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on September 10, 2013
The games included in this product have each been out now for several years on other systems. Rather than review the gameplay and ramble on about my thoughts on the stories, I have decided to simply do a brief Q&A on just what you should expect to find with this particular product itself to try and help you, as a customer, be properly informed. That being said, I hope you find these answers helpful in your decision making process.

Q. What games are included that I can actually play through?
A. There are two games included with your purchase that you can play in full. The first is the original Kingdom Hearts (however this is the Final Mix edition (which, long story short, is a tweaked and slightly renovated version of the original classic that was originally exclusively released only in Japan). The second game included is Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Both of these have been beautifully remastered in High Definition for this release and truly look stunning and also feature enhanced gameplay mechanics. In addition, both games come with their own set of trophies (and yes, two platinums).

Q. Wait...Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories? What about Kingdom Hearts II?
A. Kingdom Hearts II (released in 2006) is NOT included in this product.

Q. What about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days?
A. You cannot play Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days with this purchase. HOWEVER, there is a "Theater Mode" which will allow you to view roughly 2 hours and 50 minutes of remastered HD footage (in the form of cinematics) from the game (as well as some new additional scenes). Believe it or not, there is trophy support available for this.

Q. How many discs are included inside the box?
A. Both games (included the cinematics for "358/2 Days") are all bundled up into one solitary disc.

Q. Tell me more. What kind of trophy support can I expect from this release.
A. As stated earlier, both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories will have their own set of trophies that each have their own platinum. To be more specific, Kingdom Hearts will have 56 trophies, and Chain of Memories will have 48 trophies that can be earned. In addition, the cinematics for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will also have a total of 6 trophies that can be earned (none of which are platinum).

Q. Is this a good value? Should I purchase this? Can it be purchased on PSN digitally?
A. As far as I know, for the time being of this review (9/10/13), neither as a whole or individually can this game and its contents be purchased digitally through PSN. To my knowledge, and upon further research, there are no plans for now to release these titles digitally (though that could easily change). Is the price of $39.99 a good value for what is involved? Absolutely! Whether or not you should purchase this is purely up to you. If by some chance you haven't played any of these titles, don't worry, I'm not going to sit here and type up a bunch of spoilers for you; I'll let you figure that out yourself. If that's the case, all the information I'll provide you with is that if you like Disney, and if you like RPGs, and if you're familiar with the Final Fantasy franchise, then you'll definitely find this to be highly entertaining. Personally I only played the first game before I headed out to college. For me, this is a great opportunity to not only relive the original classic, but also to experience something new in the sequel. Regardless of my own personal experiences, you'll be treated to both games (and the cinematics for a "358/2 Days") being presented in spectacular and eye-popping HD. Plus, and as mentioned countless times before, if you're a trophy-buff like me, you'll find plenty of those to be unlocked here.

So for now, these are just a few simple questions answered that you may have wondered or were curious to know prior to purchasing. By all means, please feel free to leave any further questions in the comments. I'll gladly answer them (if they are to my knowledge) as soon as I get the chance.

I hope that you find this review helpful in your decision making and whether I am asked questions or not, I will certainly update this review as I have more time to play the game itself.

*If you pre-ordered through Amazon, you should be e-mailed a code to download a free Dynamic PS3 theme. I was just emailed my code.

**UPDATE** So now that I'm home from work, as promised, here is my segment on the art book that comes with the Limited Edition copy.

