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on May 12, 2013
Purchased this one to replace an aging toaster oven made by Oster. I bought it primarily due to its color and retro-look, as the kitchen in my home has vintage appliances and done up in a 50's diner look - needed the red! The good - the size, price, it arrived in perfect condition, and all of the controls seem to work. The bad.. it is not insulated at all and get very hot. Yes, there is a sticker on the top that warns of this, but the Oster it replaced never got so hot that to touch the outside risked burns. This burn risk is multiplied by the rack, which does not pull out very easy. The Oster had a lever/hook attachment on the door, when the door was opened the rack would slide out with it, making it easy and safe to remove the food. This one has no such mechanism, and the rack does not slide easy, so getting in there to pull it out is risky.
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on October 9, 2012
I really like the dark red toaster oven. It matches my other dark red appliances in the kitchen. It is very pretty + heats up super fast & I save lots of electricity using it. I have done several casseroles, baked potatoes~I haven't turned on my oven since I got it. ...... I can line up 6 slices of bread too, faster than the toaster. I highly recommend it & recommend Amazon for the fast delivery.
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on January 5, 2016
This toaster oven is a piece of crap. It did not hold up well at all. We did not subject it to heavy use -- mostly toasting bread, heating up small items. Used it maybe 3-4 times per week at most. It worked pretty well for almost a year, but was very slow as a toaster, and heated unevenly. Then a knob fell off. Then the timer stopped working (it wouldn't turn off!). So we had to remember to unplug it after every use. It looks cool, and it has a nice large capacity. There's a lot to like, but be prepared to have to replace it in less than two years. We were very disappointed. It's a cheaply made, junky item.
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on June 13, 2015
This is a very nice toaster oven. I read a lot of complaints about people having to watch their toast so it doesn't burn. Really?!!! These folks have some issues in my opinion. Everyone should watch their toast, even in a regular toaster, because if it gets caught it can start a fire. Do they have someone else butter it for them too? Just asking. Yes, this is a fast-paced world, but sometimes it's a good idea to slow down and let the food settle before jumping into the traffic on the interstate. I have put a full sized pizza into this toaster oven and it did a wonderful job. Not to mention that I wasn't heating the entire kitchen by doing so. It does get a little hot to the touch, but not dangerously so, which is why I gave it four stars. I've made several 'touch' tests to be sure. It could burn a child slightly. I never had my knob break off, but again, a gentle twist and slowing down might make a difference. Kids are hard on everything, so they might over-twist and break the knob, but it would take a LOT of twisting to break it off. The red color is awesome as all my appliances are red, but fashion is secondary to the performance, and I've had perfect toast, pizza, garlic toast, or reheated burritos every time without a single burned item. I just don't see any issues with this product other than getting a little warm on the outside so I would recommend it to others.
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on July 9, 2016
I bought this toaster oven for it's size and color (all our small appliances are dark red). The color perfectly matches Kitchen Aid's classic "Imperial Red" color. It's very important to let it run for 15 minutes (as per instructions) before cooking or toasting anything for the first time. It released some smoke, but this was normal and never happened again. It was worth it, because everything we have done cooks great and quick. Toasts bread very evenly too. If you are toasting 4 slices or less, put them in the middle a bit closer to the left side, so they toast more evenly. Takes about 5 to 6 minutes for a nice even toast. If you use the "Stay On" control for toasting or cooking, there won't be any ticking sounds, which at first takes some getting used to. Sides get pretty hot to the touch. There's a sticker warning, but we should know that anyway. Highly recommended.
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on January 28, 2016
After 4 years of daily use, this toaster oven burned itself up. It did its job, but I wouldn't buy it again; it is not insulated, and all surfaces get VERY hot. The oven handle is especially tricky -- why is this part allowed to get so hot?! On the plus side, it does have a roomy interior, and the red color looks good. Besides its lack of insulation, the toast function is very slow, and the control knobs come loose on occaision. The replacement oven I bought as the successor to this one costs 3 times as much, but I don't always have to worry about burning myself on the door handle!
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on January 15, 2014
This thing is enormous! I love that it is large enough to cook something taller than a slice of toast. It is extremely easy to use with old fashioned dials and no confusing digital stuff on the front. You can select bake, broil, or toast. Other than that, you can set the temperature and the timer ... nothing fancy. It does have a 30-minute "keep warm" setting, which is very convenient. The crumb tray slides out easily, although you do have to access it from inside the oven so you can't clean out the crumbs before it cools down. Also, the oven has a self-clean coating that seems to do a great job preventing messy build-up. The only down-side is that it has a portion of the oven that juts out about 4" in the back, so it does take up a good bit of room on the counter because of the added depth. (Total depth is around 15".) I don't mind the extra depth, because that translates into a larger cooking area inside. But, it would be nice if the red box frame extended 4" further to the back so it would hide the rear components and so it didn't look like the unit was just sitting in the middle of the counter. Other than that, this is a cute oven that does a great job, is big enough to cook a small roast, and is super easy to use.
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on April 9, 2014
Don't buy this one! The toaster oven is cute and I liked the red color. However, the function control knob broke within 2 months of light duty. When I contacted the seller to ask for replacement knobs, I was told that was not covered in their warranty and to contact the manufacturer. I asked for contact info for the manufacturer and the seller replied that they could not release that information. The instruction manual does not show the name or contact information for the manufacturer and there is no option for ordering replacement parts. There is a name on the cover (Intertek) which led nowhere. So now I am faced with searching for knobs that will fit. I say knobs in the plural because these are so cheaply made, the others will surely fail as well. Given other problems, I think this one will go out with the trash.

Other problems: as noted by a number of reviewers, this toaster oven gets extremely hot on the exterior. I would not allow a child to use it. The baking pan warped and is now difficult to slide in and out. There is no automatic shutoff - also a potential fire hazard.

Luckily, I kept my old Kenmore toaster oven. It's not red, but is much better quality than the Kings Brand.
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on October 7, 2016
Have lots of trouble getting this to toast bread without drying the it out to rock hard status. Plus, the middle dial snapped off after less than 1 year. Gets a star because the color is nice, but definitely would look elsewhere for a toaster oven.

UPDATE: Had emailed back and forth with customer service at 2K Furniture Designs for over a month regarding obtaining a replacement dial. After repeatedly sending pictures of the broken dial and empty spot on the oven to 2K Furniture, the final email from them was "sorry this item is now out of stock and we cannot replace any parts." After all of that, I cannot recommend highly enough to look elsewhere for a toaster oven.
review image review image
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on December 14, 2016
The cabinet gets way too hot to touch on top and thus is a burn hazard. That we could work around. However recently the bottom timer dial will not turn off when it returns to zero...the dial continues past the off position and proceeds to the ALWAYS ON setting thus the oven continues to heat even when it should shut off. Fortunately we happened to be at home when this first happened and recognized the hazard. Had we finished using the machine and left the house it would have gotten so hot that it could have caused a major fire. This product should be removed from the market if it hasn't already been.
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