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on October 18, 2014
This my experience with this mats. I first bought one back in 2007 and they were perfect for what I wanted. They were not made by Summer Infant yet. I wanted to catch the food the bib didn't during meals. It laid out flat and stuck to the table. I would say it lasted about 2 years before ripping at the corner where the catchall and the mat met. Just FYI, it will eventually rip and the catchall will lose its round shape.

Then in 2010, I bought one from toysrus. I could tell immediately it was different from the first one I bought in 2007. First, it came in a tubular box and it took a long time (month) for it to flatten out and lay on the table straight. The suction cups barely worked. The texture was completely different. The original had a rubberband plastic matte feel. The second one has a plastic shiny feel. This one lasted about 6 months before it started to rip and the catchall lost its shape.

Well, this past week, I decided to try again and gamble to see if I would get the first version. I did! I ordered mine from Babyhaven. As soon as I opened it, I noticed it was like the original. It immediately flattened and the texture was like the original. The packaging was even different. It came in a rectangular box. On the box, it even says "original" tiny placemat!

If you are looking for this to last years, look for something else. For $11, if it lasts one full year, I am happy!
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on July 26, 2013
As some other reviewers have said, this item does NOT stay flat -- it comes folded in the box and the fold lines were very strong and couldn't be "unfolded" (isn't this not supposed to happen with silicone? I think this item is a silicone-rubber blend), which made it hard for the suction cups to stick etc etc... between the item not unfolding all the way flat and the unevenness caused by the large suction cups underneath, bottom line is that the mat would not stay flat which made it impossible to put a sippy cup on it without the cup falling over and so on. Ask me how frustrating this was with a baby who likes to flip everything over anyway, to have the items that I expected to stay upright falling over constantly.

Also, other reviewers have noted that this item only sticks to glass tabletops, which means that when faced with a tablecloth not only does it not stick but the uncompressed suction cups make a nice uneven rolly playground for all of your baby's utensils, foods, and liquid to fall over and roll around on, nice and messy! I also want to add that at one restaurant that had fancy wood tables, the suction cups had trouble sticking so my husband placed a drop of water underneath each suction cup like they recommend.... which worked fine, except that the moisture-suction blend left marks on the table! I don't think it was permanent damage, but you never know with wood and moisture... that's just one more thing you have to be sorry to the restaurant for :(

I bought this one instead NUK Gerber Graduates 100% Silicone Platemat -- it doesn't have suction cups but it's PERFECT. It's true silicone (and not a silicone-rubber blend) which means it retains its flat shape no matter what you do to it. And the silicone-ness does have a "stickiness" to it, just enough to keep the mat from sliding around. The pic description shows it rolled up, but I just fold it into quarters and store it in a quart ziplock baggie in my diaper bag, perfect! It actually ships to you folded anyway. And the edging on it (which the tinydiner mat also does not have) keeps spills from escaping and dropped food from rolling onto an icky restaurant table. Can't say enough good things about the NUK Gerber silicone mat.
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on December 15, 2014
This product is NOT the one manufactured by Kiddopotamus. It is made by Summer Infant (which bought out Kiddopotamus, but if you can find one of the original ones manufactured by Kiddopotamus, it is supposedly softer silicone and you don't have those "won't lay flat" issues.). It sold from BabyHaven (which, according to one recent reviewer, sold the original one by Kiddopotamus), so I guess there are no more original Tinydiner placemats around anymore. At least, not on Amazon.

Aside from that, the silicone is as described by many recent reviews... it is thicker, so it doesn't want to lay flat immediately after unrolling. Each flap formed a little hill since it didn't lay flat. The suction cups will obviously not work on any surface that doesn't provide an airtight seal with the suction cup (unpolished wood or wood tables with ridges, any tables with little bumps like those Little Tikes plastic kiddie tables, etc.) The scoop seems like it would be useful, but it doesn't quite hang down off the edge of the table like i expected. It kind of juts out at an angle... maybe because the silicone was still pretty stiff. I returned it, so I can't say whether or not it softens over time. Sorry!
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on December 2, 2015
This is great! Exactly what I was looking for! My toddler would end up eating off of the table at restaurants and I wasn't too thrilled about that. This placemat has great suction cups, it folds pretty well, and the tray is great for catching food. I say that it folds pretty well because it also tends to unfold. It should have a stretchy band attachment to keep it rolled up, but that's not a big deal to me. I roll it and shove it in my diaper bag and that works fine. Some people said that the suction cups aren't good enough, but I think they are. My toddler wanted to pull it off the table at first, but I stopped him and he got over it. It wasn't a big problem for us.
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on December 26, 2012
My husband and I have probably bought over a dozen of the Kiddopotamus Placemats as presents for our friends with kids.

