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on January 31, 2015
Okay first and foremost I'll say that I mainly play the game for its multiplayer which I loved most about KZ3. By no means do I consider this game to be groundbreaking for a current-gen launch title, but I think it's better than what most people think.

Now Killzone: Shadow Fall still retains the same feel, in terms of gameplay, with it's shooting and controls and the weapons have this very weighted feel to them with considerable recoil. This is something that Guerrilla Games implemented in KZ2, but weapons had so much recoil you had to burst fire with every full-auto weapon. Shadow Fall's shooting is pretty much similar to KZ3, but offers slightly better design and more variety with its weapons. The sound and feel of every weapon is awesome! The story mode also added this OWL assistance drone for the single player which has strange controls, but is still useful.

KSF's weakest component to most definitely has to be its story. While this franchise isn't really known for its story anyway it's story was still really weak even for Killzone standards. I really didn't have any emotional investment in it at all as its characters and story elements felt so bland. It also didn't help that the game had some poorly designed/controlled set pieces that'll probably result with a lot of frustrating deaths. Killzone's story definitely has some potential for interesting scenarios for the future, but as with KSF it misses the mark.

Now hands-down my favorite thing about the game is its multiplayer! I put in plenty of time with KZ3's multiplayer and it definitely has the same feel to it while bringing in enough to keep it fresh. The game offers a couple of different modes like standard Deathmatch, Capture, Retireval as well as modes from previous games. The MP isn't fast-paced, but it's extremely frantic and greatly balanced with its weapons/classes to keep me playing.

Overall I'd recommend this game to a KZ fan or any FPS shooter fan for that matter. If you come in expecting some good-old mindless shooter with some nice polish for around $20 then why not try it?
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on December 29, 2013
I'm not really big in to FPS's, but with the limited number of launch titles I decided I'd pick one up. And so far I'm enjoying it. But some things to keep in mind experience wise. I've only done single player so far, I've only put in maybe 4 hours of game play, and I've never played any of the other Killzone games so I have no frame of reference.

Pros, in no particular order: Good selection of weapons. The OWL adds some interesting mechanics to the game. The storyline and the two factions are well developed. Graphics are quite beautiful. There's a lot of variety in the objectives so the game doesn't feel stagnent. Excellent surround sound effects.

Cons: I only have one, and it's a stretch at that. Some bits of terrain that you should have no trouble traversing are considered off limits and are an instant death. If it's off a cliff or something that's fine of course, but there was a spot where I dropped about 2 feet to a spot that was apperently off limits and died.

In conclusion, if you like... or even don't hate shooters, pick this game up. You won't be disappointed.
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on March 18, 2014
Controls -
Camera Angles - 9/10 I had no real hang-ups with the games camera
Graphics - 8/10 Graphics were beautiful, there were a few rough looking area but overall the graphics were great.
Audio - 7/10 Clear but a little low, turning on subtitles helped.
Redundancy - 3/10 For the most part the game stayed fresh and kept moving.
Difficulty - 9/10 This is probably one of the hardest FPS
Story - 8/10 Interesting story line that keeps moving! Some elements of the story are a little played out but overall it was good.
Online Play - ? - I have not really messed with the online play here so I am not the right person the review that.
Overall Game Play - 8/10

I really enjoyed this game, I really enjoy the Killzone series! This was the first game I got for my PS4 console! This game is extremely challenging compared to other FPS. Battlefield and CoD I can beat the hardest difficulty without too much trouble but this one I had to step down to the normal difficulty, I am planning on trying the hardest again in the near future.

If you enjoy FPS games then I would absolutely recommend you try this one!
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on January 14, 2015
Pros: The single-player campaign was excellent, and a lot of fun. It had great variety, none of it tedious, and the story was pretty good. The graphics are stunning.

