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on January 6, 2017
I love the music in this game. I bought this when it still had online multiplayer (they got rid of it a long time ago). I think you can still play it locally with friends. It comes with a stand that I now use just to put my system on to display. It does help with playing this game though because the controls aren't that great. At least the controls are easier than Star Fox Zero. The reason why I haven't traded it in or sold it yet is because the story is good, music is awesome and you can always change the difficulty of each stage for a good challenge.
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on May 10, 2014
A brilliant title, and a great way to bring back an oldie for today's gamers. Kid Icarus Uprising hits all the sweet spots in it's music, story, and ESPECIALLY the characters, boy did they put the work in for everyone involved in the story. Playing the game, i can see why the overall controls are not for a vast majority as the game focuses primarily on the touchscreen for and slide pad for control of character and camera, i wasn't used to as first either and i still can't pull off some of the tricks and techniques. However with learning and practice, got good enough to progress through the game on a difficulty level most fitting for me (5.0 to 6 on a scale ranging from 1 being the weakest to 10 being the most challenging).

A fun addition to the 3ds library for those whoa re up for something a little different,
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on January 8, 2013
What can you say about this game other than GO BUY IT!

Here, let me give you a short list...

GRAPHICS - Outstanding
LEVELS - Well crafted
CHALLENGE - Beautifully well designed, customizable from easy for children to challenging for experts
CONTENT - Packed to the brim. Even the menus have gameplay

If you don't know, this game was made by Sakurai, the mastermind behind the Smash Brothers series. He put as much loving care into this game as he did with Melee and Brawl. That means there is a TON of content. You will be playing this game for a long time. And that's good, because it is FUN. From twinstick shoot em up sequences to dungeon exploration, and even two surprisingly great multiplayer modes.

I can't recommend this game highly enough.
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on March 31, 2012
Even if this game wasn't apart of the Kid Icarus legacy, it still is a solid game on its own, and the best/ultimate game out on the 3DS right now.

1st off, the game is beautiful visually and audibly. The art style is charming, both 3D models and 2D character sprites. The voice work is quirky and great, albeit alittle cheesy at times. The soundtrack is arguably some of the best ever featured in a Nintendo game.

The graphics, in visual effects and 3D effects are currently the best on the 3DS. Its the 1st game of my 9 3DS game collection where I exclusively play in 3D. I don't even 2D 1% of the time. Character models, although vibrant in animation and charm, kind of turn me off when I see their hands. Animated facial movements are a given these days, but what I really appreciate is hand/finger movement. Block-hands are way too outdated.

Controls of the game seem to be a hot button regarding this game. Some love it, some like it, and some just flat out hate hit. In my opinion I love the controls, and don't think they're in the least bit difficult to use. While there are a ton of ways to customize the controls, its the default controls that are the best way to go that offer faster, more accurate input than can ever be done by button. The controls are pretty much what you'd expect out of a 1st-person shooter on the old-NDS. Most notably Metroid Prime Hunters. Of course people who never used their 3DS to actually play an action or FPS game, would naturally not enjoy these controls. Kid Icarus is NOT for casual gamers. It is for hardcore enthusiast, and a welcomed addition to Nintendo's long history of way-too-easy games.

The amount of content and stuff to do in the game is immense, and the trophy/treasure side-quest part of the game encourages playthroughs. Adjusting the difficulty alters levels and enemies to behave more aggressively, and also grants you access to previously locked rooms, or alternate story-sequences. The fact that playing higher difficulties costs you to risk your game's currency, brings an urgency to the game thats very welcomed in a handheld. Weapons also play a big part of the game as they radically change your playstyle, van be fused to create other weapons, and what you earn, buy, or make can be used is multiplayer. and this paragraph barely scratches the surface of in-game content as you may invest you time to weapon crafting, treasure hunting, idol collecting, or collecting some of the 400+ Kid Icarus AR cards that are to be available in the world the comming weeks/months.

Multiplayer is shallow, but brutally fun. Particularly the online multiplayer. only 2 modes, team battle and typical free for all, with practically little-to-stats. Multiplayer can be a little chaotic almost all-times. Playing nearby friends allow you to fill gaps in with bots, assuring you that you can always play this mode even without internet, or others to play with. Weapons and powers you collect in solo-mode can be used in this mode. This almost makes online completely one-sided at times.