Q. What is the art book like that comes with the Limited Edition?
A. The art book is actually a part of the case which holds the game together. As stated before, all of this is packed onto one disc (which you will find at the very back of this wonderfully illustrated hardcover book. Yes, that's right, it's hardcover. Personally, I thought that the book was going to be a separate piece, however the way the bundled it all up into one unit is very convenient. As for the artwork itself? All I can say is that there isn't quite much, but for what we do get the images are a beautiful and true behind the scenes look at the characters and items from the game that we've all grown to love throughout the years. In fact, there is even an intro in both English and Japanese (neat)! Is this a worthy addition? Well if you pre-ordered this through Amazon and got a free upgrade to the Limited Edition, then absolutely! If you end up reading this review and making a purchase later, I'd still say as long as its nothing more than just a few bucks pricier, go for it! Yet if it does end up being around five extra bucks, then I'd suggest simply sticking with the Standard Edition. One minor complaint worth noting is that the by packaging the game into the book itself, it is larger in size than a standard PS3 case would be. So if you are worried about the item fitting on your gaming shelf, then I'd recommend sticking with the Standard Edition to prevent any complications.
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on September 13, 2013
when kingdom hearts first came out I was in high school I did not what to play I thought that the game was stupid any only for little kids that was until I play it at my then girlfriend house and I was hook I asked for the game for my birthday and I received it I lost many countless nights with the game to master it now I cant wait to play it again just to see the new movies and bosses the other two games or just ok chain of memories started as a GBA game then a PS2 port with movies I never finish that game ether times the card base battles never was my thing but some people like it as for the DS PORT 358/2 its only the movies no game play there the games get 5 stars but i knock off a star because the art book is the game case and the photos are nothing new its for fans young and old
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on December 28, 2013
With the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 (finally) being released within the next console generation, gamers are given the chance to experience this surprisingly popular franchise for the first time on PS3. American gamers are finally given a chance to play a retail release of the Final MIX version of the first Kingdom Hearts (which include a couple of added cutscenes, weapons, and enemies). Also included in this collection is the remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (originally released back on the Gameboy Advanced) and all of the cinematics from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (358 days over 2).

As far as content is concerned, this collection has a lot going for it. But how well do the two games hold up?

Kingdom Hearts is a strange, yet surprisingly enjoyable blend of Square's moodier storytelling (ala FInal Fantasy) with the fun and colorful characters and worlds of Disney. Cameos from both sides of the spectrum are abundant, and fans of both should get a kick out of the story for that alone. The story does have a few plot threads that don't make too much sense (thankfully a few are elaborated on in future games), but overall the story is relatively cohesive, with its share of dark and charming moments. Combat is simple and easy to pick up, and the various upgrades you receive along your journey make this as addicting to play as any good RPG should.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories follows immediately after the events of the first game. Here the writing of the game is noticeably improved and this is when the story starts to take a few noticeably darker turns. Combat, however, is given a considerable downgrade. Rather than the traditional action RPG gameplay that made the first game so enjoyable, combat is centered around decks of cards. It's made as a more strategic style of gameplay that works rather well for the original GBA release, but in the remake it feels confined and starts to feel a little dull after a while. The hubworlds you explore are also significantly more confined as well (again, which worked well for the portable original).

There isn't much to comment on about 358/2 Days since it is all cinematics, but it the story is interesting enough to watch through them (in bursts preferably, since they all add up to a few hours).

For those interested in this collection, I'd say that it is worth it for the first game alone while the other two titles act as bonuses.
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on October 8, 2013

KH1 Final Mix is like the Director's Cut of Kingdom Hearts 1. This is the first time it's been released in America. Aside from Final Mix having a skew of new keyblades, items, story events, and an extra boss, it also has new updates such as: HD Rendered Graphics along with new 3D models. Oh, and a new camera system.

Re:Com -HD Rendered and with the some minor improvements.

365/2 - Great game, but the missions made it feel run-on. At least with the cutscenes completely redone and re-voiced you can get the full story like never before..

Along with some trophy support if that's your kind of thing.

It's also gives people the chance that didn't get around to Kingdom Hearts a second chance and others to catch up before 3 comes out.

