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on March 20, 2016
I'm pretty sure most people write a review when they've had their Kindle Fire for about a month or less. I loved this thing for one year. For one year, it was awesome. At a year, AFTER the warranty expired, it quit charging, rendering it basically useless to our family. It would charge spotty. I'd plug it in and wake up and it would only have moved from like 10% charged to 30% charged. I plug it in and even though it shows charging it stops charging seconds or minutes later. I have to play with it, wiggle it around and even then, it often doesn't work. Finally, I figured out that it will charge using my husband's phone charger. So, I thought it's the charger. However, TWO weeks later, now it will not even charge with my husband's charger. I have complained about this on my Facebook page and apparently this is a common issue with the Kindle. So, go ahead and buy it if you want it to work properly for only 1 year. Speaking of Facebook, I woke up two days ago to find that I couldn't use the Facebook App. I deleted the app and went to reinstall and cannot find it. I went to Amazon.com and searched for the Facebook App and the reviews there show this has happened to tons of people. Lots of issues right now. I am disappointed.
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on December 3, 2014
Very fine tablet, that is solidly built, with a nice rubberized backing, that feels good in the hand, and isn't flimsy, but also not too heavy. Well thought out design, with well placed power, and volume buttons that are out of the way, on the angled back, leaving the edges of the device clear of buttons that can be all too easily, and accidentally pressed, but easy to reach when needed, plus the micro USB port is angled slightly up, and seats USB plugs firmly, making it easier to use, as well as safer for the device. Easy to use, intuitive interface. Great WiFi reception. Fast processor. Awesome display. Good, clear audio from the dual speakers mounted on the angled back. I chose the 64 GB capacity so as to have plenty of storage space, and find that this is sufficient, with room to spare, for my needs. All of this at a price point far below lesser, though highly touted, overrated, over hyped, and grossly overpriced, flimsy, and nearly impossible to repair certain tablets on the market. I now see the usefulness of a 3g/4g option, and will add that in a future Kindle Fire HDX, but that is for when away from the nearly ubiquitous WiFi hotspots. But, no real regrets with this Kindle Fire HDX 7" purchase. I highly recommend this very nice, well thought out, well designed, and well built, awesome 7" tablet over ANY other on the market!
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on August 15, 2015
I like the snappy response and the sharp screen. It bears up very well. I have used this device for over a year now, and that's really what you must do to be sure of any tablet. Quick and sharp and resilient, for its going on two years now and not another model in sight.

The Silk browser has a feature I wish was standard: you can close all the irritating tabs with a tap and a confirm. The keyboard allows the newfangled slide wordpainting method and it's the best I've seen - will allow you to delete a missed guess with one backspace and offers more possibilities than I see anywhere else.

It bears up well, but you have to remember, the gadget is a couple years old with no refresh in sight. I have an IPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6 Plus and my Fire HDX sees its share of the action.

I think Amazon is leaving this particular market. The 7" tablet is ideal for me, as I can carry it almost as easily as my iPhone, but eventually there will be a Nexus or LG model to blow the doors off this category.

I'll miss it - but not the apps which don't quite exist in the Amazon version. Love the mail and Silk apps, but want a neutral IM platform other than Facebook's version.
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on March 14, 2018
Four yearsago I purchased the Kindle Fire HDX. In those intervening years I have used it on a daily basis for reading, web surfing, buying tons of stuff on Amazon and other sites, note taking and listening to music and podcasts. It has accompanied me on thousands of miles across the country, many hundreds of miles walking, biking,backpacking, etc. For the past 1385 days this piece of tech has worked flawlessly. It has done it's job admirably with no problems. The battery still holds a charge with no noticeable degeneration. The audio sounds as good as day one. It surfs the web and gets my mail with the same efficiency as it did 45 months ago. I admit to having entertained thoughts of upgrading to a newer more feature rich model in the past and I even used it to order an iPad a year ago. But I still use it nearly every day. It is a much better platform for reading ebooks. It is lighter and IMHO has a better screen. All in all I consider it one of the best investments I have ever made in tech. So, good job Amazon. Some day I may be in the market for a replacement and hopefully I'll be able to find another one that has been languishing unused somewhere.
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on April 11, 2014
I bought this about a month ago and wanted to give myself some time to play around with it before writing this review.

