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on October 6, 2014
First off I would like to say that if this game was not on sale when I bought it (15.99) it would not be worth the cost. however, I cannot say this game is a waste of money entirly. If you never played the original kingdom hearts it is a great game that deserves to be played. you also get chain of memories which is a port of the game boy advanced card based action game which is fun but definitely only worth playing if you want to get the whole story between KH1 and KH2. (Because KH2 can be very confusing if you don't know the back story). This collection also contains the CINIMATICS-only version of 365/2 days which also fills you in on the backstory of some of the characters in kh2. More on this game later.
I suggest getting this collection if it stays less than 20 dollars however if you are one of those people who played the original version you might not find the new version that much of an upgrade to make it worth it. It is also worth noting that KH2 is not part of this collection and will be part of its own collection to be released at the end of 2014.
Now to the actual gameplay of kingdom hearts 1.5 collection: I was very split with how I felt when I played this game. I played the original kingdom hearts and hingdom hearts 2 on the ps2 and loved them, completing both 100%. I never bought chain of memories or 365/2 because I didn't have a handheld so I was exited to play them on ps3. The first thing I did was open up 365/2 days thinking it was the full game. Instead what I got was all of the cut scenes with these poorly constructed text scenes to fill in what is supposed to happen during actual gameplay. I got through 4 cutscenes before I realized that no game was coming and was severally dissapointed. I don't know how hard it would have been to port the game to ps3 but if they could do it for chain of memories why couldn't they do it for 365/2? It's nice to get the story, however I found that it was annoying to get a cool scene with voice acting and then 3 minuites later have to read a 4 paragraph text box explaining what happened between scenes. And this game was long, the title says 365 days, and there is litterally a text box every 2-3 "days". It continues to play without you needing to push any buttons after a text box but that is both a good and bad thing. I feel like they don't give you enough time to read everything before removing the text so I missed out on a lot of information because I would look away from the screen during cutscenes to find a text box had popped up without me noticing. The one other complaint I had was that it seemed towards the end of the story they got really lazy with editing and didn't put some text box information that was direly needed between a few cutscenes. The whole thing takes about 4 hours to play through from beginning to end and once you have seen a chapter a chapter selection on the main screen lets you go to any chapter you have already seen. Once you finish the whole thing it opens up a charactor page which let's you look at information about the different characters that appear in the story, and there are achievements... For getting through the whole blasted thing. That is pretty much all there is to this part of the game. It was a real letdown because I had wanted to play the game for a long time and it just seems like they were either lazy or ran out of time so I will probibly never watch this again. I will say that the one redeeming thing for this game is the amazing story. Even though I was distracted by the bad editing the story caught my heart and I really felt for the characters as they discovered who they were and what must be done to make things right.

The next part of the collection I opened was the remastered kingdom hearts 1 game. I must say that the graphics, although not mindboggalingly better than the original are crisper both in the cutscenes and while playing the game. I like that because the graininess during play on the ps2 version used to make my eyes hurt. I didn't get far in the game because I like to level grind however it seemed like all the cutscenes up until the Alice in wonderland level are exactly the same. As of right now the only difference I can see is that there are a few changes to when you get certain abilities when leveling up. It might be more different later on.
If you have never played kingdom hearts 1 before this is pretty much how it goes: in the beginning you choose between 3 classes in an unconventional way. You choose between sword, shield, or staff (strength, defense, or magic) then get rid of one of the ones you didn't choose. ( for example I chose magic, and got rid of defense. This effects what powers and stats you get as you level up. Your only weapon is the key blade (and whatever magic you want to use), and you recieve two companions Donald and goofy to fight along side you in a hack and slash style fighting. You travel between disney themed worlds each of which has it's own mini story you need to complete in order to progress in the overarching story. In the worlds you battle heartless, talk to disney characters and solve simple puzzles while collecting items and new spells. Traveling between worlds is a minigame where you are in a space ship shooting down opposing space ships to get to the end of the mini level without dying. The story of kh1 is innocent and well written with some cute disney humor and themes of friendship and belief in oneself. It gets a little darker as you near the end of the game but it is never anything a child would have trouble understanding. I played this game for the story, but I also think the gameplay is good too. The battle system is pretty easy to use and will fit any playing style because you can apply different moves and magic to fit your style. The one issue I have is the bad camera, which can get stuck on the environment if you are in a close quarter and need to do some platform ing. One new thing that they added that was cool is that now you can skip through cutscenes which in the original was not possible. This helps a lot with battling some of the harder bosses that you often have to battle multiple times to beat. It would get really annoying having to watch a 3 min cut scene every time. Like I said in the begenning this version doesn't have that much of an upgrade but it is nice to have it on a new platform with some graphic clean up. There are achievements added and most of them have to do with beating certain bosses or completing worlds, it's a nice touch but I don't really need achievements so this additive didn't matter to me.