Since we have no children of our own, years ago I asked some friends for a recommendation on a good present for my best friend who recently had had a baby - this was one of them.

This placemat is so useful - it comes in 3 different colors (pink, blue, green) and has suction cups at the bottom so that it stays in place. As a germophobic person, I really appreciate that this will prevent kids touching dirty tables, especially when I've seen how much they like to rub food on surfaces before eating it :-)

This placemat has become our staple present for our friends with kids. It is an unexpected gift that nobody registers for (at least from what I've seen) and so far all our friends say how useful it is.

I give it 4/5 stars because I personally cannot tell you how good it is - I base my recommendation on what our friends have said on how much they like it. Either way, it is a nice and thoughtful gift you can get for someone with kids, it is not expensive, and the chances they have one already are pretty slim.
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on August 9, 2013
Not sure why they're still selling this as Kiddopotamus when the products are all branded Summer Infant now - and have been since 2008 according to their not-so-friendly Customer Service when I emailed them to inquire. Like another reviewer pointed out, this color is a much much brighter green than the soothing sage pictured here. And it really is impossible to make the fold lines go away so it's hard to lay flat. Suction is so-so - my 6 month old is able to flip it over easily, and off goes his food... Am giving this 3 stars cos it's waterproof and reusable, and the "drain" portion at the bottom does a decent job of catching stray food bits - when the mat is staying in its place, that is.
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on July 27, 2015
This thing is awesome. We keep it in the diaper bag for whenever we eat out. Our little guy is an impressive eater and this is such a huge help when we are on the go. A lot of people comment on how cool this thing is when we dine out. Plus, it wipes right off with a baby wipe so we can roll it right up and stick it back in the diaper bag (without further contaminating whatever is floating around in that bag o' crap we refer to as a diaper bag). I've even put it in the top rack of the dishwasher and it came out clean as a whistle. All in all, this thing is awesome.
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on April 11, 2015
I was super excited to receive this but it's not all I had hope it would be. It comes with the two wings folded in and rolled up so it can be stored in the tray at the front but the pkg says not to store like that long term so I have it splayed open in my drawer taking up a bunch of space. I can't get the suction cups to stick to my table so the baby just rips it off and I constantly forget it when we go out (which is why I bought it) b/c I can't keep in the diaper bag b/c of the directions not to keep rolled up. Overall nothing like I expected and I am very disappointed.
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on February 23, 2012
Overall I think this is an ok placemat to keep in the diaper bag. We've used it just about every restaurant we go to.

-Fairly compact, folds up into the diaper bag easy enough
-Sticks pretty well to most the tables we've used it on.
-Better than putting her food on the table for her. (I've seen a lot of parents doing this recently...Really? Ick.)

-Is not dishwasher safe despite claiming to be. After running mine through the dishwasher it came out warped and never folded back correctly again. Didn't even use the hot dry cycle on it.
-Hard to clean up on the go.
- My 1 year old knows how to pull the suction cups up now and does so frequently.
- The food catch part of it really isn't that helpful at all. She just likes to pull on it and roll it up.

I originally bought the blue one but am now purchasing the green since the blue one warped in the dishwasher. Won't be doing that again.
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on August 23, 2007
This one is a little bit smaller then the first one I bought. Yet it has more table sucktions. It is so easy to wipe and clean off. I usually just run it under the sink water and throw it in the dish drain to dry for the next meal. It does dry quick. About once a week I put it in the top tray in the dish washer. It makes meal clean up real easy and the "catch cup" that hangs off the table is GREAT! Even food can slide or go past the bib onto legs, clothes ect. The catch up does stop falling food right there.
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