Minor Audio Problems that occurs occasionally. (Mostly likely due to the settings on my ps3 to tv's sound)

Limited Edtion:
The Art Book is infused with the case itself. Not a big deal for me. The Art book is gorgeous and the theme is fanatic. I didn't use the theme's wallpaper though.
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on October 15, 2013
I consider myself a die hard fan of Kingdom Hearts. I was so excited when Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix was announced, and it did not disappoint! I decided to play Final Mix and Re:COM(and watch the cutscenes of 258/2 Days) before giving it a review. Overall? I HIGHLY recommend picking up this game. If you can get the Limited Edition of the game at the same price as the original version, I say go for it. If not, I'd say pass. All this is included is a 24-page artbook that is built into the case.

Now for the actual games:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: 5/5
This game is simply amazing! It is very entertaining and will keep you hooked throughout the game. Prepare some some somewhat childish themes, but it is by no means directed to only children. The story is actually pretty complex, especially in the latest iterations of the games. The Final Mix version has some nice extras that were not included in the original, including a new difficulty mode, an extra boss, some new keyblades, weapons and accessories, and new abilities. The actual HD port is probably the best port I have seen, it looks great! My only complaint is I wish they would have taken time to redo the intro/outro CGI scenes (I know they were pre-rendered and the videos were just upscaled, but it would have been nice to see them remastered.)

Kingdom Hearts Re:COM 4/5
This is probably the weakest game of all the Kingdom Hearts (in my opinion), but it is still a good game. It uses a card-based system instead of the normal attack system, but it is still pretty fun. The story is also pretty good, and occurs the same time 358/2 Days does. It was a better concept for the Game Boy Advanced (the original was released on this, then later remastered for the PS2), but it is not as fun as a console game. The HD port is about the same, but the cutscenes are pretty low quality. They were pre-rendered on the PS2, but I expected them to at least properly scale them to 720p. They are just upscaled, similary to the CGI scenes. Although it is little disappointing, it is still good.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days 4/5
This only contains the cutscenes of the game, not the actual game. These were upscaled as well, but they actually look better than the Re:COM scenes. I think the developers put more time into these since it was cutscenes only. I wish they would have recreated some of the boss fights into scenes, but it is still enjoyable to watch, and I highly recommend you do.

Overall, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix is an amazing port of three (well two, but you know what I mean) great games. I highly recommend fans and people wanting to start Kingdom Hearts to buy this!
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on October 2, 2013
I've been enjoying Kingdom Hearts Series from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Japanese), so it's been quite a while since I started to enjoy this series. I'm now little bit less enthusiastic about the series though, because I was really disappointed that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep only made the story more complicated while I believed that those non-numbering series should solve unsolved parts of the story.

Anyway. This 1.5 Remix is really good for old fans to enjoy the series once again, and it also provides good opportunity to those new players who were interested in the series but could not try yet. It is very enjoyable to play these games in HD.

There are two games and one cinematic theater

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (in short 'KH1')
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (in short 'COM')
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days in cinematic version (in short '358')

Kingdom Hearts series has its own unique story while it actually includes all those famous Disney characters AND Final Fantasy characters. One might be doubtful how the story would make sense, but I personally believe that it works beautifully. (or I should say I believed so until Birth by Sleep came out) The story starts with KH1. COM and 358 are followed after KH1. The timeline of COM and 358 overlaps and Kingdom Hearts 2 is after them, although Kingdom Hearts 2 is not in this package. But I have to say it would make you confused to watch cinema theater of 358 if you never played Kingdom Hearts 2 before... so I personally don't recommend you to watch it before you actually play Kingdom Hearts 2.

I highly recommend this if you already enjoyed some of JRPG before.

I gave 4/5 because I was very disappointed about the art book which was only included in the limited edition, and I personally have a huge problem to get used to the gameplay because here O is jump and X is attack, which is exactly opposite in Japanese version.

