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on January 24, 2017
An amazing book. Thanks for selling it for selling it to me for so cheap!
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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2007
Kingdom Coming is a political/social book about the rise of the Religious Right and its tenacious efforts to change the law of the land and sway public opinion over to its side. Once considered a group of radicals whose ideas were too extreme to worry about, the various organizations and individuals aligned with the Religious Right have succeeded to a far greater extent than anyone imagined. How the different components of the Religious Right managed to accomplish this feat is the main subject of this book; complete with methodology exposed, tactics revealed, and strategies examined.

Probably the greatest concern to Goldberg and others like her is the Religious Right's use of deceptive tactics to sway the public. The use of reason was getting them nowhere, so they decided in the late 1980's to adopt other strategies to persuade the public over to their side. Running "stealth" election campaigns (not letting the public know a trained candidate's true agenda until after the election), finding and/or training scientists and PhD's to support and give credence to the Religious Right cause, conducting biased studies, etc., are all well- known and well- documented instances of unethical persuasion. Since many of the ideas of the members of the radical Religious Right were anti- liberty, unreasonable, and often illogical, its members decided to turn to the next level and seek out highly educated individuals who were sympathetic to the cause. Once the public heard that several people with Ph.D's were supporting Religious Right ideologies, the credibility of their claims would be strengthened and more people would be convinced to accept them. This strategy was key to the growing influence of Religious Right dogma, and Goldberg spends considerable time talking about these and other deceptive tactics used by these people in their attempts to move the United States closer to theocracy.

Goldberg successfully exposes many of the tactics used by the Religious Right and while many of them are well- known, they are often surprising for their obvious level of deceit. One is the concept of "Intelligent Design". There was no such term in the past- it was created by the members of the Religious Right for the sole purpose of introducing creationism into the school classrooms. Since the radicals knew they would never get away with inserting religious dogma into the science textbooks, they decided instead to disguise their ideas as science. By then creating a term like "Intelligent Design", they were able to give the idea scientific clout; making it sound like an official doctrine of science that, therefore, should be included in school textbooks. It really is a clever strategy, if you think about it. It's an act of complete and total deception and it ranks right up there with some of the better political strategies of recent history.

I like the way Goldberg wrote this book. Her approach is dead- on and her writing is highly effective. She even manages to write in a respectful way when she talks about some of these adversaries- an admirable feat, considering the use of deception so common in the movement's political strategies. She is obviously very concerned about the destruction of basic liberties and civil rights that will invariably occur if the ideals of the Religious Right really do become law. Legalized abortion is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many other areas where the Religious Right wants to stick its collective nose, and in almost every instance, personal liberty would be tossed to the wayside in favor of strict religious dogma.

Overall, Kingdom Coming is a very good political book about one of the most critical social issues of our time. The Religious Right and its many members and organizations may not ever succeed at making the United States government an all- out theocracy. But its ability to chip away at personal freedom should be viewed with concern by all Americans. Like Goldberg states plainly, the American way of life and Constitutional guarantees are at stake. Once a few rights have vanished, the road will be paved for further erosion of basic liberties as the nation inches closer and closer to religions/fascist- style of government rule.
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on May 13, 2007
Beginning to read this book I braced myself for a biased rant against Christianity, however the sources and references given made it an even more disturbing read. Goldberg presented information that I had checked online as well as through print from materials from various organizations; the information presented was spot on. Though the author states that not all religious people and organizations are to be feared, she does show that there are many highly influential organizations that are producing change that could crumble the very fabric of what this nation was based on. No, that is not overstating their effects, it is shown time and time again and the process that is bringing it about.

This book presented arguments backed by quotes and documented affiliations from many of the higher ups within our government. To see this tangled web and mostly to see it in action while reading through this book, I have a completely new understanding of political events and controversies.

This is the one book I will recommend to everyone I know.
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on March 2, 2007
This book is the latest in a growing list of books exposing the truth about Evangelicals and their radical agenda. They are a very, very frightening group of extremists and the most damning proof is in their own words, beliefs, and actions. This book is chock full of scary examples and should be required reading for all Americans.

America is in real peril and a war is being waged against our nation. Unfortunately, the source of this very clear and present danger is within our borders: the rightwing Evangelicals. They are the American Taliban.