Cons: The multiplayer has such a hitchy, inconsistent framerate that it's not really playable. I picked this up thinking I'd have a lot of fun with the multiplayer based on my experience with Killzone 2 on the PS3, but 24-player team deathmatch turns into a slide show. It's really good-looking, but they'd have been better off either locking the game at 30fps to keep the framerate consistent or toning down the graphics a bit in multiplayer so that it ran better.

The single-player campaign is worth playing, but I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it. If you're looking for a good FPS for online play, this isn't it.
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on February 19, 2015
This game is very mediocre in every sense - the control scheme, story, mechanics, everything.

The thing that hurts this title the most is how they tried so hard to force the player to use the touch pad (as in the actual touch functionality, not pressing it as a button) that it feels awkwardly juxtaposed when a more conventional layout would have sufficed just as well. Enter the Sonar Pinging functionality meant to help keep tabs on enemies and get the tactical advantage. This is fine and dandy except there are many places where enemies spawn out of nowhere and thus the only way you get the upper hand is if you (likely) die after turning a blind corner and get mowed down.

Graphics are probably the game's strongest point, but as the PS4 library fills out Shadow Fall will probably fade into obscurity in every aspect.

This isn't a bad game, but it's so mediocre that it's somewhat painful.
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on April 26, 2016
The single player is quite varied when it comes to weapons, levels and gameplay elements. The OWL also offers players a few interesting tactical choices, which make certain sections of the game highly replayable. Top that off with some great visuals and a high framerate, and we’ve got ourselves a great shooter that’s worth buying for the single player alone
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on December 12, 2013
Please note that this review pertains to the single player aspect of the game. The aesthetic of the game is quite impressive of showing off the PS4's graphical capabilities, but the missions are at times inconsistent. For instance, I found myself becoming lost while searching for the next checkpoint or objective, when the fault lied within the poor design of the map itself. I'm happy to say that not all missions are like this, but the lackluster ones tend to break up the flow of the gameplay. One other impressive aspect of the game is the soundtrack which was full of ominous, bass filled tracks that complimented the foreboding atmosphere of the game. I would definitely recommend this game to fans of the FPS genre, but expect the single player missions to be frustrating at times.
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on March 15, 2014
First I dontthink the objectives are clear enough or specificyou get general orders and it's up to you to work it out, at least in normal mode

This is more of a stealth game than a shooter. Gfx are good. Controls sensible. It's fun but if you don't play many of these kinds of games you're going to find it very difficult, so play on the easier the settings.

I can blow through shooters on and I'm playing this game quite difficult on the regular setting which is one step above the new to shooters setting, due to the stealth needed. Compared to a shooter there are a lot of tools to learn in this game. I'd recommend it but not for those who are easily prone to control chucking.

The price is dropping daily, if you're on the fence. It may end up on psn+ who knows.
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on January 5, 2015
killzone is a great multiplayer. i say it like that because thats its strong point. the killzone series is known for a average story campaign its enjoyable but not a deep story that every "sophisticated" gamer wants. really its a fps shoot go to point a to point b. GG knows how to make killzone feel like yourre in control you have options on how you want things to happen so if you want freeddom on stealth and guns blazing this is a great campaign. but this game is truly amazing online the maps are free to download there is a co-op dlc you can buy which is great if you have good friends to play with but killzone shadowfall was made so you can play with the entire community no restrictions on maps grab a controller and enjoy one of the best multiplayer experiences of a console fps
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on February 16, 2014
I've only played multiplayer no campaign but for a launch title it isn't that bad. Some people are quite harsh. This game has elements of COD, BF and Far Cry. I'm not a big fan of futuristic games I only bought it because I'm cheap and it was the cheapest game I could get when I ordered my PS4 but to be honest I've been pleasantly surprised. Don't expect anything groundbreaking it's pretty much a basic FPS. Weapon selection is quite limited but you can get new scopes and some attachments. The game runs pretty smooth no crashing. I did see one glitch where a guy was running but his legs weren't moving he looked as if he was floating across the Graphics are only good as your TV, if you're still running an old flat panel you may want to upgrade that, I did.
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