Customer Reviews: Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi (Previous Generation - 5th) - for international shipment
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on October 24, 2012
What can I say about the Kindle that hasn't been said a thousand times over in so many different ways? I just got this ad-free version of the Kindle and I made some observations. Hopefully they will shed some new light. Here they are:

It is important to note that I maintained the Kindle in Airplane Mode (with the Wi-Fi off) since day one, except in moments when I would turn on Wi-Fi to download books and I use the device daily for at least two hours per day. That said, the battery lasted 3 full weeks before the low battery notice came up on screen and an additional 4 days, with no change in usage, before I actually had to recharge.

I was worried whether I would like reading books on the Kindle. I thought I would miss reading paper books but that hasn't been the case. I've really like reading on the Kindle. I find it natural, comfortable and easy. I was surprise the contrast on screen. It is a bit darker than I expected it to be, which doesn't bother me but I can see how it might bother others. The contrast, if I had to make a comparison, is similar to a newspaper page.

I don't like reading on my phone or computer because it makes my eyes too tired. I have read 4 books on the Kindle so far. I love the E-Ink. It is super easy on the eyes and looks great. I've taken the Kindle with me everywhere and read under all different lighting, including natural sunlight. I have to disagree with those who say that the Kindle screen is completely matte. It actually looks more like a magazine page to me. This is not to say I have had any problems. I haven't had any visibility or glare problems. I have read perfectly under every lighting arrangement that I have tried, indoors and out. However, I would caution not to try to read in the dark. Just like a regular paper book, light is necessary in order to read.

This is the first Kindle I have ever had, so I have nothing to compare it to in terms of page turning speed and the like. In my experience the page turns have been instantaneous. I think the interface in general is very intuitive. Anyone with minimum intelligence can figure out how to use this Kindle in moments and without a manual. The buttons are accessible and easily visible; the device itself is sleek and aesthetic.

For someone who likes to read on the bus and subway, like me, this device is great. The Kindle is compact - it doesn't take up much space, is light to carry, and easy to use with one hand. This was an important deciding factor for me in purchasing because I really wanted something that made reading easy under any circumstance and didn't make my bag heavy.

It's also great for reading in bed. Sometimes with paperbacks my arm will get tired and the book will end up hitting me flat in the face. This hasn't happened with the Kindle my arms haven't gotten tired yet in nearly a month of use.

One thing I didn't know is that the Kindle never actually shuts off - it "sleeps". I bought the Kindle with no special offers because I didn't like the idea of being persuaded to buy things when I am not reading. So instead of ads there are screen-savers, which I actually really like. The screen-savers are all elegant, black and white close-ups of writing tools and lettering.

I also didn't know about Whisper sync. Books download to the device in less than 10 seconds over the Wi-Fi connection, with no cables necessary. I don't even mind that there is no 3G connection, which was something that I was iffy about before purchase. There is usually a Wi-Fi connection where ever I am. And if not, I can always download a few books at a time for long trips since there would be no change in space or weight.

I like that Amazon lowered the price point. I am thrilled to be able to borrow books from the public library as well. That, combined with the low price and free books for Prime members, made this Kindle infinitely appealing to me. I think there is no better deal out there for book lovers.

A couple of other things that I consider nifty are the ability to change font size, the fact that highlights are saved on to the device in "My Clippings", and that books can be saved on Amazon's cloud drive instead of cluttering the device. These things just add to the Kindles charm in my eyes.

It's also much sturdier and well constructed than I expected. Hopefully it withstands the test of time.

Overall, I must say I love the Kindle. I am so happy to have bought it. It has made something I really enjoy a lot better and has saved me a lot of space on my shelves. Amazon did a really good job in providing a quality product. I will edit my review to reflect my experiences with it over longer periods of time but, thus far, I have no complaints about it. I think that any avid reader would enjoy this device.
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on September 10, 2012
This is our third kindle. The previous one died after two years . . . electronics froze. It had heavy use - two daily newspapers plus books. The problem may have been where the charging cable attaches to the unit.

