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on May 26, 2017
This review is for the 2-Disc Universal Legacy Series Special Edition of To Kill A Mockingbird which I purchased newly released in 2005. It has since been upgraded to Bluray and a "50th Anniversary" edition but the contents are essentially the same for all releases since 2005. The discs are handsomely packaged in a "book" style case which opens with a front cover enclosing a lot of photographs and some essential "liner notes". The DVD's themselves are the classic Widescreen presentation of the film (with Dolby or DTS surround sound, your choice) accompanied by a number of short featurettes, including the wonderful Scout Remembers; and the 2nd Bonus Disc which contains two long feature documentaries: A Conversation with Gregory Peck and Fearful Symmetry: The Making of To Kill a Mockingbird, both of which are going to be captivating to any fan of Peck, Harper Lee, or of this film alone. The beautiful transfer of film and sound on this collection is perfection and if you have a large flat screen TV and a good AV Receiver to run your movies through, you will be astonished by the quality and feel like you are in a movie theatre on Christmas Day in 1962, watching a virgin copy of the reels.

For most of my life, I have always held Casablanca and Citizen Kane as my favorite B&W classics, but as the years drew on, the movie which has held its luster, held its captivation with drama, B&W cinematography, screenwriting, and a cast of actors with a delivery so real you feel like you are part of the living little town, Mockingbird has risen to top of my list, not just in terms of B&W filmography but all films in general. Harper Lee's novel was treated with utmost respect, the storyline remaining true to her style of "voice" (through Scout) and in her picturesque manner of imagery: To Kill A Mockingbird is the perfect film. You will also, if you love this film, find yourself revisiting the bonus features, something which with most DVD/BR releases, "special" or not, don't usually get more than one run-through. The two Features on the 2nd disc are amazing documentary films in their own right, brought to us by Barbara Kopple no less, and Charles Kiselyak who dives deep into the film and book and Harper Lee's inspirations.

My copy of the DVD set came with a collection of postcard reproductions of promo posters, I hope the new editions still contain those!

If by some crazy chance, you have never watched this movie, much less owned a copy, you certainly owe yourself a little over a couple hours to immerse yourself in a small piece of American cinematic and social history, in a story which is immediately engaging and dramatically riveting. This is a beautiful, haunting, emotional, and inspiring film of a quality which is rare, to this day, in Hollywood productions. Every now and then a film reels us back from the mega-entertainment sector of movies which are wonderful flash-bangs keeping us high on fictional unreality, every once in a while we have something which accomplishes the wonderful in a much quieter, but equally mesmerizing manner. Not to say you will find Mockingbird boring, oh no! Mockingbird is never boring, the story comes at you like waves on the shore, each one enveloping you more and more, it will move you, anger you (I hope), touch you, inspire you (I hope again).

Get Mockingbird today, you will not be sorry you did.
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on February 11, 2012
To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] This review is for the Blu-Ray disc only as I have not yet viewed the DVD version nor downloaded the Digital Copy. I do not feel it necessary to review this classic film. Unless the subject matter is not suitable for one's age, everyone in the free world has surely seen the film entitled, To Kill a Mockingbird, or at the very least read the book. If not, shame on your High School English teacher! To Kill a Mockingbird was required reading when I was in High School & I could not put the book down until I had turned the very last page! To say that it is a page turner is not only redundant, it is also an understatement. However, this review is about the Blu-Ray not the book. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled to learn that To Kill a Mockingbird was showing in my home town movie theater. Having read the book, my sister & I absolutely could not wait to see the film. We no sooner returned home from the movie theater when we agreed to change the names of our two Finches (tiny caged birds). Mine was renamed Atticus Finch & my sister chose the name Scout Finch. Thus, I have read the book which remains on my bookshelf to this very day, purchased a ticket to watch To Kill a Mockingbird when it was initially released in movie theaters & I own the film version on both VHS & DVD. Yet I could not manage to resist purchasing this 50TH Anniversary Edition on Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital Copy for the incredibly reasonable price offered by Amazon. The Remastered Blu-Ray quality is truly excellent. Thankfully it remains in Black & White. There are many Bonus Features. So many in fact that I have no doubt it could take several weeks to view all. The interviews with the actors are extremely interesting & entertaining. A true fan of the film To Kill a Mockingbird cannot go wrong with this set. It comes with two discs, one DVD, the other Blu-Ray, along with instructions about how to download the Digital Copy from your PC. The Blu-Ray is in 1080p High Definition Widescreen 1.85:1 which is apparent as once again, the picture quality is just incredible. The DVD is Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1. Both are in English & French but surprisingly not Spanish & both have English, Spanish & French subtitles. Some of the Special Features are in 1080i/p High Definition & some in 480i/p Standard Definition. I highly recommend this 50TH Anniversary Edition of the enduring classic film, To Kill a Mockingbird!
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on October 9, 2013
Though readers of the book will miss the many wonderful subplots, the movie is still delights and saddens in all the right ways. This anniversary edition is worth the investment for any movie collection. I'm not a big blue-ray fan because I don't think they are worth the extra cost for all the hype. For those who don't agree, we are all entitled to our opinions. This version works for me.

