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on September 12, 2012
I got my first Kindle. This is a nice ebook reader. I'm going to jump right in and tell you what I found to be its Pros and Cons. Then I'm going to tell how it compares to its biggest competitor, the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch.

Kindle's Pros:

Great Screen: Many people do not find LCDs hard to read on (e.g. smartphones, tablets, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, etc.), but virtually everyone will find E-Ink easier to read, any time of day. Especially the newest E-Ink Pearl displays. They simply look like paper and ink. I have never experienced any eye strain reading E-Ink book readers, but I have with LCD based phone/tablet screens.

Thin and Lightweight: This Kindle is thinner than any paperback and lighter too. This makes it very easy to hold in a sitting position, and for long periods too. It also makes it easy to transport in a purse, backpack, or messenger bag (or in luggage for traveling). Many people like to take a few books when travelling, and this Kindle lets you take as many as you want and adds virtually nothing to your travel burden.

Good Value: Even without a touchscreen, the Kindle is a good value. It is a well-made product, it offers cloud storage of your books (and well it should, since it offers no ability to expand storage capacity with an add-in microSD card), the screen is excellent, Amazon is a dogged competitor in book pricing. The Kindle 4 is the best value of Amazon's E-Ink readers. Some may be tempted to get the version with the built-in light. If you can afford it, sure, go ahead. But let me point out you don't have to spend $20 for a fancy-schmancy book light. Your local dollar store has them for ... wait for it ... a buck. They work perfectly well to light the screen, don't suck down your Kindle's battery, and best of all, don't add $50 to the price of the Kindle.

Amazon Customer Support: I've dealt with Amazon for years, and they have always done the right thing in terms of customer service when I have had issues with products or deliveries.

Kindle Lending Library for Prime Members: Prime members get their own library. That's a great benefit to them. I'm an "adjunct" Prime member, though, so I don't get to benefit from it, but it's great for primary Prime members.

Library Support: I was happy to see Amazon join the program for Overdrive and public library ebook lending. This is such a huge benefit to everyone who has ebook readers. Especially people on fixed incomes, who like ebook readers for the ability to change font sizes, and love them for the ability to borrow library books.

MicroUSB Port for USB Charging: Good call for Amazon to support the universal USB standard for charging. You can charge from a computer USB port, an AC adapter, car charger, etc. Don't worry about buying one: if you have a smartphone (other than apple) or Bluetooth device that came with a microUSB cable charger, it will do the job.

Parental Controls: Another good choice for Amazon to implement parental controls, where they can restrict access to the Kindle's web browser, store, and archived items.

Long Battery Life: I couldn't even put a dent in the battery gauge using the Kindle for several days, for several hours a day.

Excellent Highlighting and Notes Features: I really liked the highlighting and notation capabilities, and that I can access the highlights both in book and from the home screen. You can also choose to show highlights and notes by other users (general population), or by a selection of Amazon users you follow.


No Touchscreen: Yes, I know they offer a touchscreen model. But they charge a bunch more for it. Their main competitor offers touchscreen in their most basic model, for only a few dollars more (don't let the $99 list price fool you ... the Simple Touch is usually available for 10 bux more than the Kindle).

No Expandable Storage: Personally, I like to add free books from Project Gutenberg to my ebook reader. I can add thousands, with graphics, if I can add a microSD card for storage. However, Amazon chooses not to include that feature.

Not Easy to Hold Laying Down: For those of you who like to read in bed (that's where I do all my book reading), the Kindle 4 is not very easy to hold and be able to turn pages. The front bezel is slippery plastic and thin, so it's hard to grip one-handed. But if you manage to, it's nigh impossible to hit the page turn buttons. Most of the time, I found I had to let the bottom edge rest on my belly, hold it upright with one hand, and reach down with the other hand to turn pages. Sometimes I think products are designed and tested by people who just sit in their cubicles and never try the products in real-life situations. The ads show people sitting on the beach reading. Sure, pretty easy to hold the thing in that position. But try laying down! That's how real people read!

Button Design: Have they always been like this? I found the buttons prone to inadvertent presses whenever I held the Kindle. I prefer to hold it one-handed, and it seems that the button size and location makes it hard to grip the thing without accidentally hitting a page forward or back button.

