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on November 26, 2013
We ordered this play kitchen six months ago, and it still looks brand new! It was delivered timely, and nothing was damaged or missing. We have a 7 year old and a 3 year old, and they both love playing with this kitchen. Both of my kids are tall for their age, and we have had trouble finding kitchens tall enough that they didn't have to stoop. This is perfect for them, with room to grow! It is colorful and will hold a lot of play food and kitchen items. My three year old has colored on it a few times with crayons, and they wiped right off with a damp magic eraser, without damaging the paint job. The doors are all in great condition still, after frequent use. We were wary of spending so much money, but this has been worth every penny so far. Great if your kids like to watch Food Network and "practice" cooking.
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on December 22, 2012
I looked at several play kitchens for my daughter, and settled on this one. I thought some that I saw were too basic. Others were so complex, sometimes even involving electronics to provide sounds and such, that I think they miss the point of this kind of toy. This one is neither too simple nor too complex. I gave it to her for Christmas, and she loves playing with it; for this kind of product that's the most important factor, so I'm giving it a good rating. That said:

The package arrived looking like it had been loaded by a honey badger. It's a 100lb package, so I'd just go in expecting this kind of problem. Most of the damage was to the packing material. (A lot of the foam was crushed, which is very messy.) After assembly I noticed a small chip in one of the side panels. Given the trouble I had in assembly, it's possible I caused the chip; either way there was no chance I would disassemble the thing enough to replace it. There was a little other damage which I'll address momentarily.

It turns out the chipped panel was a weak point, and a large chunk of it broke away when I tried to move the kitchen. This could've been avoided by using two people to move it, but still speaks to a durability issue IMO. That said, it can be repaired. I used a wood glue to reattach the chunk that broke off, clamped it for 1/2 hour (times may vary for different glues), patched voids and uneven spots with epoxy wood filler, and will sand and paint the filler once it's fully cured. How acceptable you might find such a repair may depend on where the damage occurred that you'd patch. Mine is in an inconspicuous area, and this repair, though a bit involved, was easier than rebuilding with a new panel. Then again, I already had the tools and materials on hand. YMMV.

Complex assembly is required, and the instructions are far from perfect. I saw other reviews raise this point and disregarded them because I expect some assembly work for a product like this. Well, here's what you need to know:

First, have at least two adults working on this. I'd prefer to have 3 for some steps. I did it alone; it CAN be done, but it is not easy and you're better off with help to hold pieces in place, etc. In particular, when you put the top on there are at least 4 independent free-standing pieces that have to line up, so extra hands make all the difference.

If you order this for Christmas, don't wait until the night before to open and assemble it. Yes, the assembly can be done in an evening - though it could take all evening. But you may find you should have left time for shipping of replacement parts. In my case, two of the door latches were broken when I unpacked it. They're easy to replace (a screwdriver and the wrench they ship in the package will do it). Also one piece was missing. They were good about sending replacement parts, which I received quickly. Note that some part numbers are skipped, and part #33 (the clock hands) is in the hardware package; so no need to panic about those parts seeming to be missing.

There are steps where you'll have to force a fit. Partially this is because, like many furniture builds, they tell you to do things in an order that defies the laws of geometry. It's also partially because these things are apparently hand-made, so tolerances aren't always what they should be.

They claim the only tool you need (beyond what they include in the package) is a phillips screwdriver. This is a half truth. A standard phillips will get you most of the way through the job, but each door has some hardware with tiny screws for which you need a smaller (#0 I think) phillips screwdriver. If you're lucky a glasses repair kit will do the job; if you're not you may have to force one or more of the screws (remember those loose tolerances?), so to get enough torque I needed a full-sized screwdriver with a #0 bit; luckily I have one. Also there are cases where the allen wrench they provide doesn't give you the leverage you'd like, so again having your own full-sized driver can help.

The three hooks that hang over the stove top are perfectly round pieces of plastic. You drive a screw through a hole in the back of the cabinet and into the base of each hook. This is a frustratingly slow task, as it is quite hard to get a grip on the hook and the screw doesn't turn easily into it. I ended up just sweating through this step; it can be done and even with the hook slipping in your hand you probably will make slow but steady progress. I later heard the suggestion to wrap the hook in a cloth (to protect it) and use pliers or similar to hold it. This might work and might be easier, but beware the soft plastic might be easy to deform if you try this.

I believe the cabinet material to be MDF. In my shop I won't work with MDF because it is toxic when cut, so you might wonder why it would be used in a kid's toy. I'm not overly concerned since it's painted and since I assume the MDF had some time to air out before I ever got it. If this is a concern to you, I recommend you first confirm what the unit is made of and then do your own research to decide if you consider it a risk. In general your options for a reasonably-priced kitchen set will likely be plastic or engineered wood (such as MDF); if a solid wood product is out there (I haven't seen one) I would wager it'd be quite expensive.

