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on January 14, 2012
My husband purchased this for my new Kindle Fire. All in all, it's an excellent product if a bit on the pricey side compared to some alternatives. Fit and finish is excellent. No complaints about its construction. Protection of the KF is excellent, especially with the cover closed. I'm not going to experiment, but I suspect it could be dropped on concrete from six feet without damage.

From what we could tell, the Marware cases (some models) are the only ones that include both a built-in stand and an elastic hand strap. This particular model has a better designed stand than other cases. Provides a stable platform with no chance of collapsing if it's bumped. The ridges that hold the KF in place on the stand could be a bit "deeper" but they're serviceable.

On the minus side though, using the stand requires removal of the KF from two of the four clamps that hold it in place. Takes a bit of practice to understand the procedure but the enclosed instruction sheet solves the puzzle. No worry about KF falling out of the stand but over time it's possible the repeated removal/replacement might weaken the two clamps that must be removed from the KF when the stand is used. Not much chance, frankly, but it's something to keep in mind.

The elastic hand strap is a big plus, especially if you want to read in crowded conditions (e.g. bus, subway). The case, itself, provides excellent "grab points" but the hand strap is a great alternative for one-handed operation. And if you're not using it, it makes a great place to hold a small cloth for cleaning the KF screen or a small pair of earbuds. (Unlike some other cases, there is no "pocket" for such accessories in this case.)

Our biggest complaint is the color selection. Black, brown, or charcoal would have been fine as far as my husband is concerned. Not for me. And I didn't want to inflict pink on him when he used the KF. That left us with the olive green as the default choice. How about deep blue, a forest green, or a burgundy red?
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 17, 2011
The Marware Cover in black arrived well packaged. The cover itself was encased in a see thorugh film cover. Once opened, there was a one page, (looked xeroxed, btw) instruction sheet. The instruction sheet could use more information. There were 8 diagrams of how to set the cover up as a stand. It took some intuition on my part to figure these diagrams out. Finally, I got it to work.

The Kindle Fire slid into the cover with some ease- there are three setsof little hooks ( well padded) to keep the Fire in place. In order to make a stand, you release one set of the hooks and slide the Fire to one of two indentations. This stand works OK, and was convenient to watch a film. The on/off button is open as is the USB portion and the slot for earphones. One of the sound openings on the top is partially covered.

The leather is fine. Seems well padded to protect the Fire. All in all the case is OK. I have seen one other case on the FB Kindle Fire page that I prefer, and it is much cheaper. This case was advertised under the Kindle Fire when I first purchased the Fire on Amazon, so it was convenient to order.

For the price, I expected a better quality, but I will keep this one.

prisrob 11-17-11

Marware Sportsuit Sensor Case for Nike + iPod Sport Kit for iPod nano 3G (Black)

Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad 2 Black (602956007722)
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on December 9, 2011
The Marware CEO Hybrid case is constructed of a fine leather outer cover with hard plastic inserts to give the case a solid and durable feel. This adds a bit of extra weight to the case itself, however, I didn't find this to be a detraction to the case at all. The leather (yes, it is real leather) adds a bit of an extra cost to the case, but it's worth it because it makes the case look terrific.

The inside of the case is lined with a soft velvety material, no doubt used to prevent the Kindle Fire from being scratched. The interior flap that is used to open or close the case is also lined with this soft, non-scratch material, a good design feature since the flap essentially rests right on top of the glass of the Kindle Fire; you definitely won't be scratching the device with this case.

I enjoy the fact that I can seamlessly transition this case into a regular carry style case, basically opening it like a book and folding the flap back and carrying it in one had with the provided strap. I also like that I can use this case as a stand for viewing videos and movies, although transitioning it to the stand can take some practice as the material is a bit stiff until broken in.

I decided on this particular case because I have owned other Marware products in the past and have been impressed with both their build quality and the bevy of features they offer. The CEO Hybrid for the Kindle Fire, while more expensive than other options on the market, represents one of the finest leather Kindle Fire cases I have seen yet.

While the cost to own one is a bit on the high side, one must weigh the fact that this case is a) made of leather, b) extremely well constructed, and c) offers numerous ways to carry and view your Kindle Fire. Wanting a leather case for my Kindle Fire, I could not find a more suitable alternative that was as good or better than the CEO Hybrid.

