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on December 30, 2016
I am naturally attracted to films that showcase how the world works especially in nations far away from the United States such as Saudi Arabia. This is where this film is based in and as you will find out by watching The Kingdom that Saudi Arabia works way differently than the United States. One unique aspect of this film versus all of its fellow action thriller films is that a backstory was developed as to how each character got to where they were prior to the film's events. If you like exploring the world via film, I would highly recommend this as one to watch!
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on April 8, 2009
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on March 17, 2017
great movie
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on March 16, 2015
***** Great *****
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on January 30, 2008
I don't know why this movie passed in the theaters without my getting a good impression of it but it is an excellent film, certainly one of the best of 2007. The setting, Saudi Arabia, is chilling and interesting. Jamie Foxx is brilliant as always. The story starts with a terrorist attack. Jamie and his team have to solve the mystery, fighting the bureaucracy and the bad guys and establishing interesting relationships with the locals. There's a lot of action and the acting is really good. It reminded me of the movie Heat, but in Saudi Arabia.
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on April 16, 2016
Last time I saw Jamie Foxx was in Annie. This ain't that. The first two acts are almost documentary style, jerky, too much hand-held, walking through parallel disasters - Saudi Arabia where the good Saudis and bad Saudis are almost indistinguishable, and the State Department, which is run by idiots (we knew that).

Foxx plays Fleury, an FBI investigator who, when one of his friends is killed fights to go to Saudi Arabia with his small team to "observe" the investigation, with both hands tied behind their backs, while the Saudi's investigate a horrible bombing of an American oil worker baseball game with hundreds of dead and injured. The pace is slow, the frustration builds while they gradually gain some freedom to do their job and hunt the chief terrorist. It is a political disaster, no one wants the Americans there, not them, not us.

The guy who plays Faris, their Arab keeper, should get a statue, he is so good. Finally, in the 3rd act, as they are trying to get to the airport, being extracted (they don't want to leave) after a small insignificant victory, the film comes to life (Michael Mann was one of the producers and probably recognized they were in trouble). Foxx channels his inner Denzel/Jack Bauer and the third act takes off. The ending is about as existential as it gets, very satisfying. Considering that this is an 07 film, nearly ten years before Benghazi, there is a whole other dimension to watching it post-Benghazi. If I were the studio I would re-release it. This is a much better film than The Hurt Locker, in my opinion. I can't comment on 13 Hours of Benghazi as I've not seen it yet.

I should mention Jennifer Garner, of whom I am NOT a fan. She does not embarrass herself here. She fits into the team and does a solid job, far better than Emily Blunt in Sciracha or whatever that film.

Foxx is terrific and I hope he gets a chance to do more work like this. He is entirely credible. There are tiny little moments of humor, really subtle, in the interplay between he and Faris, and his emotional arc from tragedy to tragedy is powerful, but never scenery chewing. Highly recommended with the proviso that the pacing of the first two acts may be a bit frustrating.
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on August 6, 2015
A good movie, not great; that really gives the view a feeling of how dangerous parts of the Middle East are. The movie starts better than it finishes as it is an America saves the day conclusion with a somewhat anticlimactic predictable ending, but overall the movie is worth the watch and will get your heart beating.
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on October 7, 2007
If I wrote this review solely on its merits, I'd give "the Kingdom" a solid four star rating. The acting and action is good and the storyline is gripping but it just doesn't place at the same level of an all-time classic war film like "Black Hawk Down" or "the Battle of Algiers."

The reason why I give it the coveted five stars is because this is the first, big budget Hollywood movie produced after September 11 that depicts a realistic US enemy, namely al-Qaeda. For a variety of reasons, Hollywood has failed to do that up until now. Instead, we have gotten movies with subtle and not-so-subtle anti-American messages like "Syriana," "Redacted," "the Valley of Wolves," and the forthcoming "Rendition." In the case of "the Sum of all Fears," Hollywood replaced the logical and plausible villain of Islamic terrorists with a ludicrous one, neo-Nazis. I don't expect Hollywood to produce uniformly jingoistic movies like John Wayne's much-ridiculed "Green Berets" but the failure to produce at least several movies about terrorism where the enemy is plainly defined as what it is in reality --al-Qaeda-- is inexcusable.

That's why I found "the Kingdom" so refreshing. The movie is a sort of reimagining of the horrific 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia. As people familiar with that atrocity recall, the US did not get "closure," some baddies were executed by the Saudis but the people --very likely the Iranians-- who pulled the strings got off scot free.

"The Kingdom" takes this scenario and does a sort of "what if the FBI had been able to get over to Saudi Arabia while the trail was still fresh and been able to actually get some of the major bad guys"? As such, it is one part police procedural, one part "fish out of water," and one part, slam bang action thriller (the Iranians are replaced with al-Qaeda). As such, I found it very satisfying.

The stars in the movie all do a good job and that includes the Saudi police officer who helps the FBI agents get their men. The special effects are high quality and the realism is greatly enhanced by the fact that the film was shot in the United Arab Emirates.

The film is not perfect:

1. As a man, I enjoy Jennifer Garner wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt a great deal, I just think that in real-life, she would have worn less flattering clothes given the Saudi sensibilities about women.

2. The FBI agents come across as a little too insensitive to their hosts at time.

3. I somehow doubt that the FBI agents would have been able to get into Saudi Arabia without the express permission of the US Embassy.

4. The principles of "evil marksmanship" are in force. The bad guys sometimes seem to have a very hard time hitting things.

5. The "inexhaustible supply of ammunition" rule is in effect. Given the way that the heroes blast away on full automatic, they'd have to be changing and changing magazines in real-life.

6. The terrorists seem to be able to put together a very sophisticated attack against the FBI team extremely rapidly. Normally, terrorist attacks take a very long time to set up (September 11 incubated over several years).

But these are all minor quibbles. I only hope that given the apparent success of "the Kingdom," Hollywood makes a few more like it. For example, why not do a film that shows the CIA and Special Forces teams in 2001 in Afghanistan bringing the Taliban down and killing a lot of al-Qaeda bad guys? I bet that would be a very popular film. I know I'd see it.
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on August 16, 2008
It's too bad that this fine action/themed film did not get it's due at the box office. Well directed by actor Peter Berg who also does a small cameo in this flick, the cast is well served by Oscar winners Jamie Fox & Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner (Alias) and Jason Bateman as FBI agents sent to the Middle East to investigate a bombing which took the lives of civilians, American and Arabs, alike by a terrorist group. The tension is high throughout and the transfer to HD is excellent. Fox more than makes up for his previous bummer, "Stealth", with this winner.
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on June 15, 2011
this review is on the blu ray disc of the movie -
movie- 5 / 5
video- 5 / 5
audio- 5 / 5
this blu is perfect in both video and audio.
now one of my favorites, has high replay value, seen it
3 times since purchasing it.
good story and action scenes were realistic.
highly recommended purchase.
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