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on February 25, 2011
I've played through the game and spent several hours on multiplayer so I can officially say this game is just awesome. The way the first person camera works in most games is you feel like your a robot not a person running around with a gun floating in front. In killzone its completely different and that makes you feel like your in the action. Any time your picking ammo out of a crate or climbing a ladder or doing a melee attack. It actually looks like your doing those things. Its something you can't appreciate till you see it.

Bugs: 10
I didn't notice any of the glitching that I noticed in the demo either.

Story: 9 No spoilers
The story is great. You start out on helgan because you were stranded there after your partner assassinated the Visroy. So you begin by traveling to the extraction zone. Every level comes together and it make sense why you are doing the things your doing.

Multiplayer: 10
The gameplay as I've already covered is very well done and it doesn't change in multiplayer. The immersive first person action is still there. The melee attacks (hand to hand) is still awesome. There are 5 different classes and each one is very different. You'll spend the points you earn in multiplayer to upgrade your classes and buy guns. Choose wisely which class is going to be your favorite and work on that one first. Otherwise you'll waste a lot of your points.

Lasting appeal: 10
This game is going to last me for a long time. I'll probably play through it with the sharpshooter if I get it. I'll be playing multiplayer for a long time.
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on January 17, 2014
This game is rather awesome with the map expansion pack. The graphics are top notch and the CQC gameplay is awesome with knifing etc. The problem I have is it's almost impossible to host your own room. You must get a friends lister to play the opposite team capt, after accepting an invite, otherwise you'll be going from room to room playing only 15 minutes at a time, voting on maps or joining games in progress. it's too bad the Hosting is so awful, as this game deserves 5 stars.
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on July 23, 2012
This is my first killzone game for PS3.
I just can say, its a really good and funny game.
the graphics are excellents, the coop mode too, its really exciting play this game online, many people have it so you can play for many hours.
The story line its very good, with a great story and videos for those who likes this such of things.
In the offline mode you can play with a friend or by your own way, but i think the game could be a little longer because you can pass it on a day.
This game its 100% compatible with move accesories so i cant wait play it with a rifle.
Highly recommended for any people who likes shooter and actions games.

Este es mi primer juego de la saga killzone.
Es excelente en todos los apartados, graficos, sonido, jugabilidad, etc.
Puedes jugarlo offline con otra persona en modo campaña o jugarla tu solo, asi como tambien jugar online con muchisima gente de todos lados, es una verdadera locura, hay personas que realmente juegan esto todos los dias y es bastante dificil en parte al principio, pero una vez te acostumbras al modo online se vuelve bastante adictivo.
La jugabilidad es muy buena en ambos modos, con controles faciles de aprender.
Lo unico que tengo de objecion es que me parece que el juego pudiera ser un poco mas largo, porque en un dia jugando full lo puedes pasar, aunque la historia es bastante buena y los videos muy explicativos.
El juego es uno de los pocos shooters compatibles con move que realmente son buenos, asi que si quieres o tienes un rifle de move no lo pienses y compra este juego.
Recomendado para todos los amantes y fanaticos de los juegos de disparos y guerra.
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on July 2, 2017
The best game I've played.. they need to remake it for PS4 better then killzone shadow fall.. multiplayer is bad azz... I might have to get a PS3 just to play it again and whip some azz..
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on March 22, 2011
Since the most likely audience for Killzone 3 is people who played and enjoyed Killzone 2 I think I'll begin with addressing some of the major complaints. Killzone 2 was unique in that every weapon kind of had their own strategy to it. By this is am referring to the way your character would move and react depending on what gun they using. In sense this gave Killzone 2 something unique compared to other FPS. Killzone 3 does away with most of that instead opting to use a more quick and nimble system similar to many other popular shooters namely, Call of Duty. In away it takes away part of what made Killzone 2 so fun and engaging, however, the game gives you plenty to like in return.

The game has a new refined class system with each role having a primary function. Engineers help out the team by repairing ammo crates, stationary weapons, and damaged exoskeletons. They also have the ability to built their own stationary sentries and are all around great for defending objectives. Marksmen basically serve the role of snipers with the ability to cloak themselves and interfere with enemy radar. Infiltrators help the team by completing objectives. There ability to disguise themselves as members of the opposite team and the ability to run indefinitely makes them good for planting bombs and sneaking up on enemies. Lastly we have Medics which help the team by reviving them, promoting faster health regeneration.

