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on April 6, 2017
My game came as described new in box. Shipping was very fast. Kingdom Hearts is a game with an enduring storyline and whimsical graphics. The presentation is always top notch and Dream Drop Distance does not disappoint. The new moves are very impressive that you can pull off in this action RPG. Music is also a staple of the Kingdom Heart Series and this version might very well be the best ever for the series. Any fan of action RPG's will love this game. To me it's not quite as good as a Zelda action RPG but it holds its own as an excellent experience.
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on May 20, 2016
Totally in LOVE with the graphics. It was kinda hard getting used to the Flowmotion actions and moves but once I did, I use them all of the time now. I don't really like the random searching for the treasure chests that are hidden in each area. If you are suppose to find all the chests in each area, then at least show how many are in each area instead of wandering about the area hopelessly lost and not even sure you got all of them in that area! Also, if you haven't at least played one of the games in the series then you might be a little lost about whats going on at first but there will be hints and such sprinkled throughout the game and explainations in the glossary. I didn't get the reasoning for the DROP mechanic. I mean, just make where you can play as Sora or as Riku. Trying to play as both at the same time is confusing. You're playing as Sora on minute and making progress and then all of a sudden Sora "falls asleep" and you're now playing as Riku from the last spot he also "fell asleep", completely throwing off the progress and flow you've made previously. It wasn't easy for me to switch gears so quickly. Even so, the game is enjoyable and I would recommend it to others.
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on June 23, 2016
This game did not disappoint! It arrived on time, well packaged and I immediately opened it and started playing it. The graphics were great, the story line was wonderful and it's an easy game to follow along with. I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and I 100% recommend this for any other fan or any parent buying a younger one a game for a DS. It's not inappropriate or too difficult and would be great for kids that have prior video game experience.
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on May 2, 2017
Just a big kid at heart. love kingdom hearts.
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on January 19, 2015
This game has a lot going on. Probably too much, but I've enjoyed getting back into KH games. My last one was playing the original on the PlayStation. My son and I even went head to head on completing it, and I won by a matter of hours (getting all the stuff and the Ultimate Weapon and such). Since then, I did play the disappointing card version on another Game boy platform and my son has played KH2. This game made me forget all about it.

First off, it's gorgeous looking to play. The 3D really works nice in the game, and the colors are bright. Tron world and Traverse Town are stunning. The battles have a fantastic interface, and I admit that was my biggest worry with such a small screen - you are auto targeting the closest mob and then hitting it. Add to that the deck, which once you get used to it is pretty straightforward, and you have a crazy amount of commands and options in only 2 buttons. Also, Flowmotion is crazy fun. I thought it looked stupid in videos, but I am heavily addicted to fighting in that mode. Ricocheting off walls, posts, etc to do an outlandish battle mode is just plain fun.

Like I said, the game has a lot going on. You have the start of each world which is a dive (falling mini game), then trying to find every chest in the world you visit, and then the seemingly endless Spirits (virtual pets) that you have to create, unlock, and nurture. Toss in some story, the usual keyblade assortment, the somewhat quirky Drop system, and you see that this is a full party.

One thing I was pretty impressed with is the developers' decision that this game was the last one before KH3 (my guess), because as you are playing it, another story is going on in the background. You keep seeing snippets of it, and as you do, you get explanations of lore from the dozen or so KH games, tying them together into one story. Pretty hard, since some of them are way out there, but thus far it all makes sense. I have not finished it yet, as I only get a few hours a day play time, but I am heartily enjoying it. Definitely would recommend for someone looking for a solid KH game on portable, and perhaps even for someone looking for a basic RPG.
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on December 22, 2014
Before I start, I'll just say I absolutely HATE the drop system of this game. When I first started playing and came to the first boss on Riku's end of the dream world, I was just about to stun it when the drop system sent Riku into sleep and I was then ported over to Sora's part of the dream world where, after awhile, I was then ported back to Riku's end and I had to start the boss all over again. Hence, I had the level on hard mode. I'd advise you stock up on Drop Items in place of potions as that can be very useful when you go against hard bosses. Just a thought.

The plot picks up from the end of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. It begins with Sora and Riku embarking on a quest to complete the Mark of Mastery exam to become Keyblade Masters, which fans of the series might recognise from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Sora and Riku must then journey to the Realm of Sleep, and awake the sleeping worlds: Traverse Town, La Cite des Cloches, Prankster’s Paradise, The Grid and Country of the Musketeers. If all of this makes little sense to you at the moment, don't worry too much; you don’t need to be able to understand the complex plot behind the series in order to enjoy the individual games, but it still helps!

In Kingdom Hearts 3D the usual enemies, the Heartless and even the Unverse, have been replaced by Dream Eaters, who look--SO ADORABLE JESUS STOP IT I NEED TO PUNCH A WALL TO GET MY MANLINESS BACK UGN. While lacking the scare factor, there is a plus side to these colourful characters, as you can recruit friendly Dream Eaters (known as Sprites) to your party to help in battle. Sprites are customisable, with lots of different paint gun colours to collect and spray to your heart's content. There is also a new ‘petting’ feature, similar to that in Pokémon X and Y, where you tap the lower screen with your stylus to give your Sprite a stroke, earning you ‘Link’ power-ups to make your compadre stronger in battle. You can also feed your Sprite cakes to boost its abilities and also take 3D photos of your Sprite, but only if you really want to. Personally, I never took pictures with it but I did feed my Meowow a lot (If you're first using Sora, your Sprite is named Meowow unless you want to change it's name).

