Customer Reviews: Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Burnt Orange (Fits Kindle Keyboard)
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VINE VOICEon August 26, 2010
I bought the burnt orange color cover so I can spot my Kindle where ever I leave it easily--and hopefully not misplace it! The cover is good quality leather, and even with the cover on, I can slip the K3 into my small purse without squeezing it in--something I could not do with my coverless Kindle 2.

For an easy purchase without having to buy a separate book light, the Kindle 3 lighted cover is a good choice. The light works _great_ reading in bed. I can see all of the lighted screen just fine with the upper right corner a bit brighter. In any of the customer cover videos/pics on Amazon, the camera picks up and exaggerates the brightness of the light in the upper right corner. In real life, it's much less distinct and I don't notice it as I read.

January 2011 UPDATE: The VIDEO shows the cover inside and out without the Kindle, and how the light fits seamlessly and pulls out. I had to keep it short to fit with Amazon's video guidelines. I have a longer lighted cover video on Youtube that continues with connecting the Kindle to the cover, and a demo of using the light in a dark room--see the "UnrulyGuides" Youtube channel for that.

Pluses: Built in light that slips securely out of the way, no batteries to replace, better clips/fit than past covers that connect to Kindle, adequate to light the entire screen, no looking for a booklight, no clipping a booklight to my Kindle and scratching or damaging it, the book light LEDs point down towards the screen, so no bright lights in your eyes.

Minuses: The cover's weight doubles the weight of the Kindle 3 in your hand, the book light stays in one corner and doesn't move around the Kindle, uses more Kindle battery life (it's powered by the Kindle 3 -- and I noticed a definite drain on the battery from using the light). BTW, this cover will NOT fit a Kindle 1 or Kindle 2.

UPDATE: I've used the Kindle light for some months now, and the battery life goes down noticeably as you use the light (esp. if you keep the wireless "On"). Last night I read with the light for about 2 hours after a full charge and today the battery looks down about 15%. At that rate of use (with no wireless constantly "On" and regular reading in the daylight), I estimate the battery will need charging after approx. 1 week.

If the overall cover+Kindle weight is an issue for you--more than protecting your Kindle and the handy light--then this cover is not for you.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover alone = 233 grams or 8.2 oz

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover + Kindle 3 = 447 grams or 15.75 oz. (almost 1 lb.)

Thickness: Kindle cover + Kindle 3 = 3/4 inch

Cover Measurements (with Kindle inside):

Front: 7 3/4" x 5 1/8" (closer to 3/16")
Back: SAME as front
Spine: 7/8"
Open side (to the right) with Kindle inside: 3/4"

I have to say I'm getting used to the weight with the cover as I use it. The piece of mind of extra Kindle protection, plus a handy light whenever you need it, is worth the trade off for me. '

November 20th UPDATE:

**Still love the cover** and having the light handy without having to think about needing a light _is better than ever_. One thing however, is that the hooks to connect the cover are not sturdy enough, IMO, to take the cover on and off often. The Kindle "wiggles" a bit on the connectors, and be careful not to pull the Kindle forward or up off the back of the cover to avoid bending or breaking the metal connectors. Despite this, I am very happy with this cover after using it almost 3 months now.

December 27th UPDATE: A commenter asked about replacing the LED light -- a really good question.

First of all, we know there's no batteries required, so that is not a concern at all. If the cover light dims, it would be because the Kindle needs recharging. However, the Amazon CS Rep I spoke to said there's no way to replace the LED light, but shouldn't be necessary. So I asked "How long should the light last?," and she said for the life of your Kindle.
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on September 20, 2010
I got my burnt-orange cover 5 days after I received my Kindle. Until then, my Kindle had functioned as adverised by Amazon. After attaching the Kindle to the cover, I was no longer able to pick up wi-fi anywhere. Also the battery charge would immediately go down, this witout using the light and with wi-fi off. My husband suggested removing the Kindle from the case, and behold! It works great without the cover! Problems solved! This is one item that will be returned to Works great in theory, but not in practice.
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on September 3, 2010
Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Burnt Orange (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle)

I am one those people who saw the problem of inadequate light on the lower portion of the page.

I will not bore by repeating all the wonderful things written about this product in the other 5 Star Reviews except to say they are true.

What you need to know is this: If you get one as I did, a unit with the uneven lighting - call CS and request a replacement. Amazon is great that way.

UPS delivered a replacement about an hour ago ago - and the new unit is perfect - extremely even & usable light across the entire page.

Even the keys are lit - though not as much as the page.
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on August 28, 2010
I received my cover and it seems like there is less "slop" when the K3 is attached to the hinges than there was with the K2. When I first turned on the light I was worried but when I went in the bathroom ,no windows :) it does a very good job. I can't wait to settle in tonight and read with it.

Using a food scale
the K2US with cover and mighty brite is 19.5 oz.
the K2US with cover is 16.5 oz.
the K3 with cover is 15.7 oz.

As far as the color goes it is beautiful. I agree with the other posters that the picture with the covers all standing is closer to the real thing.
It is a muted (not neon) deep fall orange.
The light is a little stiff coming out (but it needs to be , I hope it stays that way) and I am a little worried that those that aren't careful (children) when the light is pushed back in will be breaking them. You need firm gentle pressure to make it retract. It is not flimsy by any means, but something to be aware of if it were to be loaned to others.

