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on September 9, 2012
I'm a collector of Video game strategy guides - I don't often use them, but this time I decided to use this guide to find some of the treasures and help me fully understand the Ability Link board. The treasure map sections were great, but the section on Dream Eaters was utterly LACKING - they tell you nothing about what the different depositions do, how to achieve these depositions, and how to fully finish each Dream Eaters Ability Link board! Some Dream Eaters have secret routes that can only be opened by making them a certain deposition - a very important piece of information I feel should have been included in the guide - not something I should have to search online for!. As a collector of Strategy Guides, it's nice to have another Kingdom Hearts one on the shelf (Now I need KH:1, KH: Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep, and Coded [Or re:coded - whichever they made one for if they did, lol] - yes, I know, I'm missing a LOT in the KH Department - I do have the limited edition copy of KH:II Tho!

Good guide if you need it to find some treasures that are hard to locate, and if you want a step-by-step guide for each world, but the game is pretty straight forward, and I only had to use it a couple times to find some treasures - the rest I found on my own. Purchase if you want to add it to your collection, if you're OCD like me, but this is one guide I would pass on personally if you want it JUST for information. I give it a 3/5 just because most Brady games square-enix guides go up in value over time, so it's a good one to have for a collector. For information purposes - 2.5/5.
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on December 10, 2012
The biggest flaw this guide has is that its missing a lot of the end game content, like hidden dream eater abilities and such, as well as how to get certain moods for dream eaters. Why they would leave this crucial content out I have no idea. I had to go on to gamefaqs to find out. Most everything else in the guide is common sense..
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on November 19, 2012
Honestly I was expecting this guide to be just as thorough as The Brandy Games Kingdom Hearts II Guide. It told you the location of all the heartless and Nobodies which items they dropped at which percentage rate. The Dream Drop guide helps with bosses, the walkthrough, key blades, etc. Basically, everything except for where to find some of the dream pieces. All it tells you is the cost of them at the moogle shop but there are some of them that are never available in the shop. The Dreameater guide tells you the ingredients to make all the spirits, but still doesn't tell you which dream pieces they drop. So i'm assuming that whatever dream pieces form the spirits the corresponding nightmare drops those same pieces. All and all its a very good guide, its just I feel as though I need to use other sources to get some more of my questions answered. As I said before this guide should have been more thorough.
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on April 7, 2017
excellent I enjoyed playing the game
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on January 8, 2014
It gets me through the game and shows all the treasure chests, dreameaters, etc. But you would think a book this thick would show you the different ways to create dreameaters (to find the cheapest or easiest ways to get a star level), and it doesn't. It shows you where to get certain items, but not the best items to use on certain creation recipes and doesn't explain weather forecasts for each drop description. If you plan on traveling a lot and maybe the player wants a reference while on the road or at school or something, sure. But I think I've had to look up more things online than anything, making this book useless.
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on April 17, 2013
I just recieved this great guide in the the mail. The first page I turn to, after the ToC, is 222. Every possible Keyblade is listed. The guide, however, is missing a few key details. No mention of Flick Rush tournaments, (besides pg. 181) yet the entry for the Sweet Dreams Keyblade says to beat Flick Rush. Now, how can I do that, if the guide has nearly no info about the various Cups and the conditions to unlock them? Nor does it say that Secret Portals are only unlocked post-game. Overall, this guide is a must for any Kingdom Hearts fan.
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on January 23, 2017
I'll be using this for HD 2.8 since they aren't releasing a guide, a least not that I know of...
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on August 28, 2012
When I bought the BradyGames guide to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, I was expecting this to be just as descriptive, organized, and well-put-together. Mistake.This guide doesn't help at all with secrets of the game. I have favorites in my Internet sidebar to help me with secrets to this game, but I kept telling myself, "the guide will be here in a couple days, and it'll help me with everything." Mistake. I had this thing for a grand total of 30 seconds before I realized it was useless. Let me tell you my process of realizing this.

I open the package to see that the book is alot smaller than the one for 358/2 Days. I open the guide to see a table of contents page. I think, "Oh, well isn't that organized." I turn the page to see a list of characters, nothing different here. Moving on, a page telling me the objective of the game, controls, screen layout, etc. Next Section, Spirits (Dream Eaters). I see Problem #1. The book only tells you what items you need to synthesize your companions, and not how many of that item you need to make them or what rank they will be if you use those items.

Moving on, the next section is Dream Eater Enemy Bestiary. Problem #2: The guide doesn't tell you what items they drop if you are looking for a certain item to synthesize Dream Eaters. The book only tells you where to find them. But it's useless to know where they are if you don't know the items they drop. It tells you other things like HP, Magic, Defense, and other things a person that just wants to keep pressing the Attack button wouldn't care about. Next the Boss Bestiary is the same stuff, but I wouldn't trust it because it's telling me that the secret, most powerful boss in the game (Julius) is less powerful than Rinzler when you fight him in the secret portal.

Finally, we get to the story. Normal stuff on the first page of the walkthrough: Tutorials, Strategy, names of events. Next page, we see the portal map. Mistake #3: More of a personal feeling, but I didn't like the way it was set up on this page. It seems like it was all crammed in together to fit into this one page, and I didn't understand most of it. Next, I see a page listing local characters for that world. No opinion on this, so I move on.

Next, I see Maps for Sora. Problems #4: This page is the one that tells you where to get all your treasures. The problem with that is that it doesn't tell you what treasure it is. The best way to explain this is with scenario. Imagine that you've finished the game and want to find a specific treasure to help complete the Reports. As if the map wasn't confusing enough, you would have to check every treasure chest and make sure you didn't miss it. I stopped looking for problems after this, but I shall go on so that no one makes the same mistake as me.

The rest of the walkthrough is stuff you would find in a regular strategy guide. The next section is stuff listed in the command deck, such as Attack commands, magic commands, etc. Nothing wrong with this, so I move on. Next Section: Dream Peices. I think, "Oh, so I find out what Dream Eaters to get them from here!" PROBLEM #5!!! This section only tells you what the items are and how much you can get them for if they are sold in the shop.

Lastly, Abilities. This section would be great if it told me what Dream Eaters I could get the Abilities from. But of course, we encounter Problem #6: The abilities are listed but not which Dream Eaters to get them from. It would be great if the book would tell you what dream eaters you got them from, or which set of dream eaters if most premium for each fighting style, but unfortunately it doesn't.

I would like to conclude with the fact that the only part of this book without flaws of my perspective is the Art Gallery at the end, which has a total of six pictures. I'll tell you this, the game itself doesn't tell you many of the secrets within the game, but it'll tell you more than this guide ever will. My advice is that if you have questions about the game, I strongly suggest you look for the secrets yourself, or find them on the internet, because this guide won't give you the slightest hint.
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on January 8, 2017
The package came out great. No problems.
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on September 12, 2012
They could have done a better job covering the spirits and drop items from dream eaters. I found I was using more than the book which shouldn't happen if you have the strategy guide. It didn't even cover the boss battle against the secret boss. The maps sections were good though
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