As usual Square Enix has done a great job with the visuals; Kingdom Hearts 3D looks absolutely stunning. The facial detail on Sora is particularly impressive, and all of the environments and movie flashbacks look fantastic. While the 3D effect is not pivotal, it does add a sparkle to the beautifully detailed cut scenes, most noticeably when flames rise in the Cite des Cloches stage — make sure you have the 3D slider set to the max for that scene because hot damn, in this particular game, that is always my favourite world to visit. Like all Kingdom Hearts games the voice acting is also spot-on; even where the original voice actors from the movies are missing, an impeccable replacement has been found, making the change barely noticeable.
Even though Kingdom Hearts 3D may look incredible, the gameplay is rather tedious. You must play as both Sora and Riku, undergoing each world twice and therefore defeating the same bosses twice too. This is where the new ‘Drop’ element features, as you're only given a certain amount of time playing as one character before you're dropped out and wake up again as the other. Having a time limit is essential, as it stops you from leveling up and progressing too far as one character. However, the drop counter continues to tick down even during boss fights, meaning you could be grinding down a big Dream Eater for ages only to be suddenly dropped out, forced to replay the whole fight over again when you next wake up. As I mentioned in the beginning, I HATE that with a burning passion.
The combat has been improved with the addition of free-flow, an acrobatic feature which adds speed to the many street brawls you encounter and becomes a very powerful tool once you get the hang of it. There is also a new Reality Shift system which allows you to perform a special command or attack depending on the world you are in. For example, in Traverse Town, when you use Reality Shift mode you execute a Slingshot attack.
Once you're fully immersed and battling it out against never-ending streams of Dream Eaters, you'll soon notice that potions aren't very easily accessible. You can't retrieve them from the main menu — which would force the battle to pause — or even select them on the touch screen; instead you have to flick through the X button menu using the D-pad while the fight still continues. For those who've played Birth by Sleep, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The battle system is exactly like it is in Birth by Sleep. So if you were good with that, you'll be fine with the battle system in Dream Drop Distance.

Overall, I love the game. There are not many KH games that I don't like, except for Coded/RE:Coded but that's for another review. If you are new to the series and want to know what it’s all about, then try Kingdom Hearts I or II before diving into this one. However, if you are a series veteran then step this way, as there is still a lot of fun to be had if you can overlook the small gameplay problems.
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on March 14, 2016
Great game I have played it multiple times since I have received it and it shipped quick. If you are looking for a new game to played or are looking for something compatible with the c-stick you should purchase this game. It was also a very low price on amazon.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on April 2, 2013
I've been playing this for just under a month (on and off), but I immediately fell back in love with the Kingdom Hearts series. Definitely one of the titles every 3DS owner should get, especially if you're a KH fan. I have to admit, the story threw me for a bit of a loop at the beginning as you're basically thrown back into the first game, but as you progress it gets much better I believe. As said in other reviews, this is the perfect game to setup for Kingdom Hearts 3.

The deck system still takes some getting used to if you never played the other DS games, but for the most part you can use the hack-and-slash from the original game more often than not. Now the new addition is the flow motion action where you can run into a wall, then bounce off or swing from a light post into a flying motion reminiscent of Sora's other forms in KH2.

My favorite part has been the added pet system. I know some people don't like or get why they added such an odd side tracking portion to the game, but honestly I don't miss Donald and Goofy much. Where only their weapons could be changed, the little dream eaters add a lot of customization to the game.

After playing this, I really can't wait until the next big portion of the game series finally comes out.
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on February 10, 2015
I'm a huge KH fan, but I'm not so blind as to say every KH is an automatically an amazing game (CoM comes to mind... and I wasn't too big of fan of 358/2 days).

This is a great addition to the series in my opinion though and well worth the price it is going for now. Very solid combat and nice skill system through your Dream eater pets/combat partners. Building up the pets can be a little tedious but unlike companions in other KH games they heavily influence the outcome of battles,especially later game ones, instead of dying 5 seconds into every fight (Sorry Donald and Goofy, but you need to step up your game :P)

The storyline holds a lot more importance in the series than I thought it would going into it and it sets up the story for what's to come in KH3 very nicely. There are a lot of questions answered in this game, but like pretty much any KH game each one of the answers brings up a 5 more questions :P.

Overall, really love the game and am looking forward to replaying it in Critical Mode when I pick up the new 3DSXL this Friday and having that second "control stick" on the right for camera movement.
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on June 17, 2014
This is my first 3DS game I actually enjoyed, even though I bought other highly acclaimed 3DS games. I really wanted to play a kingdom hearts game, and I'm glad I started with this title. My biggest complain is that, in order to get new powers and get stronger, you have to frequently pause the game to play some kind of pet simulator and some minigames to make your companions give you your powers. I though that aspect broke the whole fast-paced combat action of the game. although the story is confusing, this is one of the few games I have had a lot of fun in recent years due to combat alone (and I'm impressed in how much powers, abilities, and combat animations Square Enix packed in this title). If you are looking for an exhilarating sword fighting role playing game, I reccommend it, but expect pausing the game a lot between combat to do some tedious pet simulator minigames.
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