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on December 6, 2016
I'm THRILLED to see "busty" as an option in addition to S/M/L/XL sizing on this, AND an inclusive size chart to match. I previously wore a 30G-30H when breastfeeding, and never found a soft nursing bra that fit before. 95% of the time, my size or measurements did not even appear on soft bra size charts, and everything was always too big in the band, too small in the cup, or (usually) both. I'm currently pregnant for a second time and wearing a 30FF/30G for now. Based on the size chart, I ordered the Medium-busty size because I'd rather have a little room to grow than be popping out later. Fit is pretty darn good! The band rides up a bit and could definitely be more snug, but I realize I'm at the smaller end for this size. The cups fit well. I feel well covered and lightly supported, and it's still easy to whip a boob out. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. The bra is mostly two layers with the seams hidden (upper back portion is 1 layer), so it feels pretty solid and there are no irritation points. I will be ordering more of these, but I think I'll try a S-busty for comparison before I order a full stash. I would love to see a size "small EXTRA busty" to keep the cups roomy but get a snugger band fit. Because this bra is getting most everything else perfect.

Update: I like the Small-busty size a bit better right now (size 30G), but I know that the cups will be too small when my milk comes in. The band is snug to get on over my shoulders, but I have wide shoulders in proportion to my ribcage, and would not want the band to be looser. Still wanting a S-extra-busty size!

In my pictures, M-busty is the gray and the S-busty is the ivory color. Hope this helps someone :)
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This bra exceeded my expectations! First of all, it IS SO SOFT! Omg I want everything I wear to be made of this material lol! It is quality material too, thick and sturdy but baby soft...
I'm 5'2 145lbs currently, 8 weeks post partum with a preemie, I'm a 32/34 HH-JJ Cup size, but I can squeeze into some DDD bras from VS, when I'm
Not nursing... I purchased a Medium based on most of the lounge bras I buy from VS and Pink sizing they work for me, since I'm not big around but have large breasts...
So, I first put the bra on and it fit perfectly it felt a little snug on the top of my shoulders cause of the weight of my breasts, no fault of the bra, it REALLY holds them up too! While not being constricting or painful on the back or shoulder or sides! The only part that may be off for me is the bottom band, because of my breasts again no fault of the bra, it does tend to be higher up than it should be compared to the picture, it sits on the bottom of my breasts halfway from my ribs, BUT it's perfectly comfortable and I don't even notice it, it's so soft and doesn't have an actual elastic band in it so that makes it even better and quality! I have had no Issues with the edges of the straps under arm or anywhere being rough and rubbing either! The entire bra is the same material just thicker and doubled up on the band and outer edges.
I'm seriously ordering more right now and I will wear these bras forever lol! They are so comfortable to sleep in you don't even feel it on! Mine is on day 3 of being worn, pumping with it on and breastfeeding as well and it still is nice and perfectly snug and within a few hours of the first day the part that was weighing on my shoulders due to the weight of my breasts ceased and its perfect now!
I have been recommending this bra to everyone lol even those now breastfeeding cause it is a perfect sleep bra or lounge or yoga even! It's so comfortable but with plenty of support so long as you don't order it too big I assume, so I recommend ordering your regular size bra because there is plenty of stretch in the cups!
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on March 4, 2017
I'm having some pretty intense breast/nipple pain happening and this is the only bra I have been able to tolerate so far in my pregnancy. The band doesn't roll and that's a big deal for me. The fabric is incredibly soft. It makes sleeping much more comfortable. Not enough support for leaving the house, but for around the house and sleeping this bra is indispensable. I'm a 34 D-DD and the medium-busty is perfect. Finding something that fits in the band as well as the cups is nearly impossible because I'm small around but still have a large (and getting larger) cup size. I'm ordering another as a backup. I will try other styles in this brand. Fantastic customer service also. If you have an issue they will help you!
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on July 1, 2016
**Aug 30th 2016!! UPDATE!!
I got to talk to the Kindred Bravely creator Deanne through email about month ago.
She said she would love to send me size small for Free!
I got to try size small for about a month now. First when I got the size small, it was fitting well.
However, as the time pass by the opposite problem started to happen.
Before, I was wearing size Regular Medium and whenever I leaned over, my boob spilled out.
Now I am wearing size Regular Small and as the day goes on, my boob come out from underneath the bra. I like the bra band size and it is perfect but not the cup size.. This is definitely my everyday The Most Comfortable Bra. So if I try the Busty bra size small, hopefully it will be the Best Bra for the rest of my life and no long need to search for perfect one. (Because this bra is so so so soft and comfy)

I have tried expensive ones like one selling for $50 to cheap one selling for $7 from China.
But none of them feels like this one. Don't waste your time and money to look for right one.
This is THE One you need to buy. No wonder why reviews are excellent
They are really there to help you. They have donated over 400 bras.
I love Kindred Bravely. I will definitely spread the word out to friends and families

