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on October 17, 2016
I am a 33 year old male and suffer horribly from acid reflux. Someone recommended this book and I bought it from Amazon. It is GREAT!!! I already kinda knew the risks of acid reflux, but didn't really know what type of diet to follow. This book offered me some awesome insights in terms of what to eat, or more importantly, what NOT to eat. It really takes a while to settle into the diet that works for you, as some people react differently to various foods. Plus, you will "relapse" from time to time (such as when you go to a fair). I have been on 60mg Dexilant for several years. It works to take away the severe acid reflux, but the problem is the side effects. Fairly recently, I started having these side effects every night. Headaches in the morning when I woke up, anxiety at night that would wake me up, chest pains, tiredness/lack of energy during the day, etc. So, I finally said "enough is enough" and started really following this diet for the most part. I do not use the menu items in the book, but I follow the main narrative. Eat/drink foods high in alkaline (high pH) and avoid drinks/foods high in acidity. Let me tell you, this is much harder than you think. I pretty much stopped eating fast food altogether. Simply because they are highly processed (bad for reflux sufferers) & mostly fried (bad for reflux sufferers). I also had to eliminate spicy foods too. Soda is gone (very acidic), tea is gone (caffeine), coffee is limited to one cup a day, candy is gone (especially chocolate), etc. Here is something to put in your head, if it is bad for your health......eliminate it. That will take out most foods that cause reflux. Then add in things like lemons, oranges, strawberries, blue & black berries, grapefruit, highly processed meats....all of which are leading causes of acid reflux. Also, stop smoking & drinking, because those are bad too. I am telling you! Buy this book! It can change your life. I am down to taking about 1 pill every week or two & I have not had a severe acid reflux episode in over a month!!! I am NOT kidding!!! As someone that has experienced severe acid reflux, I am awestruck. Mainly because I have come to the realization of just how bad the food we eat has become. A huge portion of what Americans eat is absolute garbage. I realize that now because of what I have to avoid on a daily basis. My wife will ask me "where do you want to eat" & we automatically eliminate 95% of the restaurants in town because of the bad food served at those places. I was at a corporate gathering recently & a coworker asked why I wasn't drinking. I said it was due to my new diet. He told me that he just "takes a pill for it" & at least three other guys at the table said they were on medication too!!! This is an EPIDEMIC!!! Like I said, this book WILL change your life if you are serious about stopping your acid reflux & getting off the medication.
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on September 6, 2014
I read this book and thought it met a lot of my symptoms so I started the eating plan. I am pre diabetic and was surprised to see that making the shake with banana (which I had not eaten in years) not only did not raise my sugar level but my sugar level went down. The side effects of this program was that I lost 15 pounds in 2.5 months and lowered my AIC to almost normal. I have eliminated the foods I was eating like onions, garlic, pepper and green apples and have felt overall better. I have recommended this book to all of my friends who have asked me how I lost the weight. This was not my intention when I ordered the book but certainly is a pleasant surprise and the food recipes are delicious. I love that I can have ezekial bread toast and almond butter. I am certainly not on a diet!
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on October 19, 2014
My gastroenterologist suggested that I buy a copy of Killing Me Softly From Inside.” If I hadn’t related to the song, I might not have remembered to buy it. But buy it I did and it changed my life.

The book by Dr. Johnathan Aviv describes symptoms of the Acid Reflux disease including many that I didn’t know--even though I’ve lived with the disease for more than two decades.

Once I learned the possible consequences of prolonged reflux, I was ready to follow the Low Acid Diet published in the book. , After one month on the diet, my symptoms had almost disappeared, and I had lost 15 pounds. It is now three months since I bought the book and I’ve lost a total of 20 lbs. and I am feeling great.

I am about to buy a copy for a friend who has reflux. I think the diet could be useful for people who don’t have reflux too.
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on June 28, 2016
I found myself with a strained voice three months ago and my larynx felt like dry rubber bands when I swallowed. Then I lost my voice entirely for three weeks. I saw Dr. Aviv's book in the background of a video where he was on TV speculating as to why Hillary Clinton keeps having coughing fits, so, knowing something was wrong with my "talker," I bought it. Well, Dr. Aviv's book presents a diet plan that worked for me. It resurrected my voice to where today, a month and a half later, I recorded an entire song with four part harmonies and am not even hoarse afterward.

The first part explains his diagnosis and the pervasiveness of this inflamed esophagus condition, the second the dangers of the condition and the third part presents his treatment, in the form of changing one's diet, which I found not hard to do.