One last comment. For those who may feel disappointed about the fact that 358 only has cinematic theater and no gameplay, trust me, that was one of the most boring game I've ever played in my entire life. So you are very happy to NOT play it, and still get to watch the whole story line from the theater.
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on September 12, 2013
Kingdom Hearts was the first game I ever completed by myself and was completely and utterly my own (aka no brothers included) so it holds a special place in my heart. Basically, it's a combination between Disney and Final Fantasy for anyone coming late into the series. This package contains Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories, and for 358/2 Days- the cutscenes, Roxas diary, Secret Reports, and Character guide (not the actual game to play). For all three there is trophy support- 358/2 days the trophys are mostly about watching the entire package of cutscenes and reading all the diary/report entries. The package contains the artwork and there are some lovely pieces, I particularly like the drawings on trace paper that then have the finished artwork underneath. However, the special artbook while nice is a bit repetative. There aren't that many drawings, and some I have seen before. Plus other drawings are used in different variations several times- for example picture on the front cover of the box is also a drawing in the art book attached to it and on the blu-ray disc. Probably wouldn't have been such a big deal if it hadn't been my least favorite picture since I couldn't stop thinking of Ciel from the Black Butler with Sora posed on the chair like that (anyone else?). Not saying that this picture was modeled after the Square Enix produced anime, just it's all I can think about when I see it. I am sure there are many happy individuals who like it. Overall the artbook is nice, but I wouldn't pay more than $5 for it.

The best looking game out of the collection is Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix- the graphics are more vivid and colors brighter in both the cutscenes and in-game. The major added feature for this game being the extra bosses added when Kingdom Hearts was re-released to Japan. Personally, I have been wanting to play this version for years, and hope they give this treatment to KHII especially so I don't get that annoying message that there is something left to do in a world that there isn't because they released that task/boss fight in the final mix version and never pulled out the message in the American Version. The other graphics look better than their originals in Re:Chain of Memories and 358/2 days, though only slightly in Re:Chain's case, but not nearly to the same quality as the new KHI. RE:Chain still presents the flickering and pixelation in far off faces like it has done in it's previous version of the PS2. Actually, I would rate 358/2's collection of cutscenes with better graphics than the cutscenes of Re:Chain. Of course this makes sense, Re:Chain came from the Gameboy Advance while 358/2 days came from the Nintendo DS.

Now, 358/2 Days is set up as a quasi-movie. You can hit the Continue button and it will start up from the beginning of the chapter you are on. At any time you can press the Start button and go back to the Title screen. While you watch the cutscene movie it highlights the chapters you completed, which you can see or chapter select from the Chapter index also accessable on the Title Screen. There are also Roxas Diary to read as well as the secret reports, and character index. Truthfully, having read through all three, there is no great revelation and seems to be a repetition of what you watched instead of much added insight. Read it if you like, but otherwise make sure you click through it to get the trophies. I tend to think the movie was a wise way to present 358/2 days having played the actual game on the DS, because while it is a fun game it is very much a handheld game to pick up and play, not play for long periods of time since it becomes repetitive and claustrophobic. That being said, I hope Square Enix releases KHII collection with a playable Birth by Sleep, which feels more suitable for a console. There are also extras for beating the three "games," I have beat/watched 358/2 days in the KH 1.5 Remix, I can tell you 358/2 days prize is a theme. I assume the other two games will be similar, but cannot be certain.
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on September 12, 2013
If you never played Kingdom Hearts back when it came out over a decade ago, as to wither or not you would enjoy this title is hard to say, because while some game play mechanics where cleaned up a bit from the original game, this game still is mechanically built like a game that would have been made over a decade ago. The camera is janky, the platforming is janky and does not feel smooth at all, and while the combat is enjoyable, it to at times can be janky. And the tutorial stages of the game take a good few hours to get through and the game is absolutely dull until you get out of the tutorial.

The story line of the series is fairly average, nothing outstanding, while not horrible either, the worlds are great and the character list is a line up of a ton of great old Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters. The music is also fairly good.

As compared to the original, this version seems much more challenging, I know while I was in the tutorial I found trying to beat Riku a lot more frustrating then I did back when I played the original, and the improved challenge I do like.