I was hesitant about the price but looking at all the offerings I believe it is priced correctly for the quality and funtionality.
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on September 19, 2010
I ordered this cover with my new Kindle and was disappointed. One of the main reasons I bought the new Kindle was because of it's small size and weight, but when using this case, it was too heavy and awkward for me when reading. Also, the light is a nice feature but I found it difficult to pull out when needed. I suspect that this might become easier after repeated use but it was a bit frustrating. The case is made very well and seems to protect the Kindle, but I returned the cover after a few days and bought the Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Sleeve and love it!
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on May 16, 2011
I bought this cover and was really excited about how compact it was with the light that can be completely stowed away. I was extremely disappointed with the actual product, however. The pictures in the product description are accurate in that the screen is very unevenly lit.

The light might be okay in settings that are dim (as opposed to completely dark), but when the lights are off, it doesn't effectively light the whole screen. Is it possible to read? Yes, but I had to strain to see text near the bottom left of the screen.
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on May 25, 2011
When I decided it was time to upgrade my Kindle to the latest model, I was thrilled to see Amazon had finally designed a custom cover/case for the Kindle. This was something I searched high and low for last year without success. I was even more excited to find out this little cover comes with a built-in light that doesn't require batteries (it gets charged when the Kindle gets charged -- how cool is that!). I bought one in burnt orange and was very pleased with the product quality and the design touches (the small leather "tag" that runs along the elastic band, the padded, felted neoprene interior for extra cushioning, the groove along the front of the cover that acts as a parking place for the elastic band). Honestly, I couldn't have been more thrilled....

....until my youngest child grabbed the Kindle + cover one morning and within a mere 10 seconds, managed to snap off one of the prongs that holds the Kindle in place (these prongs are also what make charging the book light possible). Said prong then became permanently embedded in my Kindle meaning I could no longer use the case (or any other case with prongs, for that matter). Thankfully, I was well within the year warranty period (I'd just received the Kindle + cover two days prior) and Amazon was happy to replace the Kindle cover and Kindle, free of charge.

Word to the wise: If you purchase one of these, be very careful to keep it out of the hands of curious toddlers AND keep in mind those prongs aren't terribly sturdy. While I do not underestimate the destructive abilities of my youngest child, I also think Amazon may want to come up with an additional locking feature (perhaps something that clips it down on the right side?) to avoid having this happen again. Because I can see how this could be an issue, and not just for people with young kids.
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VINE VOICEon February 20, 2016
Have had this for years. It has faded slightly, overall and in a way that's quite pretty. Still very sturdy and the elastic closure showing no wear. I seldom use the light but when I do, I notice it takes down the battery rather fast. Yet I'm grateful to have the light feature for those few occasions when a burning desire to know what happens next in a story overrides the good sense to go to sleep and stop keeping those around me up by having to turn on a light.
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on December 27, 2010
Okay, so I didn't ask for a Kindle....I was just so not sure...I love books; the smell, the opening of the cover...HOW could I live without these traditions?! Well,my husband is a doll. He treats me to the WiFi version and I'm thrilled...But then another package...and it's the lighted/leather case...The light is a strong little bugger! LOVE IT....and the case is so cooly engineered. The hinges slip the Kindle in so securely and smartly and I dare say: the cover acts like a book cover and in my hands, well, with the smell of rich leather, I'm at home with my Kindle. I did not rate "button" as I haven't a clue what that is...

While the leather is surely a good cost....I think the sturdiness is worth the price as is---beyond a doubt---the light feature.

I will always miss my own handwriting in the margins of (esp. non-fiction) books...but I do love the cover.

Alas, one idea for the Amazon designers: add a slip pocket for those of us who like to still have a place to slip paper with notes into.
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on September 7, 2011
The Kindle and the Kindle cover were made for each other, literally. When I first got my Kindle I wondered what those slots on the left side were there for. Now I know. They anchor the Kindle securely into the cover and supply the power for the light. Having a built-in light is great because there is nothing extra to carry when I'm on the go.

I debated for a long time (6 months) before finally purchasing this cover. At first, I bought a padded, zippered case. It was OK but a little annoying to always have to put my Kindle back in the case whenever I needed to lay it aside during reading. I didn't want to just leave it lying "naked" and unprotected. Clothed with the Kindle cover, my Kindle is always safe and protected. I can just set it down and close the cover.

I tried a clip-on light, but it kept slipping sideways and sometimes fell off, plus the extra weight put the Kindle off balance and less easy to hold on to. Some reviewers have complaints about the Kindle cover's light but I have found it to be more than adequate for even my aging eyes. I don't use the light for extended periods of time, so the drain on the Kindle battery is very small.

The cover is thick and sturdy, giving me confidence that my Kindle is well protected when I'm carrying it around in my purse or laptop case. The front cover folds all the way back where it can be secured by the elastic band. It adds a little weight to the Kindle but I've found that it also makes the Kindle easier to hold. My fingers are on the cover instead of on the Kindle itself and I don't get as many fingerprints on it, and no fingerprints at all on Kindle's back. The inside of the cover is soft, giving an extra amount of cushioning to the Kindle and a nice feeling for my fingers.

I highly recommend this cover.
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