The class system works well though there are only a few minor complaints. Each class only has access to three primary and secondary weapons.These are unlocked using a nice point system feature. Basically every time you level up you will be reward a certain number of unlock points (1 point for the first few levels for example). This isn't bad but many of the secondary weapons simply repeat themselves. So ultimately you'll be wasting unlock points to unlock the same useless pistol two or three times. The other problem is simply the lack of weapons. The current weapons are good but more would have been interesting.

This new class system comes with a nice new game mode to play called Operations. This mode features three objectives each broken up by cutscenes featuring the best performing players. This personally my favorite mode and I enjoy it a lot though it is essentially a water downed version of Guerilla Warfare which also makes a welcome returned. Guerilla Warfare is of course seven missions that take place in a nice large maps and is great for generating a large amount of experience. Lastly the is a team deathmatch which is pretty much standard stuff and not really worth mentioning in my opinion.

The multiplayer is a lot of fun, however, map choices were interesting. Maps used in Guerilla Warfare aren't in Operations (save a few). This results in Operations having only three maps or so which is really unfortunate. I understand that different modes have different map size constraints, however, Frozen Dam (the map used in the beta) was made for each mode with different parts of the map open depending on the mode which makes me wonder why other maps didn't receive the same treatment. Also worth mentioning for those that don't like playing with other players there is the option to play with bots using different difficult levels.

Lastly, we get to the single player. The single player is pretty much standard FPS stuff. It's pretty short and the plot isn't rather engaging. There is the inclusion of more vehicle sections which help break up the shoot and cover gameplay. However, most of these vehicle sections are pretty much on rails segments. That said the game looks great and runs well. Explosions pop out, snow storms impair visibility, and character models are well done. The voice acting isn't amazing but its not horrible. It's just that the story itself isn't all that.

**Move**: Seeing as how I own the Playstation Move I figured I would add a small review. The Move works decently well with the game though I wouldn't recommend throwing away your dualshock. The game lets you customize a lot of the features for the move such as sensitivity and dead zone. Shooting is alright with the move and in some cases like operating a gun in an on-rails section the Move may even be preferred than the dualshock. However, the dualshock also has its advantages such as when sniping.

Note: I did not use the sharpshooter simply the standard move and navigation controllers.

**3D**: I did not play the game in 3D and therefore cannot review it.
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on March 25, 2011
If you're into an FPS with a real teamwork atmosphere, you will enjoy this game. The class system makes each match unique, and the ability to switch classes during a match (when you respawn), allows you to change your tactics to match up against the opposition.

From a video perspective, you have not seen better graphics on a console, ever. There is a chance that Crysis 2 will be in the same category, but for now Killzone 3 is all alone at the top.

On the audio front, these games usually don't usually put much into their audio presentation, but at least Killzone 3 tries, which is nice.

The single player mode is fun and the cutscenes are beautifully done, but the multiplayer is where the game shines, no surprise there.

From a replay potential perspective, the class system keeps you playing, and the different multiplayer modes make for a lot of replay ability.

The game is not perfect. Drawbacks include a rather ugly menu system, long load times for multiplayer matches, and uninspired story.

I would like to give the game 4.5 stars, but because it pulled me away from Call of Duty Black Ops, which I had been very much enjoying, I'll round it up to a full 5 stars.

Now after playing for the last several weeks, I feel the need to update this post to reflect the sometimes BROKEN multiplayer. There are many bugs in the multiplayer portion of this game that have not been fixed despite the release of several patches. They have even released DLC for this game before fixing the multiplayer, which should be out of the question. The most maligned issue is the lack of cycling between maps. Yes, that's right, you will continue to play the same map time after time, unless you MANUALLY exit the game and reset your map preferences! Many users, including myself, also experience random network errors forcing you to restart the game from the main menu. I have noticed a considerable decline in the variety of people playing online. This reflects the third major problem with the multiplayer - the unbalanced class system. 2 of the classes are so far overpowered, that nearly everyone plays those classes. It makes for a less than enjoyable time.

The single player campaign is still excellent, and is a reason on its own to play this game. My opinion is that the game should be played with the MOVE peripheral - it makes shooter games much more intuitive and fun when it is enabled.