Proprietary Format: Amazon's use of its proprietary format for ebooks means you have only one source of contemporary books: Amazon. Now, Amazon is a fine company, but personally, I find choice - being able to shop for the best deal - to be a benefit.

Kindle vs. Nook:

I have used Nook ebook readers for a couple of years, so I am very experienced with B&N's products and services.

Here are the winners and losers in various areas:


* E-Ink screens are equal quality
* Battery Life: really long for both
* Page Turns: both used to be pretty slow, both are now acceptably fast
* Book Prices: whenever I've checked, Amazon has better prices sometimes, Barnes & Noble has better prices other times, and they're very close a lot of times

Nook Wins:

* Touchscreen
* Use your own screensaver and wallpaper
* In store reading for free
* Expandable Storage
* Comes with charger (EDIT: 1/14/13: some commenters report that B&N now charges for the charger; be sure to check before you buy!)
* More universal book file format (epub) vs. proprietary Kindle format
* Fonts: more fonts, more sizes, more margin selections, more leading (line spacing) selections
* Easier to navigate: the user interface is just more logical and it's easier to find what you're looking for
* Better ergonomics: Nook is easier to hold, sitting OR laying down. The buttons don't get in the way of fingers. The touchscreen give alternative options to page turning (touch edge or swipe). The Nook Simple Touch and the Glowlight version have a large dimpled back that make it easier to hold.

Kindle Wins:

* Highlighting and Notes: much easier to use and access with Kindle
* Kindle Lending Library: this may be Amazon's answer to B&N's in store free reading
* Device is Lighter and Smaller: easier to transport, though the smaller size and lighter weight do not make it easier to handle
* Support: Amazon's product support is legend, in my book. B&N released a software update for Nook Simple Touch once that broke Wi-Fi, they refused to acknowledge the problem for many weeks, and took over 2 months to fix it. Inexcusable.

Bottom Line:

For me, Nook Simple Touch is the superior ebook reader. Comparatively, Amazon has few advantages in design or use. Nook is easier to hold and has better ergonomics and navigation, has expandable memory, has more display adjustments, uses a more universal ebook format, lets you read books for free in their store, and has a touchscreen. Kindle has the Lending Library for Prime Members as an advantage, it's a little lighter and smaller, has better product support, and a better highlighting/notation function. Now, with that said ... the Kindle is an excellent ebook reader too. When I choose Nook as superior, it does not negate that Kindle is a great product. And if you have a compelling reason to go with Amazon's product, then by all means do so. You will love it and enjoy it, almost surely.
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on September 25, 2012
I have owned a Kindle for several years now. I have had the 2nd generation Kindle and I have had the Kindle Keyboard. When my mom expressed interest in getting a Kindle I decided to give her my Kindle Keyboard because she doesnt have Wifi in her house and my older Kindle Keyboard had 3G, which is what she needed. And I decided to buy the Basic Kindle for myself because (1) I didnt want to wait for the Paperwhite to come out and (2) I just needed Wifi and (3)and most importantly I JUST WANT TO READ A BOOK, not listen to text-to-speach, or go shopping on Amazon, or listen to music, etc. All I want to do is read a book...thats it! This Kindle is perfect for that. Its smaller and lighter, the pages turn faster than the Keyboard version, it basically has everything I need to download a book and read a book with a much better price than the Paperwhite or Keyboard. Yes, you have to navigate through the keyboard on this kindle with a 5-way controller, but I rarely use the keyboard anyway. To download a book, I just search and buy books on my computer and send them to my Kindle...which is much quicker no matter what version of Kindle you have. So if you dont need, want, or use all the extras then I would definitely recommend the Basic Kindle for $69 with special offers, because who really pays attention to the screen savers anyway.
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on December 18, 2013
This is the third Kindle I have bought. I bought one for my Father and now this one is for my girlfriend. One little known feature of the Kindle is your get your own email address when you buy one. You can use this email address to email books to yourself or to other people. I routinely download .mobi and .epub books online and email them to myself and to my Dad (and soon my girlfriend). Within seconds they will magically appear on your Kindle's home page.
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on November 4, 2013
I've had this a week now. I also have a Kindle Fire HD I have had for about a year, with the case on, the Fire HD is heavy. I love the HD, and never leave home with out it, but many times I wish I could just slip my books in my pocket and run. I go a lot of places on the run, take others places where I wait for them to shop or what ever, and there is not WiFi to play on my Fire HD. I just want to read. My reading time has come up from one book a year to 50 books a year, and now my reading will go up even more.

