Customer Reviews: Killzone 3: Helghast Edition
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on November 16, 2011
The following review will only cover the Collector's Edition (or Helghast Edition) content of Killzone 3 and not the game itself. It will also be brief since the video shows off most of the content for the Collector's Edition.

The first item of the Helghast Edition that should be mentioned is the helmet itself. The helmet is fairly decent in size and as others have mentioned before, is not big enough to be worn. You will also instantly notice how it does not weigh very much which in all fairness is not a terrible thing. The paint job on the helmet is also very good, although it does look perhaps a little less darker than I was expecting (do not get me wrong it is not bright or anything). Opening or removing the helmet is very easy, just lift it up and you can easily get to the art book and game case that can be housed inside.

The art book itself is pretty good although not as detailed as other art books on the market. Don't get me wrong it does cover everything you expect from a videogame art book such as characters, environments, weapons, vehicles, and so on. Unfortunately however, there are no comments or introductions to the sections by the artist who worked on the game. This is somewhat disappointing since many art books tend to have commentaries by people who worked on the game, which adds to the art book and the appreciation for the game itself. Regardless, the book itself covers everything fairly well and is big enough that it should satisfy most Killzone 3 fans.

Next up is the Cloaking Helgahst Marksman figure, which is one of the better figures I have seen in a Collector's Edition. Just about every body part on the figure can be moved, from the head, arms, legs and so on. Being able to pose a figure however you want is always nice and this figure lets you do that very well. I also like how the paint job was done on the figure with it being half cloaked and half visible, a very cool touch.

Now the last item to mention is the "Super Voucher." I should probably get the bad news out of the way first. If you buy the Helghast Edition at this moment, you will no longer be able to download any of the content it provides since it expired on September 1, 2011. This is a real shame since so much content was on the "Super Voucher" including "making of" features, a soundtrack, double XP for the first 24 hours while playing multiplayer, and so on. It is hard to understand why the voucher had such a quick expiration date but that is the case. So be warned if your biggest reason for picking up this edition is the "Super Voucher" and not the other content.

All in all, the the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition is a good Collector's Edition. It would have been nice if the art book had some comments from the artist who worked on the game, and perhaps a longer amount of time for claiming the content on the "Super Voucher," but these two issues do not hurt this set too much. If you can find a good price for this Collector's Edition, I say give it a chance.

Note: (Updated 01/11/12) There are more than a few people who are reporting that despite the expiration date for the "Super Voucher" being September 2011, you can still claim the content that comes with it. I am not able to verify if this is true, but if you happen to buy the Helghast Edition of Killzone 3, it is worth checking out if the voucher still works. Regardless, I am keeping the original rating that I gave this Collector's Edition as I believe it is still a fair score for the set.

Additional Note: (08/30/13) Recently a customer in the comment section asked where they could find the "Super Voucher" in the package. I figured I would add the response here since it might be helpful to someone else. The voucher can be found in the actual game case along with the game disc and manual. Mine was right on top of the game manual. If for some reason it is not there, you may have to contact the seller or Sony directly about this to hopefully get some help.
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on February 22, 2011
I've beat this game and I can say that it takes quite a bit of departure from Killzone 2. Killzone 3 contains more cutscenes, better graphics, and more options to take down the Helghast. The story line is top notch and I can say it is going to be my favorite game for quite a while!

Everything included in the Helghast Edition is of great quality and attention to detail (especially in the Helghast helmet) is what makes this edition worth it in the end. I really enjoyed the soundtrack but I feel like it is incomplete in regards to the best music from the game. I've always considered the Killzone series to have some of the best music so I was a little disappointed.

All in all I recommend any Killzone fan to pick up the Helghast edition, although as long as you get the game you'll have tons of fun!
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on February 23, 2011
The game is awesome. The multiplayer is good, although could be amazing if they included the ability to create custom matches from day 1 (a patch is said to be on the way to allow for that, like KZ2), and if they gave us back the ability to create multiple spawn points, including being able to spawn off the squad leader. They made the multiplayer more like COD, which isn't bad, but is a huge step down from KZ2 experience.

The helmet, while plastic, is very detailed and I think is pretty sweet.

The art book is put together wonderfully. There are concepts of pretty much everything you could want. And the background of the pages has like a glossy holographic effect to them with a design. Pretty cool.

The figure is one of a kind. Very detailed as well.