While this new Kindle is discussed as an entry level unit, I think of it more as a BASIC Kindle. It does everything that previous Kindles have done except for the following potential limitations discussed below:

-Advertising included
-Wireless Wi-Fi only
-No Sound system
-Smaller memory
-No keyboard - virtual keyboard accessed by button

The best feature of this new Kindle is its size - length and width just slightly larger than a paperback book. Even with a silicone skin (recommended but not required), it fits in an inside jacket pocket.

It really is small and light, remarkably so.


The advertising is not a problem for us. It does not interfere with reading. These are legitimate ads from Amazon as opposed to the scams that one frequently finds on other web sites, and some of the offers seem quite attractive. Anyone who really doesn't want the advertising can simply pay extra and get it without the special offers.

Any user who does not have wireless Wi-Fi or reasonable access to it and who must use a 3g network should not buy this Kindle. It only works with Wi-Fi.

Anyone who listens to audio books or music with the Kindle, or wants books read to them obviously should not buy this unit. (We have never used that feature.)

We don't mind the reduced memory. It is still huge. Further, Amazon will re download books or, in the alternative, they can be saved from Kindle's document file onto a computer or a backup device. How many books do you really have to carry around?

The worst feature for us is probably the virtual keyboard. It is painfully slow - click to the right letter then push the input button. We miss the shortcut to add a bookmark. Turning on and off the Wi-Fi (to increase battery life) is an ordeal - multiple clicks to airplane mode and note = airplane mode ON means Wi-Fi OFF and vice versa. The keyboard was eliminated to reduce size and weight but for anyone doing a lot of keyboard work, this is probably the wrong Kindle.

The first one of these units we received from Amazon was Dead out of the Box. It wouldn't recognize Wi-Fi networks and then froze up. We returned it for exchange (no hassle) and gave it an interim 1* review that has since been deleted. I have chosen not to penalize this rating because of the earlier problem. Amazon is, in our experience, an extremely reputable company that does its best to make things right as it did in our case.

We think this Kindle is worth 5* for being an inexpensive, basic, lightweight, small, functional reader but with the provision that the buyer absolutely understands what is included and what is not.

Recommended for anyone who does their homework by reading the specifications and reviews before buying.
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on November 1, 2012
I pre-ordered the Kindle Paperwhite the day after it was announced back in September and received it in early October. I had a good two weeks with the device before I decided to return it. It's a fine device and I didn't hate it by any means in fact there was a lot I liked about it. I found though that the device seemed to get in the way of my reading experience. I owned the Kindle silver for a year and what made me fall in love with the device was that it really felt close to reading an actual book. The PW feels too much like a tablet to me. While the adjustable light definitely creates good contrast for the e-ink on the PW, I'm aware of the artificial light whether it is at a low level and definitely more so at a higher level. I constantly was adjusting the light on the PW to try and find the best contrast in whatever lighting situation I was in. This became annoying because I seemed to be thinking about the light level rather then immersing myself in whatever I was reading.

The contrast on the Kindle 4 black is actually better than the PW (especially with the PW adjustable lighting off). The text is darker and the pearl ink display is much lighter than the PW display without the adjustable lighting on (PW screen is much more brown). While the contrast does get closer to a black text on white background display with the PW, I felt like the text gets washed out some and doesn't pop like it does on the Kindle 4. The PW also has a capacitive touch layer of glass on the surface of the screen which gives the text a sunken look. The text on the Kindle 4 actually feels more paperlike because it looks like it is right on the surface of the screen - the text really pops as a result. The bezel on the PW is raised over the screen and adds to the sunken feeling. I've found that I prefer reading with a book light over reading on the lighted display of the PW as well (the green smudges really started to bother over time - read the PW reviews - many people have complained about this). The Kindle 4 is also thinner and lighter making it easier to read with one hand. I never got used to the touch display of the PW and much prefer the buttons on the Kindle 4.