This was the perfect answer. So feather light It is incredible. It is taking me a bit to not swipe the screen to turn a page, and get used to the lay out and use of the various buttons, but after an hour I had read the built in owners manual, learned the ins and outs of the buttons and had it set up. It connected to my WiFi instantly. The on screen key board has taken a bit to get used to but once you use it a few times you can do it pretty fast.

I wondered how all my content, library of books would be transferred from my Fire HD, to this device. To my pleasant surprise after connecting to my Wi-Fi, the next time I looked at the home menu my entire library of over 300 books was there, archived. I just click a title and it down loads in seconds.

I honestly can't tell the difference between the print on this and the print on my Fire HD. Pixel wise, my eyes can't differentiate a thing.

I love the texture look of a "page from a book look". The no glare is amazing. There are times and places I can't read or see the screen on my Fire HD, and this just runs circles around the reading in bright light. Yes!

We travel or go camping where one can't just plug it in, so the battery life will be awesome, to be able to read weeks at a time and not constantly wondering where you are going to plug it in for a charge. UPDATE: After reading several hours a day for several days, the battery indicator shows little signs of going down, and that is with the Wi-Fi on continuously.

PROS: Love the screen. Super feather weight, You can arrange books by authors and so on. (I can't do that on my Fire HD!) Plus, it's easy on the eyes and my wallet. My power adapter charger are interchangeable with both the Kindle Fire HD and this Kindle 4th generation E-reader. So I don't have to buy a new cord or charger. It came with a spare cord (No, it didn't come with the charger.) My cat has chewed up my cord pretty good so I will use it until it dies and still have one on the side waiting.

CONS: Key board on screen takes some getting used to. No light, but I knew that before I bought it.

I had VERY seriously considered the latest greatest Kindle Paper White 2013. After reading so many disappointing feed backs I decided that all I want is a light weight book reader, small, and I could not justify the extra expense to have the touch screen. The more I thought about it the more I thought how I could use that extra money, such as on more books to read.

I love the latest technology. I am a grandma of eight. I will be the first to want what ever new gadget comes out, so for me to decide on a lower tech device says a lot. I do my home work. After reading user reviews and talking to people at a well known electronics store, I was sold on this 4th generation Kindle. I was impressed by how many said they liked the quality and build. This is the main reason I went with the tried and true before they are no longer available.

I did call every local store from here to Timbuktoo to find last year's 2012 Paper White. I tried eBay and Amazon themselves to no avail. I would have went with that, had I been able to find one. If you have the last 2012 model I would hang onto that baby! Buy new but don't let go of the old.

Bottom line, for the money, and quality, easy on the eyes reader, that is feather weight light, you can't go wrong. I'm very happy with my decision.