Gregory Peck embodies Atticus Finch and the bonus features reveal such tidbits as his meeting of Harper Lee during filming of the movie began a lifetime relationship between her and the Peck family. Haper Lee was a notorious recluse, so this was quite an interesting bit of news.
The 50th Anniversary edition includes 2 discs, one for the movie and one for the Bonus Features. The worst of the features is "The Excerpt From The Academy Tribute To Gregory Peck". There's nothing new here. It's appears to occur after Mr. Peck's death and when Harper Lee is introduced, the camera is blocked by people's heads. Terrible! Plus, all you want to do the entire time Cecelia Peck is talking is brush her hair out of her face! So annoying!
The best features are: "A Conversation With Gregory Peck" and "Scout Remembers". These offer fun insights into filming and how cast members were selected. Plus it's fun to see Scout all grown up!
"The American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award" is only Gregory Peck's Acceptance Speech, not the entire program. Although his speech is quite insightful as to the man, given what he chooses to talk about.
"Fearful Symmetry" is a good look at the overall making of the film and repeats a bit of what occurs in "A Conversation With Gregory Peck" and "Scout Remembers".
"100 Years of Universal: Restoring the Classics" is not specific to "To Kill a Mockingbird." It's interesting in its own right regarding the general loss of film and importance of restoration. For those of us who love older movies, we can appreciate that the importance of restoration was discovered before more of the history of film was lost.
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on June 27, 2012
I just want to say that the transfer for this movie is amazing. I love a studio who respects their classics and Universal certainly got the job done with this title. It looks like it was filmed yesterday with great contrast and luminosity. I didn't see a scratch during all the viewing. The sound was also wonderful on my home theatre, you could hear a lot of subtilities with the 5.1 DTS soundtrack that you could'nt with the soundtrack on my copy on DVD. It's a very pleasant experience to enjoy a classic like this in your home, I felt like I was somewhere in a movie theatre in 1962. Also, they're not cheap with the extras, there's more than the original DVD which was pretty full also. I like the featurette showing how they restore the Universal classics, very informative. I loved the movie experience so much that I bought The Deer hunter also from that 100th anniversary of Universal studios. Same thing, the picture was amazing,very colorful and rich. The sound was not perfect but I'm sure they did whatever they could for the best possible result.So, Universal, two thumbs way way up for To kill a mockingbird on B-Ray, I highly recommand it!
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on May 4, 2013
My husband and I watch “To Kill a Mockingbird” at least once a year, so in the interest of full disclosure, I am not reviewing a movie I just saw for the first time (even though I am responding to Amazon’s request that I review my most recent watching of it via Amazon Prime last week). This movie is the “Benchmark” for the definition of “Five Stars” in my book. As some pundit once said, it is the “which” than which there is nothing “whicher.” I need fingers and also toes of more than just me to count the number of times I have seen this movie since the first time I watched it when I was in fourth grade in the late 1960s, and my whole family sat riveted, huddled under wool blankets, on our unheated, glassed-in porch that doubled as a TV room in those days. Even as a fourth-grader, I knew this movie would change my life after I saw it. Many decades later, I can tell you that it still changes me every time I watch it. The movie bestows wisdom on so many issues, and you will find yourself noticing events in your own life that mirror those unforgettable teachings. The character development in this film was unprecedented at the time it was made. And the plot was unprecedented for its time too. In an era when little girls were being sold “Easy Bake Ovens” and there was no such thing as an “alternative family,” this movie’s protagonist is a tomboy (Scout) in a family headed by a man (Atticus Finch, who is a lawyer), and the children’s best friend is a delicate visiting neighbor modeled on Truman Capote. I regret that almost all of the publicity about this movie has focused on the race relations aspect, only because it misses so much of what makes this movie great. Admittedly, like everything about this movie, that aspect is groundbreaking, but it would be shortsighted to assume this is a movie “about race relations.” The preponderance of the plot goes far beyond. