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on September 4, 2011
When i started looking for a e-reader i quickly found Amazon's kindle. It seemingly ticked all the boxes and looked to be far better then normal e-readers that i found. That, including the large list of supported formats, the auto-download feature, the convert-through-email feature, i figured i could not go wrong.
Unpacking the kindle was simply a joy. As it was stated on the packaging itself: "100% frustration free packaging". And it was, which was great. The kindle itself did not disappoint. It easy to use, girlfriend friendly (:P) and when fully charged it really lasts.
However i am from Europe, and being unfamiliar with the e-book industry i was unaware that the number one format used for e-books in Europe is EPUB. Sadly due to all kinds of commercial reasons, this format is not supported by Amazon's Kindle. The only way to read those books is by converting them to a suitable format with the help of various applications. Which is non-trivial exercise.
This basically forces you to only buy e-books from amazon's bookstore.
If i had known this up front, even though the Kindle is very good, i would not have bought it. Simply because i don't want to go through the hassle of converting my digital books. Therefore, if your from Europe and want an hassle free experience, i would recommend against buying Amazon's kindle.
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on December 5, 2010
I purchased the Kindel for several features--font enlargement and the text to speech feature. I love everything about the Kindel except the text to speech. It is too mechanical, does not recognize punctuation and it does not make sense when you listen to it.
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on November 26, 2015
still work after two or three years
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on December 1, 2010
The Kindle is a near-perfect size and weight for the type of reading that I want to carry with me. The print font is very clear, making it very easy to read. My only reason for my four-star rating (rather than five-star) is the unavailability of certain older books that I would like to add to my Kindle library.
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on March 3, 2011
I've had the Kindle since October and the actual reading experience has been great. What isn't great are the cracks that have developed in the bottom corners of the casing near the screen. I've never dropped it and it's always kept in a neoprene case when not in use. The cracks developed about a month ago and since I'm out of the 30 day return period, my replacement will more than likely be a refurb unit. I'll just keep using it until the cracks cause a problem. Who knows what issues a refurb unit may have.

Other than the cracks the unit has worked great save for one wi-fi issue that was fixed with a hard reset.

UPDATE: 3/18/11
I am now having problems with the casing on the left side above the buttons. It makes a popping sound when holding it. It seems that the glue has released on that side.

UPDATE: 5/3/11
Amazon has sent me a replacement and it seems to be new rather than refurbished. Keeping my fingers crossed on the longevity.
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on August 31, 2010
So, I don't usually write a review at all unless I feel strongly (bad) about the product, and I definitely don't write a review with the intention of updating, but here goes (Beware, it's long, but hopefully very informative and maybe even a little unproductive and hateful comments please...this is solely MY opinion and not a declaration of fact, and I adore Apple products...I just don't have blind devotion):

I bought the latest Kindle (K3 in some circles) in graphite with 3G and Wi-Fi. I've had it less than 24 hours, and man, it has been a roller coaster ride of love and annoyance.

1. My vote is to definitely plunk down the cash for 3G unless you live, play and work in BFE where AT&T's network doesn't work. Also, if you don't travel, don't travel much, save yourself the $. I love the 3G feature, and could not have read my K2 at the beach without it (for nay-sayers...I was extremely careful, don't have children to fling water or sand accidentally, and used a handy-dandy zip-lock for a ghetto-fab water proof cover. It also helped that our place was super close, so if both of us were not there to watch it, I took it back to the house...hassle? yes. worth it to have instant access to all my books and new ones without the extra suitcase (I read ridiculously fast)? ABSOLUTELY!) I will add that there have been some Wi-Fi network compatibility, and Wi-Fi only users seem to be complaining more of defects/bugs.

2. Since I have the K2, I have white, granted not with the improved display, but I think I can have an opinion. I chose the graphite to: a. have something different from my K2 b. have a device that's looks a little sleeker and c. I thought the screen contrast looked a little bit better from the product shots. I think the screen contrast is great and the graphite does not distract me at all (well, except my oogling my new shiney...that will fade with time, though). However, had white been given to me or the only thing available, I don't think the experience would be lessened at all....go with your gut and what will make you happy. *I will note, if you can't read small print easily or have poor eyesight in general, go with white...the letters for the controls are black on the white interface where as my graphite has light beige/gray print on the dark interface, which would be harder to see and thus use.