Besides bringing my voice back, the diet has eliminated the bloat I had in the evening, and my need to eat right before bed. I lost a couple pounds around my mid-section, and am regaining my slender self, which I didn't expect to have happen! I also, beginning after three weeks, felt a feeling of well-being that I have not felt before. I plan to stick with his diet.
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on October 9, 2015
After suffering for years with a condition causing persistent clearing of my throat and swallowing, unresponsive to the remedies recommended by
many ear, nose and throat specialists I was referred to Dr. Aviv by a friend. The treatment regimen he prescribed included continuation of Prilosec
and Pepcid (a Proton Pump Inhibitor and Histamine-2 Receptor Antagonist respectively) which alone were ineffective. Skeptically, I listened to his
forceful advice to go on his diet, bought the book started the diet immediately and within a few weeks I began to notice a significant improvement in
the symptoms that had been tormenting me and my wife for so long. The symptoms continued to improve and as a bonus I lost close to ten pounds. Following the diet was not difficult. The recipes were delicious and I discovered so many new foods and preparations. My wife and the good doctor deserve all the credit. In recent months, I began to deviate from the diet: drank an occasional beer, glass of wine, cocktail, ate food containing garlic, onions, berries, pineapple etc. and I am close to where I started with the nasty symptoms of LaryngoPharyngealReflux (LPR).
Starting today, I am going back on the diet and have promised myself never to deviate again
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on April 23, 2014
As a reflux sufferer this book was very helpful; powerful, even. It left a lasting impression in my life! Whilst reading, I was following the nutrition tricks and tips that helped me along the way. I have to say, I am no chef. As I also work long hours, I do not have time for much, including preparing food at times. I found it extremely easy to follow the recipes.
They are not only nutritious, but delicious! And, they are also not time-consuming at all. Dr. Aviv has also kindly wrote the book in terms were ANYONE can understand. This was a plus for me because as many books I have read on the subject, I found it hard to follow due to all the medical vernacular. The fact that he incorporated his personal experience with acid reflux was another point that made me believe that I, too, can get through this. IT WAS VERY INSPIRING!!!
I would recommend this book as the end-all-be-all to anyone who is suffering from this condition.
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on February 24, 2015
Not only is Dr. Aviv a wonder doctor, but the book is as well. My husband has had trouble keeping his meals down for a couple of years. We went to a number of doctors and he had many procedures and then to Dr. Aviv. We live in Central Jersey so going to a New York doctor is a bit of a trip for seniors, but so well worth it. At the first visit Dr. Aviv told us about the book and gave us the diet sheet. We followed the diet through the menus and recipes in the book and within ten days my husband was able to eat in comfort. Within a month he had almost no problems with meals. Since I do the cooking in the home, it just meant that I had to alter my recipes a bit, but that was no problem. Everything was written out clearly and simply. We have gone back three times now to Dr. Aviv and it is six months later and my husband has no problems anymore with meals. He can enjoy his food once again. We did and still do follow the expected foods that are allowed and he stays away from foods that are not allowed. He has will power I'll give him that. At any rate, if you are or know someone who is a sufferer from acid indigestion, GERD, or some such issues, get this book and give yourself a chance to improve. It's all about the diet! Thank you Dr. Aviv. My husband can enjoy my cooking once more.
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on July 7, 2014
Dr. Aviv gives an extremely clear explanation of how someone unwittingly can cause havoc within their digestive system and be totally unaware they're doing it. He shows how it's very easy to be unconcerned about acid reflux when the symptoms are "silent." With no noticeable symptoms, an unsuspecting person may think there's no need to make any dietary changes. Dr. Aviv shows the alarming dangers of this faulty reasoning. He explains how consuming certain supposedly harmless foods and beverages may lead eventually to what today is the fastest-growing cancer in America and Europe--esophageal cancer. Thankfully, Dr. Aviv's book also offers relatively easy ways to modify what we consume that will take us out of the danger zone of acid reflux and into the realm of healthy, nutritious eating so we can be at our best.

Dr. Aviv stresses the importance of eliminating heavily acidic foods and beverages from the diet. He also describes how a few very common and popular foods tend to weaken the sphincter muscle separating the stomach and esophagus and allow strong stomach acid to back up and damage the lining of the esophagus. He makes a very compelling case for incorporating these relatively modest dietary changes because they literally may help save an unsuspecting person's life.

After very clearly describing in the first part of his book the causes, mechanics, and distinguishing characteristics of acid reflux disease, Dr. Aviv devotes the second part of his book to providing a wealth of easy-to-follow, daily menu options, with a great many recipes for nutritious, low-acid meals. For anyone interested in eating delicious, healthy meals, this section of the book is a treasure trove.

In Dr. Aviv's Killing Me Softly from Inside, I found a medical book that is an extremely informative and practical guide for starting on a path of sensible, enjoyable, and nutritious eating that can form an essential part of the foundation of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
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on December 16, 2015
Killing Me Softly is a clearly written book, easily read and understood by the lay person or patient. Think silent acid reflux is no big deal? Lose your voice for weeks with no apparent reason or develop Barrett's syndrome, and you will quickly understand how insidious this condition can be. Dr. Aviv is a national authority on this subject. Read the book, and do what he suggests if acid reflux is part of your life. Recommended.
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on October 28, 2014
One of the luckiest days of my life occurred when I was referred to Dr. Aviv, after years of symptoms and seeing many doctors who prescribed myriad drugs but didn't get down to the basics. I was suffering from increasing vocal loss, both speaking and singing, as well as other alarming symptoms. Following his examination (painless), Dr. Aviv recommended that I begin the acid free diet as described in his book "Killing Me Softly".
Dr. Aviv did get down to the basics; and was gently persuasive about what steps I must take to help myself. I began the diet a little over five months ago. My gastrointestinal system is now stable and my throat is healed. I will happily continue this diet!
This diet is a testament to the fact that eating selected fresh, unprocessed foods can work miracles.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who suffers from acid reflux and is seeking a positive lifelong result.
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