Some reviews say this unit isn't very durable. I believe the doors could be weak spots. A high-energy child might damage them, and it seems they'd be difficult to replace (as it would require a fair amount of reassembly). All of the doors open to the side, which should help somewhat. (You'd expect the oven, for example, to open downward; but then a child might sit or stand on the open door and it would definitely break.)

Others commented about the size of this set. I think it's about right for my daughter (almost 3 years old) and probably will be for a few years. Your mileage may vary.

My advice is: it's a good choice if you want a kitchen set for your young child, as long as you're aware of the setup work involved.
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on April 13, 2014
I love this kitchen! My little girl (who just turned 3) has had a younger-looking plastic kitchen since she was 1. I decided it was time for an upgrade. The positive reviews for this particular kitchen helped sway my decision, thus I decided it was important to add my opinion to the mix.

1. The size. It's large enough for two children to play on at once. The fridge holds the 80+ piece set of Learning Resources food my little girl got for her birthday. I love that this kitchen has such great storage!
2. The look. This kitchen looks like a real kitchen. The plastic kitchens, I've noticed, just aren't as realistic. I love the layout of this kitchen and that every part is easily identified. I also like that the color scheme is gender neutral. Bright colors are best, in my opinion.
3. The function. Each door opens: the microwave, the oven, the dishwasher, the fridge and the freezer. This is my little girl's favorite part at this time. The shelf above the sink is another great storage space.
4. The sounds. There are no "fake" cooking sounds in this kitchen (which is a plus for me). However, the knobs make clicking sounds when turned, which is fun.
5. The weight. This kitchen is wood (some of it pressed board, but still nice nonetheless) and it's heavy. I'm not worried about my daughter pulling this kitchen down on herself. It's got a great, nice weight to it.

1. The labeling stickers for each part have been difficult to remove in one piece. I've had to use a product and scraper to remove them. I understand the boards being labeled, but didn't think the utensils needed labels. :)
2. It was HARD to assemble. There's no way me or my husband could have done it. It came as a flat heavy box, with each board separate. We paid a skilled handyman to assemble this kitchen, and it took him three hours. He said it was one of the hardest toys he'd ever assembled.

With that said, I'm so happy with our purchase. I've bought Kidkraft products before and I'm always pleased with the quality and workmanship of their items. I would definitely recommend this kitchen and would buy it again.
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on July 23, 2013
I got this kitchen last year for my son who just turned two. One thing to keep in mind when buying is that this kitchen is MUCH taller/wider than other wooden kitchens. it may be better for a 3-4 year old than a 2 year old because of the height- a 2 year old can't reach the microwave or freezer, and mine was TALL. You may need to find bigger pots and pans to use on it. But the good side is that older children (5+) can play with it easily, and that multiple children can play at the same time.
What my son loves the most is to play with the burners, he loves the click of the dials, and loves to turn the faucet handles to wash dishes in the sink. He talks on the phone and checks the oven- cautioning me that it's VERY hot.
He loves this thing.

The burners and sink pop off easily to be cleaned which is a big plus.
At one point, the oven door broke off, and one of the pegs for holding the spoons/potholders didn't come with the package. they sent me replacement parts and replacement tools right away, without any hassles. It was the reason I bought THIS brand of kitchen in particular.

One thing I don't like about it is the middle boards that go in the oven and dishwasher are 1/4" too narrow to slide into the grooves and stay there, and fall out with the slightest touch.They will slide into the grooves but fall out just as easily. I have taken them out and store them behind the kitchen- it is annoying to lose that extra bit of play/storage space because the board isn't wide enough. I would give 5 stars if not for this.

Overall- I think this is a really fun, gender neutral and colorful kitchen that my child enjoys playing with, and will continue to enjoy for years. It is well worth the extra money to buy it.
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on February 29, 2016
We bought and put this kitchen together for my 18 month old daughter on Christmas eve. She loved it from the moment she set eyes on it, but by Christmas dinner it had already started falling apart--with little to no effort the hinge on the pressboard came off of the oven door. In the weeks following small other things started to break: the clock handles hang down and can't be maneuvered, the screws to the microwave stripped when we tried to tighten them to align the frame and the door, etc. Given I am a busy working mom of 3 kids, I am just getting around to writing Amazon about replacing a few of these items. They said I either have to replace the whole thing or nothing, since I didn't ask for replacements under 30 days. What a shame that they don't have the policy that most companies have now--they stand behind their products no matter what happens or when it happens. I've been a Prime member for a decade, and yet I'll think twice about ordering something that could potentially break in the future.
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on October 31, 2015
I bought this for my son when he was really young. He got some fun out of it, but wasn't too interested. The quality of this product is fantastic!! If you have a child that likes this type of play, I don't think you could go wrong with this. Like I said, my son.wasn't that interested, but it did get some use. I ended up selling mine to another person later. It was in great condition because this is a quality item.
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on May 12, 2017
Purchased this kitchen for Christmas, and let me tell you it was not fun building it. I think it took two adults about three hours to get the thing set up. HOWEVER, we have now owned this kitchen going on 3 years, and my kids STILL enjoy playing with it! There is tons of storage for kitchen toys, the woodwork is done nicely, and it is very durable! This play kitchen is strong! It has lasted us through 2 moves, 2 rough kids, and plenty of play dates. The colors are bright and vibrant and its a perfect accessory to any play room. The only thing I can think of that would make it better is if it had sounds!
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on August 19, 2013
I debated purchasing this kitchen for a long time due to price. After looking at other kitchens, I finally bought this one. It just has so much to offer from a pretend-play standpoint. Also, while I liked the thought of a kitchen that would "go well" in my home, I decided that the primary colors were more fun for my son.