The Super Voucher is awesome. It is included inside the case with the manual and SOCOM 4 Beta Code. I got online at noon on release day, used my double xp with voucher, and played until 4am the next morning! I ranked all the way to Colonel 1. You could probably get further than me, as I'm not the best FPS player. I have over 50 career unlocks to use after the xp and access to all weapons expires. The double xp is the best part of the voucher, without a doubt. It says the super voucher retails for $60, so it's like getting the book, helmet, and figure for free. If you look at it that way. The dynamic theme is a killzone 3 helghast theme really. Thought it would be more animated, but its cool. No way to really describe it. I might post a video, if it dosn't infringe on copyright or something.

If you are a killzone fanatic, no doubt you will love this.

If you are a casual fan, you will love it too.

It really is a great package. And with the voucher, makes it worth every penny. My psn is steelerguy24 if anyone wants to play killzone 3.
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on March 22, 2011
What can I say that others have not. You have the specs:
*Super Voucher - Soundtrack, Theme, 2 maps (Retro), Behind the scenes video, and all the 24hour unlocks (All digital in 1 code) Also note that the 24hour bonuses expire to the exact moment you entered the code. Enter it at 1pm today it expires 1pm tomorrow. Do not waste it.
*Killzone 3 Artbook (Hardcover)
*Killzone 3 Cloaking Marksmen (Covered only in plastic with no bubble wrap/Killzone 3 display box for you Mint Collectors)
*Killzone 3 Helghast Helmet (Can hold at best 2 PS3 games like Killzone 2 and 3) No the eyes DO NOT light up

If you don't have a good online connection I can not recommend this edition. This is a great collection don't get me wrong, but without a stable connection you cant download half of the goodies and cant access half of this game. The game is a longer and improved Single Player game with Co-Op options but you are fooling yourself if you convince yourself that the online portion is nothing special; on the contrary.

The game has 3 game modes and several objectives in almost every game mode, excluding Guerrilla Warfare which is a simple game of kill all that stands. Capturing points, accumulating kills, transporting items, surviving and mastering your class are the main key elements of the online multiplayer. Find what you are good at and stick with it; most likely you will have a good time when you play with what you are most comfortable with.

Do not be afraid to die. Newbies always die when they get used to a game. Ride it out for about an hour, and when you understand everything you will find yourself enjoying the online portion of the game more than the Single Player portion.

This game does have a nice story that continues 6 months into the future and flashbacks right to the point of the KillZone 2 ending bridging what happened between then and now (Almost. Minus the 6 months in between surviving).

At the end it is known that the story will continue, so if you are hoping for this to be the last of the series to make this Edition have more meaning, then I have to break it to you; it isn't.

This edition is for the fans that want some great display pieces, a well done artbook and a bunch of digital content and a 24hour edge. Is it a worth your money? Absolutely if you intend to use everything in it (like most things, why pay for more if you wont use most of it). This edition was for me because the Helmet was sizable and a great display piece, the Sniper is also another display piece of mine, and the Soundtrack I ported and burned onto a CD for a hardcopy just in case my PS3 died, and to listen to in my CD Player versus the PS3. I liked the artbook but I like it better on the computer and as a hardcopy since I like tinkering with concepts. The maps and 24hour bonuses were something that just sweetened the deal and made my 1st day of playtime very easy; the maps added replayablity (but what new maps dont?).

Figure it this way, the game at its lowest price is half of what a new game costs; fine. The Helmet and Figure are both sizable, unique, and it can not be obtained separately. The look of the Helmet and Figure is also detailed and is a fine display; and like other display items you get them because they look great and they have a long shelf life.

For the price, what I have to say is what should be remembered for all purchases (As it is for all my purchases); Its only a waste of money if I buy it and never use it.

Most people buy the stand alone because they have no desire for the rest of the extra goodies in this edition. For a collector its something that has a lot of substance to it. Its not a cheap looking edition, and the price reflects it.