Needless to say, I don't mind paying extra for something that goes above and beyond what the norm is. In this instance, protecting the Kindle Fire was my utmost concern, and this case delivers everything that I was looking for. The CEO Hybrid is solidly built and I have no worries that if my Kindle Fire were to be dropped, it would survive the fall just fine while in this case.

All in all, I am very pleased with this case and quite certain that this is one of the best leather cases you can purchase for your Kindle Fire. I have no criticisms whatsoever with this case; the build quality, workmanship and materials used are first rate, resulting in a case that is both highly attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while also offering a highly functional design.
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on March 21, 2017
This has been a structurally sturdy and attractive cover but I have to mark it down because there is a microfiber lining along the inside that flakes right off with very light wear (i.e., just holding it with clean hands for an average of a few hours a day over two to three weeks), leaving black, crumbly lint in your hand, maybe on the pillow if you're reading in bed. I had it open and sitting on a nightstand and the lining actually stuck to the tabletop (which wasn't damp, freshly polished, or anything, just sitting out in an air-conditioned room), and little black bits adhered to the wood. Fortunately it wiped off the wood, but clearly the lining is disintegrating even with no friction. If they made this with no lining, it would be a perfect and handsome Kindle cover.
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on December 29, 2011
This is an oxymoronic case if ever there was one. Not-heavy-but-sturdy, until you put it in your handbag and you feel how heavy that puppy really is. Not-flimsy-but-bendable until you try to type on it and figure out the bend doesn't really *seat* in any kind of stable fashion. Pricey-like-leather but feels-like-not-leather. I ordered the green once at a hefty 1/5 of the price of the Kindle Fire because it is (so far as I have determined) the only case out there that offers (1) a strap for 1-handed use (right- or left-handed), and (2) a stand for viewing or typing. If I could have found a cheaper case with those two features, I would have certainly foregone the leather for something more vegan- and handbag-friendly.

All in all, I am astonished at the lack of options in cases and covers for the Kindle Fire. One would imagine that a product which sold 3 million in the weeks leading up to Dec 25th would have far more choices for covers. I wanted the strap, the stand, and not-black, and this was literally the only option out there. I really wanted a nice hard, light plastic or reinforced silicon cover for $19.99, and I ended up with this leatherish-like, machined-stitched shell for $37.99.