Anyways, I used way too much space for this review. Bottom line is Kid Icarus is the most fun, beautiful, feature-rich game I have played on the 3DS. Perhaps because the game and gameplay is so fresh to me, I'm more satisfied with this title compared to other games like Mario Kart or Ocarina of Time which I've played abillion times.
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on April 7, 2016
as someone who has over 30 3ds games this is in my top 5 along with luigi's mansion, metal gear solid, monster hunter 4 and project mirai i had a lot of fun with all of them and chose them because they showcase what the 3ds is both capable of and how much fun they are also this game metal gear and monster hunter all can use the c-stick on the new 3ds which is a big improvement over the 3ds as i find myself actually using the 3d function
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on August 28, 2012
They really did a lot of work on the 3D scenery and characters too!
It's probably THE game for the 3DS!
Like WOW, but with a limited amount of players, this game has multiple stages to go through. Actually, you'd have to follow a story line, can't do your own thing like in WOW.
The music is classical, and together with the scenery, you could almost imagine that the makers of MDK had some hand in this game!
It's very nice drawn, very original sceneries and worlds, and a very fun game to play.

There isn't a lot of choice of weapons, although in the beginning it might look like there is! After a while it becomes increasingly difficult to get your hands on more heavy weapons.

Story line is fun, aimed IMHO for kids between 13 and 17, but even adults can enjoy the game if they can ignore the cheesy humor in the game.
It is after all created for kids, not adults, but still I find a lot of joy playing it!

If I'd say which games does it resemble?
Phantasy Star Universe AOTI and MDK for the pc.

A third person slash and shoot em up (although it is possible to play in first person).

If you have a 3DS, then you GOT to have this game!
It's like the MARIO LAND or MARIO KART for the older teenagers/youth!
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on December 20, 2015
So my 13 year old gamer daughter has a specific list of games she wants for Christmas. This was second on the list. It's really a great game and it's hit and miss finding it. There were times I could not get it. The reason for this and for the high price is that it's an older game and I think it's not being made anymore....or that it's not brand new and being stocked on all the shelves. But it shows you it's good because people are still trying to get it.
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on February 19, 2015
I got blown away by this title, a very pleasant surprise, even if you haven't even touched the original two Kid Icarus installments.

The characters, story, music, world... everything is so charming and interesting! I was wary of the bad controls so many have complained about, but the default controls are definitely not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Awkward at first, but you'll get over it after the first chapter. The camera and running controls can get annoying to the point where it can interfere with your gameplay. That's really the only beef I have with this game. Other than those complaints, this game is literally perfect. If you have a 3DS, this is one of those titles you 100% need to own, if you're into actiony adventures with story elements. Because if you're one of those who doesn't like dialogue, then this title definitely is not for you, which is a shame because the comedy and voice acting are fabulous!
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on April 26, 2013
Hands down this is one of the best 3DS games of all time. Definitely glad this game broke 1 million in sales. The controls are largely a non issue, there are many creative alternatives to the base scheme which doesnt have more than a 20 minute learning curve. Overall its an excellent title. A must have of any 3DS owner. I have spent 300 hours downtime in elegantly designed game, the 3D offers a depth to the gameplay that is widely apparently, especially in the varied multiplayer aspect which can hold much sway over the time you spend searching and developing the most fitting harbinger of decimation in the vast arsenal afforded to you. This game offers many challenges for the player to learn from and experience, its a difficulty that is designed to excite. As an avid RPG fan I always say its good for a system to have such a diverse selection of quality and the 3DS is certainly drawing a vast array of titles into its imminent gale.
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on April 23, 2012
This game is great, though it's a bit difficult for left handed people, such as myself, at least without the circle pad pro. Instead of using a stylus to aim, I have to use my thumb nail, which is clumsy and not very accurate.

Other than that, I love this game, the multiplayer is great. I think I've spent more time in multiplayer mode, than in the actual game. I've only played the first 3 levels so far haha too busy for games these days.

There are two modes, free for all, and light vs. dark. I mainly stuck to light vs. dark, because of it being so hard to aim and stuff. I used a bow with +3 homing haha In light vs. dark, both teams fight until they lose all their health, better weapons cause the team to lose more health when that player dies. Once all the health is gone, one of the players turns into pit/dark pit with a random weapon, first pit to die loses.

So much fun, story mode you start with an arial mode, flying and shooting monsters, then you land and do ground mode battle. Multiplayer is always ground battle.
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