UPDATE: After owning this for more than a month I have only had to charge it twice, I read three to four hours a day, not every day, but I'm extremely happy with my Kindle reader, it's staying power, and reliability!
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on October 29, 2012
First of all, the Kindle is awsome...
I had been put off by Kindle for quite some time. The reason was lack of features when I talked with employees at Target, Walmart and Best Buy. The lack of features was due to lack of employee familiarity with the device so untrue.
I purchased one as I was going on a several day hiking trip and would be bored at night or get trapped in a shelter for a day or two by rain and nothing to do. At least the Kindle was light weight and the battery life was fine so for that minimal use it was a good buy for me.
After getting the manual I found it had many features store employees either did not know about or told me it could not do. It can email, surf, read my usual online newspapers, transfer files both ways with my computer, connect has a remote drive by USB, connect to my home WiFi, and has lots of book related features which are fantastic. There are more than just what I've mentioned. I should mention mine is the low end model with WiFi only, no G3. The ads are non-intrusive and I might catch a deal. If I had known about the features I mentioned I would have bought one long ago. I mainly use a netbook for reading which I like over a tablet as I can use it without holding it. The Kindle is so light and easy to hold and use it's taking the place of the netbook. It's hard to write up a very positive review without seeming like a nutcase, propeller head or plant. I purchased for a special purpose but as I mentioned later found out how capable it it and love it.
If you're unsure about features get the manual online. It's quite a few pages because of the many features and the manual very good about explaining them.
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on January 12, 2013
I already own the Kindle Fire HD but I wanted to buy a reading-only-capable device that wouldn't distract me from a book with movies and apps and I wanted an ereader that I could tote around easily without it being too heavy or big.
When I was looking for the ereader to fit the bill I was originally considering the Kindle Paperwhite, but then decided against it because I didn't really need the glow in the dark feature since I already have a lit Kindle Fire HD so I bought the regular Kindle instead.

The experience started from the very beginning. The shipping was so incredibly fast; I ordered it on a Friday and received it on Saturday! It was so unexpected, it was set to arrive by Tuesday! Amazon really wowed me there.

Okay so I've owned this for a little more than two months now and thought I should share my thoughts on this Kindle for those people who can't decided whether to buy this Kindle or not.

First of all it's incredibly light. At just 5.98 ounces it's the perfect weight for those marathon reading sessions I usually have, but it's not too light to the point where it feels delicate and easily breakable.

The page turning buttons are different from the Kindle Keyboard's buttons because they are pushed in at an angle instead of straight down and I actually like them better because when I grab the Kindle from both sides I don't trigger a page turn.

I've heard a lot of negative reviews on the five way controller because it's pretty much the only way to interact with the stuff on the screen. You have to use it to control the on-screen keyboard, navigate through a book, search up a word, highlight sections of a book and take notes. I highlight things in books all the time and search up words and using the 5 way isn't bad at all for these commands, but I have to admit that using the 5-way controller for the on-screen keyboard and taking notes is really annoying. I mean it moves around the keyboard really quickly when you scroll through, but it's still annoying for people who use the keyboard a lot. I really don't use the keyboard all that often so it's not too big of a deal for me.

The screen is really nice too. It has a matte screen that has really no glare in even the brightest of lights and the words are crisp and dark. This has to do with the black bezel that makes it contrast with the off-white kind of grey 'paper' background and therefore makes the black printed words jump out at you. I have absolutely no problem with the screen's readability.

I know there's only like 1.25 GB of space or something, but that's enough to fit about a thousand books and although having more memory would be nice, I don't think I'll ever be exceeding the memory space soon. And if I do, I would not only pat myself on the back, but I would just archive the books I've already read and make space for more. See no problem there right?

Battery life is fantastic. Since ereaders really only use energy to turn pages and use wifi, ereaders have incredibly long battery life and the kindle is no different. It says it last for a month or so with wifi off and I find that pretty true. I almost always have the wifi off unless I'm downloading a book and if I do leave it on for a while it lasts for about three weeks and that's incredible. I love not having to plug in another device at night.

I also really like that most books I download have the ability to use the publisher's font. I think it makes reading on the Kindle seem that much more like reading from and actual book.

Now with any amazon device I feel like I have to mention Amazon's ecosystem. It's unbeatable in terms of books and I have yet to search up a book and not find it. The classics are free and most books are $9.99 and under and it's just great.

And for those of you who aren't sure about getting and ereader because you feel that it diminishes the importance of physical books I say this: It doesn't matter whether you read a book from a phone, computer, ereader or physical book; it's all about the story. Where you read a story from is just the transportation. I think getting an ereader allows you to read more because it's more portable than an actual book, you never have to leave your house (if you have wifi) to get a book, and you can carry around hundreds of books around with you without carrying a lot of weight.