I would give it 4 stars because it is well-made and looks like it will hold up to some use. But in this case, Amazon gets docked an extra star (not the manufacturer) because they really should have solicited some of the other case/cover makers to create a better selection of options for the xmas buying season, and looks like they did not.
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on January 9, 2016
This is a great cover, it stands perfect, folds back great for hand holding and reading, I am writing this review a few years later, because I did not know how great it was until I got some of the covers that Amazon is selling today for their Kindels Fires. I tried to buy this type of case again for my new Kindel Fire HD 7, 7", (4th Gen) which they for some reason have stoped making. The cases for todays Gerneration come with a rear cam but it is useles if you get a case with it because you cannot just fold the case back and hold it to take a photo. You have to, which is hard hold open the case, which is ackward to take a photo or try to take it out of the case, which is also hard to even get out of the case and put it back in.
If they did not stop making this case for my Kindel Fire HD 7, 7", or even carring it of Kindel, you could easily slide my Kindel out of this great case and take a photo. It seems that Apple was smart enough to keep this company Marware making there wonderful cases for the Apple because they know that this is the best case made for Tablets.
This is a great case and company, they make great quiality cases for all tablets, I would be a return buyer if they just made a case for my Kindel Fire 7 HD 7" (4th Gen), I would not even mind if it did not have a hole for the camera, because it is so easy to take the Kindel out of the case to use the camera, because cases are useless, with the hole for camera anyway, so I they made a case to fit my new Kindel, which I hate, because I cannot buy this wonderful case to fit my new Kindel.
Amazon would sell a lot of these cases if they maded them for the new Kindels, people would even pay a lot for a great quality case, which will out last the Kindel.
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on December 5, 2013
First, it's worth mentioning this is for a Kindle Fire, not a Kindle Fire HD (I own both and I've read a lot of reviews on this product saying it's too small which holds true if you're trying to put the Fire HD in it). Overall, it's a sturdy little case. I have one similar to this for my Kindle Fire HD and wanted one just like it because of its features (I've included a product link for those that really have an HD 7" and are considering the same style case: MoKo(TM) Slim-fit Folio Cover Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" inch Tablet, Magenta (with Automatic Wake/Sleep function, Protective Hardback, Built-in Multi-angle Stand, Integrated Elastic Hand Strap)--Lifetime Warranty). The case's leather quality looks good and even though it has a bit of thickness to it, you can tell it's a hard case so it will protect the Kindle Fire. Some were unsure if the padded tabs would lose their tight fitting after an extended time but if it's anything like my other one, I don't think they will. The front cover comfortably folds behind the back cover and can be secured in this setting with the outer elastic strap. The elastic hand strap on the inside of the case (next to the grooves where the Kindle Fire can sit horizontally) is a really cool feature and it doesn't feel awkward. The other nice feature about this case is it doesn't block the charger port or the power button so you don't have to take it out of the case to charge it. It doesn't block the upper left speaker but barely, just barely, blocks the left corner of the upper right speaker. Finally, the horizontal position is a nice feature for those watching movies. It's a bit stiff at first but it was maneuverable once I folded it back all the way. Overall, I'm happy with this case and am glad I chose this one.
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on August 21, 2013
When I bought the Kindle Fire for my husband for Christmas (2012) I wanted to make sure I got a case to protect it from day to day bumps. Little did I know that sturdy leather case would protect his kindle so well. He accidentally forgot it on the roof of our car and as we were driving on the interstate I saw something wiz by his window and asked him if he left papers on the roof of the car. He knew immediately what it was. We did not expect to find it but took a chance and retraced out route and amazingly found it on the side of the interstate. His Marware cover has a scuff on the corner where it apparently hit when it landed but the kindle fire was safe inside and works just fine. can't was like a commercial. Needless to say when I add a new kindle fire to my Christmas wish list this year for me, I will be asking for a Marware cover too.
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on November 20, 2011
I ordered this cover in brown when I ordered the Fire - before the Fire had been released. There weren't many cases/covers available at that time, and this looked to be the nicest. It is pricy, but I was getting it as a gift, so I was okay with spending a little more to get something nice.

When it came it wasn't intuitive (for me at least) how to insert the Kindle and then how to turn it into a stand for videos. I was setting up the Fire with the case as a gift for my best friend, and I had to study the pictures closely to figure out how to insert it and how to turn it into a stand. Most cases are more logical than this one is, but this one serves its purpose. Once I figured it out, it was fine.

It doesn't maneuver as well as a stand as my Snugg does for my iPad (which I use). After I got this, I noticed a Snugg had been made for the Fire, but it was already unavailable by that time and I haven't been able to find one. This Marware case is more attractive than the Snugg, but the Snugg is more functional in my opinion. With this case, you pop out two of the clasps and then prop the Fire up on the inner case. That's really the only way to use it, and it doesn't "lock" in place as a stand like the Snugg.

But as a book cover, the brown Marware (the color I got) is more attractive than the Snugg. It has a solid feel and is very professional looking. I don't love the Marware case, but I am very happy with it and am proud of how it looked when presenting it as a gift.

I give this product four stars because it protects the Fire and looks good and is easy to hold with the handles and the elastic that holds the case when it is closed or open. I'd love it if it served as a better stand. I am hopeful that the clasps won't weaken over time. If I learn that they do, I will revise my review. But for now, I'm pleased with my purchase. So much so, in fact, I ordered another brown one for the Kindle I am giving my parents for Thanksgiving. I think that's a good testimony to my feelings about it - my buying another one as a gift.
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on December 2, 2015
I purchased this for a new Kindle Fire 7'' display. It fits the Kindle perfectly, however one of the clasps in the case totally covers the USB charging port on the Fire, so if I want to charge it I have to totally remove it from the case. I thought that maybe I was putting the case on upside down, but flipping the Fire around puts the volume controls under a clasp, which doesn't seem like a better solution.
If you don't mind removing the case in order to charge your Kindle then you should buy this. I still have a Marware case that I bought with the original Kindle Fire (1st gen) and have been 100% satisfied with it. I like this company and their products - I am just sad that this product covers the USB port.
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