Bottom line: I will not be playing the multiplayer at all until it is thoroughly fixed. By then, I am afraid many people will have given up on this game. Quite a shame - it had all the potential in the world.
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on January 7, 2013
I only just recently picked up Killzone 2 and Killzone 3.

Killzone 3 starts off right where 2 ended. The gameplay and everything is near exactly the same with minor tweaks to the weapons and improved cover system (STA-52 rifle now has a sight and has improved accuracy and tweaks of that nature). This game (as well as Killzone 2) are a great break from shooters that typically are released for the PS3. This game has more of a Gears Of War feel to it then a Call Of Duty.

While it's pretty much the same - Run this path, kill everyone, keep running, gameplay. The storyline has become a bit more detailed as we are introduced to more of the inner workings of the Helgahn Government, as they struggle to find a successor to Viscari. My main problem with it is you have same feel of "I can kill anything" that you get from most shooters, where no matter what is thrown at you, there's always a way to kill it. Which makes it hard to believe in cutscenes where the main characters consistently feel like they are going to die.

small but huge things I loved in this game are as follows.

Soundtrack - The new opening track I find amazing and suits the game perfectly.

In Game Radio Chatter - Often while performing your "Kill everything" objectives you can hear others on the battlefield communicating what they are facing. It adds to the sense of trying to keep order in the middle of a chaotic battlefield that real soldiers would be dealing with.
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on March 27, 2011
KZ2 was arguably the most popular PS3 game in the house, and KZ3 takes it up a notch - or a few.

In 3D, with a good surround set up, the immersion can be almost overwhelming. If you're not naturally a 'twitch' player, it can be a timesink working through the campaign (better to watch your 14 year old play through before embarrassing yourself). That said, man up, turn off all the auto-aim and 'helper' functions and practice - this game is a TON of fun.

Online is a little buggy, but I'm sure Sony will patch it, and if you're more than a few feet away from the screen, there is an issue with controller drift using the SharpShooter, but again, something that will likely be patched soon.

The AI is wonderfully hard to predict (play the same segment 100 times and each would be slightly different), but your NPC partners are frustrating idiots in tough spots (I wish there were a way to turn friendly fire on sometimes). You will find yourself asking "Do I have to do EVERYTHING?", guaranteed.

VS other humans is 90% of the fun, and just never gets old (although I SWEAR some of them are cheating somehow) if you can overlook the current glitches.

Multiplayer online mode is a must any more unless you have money to burn, since once you've run through the campaign, replay value otherwise drops near zero, and KZ3 online would be worth the game price WITHOUT a campaign.

Just good, healthy, blood spattering, limb ripping wholesome fun with a gun - what else could one ask for?
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on March 23, 2011
So I decided last minute to pre order this game after playing the demo. I have had a great time playing this game. I didn't have the move controller to play. I wish I did! Overall as a shooter it doesn't get much better than this! the guns feel very nice. The weight and power of each gun makes you feel very empowered. There is a cover mechanic to hide behind objects so you can lean out and shoot. I found that the way the controller buttons were configured by default it just didn't work very smoothly. I am used to a modern warfare feel of left button zoom and right button shoot. They give you the option to change up the configuration. After I changed it I felt right at home. I felt that sometimes it took too many hits to kill the enemy. It was at times frustrating that you could hit them clean in the head and it would just knock off their helmet. Some of the transitions from cinematic to game play were buggy. I LOVED THE FACT THAT YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF AMMO! There is nothing more frustrating in a game that doesn't give you enough ammo. This is a no holds bar game with being ruthless with your weapon. There are plenty of opportunities to get into vehicles and different types of flying machinery. The mechanics feel really nice and aren't too difficult or awkward. The Look and feel of the game give you a great experience! I definitely think this is worth buying!
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on January 5, 2015
The single player was beyond dissapointing. I felt Killzone 2 had a pretty good singleplayer with some intense moments. Killzone 3 has some strange moments where a battle that normally would have kept going in Killzone 2 just stops in Killzone 3 to load the next segment. Vehicle turret like sections are boring and should have been taken out, they added nothing IMO. What you'll get out of this WAS the online play which I quite enjoyed. I liked the weight to the combat and I loved the medic class. Not sure how long online will last as I think they dropped the online support for resistence 2 so I wouldn't be surprised if this goes sooner or later (if it hasn't already). Was still great fun back in the day.
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