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VINE VOICEon March 1, 2012
This really is perfect for LCD and other thin TVs. I cannot even imagine it working any better than this. It is stable as can be, more stable than my TV itself. It is adjustable but holds firm to adjustments. It uses no adhesives and will not mark up your TV with tape or residue. It makes a very stable platform and the Kinect sensor very easily locks on firmly on and removes easily by holding two buttons. I have used it on both my LG 52" LCD TV and my Vizio 47" LCD TV. It is quite easy to move it and re-adjust it too.

It can expand the main assembly by double its default width by holding the back 2 buttons and it slides out further. The whole back arm rotates down, but ratchets loudly and securely so that it will not release on its own. The back arm has a wide rubber contact to add some grip. The front is just a plastic edge with no adhesive or rubber so it only intends to hold onto the front but not mark up or leave residue on your TV frame. The sensor easily fits and locks firmly by holding the two front buttons and slipping it on, or slipping it off and then releasing.

Before this, there was only that other TV mount with terrible reviews that had arms to reach down the back of your TV and reach mount points which fit few TV sets well if at all. Or you needed a wall mount and anchors and wasn't suited for corner TVs. Or you needed to stand the Kinect below or in front which limits your play space more. Or what lots of people did was buy the Playstation Eye Camera TV clip, and use Velcro and adhesives to attach the Kinect sensor to it. This is exactly what was missing for mounting your Kinect easily and securely.
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I'm surprised it worked well with my Samsung UN40D6400 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black). The clip ratchets into different positions and tightens to the back of the TV with a small lip on the front of the clip that doesn't show on a 0.5" TV frame. There are 2 sets of locking clamps on top of the clip, one for thinner TV's, and one for thicker TV's. Please check out my review to see me shake my expensive TV, while the clip remained firmly attached with the Kinect Sensor.
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The kinect sensor tv mount is a good option for the kinect sensor and it looks much better but in terms of use and accuracy, it's not great. I had hoped this would make the kinect sensor more accurate but the way we have out TV set up it actually makes it less useful than if we just run the sensor in front of the tv on the mantle. It might be great for people that have a tv in an entertainment center or something but ours in tucked into a recess above our fireplace and with the mounting clip the sensor barely picks us up. Again, this may be an issue with us and it does make it cleaner so I gave it three stars but it's not the best option out there.
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on June 1, 2011
I hated having my Kinect sitting in front of my TV, so about a month ago I started looking for supports for it to sit on top. I was surprised to see that there were not many options and none of the ones I found on Amazon had any really good reviews. A lot of the reviews I found said to go buy something for the PS3 and use that. I saw this clip was available for pre-order and figured the price wasn't too bad so I took a shot.

I got it today and was very happy. It matches the color and finish of my Panasonic plasma TV perfectly. It took all of 10 seconds to set it up and attach the Kinect and it's very stable. It adjusts very easily for different thickness televisions so I had no problem getting it to fit my plasma. I wonder how it would fit some of the really thin sets I have been seeing but I don't have one so I can't comment. It would certainly fit a set thicker than the one I have. I shook the TV a little to see if there was a chance I would come home from work one day with the Kinect on the floor and nothing moved at all. Now the cord to the Kinect is hidden from sight (I hate cables) and the Kinect is on top of the television, where games keep telling me it will work better. I would recommend this to anyone.
review image review image
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Enthusiast: Coloringon August 13, 2012
Like a lot of people, I needed to raise the level of my Kinect sensor but don't have a convenient place on the wall or console to raise it to and be centered. In my case, the sensor was annoyingly interfering with the sensor for my TV which is also right in the center of the TV at the bottom.

I really didn't want to push holes in the wall for the mounted ones and the cheap knock-off version of this type of holder at the local super center didn't look at all sturdy. Luckily, I found this one on Amazon.

This is the real one, not a knock off. The price has come down substantially...it's about half what I paid for it at this moment...so it just as economical as the knock off.

I installed it in about 15 seconds. Yes, it is that easy. The sensor actually clips in rather than resting on top and it is very secure and very sturdy. I do all kinds of jumping about with my Kinect (Zumba, even) and my house is wooden floors on a tall crawlspace. So..not a concrete base and motion does impact the floor. It would be about the same as if the Kinect were on the second floor of a house that sat on a slab or basement in terms of motion. Yet I've had not a single wobble by either the sensor or the clip.