Oh and the Kindle 4 has WAY better battery life. I can go 3-4 weeks reading 1-2 hours a day without charging. I know the PW was touted as 8 weeks of use on 30 minutes but honestly that didn't seem accurate to my experience with it for two weeks. I had to charge it after about a week when using it 1-2 hours a day.

The text is also a definite improvement over the previous version of the Kindle 4 and I was surprised by how much better it is. I posted a photo of my new Black Kindle 4 and the old Silver Kindle 4 (with a black skin on the bezel). Check it out here:

The difference is very clear to me. In fact, I noticed an improvement over the display of Kindle 3 as well(comparing with my Dad's device).

For good night time reading, I recommend buying the JKase Executive Series grey version so you can clip a light onto it. Its the best case I've owned and doesn't leave any kind of residue on your device (this has happened with other cases). The Mighty Bright Travel Flex light fits perfectly on it and is a great reading light (good battery life, very light and compact)

BONUS (some tips to enjoying your kindle):

Probably half the reading on my Kindle is through Instapaper - I highly, highly recommend this. Go to to get set up. Basically you can create magazines of up to 20 articles to send wirelessly to your Kindle for free. You can download a tab button to put on your browser to collect any article/blog post that you find when online. The subscription is definitely worth it - $1 a month and you get 50 articles per issue, instead of 20, including images from the article. Instapaper allows me to catch up with my internet reading (even emails!) without having to sit in front of the computer which I do far too much of anyway.

I love all the public domain books that are available on the Kindle too. The best collections in my opinion are the Delphi Classics. Search for 'Delphi Classics' on amazon to find all the collections available. They are organized nicely and formatted very well with many original illustrations and a staggering amount of content per collection. You can receive a 10% discount if you go through Delphi Classics home page (also the collections are updated semi-regularly and you can download any changes if you buy from them directly). And no, I don't work for Delphi Classics - just a huge fan.

I highly recommend the Kindle 4 - I think its the best Kindle that you can buy right now(and the cheapest!).
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on November 25, 2012
I'm totally untechnical; don't even possess a mobile. However I have 2 dilemmas
A) My house is full to bursting with far too many books; no space for any more.
B) Finances mean I've got to spend far less on this hobby.
So yesterday I did the unthinkable and went high-tech; I bought a kindle basic.

This was absolute hell and if you're buying one for a bookish older person you should absolutely be around to plumb it in for them. After umpteen frustrating attempts to link to my Amazon account, when it refused my password (I've held this account for years) it suddenly and inexplicably took it. I tried the Kindle support line initially, but as this is just a phone line that costs £1.53 a minute(!) didn't pursue it.

Bear in mind that many of the latest and most 'desirable' books are not much cheaper than a paperback (and if you can get them secondhand - many Amazon books are 1p + £2.80 pp - this works out much dearer). And of course with a physical book you can lend it. Or give it to charity once you're done with it.
The joy for me is that you can access weird and wonderful old books free of charge. My library doesn't even hold many of these; they tend to be available in reprinted versions at about £10 from 'printed to order' companies like Dodo. Suddenly all free! And there's thousands of other old classics too...
Note that not all books by any means are available on Kindle (even at a price). Looking at my shelves full of Virago classics and Persephone editions, I dont have the option of replacing them all with Kindle and minimizing the library. In most cases it's a book or nothing.

Once you're plumbed in, you just buy your book off Amazon* as normal, get your email of acknowledgement (showing in my case a zero balance) and lo and behold your book's on the menu of your Kindle. Reading is easy, you click a button on the right to turn the page (or another one just above to turn back.) If you switch it off, it's on the same page when you turn it back on. It switches itself off if you leave it too long.