If you are still on the fence about it, my only other advice is look up unboxing's on for an idea of what it is. Made me want it more. If youtube is not your thing then maybe you need to look for pictures. This edition was put together very well, and is third only to the European Edition which got a Steel Game Case versus the Standard Case in North America, or the Limited Collector's Edition which can not be bought; with the only difference being the outer box art and the Helghast Helmet having LED glowing eyes.
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on January 7, 2013
The game is ok,
The graphics are good,
The extras that the Helghast edition comes with are cool.

be warned... for the late killzone 3 buyers the extra digital content is expired... : (
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on December 14, 2011
For $44.99, who else provides this kind of "deal of a lifetime" and especially for a "collectors edition".
As soon as I saw this deal on Amazon, I thought it was too good to be true but the seller and reviews look legit and hence I immediately got it.
Inside, it comes with a Helghan helmet bust which by far is the one the best looking pieces of art. It may not be as detailed as the expensive Star Wars kind but it looks alright. Also you can take the helmet off to keep your copy of Killzone game inside. I wish the eyes/ goggles of the helemt lit up (thats the only drawback). other than that the helmet looks awesome.
Next it also comes with a small action figure of Helghan sniper. The quality of the action figure is actually better than the helmet because its more detailed and it also has cloaked sniper rifle. The figure looks good but the only bad thing is that I cant make it stand upright properly. Small nudge to my table knocks it off so I what I did was glued the bottom bottom part of the figures feet and stuck it to an old CD making an easy and cheap stand for the figure.
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on March 30, 2013
i've been wanting to get this for a while now and i was board i was browsing so i saw this i accidently pressed used i saw it for $40 and the seller said its like new i had to get it so i did i was worry when i bought this because it was used so when i finally got this when i unbox the helghast edition i was scared i couldn't find the game until i took the helmet off i found it so yea get this if your a fan of this game
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on January 26, 2014
The game itself is a must play, but the CE edition oh boy.........yes it may remind most of the Halo helmet CE as it is very similor. It's a nice display pice and looks smart in any gaming room. A must buy if you can get your hands on it.
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on September 30, 2013
The head prop thing is cool. Helghasts are cool. $40 was a nice investment just for that head, but I get a game and a toy, too.
The toy seems kinda lazy. There is a version of the toy that is fully painted (for $80 on eBay), but this one is like they ran out of paint halfway. Plus for half the price of the painted one, you get the game and the head, too.
That DLC code thing expired in late 2011. Luckily Killzone 3 DLC is multiplayer-only and doesn't cost that much, if you really care to buy it, though the player count is cut down to 24 and the server browser is removed, meaning that this game certainly doesn't replace Killzone 2.
Speaking of the video game, why do Killzone games suck? They're super-linear like Call of Duty and you don't get to play as the Helghasts. Instead you play as a white guy with brown hair who doesn't wear a helmet, just like all his teammates. The ISA has plenty of cool-looking dudes, but you're on the Crappy Mohawk Division and so you and all the buddies you get choose to go without helmets and masks and goggles and other cool stuff. Also the buddies suck. They are invincible and you can't boss them around. For a game about war, there is very little war-fighting in it. You don't get vehicles and everything is very linear and non-dynamic. I'm still giving this 4 stars though because of the head prop.
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on December 18, 2011
I get this Helghast Edition with at least 60% disccount, just to start with, this is the first awesome thing.

It came well packed, two extra pounds just of cardboard box.
When I'd opened the box was shocking, the desing of Killzone's box is very artistic and colorfull.

Inside the box is the Helghast Helmet replica, very detailed and the materials worth every penny expended. It could be more fantastic that the googles came with red-led light built up to give more realism, but its awesome anyway.

Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure is other of the most significant things of this edition, basically is almost painted since is cloaked, but just to look the well detailed is it, is speechless i bealive i've never seen in my life such a finest exhibition toy. And the few parts painted, are carefully fantastic painted. just to look it up you though it would be like that stuff of toy story that came to life the toys.

Exclusive art book is other valuable things, since is very and carefully made, the hard cover is impressive, also the pages has a kind of enamel in relief over the pages
well i have no words to describe it, since is something that you have to see by youself, but by any chance is disappointing.

I dont have much to say about the super voucher since well, the OST and the dynamic PS3 theme are great, but the other stuffs, well i'm not the type of on-line player fan so i dont even have used the on-line features of the game.

And at last the game, which is very entertaining, i'd start playing just a few hours to test my game, but I'd get hooked up and could not stop. and in 2 days finished the game and was very exciting, but be aware that you have to play Killzone 2 if you are a fan. And if not for sure you'll gonna be want to know what happened before the third installment. In my personal opinion, well in KZ2 there was much more stress in every battle, here in KZ3 I felt that just a few times and not in the entire game. but is just my opinion. In the other hand, graphics, Soundtrack, guns, sound effects lights and shades within the game, everything makes a very realistic game of sci-fi first person shooter game, Not mentioning the new helghast jet-pack and the thrilling end of the game, as i told before worth every penny expended.
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