Now you may be thinking, "I see negative after negative after negative about this game, why 5 stars?" While all the issues I listed are true, the thing is this is a HD rerelease of a 11 year old game, and to expect game play improvements for a rerelease is silly. The series itself is rather enjoyable (though probably more so for people who grew up on Disney movies like Aladdin, Moulan, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella. Pinocchio, etc for nostalgic reasons) and if you want to get into the series this is a good game to do so, it is the beginning of the series and thus the beginning of the story, and though KH 2 the tutorial stages where just as tedious if not worse once you get through your standard RPG tutorial of snooze they really are enjoyable.

Gameplay wise KH: Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS is far superior and is a much better game, and I hope they use the fighting mechanics from it in KH 3, this game is still worth playing (or re playing in the case that you played the PS2 version).

To sum up, the game is very flawed due to being built over 10 years ago, but it holds true to the original game, though with the KH 2 updates to the engine, which is still almost a decade old itself as well. If you played the original, don't expect anything majorly new, expect updated graphics with KH2 game play put into KH1 with a few new minor cutsceens, only really worth playing again if your wanting to replay those old classic levels before KH3 comes out, otherwise the newer games in the series (namely KH: DDD) is mechanically more enjoyable, though it is nice to finally see a console version of KH in the US after so many years of the US only getting handheld releases.... To bad we will probably never see a PC release.
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on October 10, 2013
I bought this mainly to play Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, which was never released in the US, and I was not disappointed. It has its flaws but overall is a lot of fun and was a blast to play through with my young kids, who loved watching it. I played the original back when it first came out and this version is much improved. The Final Mix version tweaks some gameplay issues as well as alters the synthesis items and makes grinding for ingredients less of a chore by introducing some interesting new enemies in each world that require certain strategies to beat.

Re: Chain of Memories is disappointing because of the strange, card-based gameplay. It has a steep learning curve and makes combat tedious & frustrating. I thought the card system battles would be strategic or turn-based, but everything still happens in real time as Sora runs around on a 3-D map. You also have to spend a LOT of time frequently editing your card deck as new cards are collected. Not only that, you also go right back through the same worlds you just traveled through in the first game. Not very exciting. The one high point of the game are the interesting story cut scenes between worlds. Finding out what happened next kept me going, but I slogged through beginner mode and never plan to play this game again.

The third game is not really a game but improved cut scenes from third game, which as I understand it, was not very good so we're not missing much. I thought they were entertaining and if the gameplay is even more tedious than Re:CoM, as I've heard, then I'm very glad Square went this direction. Watching all the movies also unlocks special items in Re:CoM, which is a nice touch.

Overall, I would have given this package a 5-star rating if it were at least $10 cheaper.
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on September 12, 2013
I love the Kingdom Hearts series. I had played the first one recently and thouht that it would be nice for a remake. A few months later...Lo and behold KH 1.5 HD Remake! The first thing you'll notice when you start playing is how much better it looks. Like wow. I just walked around looking at everything for half an hour. Second, this is final mix version witch was only released in Japan before. So there are 10 more enemies, 2 more keyblades, something around 10 more sleights, 1 more boss, and more synthesis items. So all in all it makes the gameplay alot less repetitive. Especially with the new sleights. Third, the gameplay does not feel 10 years old. I fell in love with the game again. Also this is the limited edition which came with an artbook with a special message and drawing from the director of the series Tetsuya Nomura. Its short but sweet, and it came free so I'm not complaining.

With Chain Of Memories not much has changed except the graphics (obviously) and a few more cards. So not much to say here.

358/2 days cinematic scenes. There are about 2 hours and 50 minutes of scenes and wow they look great. Compared to the DS version, the DS version almost looks 8 bit. There aren't any fight scenes which would have been cool but you still get the emotional story.

Oh also the music. More than half of the songs have been remastered by a live orchestra. Yoko Shimomura's music already was fantastic, now they sound even better. Although I do miss the old songs sometimes, you definitely can not go wrong with an orchestra.

All in all two games and almost three hours of cinematic's all in HD for 40$ is a steal. Do yourself a favor and purchase this.
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