If you cherish your rights, love freedom, and uphold democracy, this is a must read. All our freedoms are under assault and at severe risk. This book explains why this is happening and who is doing it. A good addition to any patriot's library.
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on March 2, 2017
Excellent exploration of Christian nationalism, a movement that wants to undermine pluralism, freedom of speech, expression, and sexuality, and our secular liberal democracy. Wonderfully written, it's timely look at how Christian nationalists have taken over the GOP as well. Though written during the Bush administration, this book has much to offer since we're still facing the threat of Christian nationalism.
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on January 5, 2007
Good journalistic writing about a subject which would be laughable if it were not so worrying. Only 4 stars, as MG never attempts to convince anybody who is not already on her side. That may be a sign of a realistic approach, but it also leaves one a little short of satisfied.
Not sure either if her quotes from H. Arendt on totalitarianism quite make it clear what kind of threat to civilization we are looking at here. I see Christian fundamentalism less like a new bolshevism, fascism or nazism, but more like "our" Western version of the Taliban or the Iranian mullahs' theocracy. Terrible no doubt, but different from Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao etc.
Not being American myself, nor living in the US, I am not constantly exposed to the antics of US christianity. I need this kind of book to keep abreast of the evolution of madness. Best parts of MG's book are those about the cultural war on the "gay threat" and on evolution vs. designism.
For me, the Eureka moment when I understood the nature of a strong current in today's US public was the ridiculous uproar over Janet's boob. Oh my, if a partly naked beautiful woman can threaten the world as much as many claimed, then really the US is on par with Afghanistan. Culturally.
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on March 8, 2017
Fast deliver of book, which was in excellent condition; Compelling reading, clearly written; well documented and footnoted. A "Call to Arms" to those Americans devolted to the long standing tradition of a Separation of Church and State that was subverted by George W. Bush and ignored by the mainstream media.
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on March 6, 2011
Wow! This book sheds light on a subject that needs the light of day. Thank you Michelle Goldberg for bringing this information into the light. I am a liberal thinker who prizes free choice for all. I certainly have no issue with each of us pursuing the beliefs of our choice. I do have issue with those who want to deny us of that freedom be they be al Queda or Fundamental Christians or any other sect. It is through public knowledge and dialogue that we can avert wars and the taking of lives for religious justifications. Thank you for having the courage to write this book thus allowing the world to see how people are plotting to take away our choices. History has shown that taking away free will does not work for very long and yet we humans again and again will plot to do so. Will we ever learn to respect the basic human right of free will? We will learn from the Taliban that government and religion make an explosive mixture that never works. Our forefathers who wrote the constitution seemed to understand this based on their historical experience. Perhaps we will have to discover it for ourselves. Thank you Ms. Goldberg for your courage to print the truth as you see it.
Jim Wells
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on June 15, 2006
I found this book quite disturbing, especially early on. Goldberg meticulously and relentlessly chronicles heartland America's infatuation with Christian fundamentalism. If it was simply their own personal delusions, that would be disheartening enuf, but Goldberg reports that they want to impose their beliefs on our nation and thus she dubs it `Christian nationalism'. It might well be called `Christian extremism' just as in the Mideast comparable behavior and goals are called `Islamic extremism'. This is nothing new -- indeed Constantine imposed on the Roman Empire his approved variety of Christianity which dominated Europe for a thousand years until the Enlightenment. Our Founding Fathers were close enuf to those times to realize the importance of separating church and state.

Two thoughts lifted my spirits somewhat. As she describes them, Christian nationalists seem so over-the-top and embolden by their successes with the Bush administration that they appear to be overplaying their hand. Hopefully they'll shoot themselves in the foot but Goldberg urges us moderates and liberals to take an active role in helping that happen. In the final chapters she describes actions she believes are urgently needed to win the `fight'.

The other thought derives from her quote on page 105 of a Baptist preacher's wife, "... genuinely upset about the social consequences she attributed to evolution... She also blamed Darwinism for creating existential despair. If evolution is true, life has no meaning, she said. `Where's this universe heading? What's the purpose of it all? There's no standard, no guidelines.'" Does this mean that if Christians could see a `purpose' in evolution, they'd embrace it? And on page 191-2 Goldberg says "Ideologies that answer deep existential needs are hugely powerful. The Christian nationalists have one and their opponents largely do not." But by carefully scrutinizing where evolution's come from and where it's going -- what I call `evolution's trajectory' in my book "Concepts" -- I propose an ideology which I believe can be embraced by both liberals and thinking Christians alike, and thus avoid the fight Goldberg advocates. Perhaps a way of getting these Christians to think outside their religious box is for them to recognize the contradiction in their rejection of science while embracing the benefits of science in medicine, food, travel, communication &c. For example, the mega-churches where they hear science denounced have sophisticated electric lighting, electronic audio & video, heating & air conditioning &c, all of which are results of science.

Certainly Goldberg's book's essential reading. But then go to my book's Amazon webpage and type `evolution's trajectory' in its `Search inside this book' box. Might it provide a common ground?
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on March 8, 2017
A book that every American who values their freedom should read. Ms. Goldberg writes a
compelling account of the how the dominionist "christian" right-wing is conspiring to overthrow
the U.S. Constitution and the secular Republic it founded.
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