If you're looking for a inexpensive, light and simple entry ereader this Kindle is perfect. I adore it and I pretty much always have it on me because it's just so easy to carry around. This Kindle is putting my Kindle Fire HD to the back of the room to the point where the Fire is getting barely getting used now. Once you receive this ereader I think you'll fall in love with it's simplicity and size and will be like me in the fact that you won't be able to put it down.
review image
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on December 17, 2013
I compared this to the Kindle Paperwhite for ordinary books and newspapers, and I honestly couldn't see any difference in resolution. I'm sure pictures will look nicer, but if you're just getting this to read then there's no reason to spend for the Paperwhite (unless you want the touchscreen feature).
I use this every day and I only have to charge the battery every two weeks.
I also have the one that shows ads, but I don't find them obtrusive at all, so again save your money.
If you're just looking for an e-Reader that's easy to read from then I highly recommend this model.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 17, 2016
My first Kindle was a keyboard, which was the basic model at the time. It lasted almost five years and was seldom out of my hands. When I tried to replace it, I discovered that the keyboard was only offered on pricey models, so I went with the basic model at the time - no keyboard, but with buttons for "Home" etc on the bottom and ones on the side to turn pages. It cost $70 and lasted one month. They replaced it with a refurbished one that lasted less than a year.

By that time, the basic model was sans ANY buttons at all and I hate to "swipe." So I bought a used one with buttons. Cost me $35 and lasted 9 months. When it died, I ordered this one. It's very pretty and shiny and unscratched. It was either owned by a person who takes really good care of their stuff or by an illiterate who received it as a gift. I've had it two weeks and it's already acquiring a comfortable live-in look. A couple of more weeks and it'll look like a survivor of the Bataan Death March. I read, therefore I am.

Doesn't hold a charge as long as some Kindles I've owned, but it was only $30 and it has a nice clear screen and the features I want - meaning buttons. To hell with swiping! Cheap, does the job, and keeps an old device out of the landfills. What could be better?
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on May 2, 2014
Best early Mother's Day present ever! That being said I would like to point out all of the positives. Lightweight, easy to use and it looks like actual good old fashioned paper and ink ( in a modern casing, of course). I wanted to get away from the flash and flare of my tablet, smartphone and laptop. It is meant for one purpose without any frills or distractions. I used to be an avid reader and have used the Kindle App on my other devices. I am however, so ADD that sadly I can't finish a book without browsing the web or playing a game.
Since I have purchased ebooks on Amazon before, as soon as I had connected it to WiFi my books were all there. I read through the introductory manual about halfway and decided to investigate on my own. It's a very user friendly little gadget. The difference between my tablet and the Kindle, I noticed immediately. I have been severely nearsighted with astigmatism my whole life and let me say that it was a pleasure not to have a headache after two chapters. I really dislike backlit screens but they are a part of daily life, this gives my eyes a break.
The only thing that was awkward for me, at first, were the buttons. I am used to touchscreens. After a minute or two it's not a problem at all. The display is very attractive to me, the look of a real book without the weight.
I know some say they have difficulty reading on the Kindle while in bed or reclining, I first used it relaxing on the couch. The rubber grip makes it easy to handle too. I know I will continue to enjoy it and with so many books to choose from, I won't be bored.
If you want color, games, music etc. this is not the right product for you. Also, bear in mind that this Kindle is not backlit, so you will need a reading light but if you simply want to read a good book without excessive eye strain, this is it. I would also like to mention it's battery life makes it very convenient too. Reading on a tablet can use up a lot of juice.
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on December 9, 2013
Excellent product...this review is more for the packaging. BEWARE IF YOU ARE GIFTING THIS. It is minimally sent in a box that has "Kindle" all over it. hard as it is to believe Amazon actually designed a very attractive and efficient box for the Kindle that apparently requires no other box for shipment. Not the typical Russian nesting doll type of packaging Amazon normally does.

So, if you are planing on giving this as a Christmas gift to...say...your wife. Then your 9 year old son gets the mail on a Saturday before you do. What may happen is: A) Your son goes bonkers because he thinks he is getting a Kindle for Xmas, B) You have to explain to him it is not for him, C) Turn to your wife and awkwardly say, "Merry Christmas" as you hand it to her, still holding the bills in the other hand, or D) All of the above. I chose "D".

Other than that, it is a fantastic gift. Just a terrible surprise.
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