The third and final part of this game is the chain of memories port. I must confess at this time I only played the first couple of levels and for the most part it looks pretty much the same as the game boy advanced version. The cutscenes graphics have gotten a facelift but pretty much everything is left the same. I thought the shift to a card based game is kinda strange. When you go into a battle you are transported to a battle stage where there are a few enemies moving around in a pappermario-esque partial 3d environment. You move around your charactor and have to aim at enemies individually like a hack and slash but what power you use is based on a deck of cards you work through as the battle continues. You collect cards by defeating enemies and can rearrange your deck to get combos. It's a cool idea but I found this style of gameplay very difficult to use because you have to move your charactor and position yourself while scrolling through your deck to find he cards you want to use. The story takes place right after kingdom hearts 1 and before kindgom hearts 365/2 and introduces a new type of enemy as well as a bunch of new characters who are sited in 365/2 kh2 and most likely the upcoming kindgom hearts 3 title. There aren't many cutscenes and most of the story is revealed through speech bubbles the in game characters communicate with. This means a lot of reading.

So in conclusion, kingdom hearts 1.5 remix has 2 games and 1 cenimayic. The remastered kh1 is good with added cutscenes and a graphic facelift, as well as the new skipping cutscenes and achievements. Chain of memories is ok, not much changed and is kinda a mediocre game to begin with, with a good story but too much text reading. Finally the 365/2 Cinimatic which I consider bad. With lazy editing, the lack of the playable game, and text that moves too quickly the only redeaming feature of this one is it's amazing story.

I suggest only buying this if you have never played any of them and you are interested in playing kingdom hearts 2 (which is wonderful) and only then if it continues to cost less than $20.00.
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on February 28, 2015
This game was released in order to get a new generation of gamers familiar with the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise which originally released in 2002. During development, the creators realized they had lost the assets to the original game (Source: IGN - The game had to be largely re-created from scratch after pulling from a retail copy of the game instead.

This collection features 2 playable games from the PlayStation 2, "Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix" and "Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories". A third game, "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days", from the Nintendo DS is also included however it consists only of the games cut scenes edited into a 2 hour 50 minute movie. All three games have been remastered in high definition widescreen and include PlayStation trophy support. Also, instead of using the PS2's built in tone generator, 66 tracks across all three games were re-recorded for this collection.

While all of the games do show their age to some extent, the story and core gameplay stand out as some of the best games released in the 2000's and is a collection well worth the price of admission.
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While I had the original KH for the PS2 sadly it was lost and for a longtime the prices I saw made it unreasonable to repurchase but now behold fans we have a HD collection version that has been done extremely well. When you play the game you'll be astounded by the video quality and difference between the HD version and the original version though obviously the entertainment and enjoyment of playing the game is still there,also you get an added game to play after finishing the first game on on blu-ray disc which is appreciated. Some have asked if the musical score and insert songs are the same and as far as I can hear it sounds exactly the same though it has been a while since I played the PS2 version so I can't be a 100% sure.

The gameplay controls are pretty much the same so if you remember how to play the game before on the PS2 then you won't have to learn any new button controls and such. Also for hardcore fans no worries as the voice cast is the same as on the original game no re-dubbed cast like with the Silent Hill:HD Collection which only had the new dubbed voices for SH3 and not the original ones.

So fans rejoice as we have a HD collection worthy of its name for us to enjoy this game as well as bring in some new fans too.
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on March 23, 2016
As someone who played the first game when it originally debuted back in 2002, I felt it only right to pick up the REMIX(s) (both out of nostalgia's sake and to prepare for the end of the "Dark Seeker Saga" aka Kingdom Hearts III). I do not right reviews often, in fact, it is very rare when I take the time to do so. So bear with me. Getting to replay the original whilst also getting to explore the features that Final Mix offered was both amazing and added new layers to my experience. For me it's like finding out after I finished my favorite book that there was a chapter I didn't know about.
As I type this out, I'm in the midst of " Re: Chain of Memories ". I never liked the card system (hence my hesitation in giving this a five star rating) because the series was already a great rpg, but overall the Chain of Memories game is good, just takes time to adjust to the whole combat via cards thing.
As for 358/2 Days? I'm aware it's nothing but cutscenes, but since I never got the chance to play the game in the first place, I figure it's a fair trade. I've trusted Tetsuya Nomura and his development team at Square Enix this long with the series, I'm not about to stop now.
I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the series, just starting out, or simply looking to explore an rpg game.
It's great to be playing these games again!
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on November 6, 2014
Finally, Kingdom Hearts available for the PS3!

Let's first start off with the positives:
+ Being able to play one of the best games from the PS2 onto the PS3
+ The graphics have dramatically changed for the most part (More on this later)
+ Square Enix knew what to change and what to leave the same. The combat system is still as great as ever.