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is equally a movie about how to learn from misguided assumptions, about recognizing love, and about creative survival. I will stake my life and reputation that this is one of the best films ever made and that will ever be made. Most films made now have “one note” themes. “To Kill a Mockingbird” covers far more ground. In this movie, Scout’s learning about the impact of the Great Depression on human dignity is profound: her tempestuous interactions with an impoverished schoolmate whose father pays for his legal obligations to Atticus with bags full of nuts are tangible, and you can almost taste the syrup that her classmate pours over his eggs when he joins them for breakfast one day. The scene where the children learn that their seemingly dull father is actually an accomplished sharp-shooter—when he kills with one shot a rabid dog threatening the town—is unforgettable. Most people who learn about this movie learn about the race relations story of the trial, and—as important as that is—it missed two thirds of the point of the movie—so I will end this review with a comment about the “Boo Radley” story overlaying the movie. So as not to spoil the end of the movie for anyone who has not already seen it, let me just say that when the door swings back and it is revealed who “saved” Scout from being attacked, one realizes who the “the mockingbird” really is. No one will watch this movie and not feel changed by it. Years after you watch it, you might hear the movie theme music and feel moved to tears. Yes, it’s that good.
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on July 13, 2013
I am identified as an African American but I am way beyond that scope, attachment and lable. What struct me so profoundly was the raw footage in the film, the not so nice and quite Actors on the scence, The Hatered, The Ignorance, The Innocence, The realities of Life and the Sutility and blantness of death.Very graping and powerful, well made in so many ways. The family unit, the extended family, the dysfunctional family, the good and bad neighbor mix and the pressing points of idealism and the path of doing what's in your power to do.That Scout burst on almsot every scence, in her wonder and take on the world and good ole Jem, following in the shadow of Actticu, courageous, bold, pushing the edge, defining acts and choices, a Mavrick of sorts. The film is a classic and stirs the emotional and deeper side of where where we are as nation still fall short, things can be much better, if we view things like a child with guidance, we won't continue killing mocking birds.
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on August 14, 2014
This is one of those classic stories that most kids read in High School or even before. I read this in High School and we read it with our son in grade school at home. The story is all about peacefully resisting racism and prejudice. In this story, you see that things aren't always the way they seem or the way that some people portray them. Perspectives can often be tainted. The characters in this story learn to evaluate a person by their actions and their character rather than through gossip or another's views which, can many times differ from reality and what is true. Great story and good messages throughout! Really good classic movie. It's nice you don't even have to buy this movie but can watch it on Amazon instant video from the computer even. Convenient!
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on March 27, 2017
I had seen this movie several years ago and my grandson needed to see it for school. It was required reading and watching. It gave him a clearer understanding of the time in which it took place.
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on June 7, 2008
Without much knowledge of history behind the acclaimed author Truman Capote, I watched the film "Capote" sometime back, and was interested in knowing more about his childhood friend Harper Lee and the her Pulitzer prize willing novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" mentioned in the film. After reading the reviews, I realized that this novel is tagged as the book of the century in American literature by the critics and the fans. I bought the film with high expectations, and all my expectations were exceeded by this masterpiece. This movie and the history behind Harper Lees work touched me so deep, that I went to imdb ([...]) and gave it a perfect 10 rating. This is the only movie I have rated 10 so far, although I have given 9 to about dozen of movies. ([...])

Being an alien to American way of life and its discourse, I think I have uncovered one of the gems in modern American literature. Reasons, that I was drawn so much to this movie could be personal to me as well. The little girl who plays the lead role reminds me of my own little daughter, and the Atticus Finch's character in this movie, could be the role model of fatherhood for any given culture.
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on September 3, 2016
To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my very favorite books and the movie in no way disappoints. This is a true classic. There are so many lessons to learn from Atticus and the lessons he strives to teach his children in the midst of sad racial conditions. This edition of the movie is a quality version. I thoroughly enjoy Scout and Atticus, but would love a little more of Mrs. Duboise - there is so much to learn from her strong character.
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