*Previous Review in the past
I am 36D and I ordered two Soft French Terry nursing bra because reviews were good. Photos looked really comfy and nice. I ordered one size smaller because I didn't wanted too loose fitting. Unfortunately whenever I lean over to pick up something my boob kept falling out of its place and it was embarrassing to tuck in back when I am in public place. I would love to try my true size according to bra chart but just don't have bucks to order another one and I am afraid I will be unable to wear it. Maybe I should have ordered size small to hold my boob in place securely? I ended up stitching in the middle to make it smaller and my boob doesn't spill out anymore but it is quiet not easy to pull out my boob when I am breastfeeding. I am currently wearing motherhood sleeping nursing bra size small and it fits great and never spills out. I would like to try size small of the Soft French Terry nursing bra if that is possible and I will update the review online. I love this nursing bra. Really soft and comfy only problem that I have is fitting.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on February 1, 2016
During pregnancy swelling phase, my usual nursing and regular bras became too snug. i needed an extra comfortable bra, and this was it! Great sleep bra. More details about it below...

Numerous bras tried (all same size L):
-- Band Bamboo Women's Seamless nursing Bra Padded-- 1st place in best comfort. Got kept, and another purchased.
-- Soft French Terry Nursing Sleep Bra for Maternity-- Tied 1st place in best comfort. Got kept, along with other 1st place winner because the two were different styles of bra. this is more of a sleep bra, no clasps, just slip on and off. The elastic at base is over a wider width, so pressure was better distribuated than the other non-clasp-sleep-bras (Veami and Cakye).

--Mirity Women's Seamless Maternity Nursing Bra- 2nd place in best comfort. Appearance more flattering than 1st place comfort, I tried hard to keep it, but because it wasn't most comfortable (though it was close!), it got returned. I think a big factor was this had standard # of clasps at back, whereas first place winner Band Bamboo had an extra # of clasp so allowing it to be wider around if necessary.
-- CAKYE Women's Nursing Tank Sleep Bra For Nursing-- not even close. not ranked. not comfortable. I think it was a chinese one with foreign written tags (side point). mainly just not the best comfort.
-- CAKYE Women's Lace Sleep Bra Yoga Bra-- not nice, but that's subjective! Someone else may like it! For me, the lace and overal style seemed like something my grandmother would wear. plus not that comfortable. returned.
--VEAMI Nursing Sleep Bra-Dune Blush-- the elastic band going around at base is relatively prominent. not comfortable. this got returned.
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on February 17, 2017
I'm not a nursing mom, but rather a 60-something needing a comfortable bra. No elastic, no scratchy synthetic trims, no wires, no nonsense--just COMFORT! I needed a non-binding bra that would prevent skin-on-skin contact under the breast to prevent yeast, a bra with no synthetics to irritate my extremely sensitive skin, and a bra soft and comfortable enough to sleep in . These bras are all that and then some. After testing a few for size and durability, I bought a dozen of them.
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on January 20, 2017
I wear a 38C so I ordered an XL as suggested and it fits really well! It's stretchy enough that even if I'm engorged or add a nursing pad it will still be comfortable. The material is so soft and I love that the fabric is so breathable. I bought the nursing pads from Kindred Bravely as well and they work really well with this bra! I had such a hard time finding a good nursing bra after my first pregnancy that I was really excited to find this one and I love it! I absolutely hate the clip down bras, especially the ones with the elastic outlines, they are awful and uncomfortable. This one is the complete opposite, I've been wearing it through the third trimester of this pregnancy because it feels so nice.
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on March 8, 2017
This bra, along with all KB products I have are simply the best!!!! We adopted our first child so this is my first time with the breast feeding experience. My friend from work bought me a KB tank for my shower and another friend bought me the nightgown. I was living in the two pieces when I returned home from the hospital so I ended up purchasing the pjs and two terry bras. It's pretty much all I've worn my entire maternity leave. We've had several house guests visiting and these pieces not only offer comfort but coverage and simplicity to nurse. If I could wear this stuff out of the house I would. These bras are Super soft and comfortable, also provides support (I wear a C cup).
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on January 3, 2018
I’m a 34DDD and I purchased the Medium-Busty and it fits perfectly. I also purchased the organic version of this bra in the same size and I noticed a couple differences. The organic version is a bit more structured and gives more support than the French terry version. Although, the French terry version is softer, the organic version isn’t uncomfortable though. I noticed the organic version holds my breasts inside a little better if I lean over. I plan to order another one and I’ll probably purchase the organic version because I like it a bit more. I give both versions 5 stars.
Some advice: Since these bras are designed to slide over, they can pull your nipple to the side in the bra as well. If it’s uncomfortable to you, just lean your nipple to the opposite side when sliding your breast back in the bra. :)
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on March 2, 2017
I am a busty woman- NOT nursing anymore- but it is more comfortable to wear a sleep bra. I tried many "sleep bras" but they didn't fit right- if I got it big enough for my breasts, the band was huge, and if I got the band size that fit, the cups definitely did not fit. Thus, none were comfortable. This one is finally not binding but keeps everything contained in a soft, non-itchy way. I wear a 36H or 38H and the XL Busty is perfect for a sleep bra. NOT just for nursing moms!
My only suggestion for improvement would be to remove the tag. Tags are itchy. Screenprint the tag information so there is no itchy tag, and this bra would be 100% perfect. Thank you!
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