*You can also download freebies from Project Gutenberg. Took me ages to find a youtube video explaining how to do this, but it's really simple:

Press the 2nd button in on the right
Select 'experimental'
Press big centre button to launch browser

I haven't fiddled with it enough to suss all its tricks, but I've just finished a short book and DIDN'T feel I needed the more expensive 'paperwhite' version. I had a lamp on and that was sufficient.

If you're a selective reader like me, who wants specific- sometimes unusual - books, this isn't a 100% answer. You'll still need the library; and to purchase the unavailable ones. However it goes a long way to saving money and space in cluttering up the house with things I'll only read once. I think I prefer real books (but to be fair I'm new to Kindle) - you can read them in the bath or while you're eating - but I plan to make good use of this purchase which I think will soon pay for itself.

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on December 17, 2013
I have the second most recent edition of this reader. The special offers are not a distraction. They replace whatever screensaver you might otherwise have on your kindle and do not interrupt reading. You can also purchase books straight from the kindle itself and email yourself books that download automatically when you turn on wifi. tThe screen is extremely easy to read, and you can convert to landscape or increase font size as needed. I use my kindle to save .pdfs so I never had to print out readings for class or work. There are also lots of free public domain books online. I have found a ton of obscure books and cook books in kindle format on project Gutenberg that I would never have read otherwise. The kindle is very sturdy and high quality. It survives being dropped and is scratch resistant. I don't even need a case for it. I keep it in my bag in a separate pocket when I can.

The only real problem is that writing notes on this version is slightly difficult: i like to write in the margins of my books and readings. I do not prefer an e-reader to real books. I thought I would grow to change my opinion, but after two years, I still have not changed my opinion. If you don't think you will prefer an e-reader to books, you probably won't.

Overall, I consider the kindle a pure luxury item that I would not miss if I did not have it, but I must admit it is very good quality.
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on September 28, 2012
We own five Kindles: Kindle Keyboard 3G,Kindle, Wi-Fi,Kindle Touch 3G,Kindle Fire, and Kindle, 6" E Ink Display.

Actually we are using all of them for publishing and developing our own Kindle books and apps. So, probably our opinion about these devices is a little bit from another angle as average customer.

This Kindle is the best one among all Kindle we have if to compare price, design, size, weight, and productivity.

1. It's the most cheapest Kindle ever - for $69 only you get really great e-reader.
2. I love its design! Perfect: only 5 buttons on the bottom, good buttons on the sides (for the first time they were not very comfortable, but now I think they are very good), nice backside.
3. Size is really prefect: usual Kindle screen, minimal edges, very thin.
4. For mobile devices the weight is crucial moment - this Kindle is the lightest ever!
5. New Kindle is fest and works without problems.
6. Wi-Fi works fast (note - this Kindle does not have free 3G).

If to compare with previous Kindle, Wi-Fi version - it is black now, and I like it :)

So, for sure - if you want to have superior experience while reading books on e-ink device, you NEED this device.
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on October 16, 2012
I've owned an eReader since 1997, when I bought the Rocket Ebook (which was lighted, had buttons to turn the pages and a touch screen) and used that device daily for 13 years; yes THIRTEEN YEARS. When the port crapped out and I couldn't download new books so I bought the Kindle 2 (with the keyboard) and still have it. Learning that Amazon was getting rid of the buttons that flipped the pages and instead making us use a finger to change the page (which would necessitate me using two hands instead of one to read -- one to flip and one to hold onto the reader) I purchased the $89 Kindle (with no ads) and started using it yesterday. From the get go, I have been UNABLE to press the button and hold the Kindle using only one hand, which I've been been able to do with my two other eReaders. The right side button on the eReader is especially hard to press. To buttons on the side of the eReader and very slim and hard and my hands and fingers are in pain (it kinda feels like when I had carpo tunnel). I am returning this eReader because of my inability to change the page of the books I am reading because of the difficulty to turn the page.

I am not one of those people who bought an ereader to surf the net, look at videos but just to read. I also only want to use one hand to read. This Kindle is a huge disappointment to me.

