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on April 15, 2016
I had an apartment fire on March 20. I grabbed my Kidde FA110, which was stationed next to my stove that had caught fire. It was all of 4 months since purchase. I pulled the pin and pushed the lever - and nothing. I spent 30 seconds trying to get it to work, closely examining the handle and mechanism to see what might be preventing its firing. I finally had to give up any attempt at putting out the fire as the extinguisher just would not work; I was also getting burns at this point, so I egressed the apartment and waited seven minutes for the fire department to arrive and begin engaging the fire, at which time it had progressed from a simple stove fire to a structural fire. Thank goodness I have good insurance. I will never purchase another kidde product again, and based on my own experience would advise anyone who values their property, possessions and lives to PURCHASE ANY OTHER BRAND.
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on December 24, 2014
So I thought I should report what happened after leaving the initial review (below). Kidde contacted me wanting to know a bit more about the incident, and shortly after, I received another email stating that this product was recalled due to the faulty plastic lever (? don't remember the exact wording), then shortly after, I received another fire extinguisher from them - same brand, pretty much the same kind. However by then I've already purchased another fire extinguisher from a local hardware store as well as a spray tin type extinguisher plus a fire blanket so now I have to say I'm pretty well prepared! While I was impressed how Kidde followed up this way, I've learned my lesson to always have a backup (or two), so will keep several of them handy.

(Original review)
I rarely leave reviews, and even rarer leave the 1 star review. However, I feel obliged to do so in this instance - as I wish I had read something like this prior to trusting this extinguisher.

Last night, we had a very scary incident of our oven engulfed in fire which started when the muffin tray got too close to the heating unit. As we saw the smoke coming out and big fire inside the oven, I quickly reached this very extinguisher which I purchased from Amazon (I bought a 1 pack one which is no longer available thus I'm leaving a review here as it's the same exact model - just 2 pack instead of 1) about 7 months ago.

My husband pulled out the pin, opened the oven door (and the fire got even bigger shooting out from the oven), aimed at it and squeezed the lever. Nothing happened. Then I tried it multiple times, nothing. Then it finally shot out a tiny puff of yellow powder on the floor, and that was it. Unbelieable.

At that point, the whole kitchen was smoked up and the fire was sneaking out of the oven unit, fire alarms beeping all over, baby crying, and how I cursed myself trusting this stupid extinguisher. As I was about to call the fire department however, my husband rushed to the bathroom and soaked a bath towel, covered the fire with the dripping wet towel (which melted into pieces of hard prastic in the end, to my surprise) and finally was able to put out the fire. I had to run outside with my baby as the whole house was smoking up. It surely was one scary moment.

Annoying that our fire extinguisher still shows the green "full" pressure level even though it already discharged that little puff and released the pressure. The thing is, you can never test it out as once you do the pressure goes ofcourse and it's useless.

Although I have to say that one big red flag was that when we received it from Amazon the box was unbelievably damaged. It was torn open and I actually even took some photos as I was going to write a review back then about the poor packaging, but didn't get around to do so (I found these photos from my old iPhone and attaching them to this review). I am an avid Amazon shopper, and this was by far the worst packaging I've ever seen. The box also had dusts on it as if it's been sitting in some warehouse shelf for a long time. Although I kept it as 1) you cannot return it anyway 2) the extinguisher inside the damaged box looked ok, and the pressure gauge said "full".

I wonder how many people out of some hundreds of positive reviews got to actually use them. I still have a flashback when I walk into my house which still smells smokey and our fire extinguisher outside our door waiting to go to the trash. I'll go looking for a new fire extinguisher by another brand, and will this time buy them from the actual store.
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on June 25, 2016
Here's the problem: The brand new fire extinguisher failed when I tried to use it on a vehicle fire just a couple of months after purchasing it. Just a tiny puff of contents came out, and the pressure guage still was in the green zone. Fire fighters arrived and put out the fire. They looked at the fire extinguisher to make sure it wasn't user error and confirmed that it wasn't working.

To the good, Kidde replaced the fire extinguisher after I called them up, and they requested that I send the defective back for their examination with shipping prepaid.

But the experience makes me wonder....how do you know if a fire extinguisher will work before the time you need it most? I checked if a failure was a regular occurrence. I couldn't find information on that but I was surprised how many fire extinguisher recalls have occurred. Would consumers even know?
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on September 18, 2016
Agree, don't buy this product.

I purchased 3 Heavy Duty 5lb ABC Fire Extinguishers (another brand) for our home. I wanted to purchase a smaller extinguisher so my children could see it used on a test fire. I thought it would be important for them to feel the pressure of the spray and see that it would really work. I purchased the Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher. I prepared them that it would only spray for about 4-5 seconds and would use the PASS routine on a small fire I created in our yard. The product didn't work. My son pulled the clip just fine. My daughter took aim at the base of the fire and squeezed and nothing happened. She tried a few times before I tried myself. I got one microsecond burst and it was done. Gauge still read full. I saw the look on my children's faces. The trust and confidence I hoped to develop was gone.

I was hoping to demonstrate the usefulness of using a fire extinguisher on a real fire to give them trust and confidence in the event of a real incident. Products like this are counted on to work. Imagine if this was purchased as a primary device and needed to be used in a real situation. What a horror and nightmare that would have been. Again, do not buy this product.
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on July 25, 2016
Worked on a grill grease fire in a pinch. Note that this unit has a plastic top which means it's not refillable. You'll need to recycle the bottle and buy a replacement. Look for a dual pack from Amazon for only $10 more.
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on June 23, 2017
I too have used these (actually USED) it. Admittedly these are clearly not the best fire extinguishers in the world...but all else being equal you still have a better chance putting out a (small) fire with these than with nothing. Sure you can go guy a mega buck commercial (that needs serviced regularly) Halon or CO2 or other K extinguisher (I happen to also own multiples of each of those as well as a foaming system in our aviation business), but the reality is most people don't and won't bother to buy one of these, much less one of those.

My recommendation is to not count on this as sole miracle for all fires. In fact, some of the small "canned aerosol pressurized foaming fire extinguishers" are in some ways probably just as good or better....but, I'll repeat: Having one of these is better than having nothing and for the price you can't make much of an argument the other way. Given the price and availability of the A/K/other commercial alternatives just means most people can't/won't buy them (right or wrong). Again, I will concur these aren't super high end perfect extinguishers, but I would say they are better than doing or buying nothing.
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on December 11, 2016
I bought this to replace my old extinguisher which I used successfully to put out a fire at the neighbors house. Good luck getting the strap on the mount to fasten. The mount is a piece of junk. The mount for my old one wouldn't fit the new one. They have replaced the metal strap with a cheap piece plastic strapping. Does not seem too secure and could be difficult releasing in a timely fashion. I would consider other options.
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on March 27, 2017
When my fire extinguisher arrived the plastic strap was already broken into multiple pieces. The pieces are tiny as well, so I have no idea what happened to this item.
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on May 31, 2017
I have two of these in the house and never had to use one until recently when a big grease fire started on my grill. Three brief shots put it out. The powder worked great.
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on May 30, 2017
These are great, we bought 6. When I accidentally set my toaster oven on fire I was extremely happy that I had easy access to one of these! Worked very well, small size makes it easy to keep one handy.
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