3. Love the contrast, love the speed, love the addition of Wi-Fi and of course the smaller size. No super huge leap from my K2, but all the little things add up to an even better experience...I didn't think that was possible. I had issues with the screen and speed upon start up yesterday (hence, K2 was working WAY better), but fully shutting down the unit, having everything transferred completely, and letting the poor thing charge completely seemed to help everything, but I'm also expecting an OTA firmware &/or software update really soon....will update in a couple weeks.

4. K2 v. K3....I am doing fine with the new control panel, but my fingers are tiny....Power switch and volume relocation to the bottom was stupid...I think I get the why behind the volume...probably helps the size be cute down, but there's room on top for the button, and that's a way better/easier location. Kudos on copying nook's back and forth side keys, however...big fan. I do miss something random, though...the metal back cover...K2 does feels like a better quality item than K3, and I think that's part of why.

5. Finally to Nook, to Ipad, or to Kindle? If you want a device to be awesome at reading and not kill your retinas into an early grave of bifocals, DEFINITELY go nook or Kindle. The other features they do besides the basic reading are weak...just remember they are intended to be massively secondary...sort of the cherry on top. People only/mostly in it for the reading should note the touchscreen glare, difficulty to read in bright light, and fingerprint issues with Ipad.

The Ipad is an awesome media device for people who want the ability to read with a clarity only the aforementioned retina-burning LED screens can produce as well as chat, get the stock reports, type an e-mail while watching the latest Trueblood as you walk down the streets using the Google Maps directions and hopefully not running into people as you stare at your incredibly expensive (and yes gorgeous) netbook wanna be. I personally prefer the Iphone/Kindle or nook combo...together they weigh less than an Ipad and actually fit in my purse, in their cases, too, no less.

Also, I was one of the first to pre-order a nook....I had wanted a Kindle from K2's debut, but it was WAY too expensive for what it was...then 9 months later, the nook appeared and was everything Kindle was but "better" and cheaper (device, not books<--at the time). I canceled that pre-order and have been so happy with that decision....B&N CS was atrocious from the start to even today...not to mention all the initial and ongoing bugs/issues...Amazon definitely has it's own issues, but they really do put the customer first in a lot of situations where B&N said, "sucks to be you." Amazon's library was also larger and cheaper (cheaper has since gone away, but I saved a lot for a while, especially since I bought a lot of Kindle books pre-sales tax). I like having 5 or 6 devices able to read the same books, and again, coming from someone who just wants to read books on her device, the battery life of a K2 or K3 is unbelievable compared to nook...nook users, don't quote "you can turn the lower screen off" this arena, you lose. Deal with it. Other nook features are better, but not this, and for me at least, it's a critical feature. Text-to-Speech (when enabled) is awesome for drives and working in my lab...goes very well with it audio book quality? Heck no, but it's free and works in a pinch.

Luckily, I got a K2 as a Christmas/birthday gift, and it has been a romance for the history books. And if K3 ends up working out for me, I hope my husband will love my "old" K2 as much as I did.

Now that you can make "collections," I only have one fundamental problem with my chosen device. Sadly, I want my e-reader to be able to bring other sources of fun to the table and yet it refuses, keeping to it's protected digital format....I'm hoping with enough time, it will open up and take our "relationship" to the next level. So, it's a race...will Amazon open up? or will B&N gets its CS act together, get their in-store nook experience much improved, and have a new nook that's so awesome it compels me to switch despite a heavy, digitally-protected investment with my Kindles?

Last note: If you want the Amazon K3 covers and lighted covers, look up reviews and actual customer pics first...product page photos have been misleading in some instances. I love the cover with light...waiting on a super sexy pumpkin orange to complete my Halloween-themed ereading experience.
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on September 29, 2015
Great product light weight and handy.
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on August 10, 2011
I love my new Kindle. I have the Kindle with WiFi and 3G. I did not understand the WiFi availability was only with your approval of a contact. My grandson sent me an email just to try the unit out. A message from you tells me he must be OK'd by Amazon before he can email me? Help me understand the process. Thank you
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on January 17, 2015
Very nice for reading. Battery lasts for ever.
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on September 8, 2010
I love love the Kindle!!! It's my first one and I am never going back to hard copies of books. It's lightweight, easy to read, and easy to navigate. This a must for readers!
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