Update: I finished reading the book I downloaded to my new Kindle yesterday and my hands and fingers are killing me. I am returning this diabolical device and getting the earlier version of the Kindle with the keyboard and large buttons on the sides after I send back this Kindle. Its amazing that my device from 1997, with a lighted touch screen and buttons, was more functional and easier to use than this Kindle 3 (and also the Kindle 2). I'm returning this product to Amazon tomorrow.

I wanted to add that most of what I read on my eReader is unpublished fiction (ergo 'free stuff'), which I send via email to Kindle (as a Word doc) and Amazon sends it back to me as a Kindle document, which dumps into my hard drive and I transfer to my Kindle. I have over 500,000 pgs of fiction saved on my hard drive, which I send to Amazon in small batches so I can read my huge depository of mostly fan fiction.
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on November 26, 2012
I purchased this reader about a year ago, and the screen went bad in about 4 months. I got another under the warranty, and about 2 months later that one went bad the same way. I received the warranty replacement, and it went bad the same way within 30 days. I received the warranty replacement, and it went bad the same way before I even finished charcing it. Buy at your own risk!!!!!
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Amazon's least expensive reader may not have some of the bells and whistles (speakers, touch) you get with the higher end but if what you want is a 'reader', this model is as good as any when it comes to bringing you a clear and sharp display, light weight, easy to carry size, simplicity and, of course low price.

'Price' may be the main reason behind purchasing this model but it shouldn't be the only one. This is not our first 'reader' Kindle, it's the 5th (large family) and I found it to be ideal for a kid, especially now that Amazon supports parental controls so we, the parents, are the ones who decide on what gets purchased.

I like this Kindle because it's small and light. I can't say that I miss the 3G/4G or Whispernet because I never felt that I needed it - we are perfectly capable of planning for a book purchase at least a few hours ahead and I believe almost all our book purchases were made from a computer because a real browser, a keyboard, a hi-res color display and a mouse make it so much easier to search for a title.

I must confess that I expected this Kindle to be more or less the exact model we purchased a year or so ago for another one of our kids but it's not quite. The specs appear to be the same but we placed them next to each other and the text on this new model is clearly sharper and page turns appear to be faster.

Like the model it replaces, this one comes without a charger but this is not a big deal. Unlike the Kindle tablets where a special charger is highly recommended, this one will charge quickly off anything: laptop, PC, phone charger, even a Kindle tablet charger through the supplied USB cable which, by the way, it's a standard cable.

Amazon's rating for 'I love it' is 5 stars and that's what this Kindle gets. More than 2 years ago, when I bought my first Kindle reader I was a little skeptical. I was concerned mainly about Amazon's proprietary format then but now I know that just about any electronic document that's not DRMed can be brought on the Kindle (there are many free format conversion apps) and read on it. I love Kindles because they allow me to carry hundreds of books wherever I go without having to stuff my travel bags. And they allow me to read the books the way books are read, without the eye strain that I get when reading on a laptop or tablet screen.
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on October 31, 2012
I have had a Kindle for approx 1.5yrs. I really did enjoy it and was able to have a lot of content on it but not a bulky item to carry around. Then one day I was trying to charge it and it was not charging off my computer but I could charge it from a outlet. Then the next time I turned it on I had lines all through my screen. I took the time to research this and it seems to be a common problem with the Kindle at about the 1.5yr mark. I contacted Amazon as I have always had a great experiance with Amazon and think that their customer service is superiour to others. Well I didn't have such a experiance this time. They would not replace it as it has a 1yr warrenty and they would only offer 20% on 2 nearly obsolete Kindles. I have several freinds as well that have had to replace their Kindles including a Kindle fire. I payed around $150 for my Kindle and feel that I should get more than 1.5yrs out of a item for that much money and a 20% discount doesn't even begin to offer a reasonable replacement option. So let this just be a heads up that when you buy a Kindle it is a disposible item and don't expect it to last any amount of time.
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