We've only had it for a few weeks, but I'm already happy with the purchase. My 3-year-old son loves it so far. It's very life-like -- the oven knobs make a clicking sound, for example.

So, what is the assembly like?
Assembly was surprisingly easy. I am a single mom with no major skills other than experience with Ikea furniture. My brother carried the box (75 lbs) up to my second floor for me, but after that I was on my own. (He would have helped but it was too late in the evening and my son would not have waited for him to return another day.)

If you have uninterrupted time, it should take less than two hours (easily). I put it together with an excited and "helpful" three-year-old. My recommendation is that you put it together while your child sleeps. It's nice to let kids help, but if you lose one of the little pieces, it could be a problem.

All of the hardware is incredibly well-organized. Everything has a specific slot in the tray and everything is assigned a letter. You will never wonder which screw the image is referring to. Everything is VERY clear. The drawings are also very clear - way better than Ikea. There was only one image where I wasn't sure exactly which way something went (I think it was J), but I figured it out fairly quickly.

All of the wooded pieces have numbers. My recollection is that they go in sequential order. Take everything out of the box and line up the wood in order against a wall for faster assembly.

As with all instructions, read through it first; get familiar with the sequence of parts. The only tool you need is a Phillips screwdriver. There is an allen (is it an allen wrench?) and another wrench in the hardware kit.

It does not require two people for assembly. The only exception is that it would have been helpful when putting together the first two pieces. Once that framework is together, though, it's not difficult.

The only problem I am having is that the shelf in the stove is not staying put. I may need to tighten something. I will call for advice if that doesn't do the trick.

So far, really happy with the kitchen!
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on December 24, 2015
We purchased this for our 2 yr old old grandson, who had been showing a great interest in toy kitchens. I spent several hours on comparing kitchens and prices--and all roads kept leading to this Kidcraft Deluxe kitchen. NO REGRETS. THOROUGHLY PLEASED.
This kitchen is solid! It should last for many years of use! It is wood and heavy. Put it together near the spot that it will be staying in. All the doors open and close securely and the oven knobs are sturdy and click when turned. The cabinet on the left side has shelves inside. Since white is the predominant color, I would expect it will need a light wipe down now and then.....but do not let that stop you from ordering. This is a taller kitchen that older kids will enjoy too.
Assembly took my son 2-3 hrs. He said the directions were pictures only and everything went well.
You can truly order with confidence!
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on October 7, 2011
Update: It is now 2 years after I bought the kitchen, and still pleased with the purchase. This kitchen is still used daily by my children. There is nothing else in the house that gets as much use as this kitchen does. It is still big enough that they can play side by side and have room. I have not had any problems with knobs or doors. The signs of wear that I do see are minor chipping on the utensils (but have been used for purposes they were not intended for- like drumsticks), and one child snapped one of the clock hands off. I would definately buy it again!

I bought this almost a year ago for my son and daughter (ages 1yr and 2.5yrs at the time). I spent hours researching differnt types of kitchens (wood vs plastic), different brands, and trying to figure out how much to spend. The Kidkraft Deluxe Let's Cook Kitchen came out on top for a number of reasons.

1. I wanted a kitchen that was gender neutral. I love the idea of creative play, and I didn't want to have a pink or too girly kitchen. This white kitchen with bright primary color accents is visually appealing (a plus since it is in my family room), and perfect for girls and boys.
2. My daughter was a tall 2yr old and would only get bigger. I didn't want her to outgrow a kitchen in less than a year. This model was taller than some if the plastic models I saw in stores. A year later, she still has plenty of room to grow.
3. I wanted a kitchen that would accomodate 2 kids playing at the same time. Other styles were too small or had an L shape that would not have enough room for both kids. My kids can play together with enough space for both of them.
4. Storage was a factor. I LOVE that this kitchen holds all of the play food, pots, aprons, etc. And most of it is hidden behind solid doors. Easy clean up at night! Again, since it is a big kitchen, it is great that it doubles for toy storage. The doors are wide enough to hold Melissa and Doug sets

I would absolutely recommend this kitchen. It has been the most used toy in the house, and gets use EVERY day. Even with all of that activity, it still looks brand new. I have not had any problems with doors, handles or dials. This product is well worth the money. Yes, it is more expensive than some others, but worth the money.
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