Let me just say, I'm really enjoying it. It's the first tablet I've ever owned, so I can't compare it to anything else, but I am really enjoying this little toy. I've downloaded and listened to a couple of audio books while driving to and from work. I'm addicted to a few game apps that are eating up WAY more time than they should, but that's what they're for, right? I also have the Weather Channel app that I check each morning before I get ready for work.

One of my absolute favorite features is the quality of the screen. I have the Netflix and Hulu apps and the screen is so freaking amazing. So crisp and clear. Honestly, it's better than the screen on my laptop. I still use my laptop for laptopy things - creating Word and Excel documents, or going online if I need to have multiple browser windows or tabs open/do multiple things at once. But if I just want to sit and watch a video, I prefer this Kindle over my laptop.

I've also read a couple of books on it. Not my favorite, to be honest. I'm not a huge fan of reading on a backlit screen. I have a Kindle Keyboard that I much prefer reading on. But this isn't too bad and I enjoy it more than I thought I would.

I definitely recommend this Kindle and can't wait to continue using it for a long time.
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on July 5, 2017
I bought this for my 93 year old father-in-law. Picked this one because Amazon's tech support told me in a recorded chat, that it would connect to a TV with a cord like the earlier versions - which is how he looks at the pictures we email and someone downloads for him at the library with their WiFi.
Long story short - the tech service was wrong - "casting" Amazon devices have required in-house WiFi since the 2nd generation model. I was disappointed by both the incorrect information, and by Amazon's decision to eliminate the option of hard-wire connection to a television.
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on June 12, 2014
I never thought I would be able to switch away from apple. This family uses apple everything. I was trying to replace my IPAD and the delivery took so long I ordered this and I fell in love. Not only is it working great, it does everything better than my apple did. Amazon gives a free app a day, no more iTunes cards, with prime you get to watch free movies and tv shows, and now music streaming free. I am so impressed. At the same time, I ordered the new Fire TV and have to say it is a difference of night and day from my dvd player streaming and smart tv streaming. the Amazon Fire TV is so fast its instant and you can watch it off the kindle or anywhere. there is no buffering time or anything. I could not be happier, matter of fact I am going to switch everything over to android eventually, well except the iMac because its relatively new. This is great purchase, I even bought one for my daughter. the 7" is not too small as I thought it might be it is perfect. Thank you Amazon.
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on August 13, 2015
After looking at all the 1 star reviews I realized that I did okay with my Kindle Fire HDX 7". So I gave it 2 stars. Everything worked great. Well, maybe not great. It would turn itself off and on, refreshing itself right in the middle of a movie. BUT it did hold the charge for a great time. Not long ago I got the violet blue on the screen, not much but it just like it was a bit fried. Then last week it just froze. For three days. Couldn't turn it on, couldn't turn it off. Would not do a thing. It discharged all the way and after recharging it is working again. Still turns it self off and on two or three times during a movie. So I decided I was going to utilize the one year warranty on it. FAT chance! I bought it in July of 2014. This is August of 2015. Yup. That is how it goes. I love it for reading but I am not going to spend $200+ for a new kindle every year. I will just buy the Samsung or Ipad. VERY POORLY DONE AMAZON!!!!
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on September 14, 2017
My 8.9 HDX passed on and wasn't able to be repaired. I ordered this one and am so happy to have it! I have an iPad and a galaxy tab but my favorite to use is the kindle HDX. I am so sorry they quit making them. Hopefully this one will last at least a couple of years.
The screen resolution is wonderful and it is just easy to navigate. Don't know what I'll do when they no longer have refurbished. Until then, I am grateful to have this! I think I actually like this size better than the 8.9
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on August 1, 2015
I loved this Kindle but am very disappointed that I paid $244 for it and it failed little over 1 year + 2 months (just past the warranty). (One-third of the screen is black. I didn't drop it. It's been well-cared for in a case.)
I didn't buy the extended warranty because I had confidence that it was a quality product.
I've been offered another one for $179. (Tech chat told me "Thanks for understanding." Oh, but I don't.)
If I buy extended service this time, we're looking at a total cost of around $500 for a simple tablet. Not sure I'm going with another Kindle.
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