Definitely works for me. As a note, I don't have a particularly thin TV but I don't have the thickest of the LCDs. Sort of in the middle and it works fine.
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on January 18, 2013
Item packaging arrived a little rough, but the mounting clip works pretty well. There is a rubber bumper on the piece that touches the rear of the TV, which had fallen off during shipping - I'm assuming due to the frigid weather. I put that back on, as it was still sticky, and it seems to be working fine. I have a 42" LG LCD TV, and though this does go over top of the TV and stays there, it doesn't really adjust to grip the TV that well. I don't expect to need my Kinect to be that solidly attached to my TV, but it does seem a little cheap this way. The clip joint ratchets and pops into fixed positions, so you may need to adjust your Kinect to get it pointed properly, since the mounting clip adjusts to certain set angles.
All-in-all I'd say it's definitely worth the small price that I paid for it. After buying a different one on another website that was supposed to come with arms that attach to the VESA mount, but didn't, then only being able to get a refund on that and ending up with a wall mount that I'll never use, I'm happy to see that this one worked out.
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on November 26, 2012
Over-all this design seems very good and I can still find the bracket usable but there is a problem I noticed right out of the box. The clips that are supposed to hook into the bottom of the Kinect to hold it down never engaged with the Kinect correctly. The Kinect will not slide around at all in 4 directions. The only real Issue I see is if the TV were somehow bounced (I'm sure you'd have worse problems if this happened in real life) then the Kinect would fall off. The hooks are obviously meant to do something but, although they move, have no functional purpose that they fulfill on my unit. I may have received a dud and have no problem revising my review if I cna get a replacement or there's some weird tip to make it work but I played around with the mechanism for about 15 minutes and never could get the hooks to lock.
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on September 22, 2014
This clip is not required to be screwed or otherwise attached to the television. It literally takes 10 seconds to install and adjust and removes even faster. Its not super heavy weight but definitely sturdy enough to do its' job.You can look at the front of the product packaging and see how the product works...there is a little piece that fits over the edge of your television's front edge and a back leg that adjusts down to meet the back of your television. You will want to adjust the back leg down as much as possible to fit your articular TV since the tension is the only thing holding the stand to your television. Under the front lip and the back edge of the stand is a non-skid type surface that will protect your television's surface and assist in holding it in one place. My television is wall-mounted and tilted slightly forward at a downward angle. My son and I had one Kinect session so far and it seems to be holding fast....not wobbles or slipping. It had to adjust several times as I am a grown woman and my son is only 3...A lot of up and down movement of the Kinect head. I am satisfied with this purchase, but some kind of fail safe like a dot or two of velcro would make it a five star product. If your televsion has any wobble whatsoever BEFORE installing the Kinect, I would recommend a stand that bolts on the back of your television. However, if your installation is good, this is a quick, easy-to-install, affordable option. I would buy again.
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on January 6, 2015
Installed in minutes. I didn't have to modify or change anything. I put it on the top of the TV, adjusted the claw on the mount, took it down, snapped the Kinect on it and placed it back on the TV. That was it. The TV is angled down and it still works. The only time I ever had a problem with it about to fall was when I was shaking the TV and working behind it. It doesn't have any problem being slightly angled down and sees the room.
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on October 30, 2011
I bought one of these as a last ditch effort for my Kinect. I honestly had gotten so frustrated with trying to play Kinect games that I had almost completely stopped playing. My 5 year old, who was 4 at the time, had the same issues.. There's a point to me mentioning my 5 year old which I will get to in a minute.

I bought this because it was cheap and I figured with a thin TV (as opposed to the less than stellar reviews for people with thicker TV's) that it was worth a shot since I did pay extra for the Kinect. Turns out this gamble paid off.

My setup originally had the Kinect positioned at the edge of the table where my TV sat, directly in front of the TV. Hand tracking worked fine, but playing any of the dance games or Sonic Free Riders was absolutely impossible.

Many people will say Sonic Free Riders controls are difficult anyways. I have a bad back and I would have agreed if I had never bought this. I still have back pain from having to bend over backward (literally), but using my arms to control the turns helps reduce that bending quite a bit, and that has always been the case. Point is: after after I installed this on the bottom of the Kinect, and set the assembly on top of the TV, I was able to win every race I played in and as long as I take a break after a couple of races, I'm actually quite alright. Getting back to my 5 year old; even he is able to win races now. I haven't tried the dance games again because, honestly, they aren't my thing; I bought them for a family member that wanted to try to use them to get exercise, and she hasn't tried it again either.

I can say without a doubt though that this product was worth the money for me. It may be for you, as well. It's cheap (in price, not quality) enough to give it a shot, and Amazon always offers your money back if you aren't satisfied.
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