- You can't play Kingdom Hearts 358/2. It can only be accessed via movie form (Roughly 2-3 hours)
- The camera angles in KH1 are still pretty terrible. You will want to view something and change the camera angles, but they won't allow you. It's pretty frustrating.
- Although they changed some of the graphics, you'll have these cut scenes where you can tell the graphics have been left untouched for some reason. It just feels like they could have improved upon this.

Overall, I gave it a 4 star. Yes, it seems like the negatives weigh exactly the same as the positives, but the camera angles and graphics are minor issues. The only thing that makes me give this a 4 instead of a 5 is the fact that I can't play 358/2!
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on December 1, 2014
For the Kingdom Hearts fan: you probably already have this game, but if you don't you must buy it. It is well worth the buy in replay alone. There is also new content (the Final Mix part). The nostalgia is there, the hd looks great and the trophy system on the PS3 give you some extra goals to work towards. Also, the fact that it comes with two full games and all the cut scenes from another for $20 is incredible.

For the unfamiliar or skeptical: This is a Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG). It is a fusion of Japanese style animation/story and Disney. It's also a pretty good kids game, if you can't tell by the rating. The violence is minimal in the sense that the 'bad guys' just disappear instead of exploding or bleeding or loosing limbs or something else. I would recommend this game to anyone, being a huge gamer, or even for someone who just likes Disney.
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on October 3, 2014
I got the original game on PS2 twelve years ago (with a voucher from my late great grandad) and never got the hang of the game. All I knew was Disney, and that was pretty much it. The battles never made sense to me and I didn't know what an RPG meant or what you did in one. Eventually, I traded all my PS2 games and my PS2 in for an Xbox 360 in 2006 (something which I've regretted to an extent), however in recent years I've been rebuilding my PS2 collection by getting a pre-owned PS2 and the games I missed playing. I was considering shelling out $30 for a second-hand copy of the original game on PS2.

Thankfully, I saw this existed and decided to shell out the lesser money to be able to play it on my PS3. Arrived today and I've spent almost two hours playing it, and it's felt much shorter. The music, the graphics, the battles, everything took me back those twelve years; even the menu! I pressed the Start button and sat there for about thirty seconds soaking the menu up and "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing, memories flooding back to me.

I believe I've seen one aspect of the "Final Mix" aspect of the game, as there was a cutscene I didn't remember, but my memory is also not that great, so it might just be my faulty memory. I got this mainly to play the original for nostalgia's sake, which is what's going on, but now as an adult I'm also looking at it through different eyes as a pure game and experience, other than "Disney and pretty colours".

As I mentioned, I really only got it for the first game, but a sequel and cutscenes of another game are included, which I look forward to playing, especially with Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix coming this December.

Great game, great franchise, great memories.
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on August 18, 2015
If you want to get into Kingdom Hearts, this is the way to start, as the original is the most engaging in the series in terms of challenge and content, and I even had fun with its semi-sequel with its unique turn-based combat. The original has been improve to allow cutscene-skipping and additional content in the Japan-only Final Mix, and they add a lot more challenge and replayability than before! The bonus cutscenes for 358/2 Days were good, too, but I think it would have been nice to actually play the game in HD.

My only major complaint was from the retailer that sold this game--the disc came loose off the game box when I received it in the mail, which should have been fixed. Thankfully, it was not damaged, or else I would have complained a long time ago.

Pick this up, and you'll know what the fuss is about Kingdom Hearts III...well, for the most part. I recommend this game for JRPG fans who happen to like Disney characters and movies.
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on January 23, 2014
I played the original PS2 games and loved them and I love Disney "stuff" and Final Fantasy. So I admit I'm a bit bias. Aside from that however, this re-release and update is definitely a crowd pleaser. All visuals have been updated and converted to HD, including the addition of new cutscenes. Additionally the update includes all of the changes brought about in the Kingdom Hearts "Final Mix" version. Square Enix and Disney Interactive have provided a game that so far has given 60 plus hours of game play and I still have more to do. And this is only from Kingdom Hearts. Most games I tire of playing after a while, but I again am kept at the edge my seat playing this game day after day. I enjoy the new visuals and the new final mix content along with a little better control, This game include Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days HD cutscenes. I recommend this game for anyone who has played it on the PS2 or any DIsney Fan and to anyone else who enjoys a good Action RPG
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on October 11, 2015
I absolutely love the original Kingdom Hearts, it's one of my favorite games of all time.

Pros of this version:
Amazing graphics, load times are pretty quick, new features (weapons, heartless, bosses etc.), the sound is really good too. I mostly love everything about it.
The right joystick ONLY controls the camera so the only way to use Items mid battle is by using the left joy pad....This alone made me give this game 3 stars instead of 5. When in an actual boss battle, good luck using an item because you have to drag both hands over to the same side of the control which means, dodge-rolling or any other actions are pretty much impossible. Not looking forward to fighting Sephiroth because well...without Elixirs you can't really win.

Booo game designers. Big giant boo to you.
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