011
Bought a handful of different remote control cars off for my kids to play with. Of coarse Dad has got to try them all out first to see how well they work :-) Out of the 6 cars i bought this one is by far my favorite. I actually find myself driving it around at night after the kids goto bed terrorizing my wife with it and playing with the cat. This is a very durable toy and is water proof i have had it in the pool and tub with the kids on multiple occasions and you can control it very well on both water and land... My reviews usually don't yack a whole bunch but, i was VERY surprised with the quality of this for the price not at all what i expected. One side not the controls are a little different than most remote control cars I've messed with each stick controls both wheels on one side of the vehicle... Took a little getting use too but now that i have you can turn this thing very nicely and it rolls over most obstacles it can get its tires over without a problem i would give it more than 5 stars if i could.
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on April 15, 2011
This really is a great and durable toy for my 6 yr old boy. We've tried buying other remote control cars and they break easily and the batteries run out too soon. This is durable, playable and we love that it can go in the water, too. It's a good price for a good product.
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on June 6, 2011
This was a Christmas gift and is still working (June). Very durable with rough play from a 4 and 6 year old boys. Rides on the ground and in water. Awesome little car.
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on December 30, 2013
For the price, this amphibious RC toy is great. It looks really sharp and works as advertised - once you adjust to the steering. I would recommend this product, but only if you are aware (and ok) with a few things. I would probably recommend a simpler left/right steering vehicle for younger kids.

This is a pretty cool looking toy that we purchased as a "first" RC toy for our 2 1/2 year old son. It works as shown on land and water, but there are a few things worth knowing before you decide to buy.

1. Steering is more like that of a tank or treaded vehicle if you have ever played a video game like that. This is challenging for an adult not to mention a 2+ year old. Rather than just steering left and right, you have two joysticks - one for the left wheels, one for the right. Each joystick just moves up and down and controls whether the left or right side goes forward or backwards. So, if you want to move straight, you push both stick up. If you want to go in reverse, you push both joysticks down. Turning is tricky to "master" but can be really fun too. You can just push one joystick up OR you can push one up and one down to pivot in place.

2. Struggles in longer grass or in streams with larger, uneven bottoms. Yes, this vehicle is amphibious and can go in the water. In fact, I think it works best in deeper water that is maybe 5+ inches deep where it can travel more like a boat. Due to the low riding height and smaller wheels on this car, it struggles or gets stuck on rocks or when trying to drive though a typical small stream with rocks, "sand bars" or other uneven bottoms. It can still work, but slightly deeper water is better unless if is a perfectly flat/shallow puddle.

Note: Despite the issues with uneven terrain in water, this little car was pretty good at getting up our gravel driveway which is fairly steep. We have 2 other RC trucks that are both faster than this car, but were unable to travel as far up our hill. They just lacked the torque or power.

2. As others have mentioned, this RC transmits at 27Hz. So if you have two of these or two RC vehicles at 27Hz, they will interfere with each other when they are in close proximity to each other - maybe within 25-50 feet. This doesn't mean you can't have fun, but it is something to be aware of if you are buying two or more vehicles. This isn't specific to this product, but in general identical frequencies will interfere with each other.
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on February 7, 2013
I bought this as a get well gift for a friends child. He loves the toy but the product description is incorrect with the type of batteries required. It was frustrating/embarrassing to be on the phone with my friend when she had to raid the TV remote for batteries. This is after I sent 12 AAA batteries for the gift. The correct battery requirements are 3 AA and 2 AAA. The description states 5 AAA and is wrong!
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on April 29, 2011
I bought this for my 3 year old. He's quite dexterous and has no trouble working the remote. He loves this toy and plays with it often, both indoors and out. i give this 4 out of 5 stars instead of a full 5 because:

*Performance in the water is okay, not terrific.
*The range seems to be only about 15 feet, so if you are using this in a larger body of water, be careful not to send it too far away or you'll be going in after it
*It seemed to have some issues going over grass, especially if the grass is patchy.

None of those are really a big deal and I would still highly recommend purchase for ages 3 and up.
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on October 20, 2014
This was a great item in theory. initially it operated as advertised. it's a remote control vehicle that runs on land and in the water. unfortunately it Didn't hold up to my rowdy 5 yr old. after 20 minutes of land/water use it was completely water logged and the battery compartment was drowning in water. The problem was that as long as you don't get it wet above a certain point on the toy (say approx. 1/2 way up) then it is probably great. What happens when you flip the car into the water due to some wacky kid driving and get the top wet? it breaks. I don't recommend the toy at all. There are of cheaper remote control cars I could have let him break in 20 minutes from getting wet. The point was to give him a toy he can use outside at a BBQ or whatever without any issues if it end up in/near the water. It's unfortunate because the video depicts a rowdy 5-8 year old running that thing on land, in water, over rocks. It really looked like a great item that was tough and durable.
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on September 15, 2012
I was disappointed in this toy as it took on water and stopped working after only a few days. It was fun while it lasted, but not for rowdy little boys. It is not completely waterproof so if they dunk it, it will take on water and quit working.
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